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GaryFairy Mar 17
I have created a new breed of spiders. They are so tiny that you can barely see them. They enter the human body and eat you cell by cell. I call them cell dwellers. I do not need any more test subjects to prove this...I just need to feed my little friends...
They breed fast
MsRobota Sep 2021
I've got spiders crawling inside my head
They've got me like a moth struggling against their webs

And it's so hypnotizing the way I suffer
And it's so comforting the way I punish myself
Nat Feb 2021
The skylight tints the afternoon grey
And some dull, dusty oranges
Perhaps there's fire, somewhere far away
Somewhere far beyond the creaking shelves
The time-varnished brown, rusty door hinges

The air is thicker than the oldest tomes
Sticky as the darkest aisle
Where long-dead spiders once made their homes
Minds caught in paper, minds caught in webs
I think, if I think, I'll sleep for awhile
As I stare at the verses,
I must seem so still.
She casts a web
from where she sits
and I smile,
but knowingly,
lower her body
down to the table.
She scatters again towards
the page I have just
turned and together we
weep for beauty
Dave Robertson Jun 2020
I got bitten by a spider,
but this is England.

A certain arachnid
politeness is expected,
holding back on venom,
for example,
or moving at a predictable, parochial pace
and arranging eyes, legs and hairs
to not offend.

Hanging out in bedside sleeves
so an early morning stumble
is accompanied by slow burning
pin ******
leaving mild swelling and discomfort
is just not cricket.

Don’t get me started on
those chirruping buffoons.
Charlotte T May 2020
I have watched grief hollow you out.
Your body is no longer illuminated by an open heart.
Since the spiders crept in
the warm, gentle glow has been
by cobwebs.
Theamage May 2020
Is it gonna fall on me? A spider
Or is it gonna be hanging there? A spider                                          
It got nothing to prove, I do.
Staring at it, it is approaching,
I wish it to come yet not,
Curious,if I am all immune, all these years.

Am weakend already, the warns from brown recluse
in my bed-room mirror,
A brown recluse, it does back and forth but here
other type is apporaching,
I shall remove all the clutter from my room, here
put all new furnitures,
I shall bug spray gradually without harming myself
perhaps they wont come back.
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