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My Dear Poet Jul 2021
Returning nests to their trees
Raking the wind for the leaves
You’re too busy to miss me

Creating shadows behind a screen
Stitching seasons at their seams
You’re too busy to miss me

Gathering the stars and their gleam
Scattering fears and their screams
You’re too busy to miss me

Washing winter in it’s stream
Painting the world a brighter green
You’re too busy to miss me

Missing me would mean
taking away your dream
…so please, don’t miss me
Sometimes we walk a different path
Purcy Flaherty Jul 2021
Coitus interruptus, withdrawal,
pull-out all the stops.
False alarm, renew the charm,
that brings the body off.
finding time to let go.
wizmorrison Mar 2021
Crowds are everywhere,
Busy transportation,
It's about to rain;
I'm still walking alone,
I don't have any idea
Where to go—
Raindrops started pouring,
What do I do now?
Where do I go?
My home is gone,
They leave me at six
What do I do in this busy street?
A short tale of a homeless kid in the street.
The only time I'm not stressed
Is when I've worked myself past the point of breaking

Being too tired to feel is my comfort zone
I feel so at home in running around
I don't rest while I sleep
Instead to-do lists and unfinished problems are scripted into my dreams
Using the backs of my eyelids as a whiteboard for tomorrow's tasks

I can't tell if this constant state of movement is Newton's Law
Or a feable attempt to be enough--for no one but myself

I second guess each right answer, every step forward
My thoughts get a racetrack in lieu of a bed

I know this isn't normal
So imagine what I'd do to be in the moment I'm living
Instead of the somewhere else I always am
Mark Wanless Nov 2020
i traverse life now
keeping precious mind busy
between cigarettes
Julie S K Oct 2020
No Phone, No phone, No phone's today
you have to put your phone away
No looking down at screens all-day
You have to put your phone away
Look up, look out, engage, be free
Without your phone now you can see

See me...

See here and now
Be here and now...with me

Real-life not fake

No phone today
Give it a break
Yana Kim Oct 2020
My heart beats fast
There’s another email blast
Did not even break my fast
Until when this will last?
I want to sleep so badly
But even in my dreams it’s deadline I see
Until when I’m gonna be
As busy as a bee
Working overtime today
Nikolas Oct 2020
To be young, is to be little and be elderly,
Is to carry all the weights put upon me,
And daydreaming continuously,
Is what means to be young.

Pressures push me to the side,
But I believe they'll do me right,
I'll have to take me as I am,
And do the best with me I can.

Old is old, rust is rust,
But young is old, and rust is gold.
I'm still a naive small being,
And responsibilities are towering in front of me.

Hope to grow, and hope to show,
I'll stay ambitious, won't stand low,
It takes one big breath and one take,
The best outcome is my own stake.
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