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Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
divinity m Dec 5
earthquakes have nothing on me
as my shaking body shivers
trying to ignite some form of warmth
to fill my empty bones.
However my mind will extinguish
any flame that starts
for i have worked to hard
and to long
to be stuffed full like a plush toy
Strung Nov 23
The earth is tired
Like the lids I peer through
Back to you
And your pursuit 
Of endless hungry words,
So spill,
Tell it all;
The words that ****.
Poison, it’s an intimacy
Like the tattoo sleeve
You lean on,
Dreams that fill your ego
Feeding lies; you dream on
But what you know you need now
Is more hungry love.
So keep on
Draining life and love from me
Leaching words,
Just keep them
I forgot to eat breakfast this morning,
and now I feel like I'm going insane.
I can feel the hunger welling up inside,
the crescendos up and down,
I fight to ignore,
to just keep it all down,
but I can't lie to myself,
the pain feels good.
I can feel the dread filling me up,
as my empty stomach rumbles,
No snacks, not even a morsel of food,
and lunch is hours away.
I'm shaking now from hunger and panic,
I don't know what to do, how to ask for help.
All throughout the day, random memories pop up,
the hours spent awake at night,
cold and restless,
filling up on water and gum,
the endless, addictive pain.
I don't know how I got through it each and every day.
I think back to that time,
and I realize that I don't even remember that much from it,
just weird little snippets,
reading every nutritional label,
drinking water for breakfast,
half a sandwich for lunch,
that constant micro-managing of every calorie.
Honestly, it's like each and everyday melted together to form just one word,
Ugh... I gotta remember to eat a good breakfast...
JZ Nov 2
ETO ako, miktinig ay kukuhanin
At sisigaw ng "Pagkain!"
Ang alimusong nalalasap,
Oh, pagkaing kay sarap!


'Di ko na alam kung ano na ang mga pinagsasabi..
Utak ko'y supil na ng kagutuman ko,
Kaya wawakasan ang walang kwentang tulang 'to. Tabi!
Tulang patungkol sa aking nararamdaman araw-araw.. (Eto = eto yoshimura) See what I did there? Pun.. oho
D A W N Oct 30
ive been stuck up on
feeding mouths
that cant even feed me.
ive been
too numb
even realize
ever been in a one-sided friendship?
Danielle Oct 28
The butcher smiled.
Crimson lips mocking,
As she took in the sight
An insignificant spat
Between two men.
In a stunning flash,
The victor stained scarlet stood.
The butcher’s grin became hungry
And she took her first bite
Out of his humanity.
Which was oh so inconsequential.
Since they all belonged to her.
Vener Oct 25
feed me
something that's
big enough
for me to
choke on

it's *****
until someone
actually dies

preferably me
such is life
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