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Liz Carlson Sep 24
sometimes it's all a bit too much
this world spins so fast
i can't keep up with the rush
they say it'll all be a blast

but all i feel is the weight on my chest
maybe this life is all but a big test
see who can survive all the trials
even if there are no more smiles.
Thomas C Sep 22
Breath in. Breath out.
Left foot. Right foot.
Right arm swing. Left arm swing.
Study. Work. Retire.
Agenda. Schedule. Plan.
You cannot plan for that.
Love without an agenda.
Love without a schedule.
Love without a plan.
Love with a beating heart.
Just. Love.
Elaine Sep 22
So much worry, So much to do,
Maybe I need to catch a breath or two
To stop and stay, to pause and pray
To tell those worries to stay away

Go colour the world, Scream and shout
There's not a thing you need to worry about
These worries will soon fade away
Fond memories that will forever stay
It's been awhile I know
Been so busy
Work and life
But not to worry
I am back
now let my poetry
begin again
Yes I missed you
Did you happen to miss me to
Busy now slowed
So here I am back with you !!
€ Jennifer Dlg 2019/9
The minutes pass like hours
The hours like seconds
This moment is but a memory
And I am the man
Lost in eternity
When did I wake up,
And will I remember everything?
Will I gaze back longingly?
Might I forget that the minutes past like hours
And the years like a falling tear drop?
What was that feeling I had?
I recall an angst, a fear, far off
The way a smell looks so familiar sometimes
I'm lost in time
And here I am, again in reminiscence
It takes patience, or is that just an illusion?
Yet I feel so present in my past
The now is a bygone blur
Rush me again you'll see I'm dead
**** me with your clocks I'm a sleep walker
Let me shut my eyes and rest my weary head
It's been a long day... But tick tock, there's another anyway
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Melancholic miseries, yet this pleasant ecstasy
That fear far off, I don't mind this time
Here I am again, here I am again
Carmen Jane Sep 1
Busy like a hummingbird
In a hurry all the time
Your beauty it's captured
Barely, but after, you're gone

You smile and you feel
Like the beautiful swan
Who used to be the **** duckling
Now the compliments are on

You're not used with them
You take them all in
You drink this cup too fast
And you forget priorities…

You're drunk on them
You want even more
And you stretch your wings
Yet you dance on their songs

You visit many flowers
My little hummingbird
You don't see they wait for you
As  they've prepared their gardens

There's someone for you
Who can give you the world
You'll miss it, I am afraid
As your too busy to rest...
Poetry Aug 31
I have work to do
I have people to see
My rooms a mess
My shows on TV

I have to leave
I have to leave

I'm just so sorry

Just breathe
Just breathe

Hold me a little tighter
Love me a little longer
Plan for me
Care for me
Protect me

Maybe then, I won't be so b-b-b...
Peter B Aug 13
Now when I'm done
with running,
we can talk.

From now on I'll have more time for you,
I'm not that busy anymore,
not hustling, fighting
against the time.
No more running
like a blind,
chasing my own shadows
I'd never find.

Now, when I'm done,
we can talk,
just let me know.

I'm all ears,
I'm all patience.

I'm all yours.
Carl D'Souza Jul 31
When I was a youth
I was busy, busy, busy,
rushing from one activity to another
ambitious for success,
but I was unhappy
because I was too busy
to care for my mind,
my mind was suffering and confused
with many bottled-up emotions and thoughts;

Now that I’m wiser
I realise
what I need
is to take time-out
to care for my mind:
to introspect into my emotions and thoughts
to express to myself my emotions and thoughts
to become aware of my emotions and thoughts
to evaluate my emotions and thoughts
to improve my emotions and thoughts
until I have achieved wisdom
about what I can do
to achieve my joy and happiness.
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