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Won't you keep me dizzy so that I stop spinning
Out of all control when I'm alone

And won't you keep me busy so that I stop snoozing
All the day away when I'm at home

Sing to me, Sera
We're calling you back home
Prozie, Addie, all of our old friends.
Sing to me, Sera
Please don't leave me alone
I want to look at my life through your lens.
Anya Oct 11
I know,
I've got a lot to do
I know,
I'm *******
Makes sense to me but kind of strange, make of it what you will.
Far17way Oct 10
The sound of wind fill in the air,
Going outside away from busy town,
And all you could heard the breeze a cold air,
Sound of water stream,
The sky space fill with all the brightest stars,
It feel like the night city but without all the noise,

When people ask for advice how to calm,
Find yourself in silents earth,
Where there only mother nature speaks.
And calms shall found you.
So I been out for 3 days out of busy city to do something important at my university. We going out
Anya Oct 3
At a certain
point in our lives
There's no more
"free time"
The closest thing
would be
Or only long term deadlines
We may
have "breaks"
But even if it takes a
We're still on the train
of life
Chugging away
Lightheart Sep 28
I finally realised
(it finally hit me)
that’s it’s not that I’m busy
that’s not what I hate
(after all i spent the whole summer wishing i was)
it’s that I’m this busy
but all the things keeping me so
are making me so utterly miserable
I’m exhausted and sad and I’m not enjoying anything like I thought I would
Peter Balkus Sep 19
I tuned in to a Christian radio,
they had an interesting debate
about the power of Jesus,
about life after death.

I phoned them to take part,
but I did not get through.
All lines were very busy -
for those with different views.
Jasmin Joy Sep 13
1..2.. 3..my clock ticks.4..5...
It disturbs me in 5: 00 am
To wake up for my new day
It disturbs at 12:00 noon
For having my lunch at 12:30
Again it disturbs me at 2:55pm
To be 3:00 pm to reach my home
At last I scolds it to be 11:00 pm
To go for a nice sleep
And to welcome the next day....
This is what happens in the life of a student

Life is a cycle for every one same time table.. But some factors makes it different from the rest of the days.

My poor old clock.   : )
Jamilla Sep 4
I was busy fixing other's life
But who fix me?
Andrew Aug 28
Rushing down the bustling streets,
Bumping into one after another,
So many goals, too much to accomplish.
And in the midst of all the chaos,
for a brief moment,

                            I can feel her once more.
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