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Seanathon Oct 2
No more shadows reign
No more the dark running waves
For they have crashed, yes
And will pass inquisitive
As no darker means will last
All unpleasantness will pass and crash. Like the waves at sea. Dark and rolling.
Jack L Martin Sep 28
I ate a monkey;
It tasted funky.

I ate a mule;
Yeah, that was cruel!

I ate a squirrel;
My stomach whirled.

I ate a skunk;
Oh man, that stunk!
David Abraham Sep 26
Tear, tear, tear.
Spend classes tearing paper into tiny bits.
Why do I do it?
(Tearing until my fingers hurt.)

Count, count, count.
Almost run into people every few minutes.
Why do I do it?
(Count my bones whenever I can.)
(Count the steps on the stairs when I ran.)
(Count the steps I take and how many breaths I draw.)

I am aware that everyone sees me,
counting and tearing and restarting,
and I don't want to stop even though it's not with a degree of panic.

Check, check, check.
Check so many things again and again,
but not the things that are really important.
(Check that everything's not changing or if it is.)
2154 September 25 2018

maybe using distractions so i won't feel as hungry lol
sky Sep 25
Tea for lunch on the hallway floor
Makes a girl lovely.
Tea for lunch on the hallway floor
Make a girl lonely.
I put my hand to my collar when I’m nervous
To make sure the bones still show.
I feel them when I’m happy
And the feeling makes me glow.
Tea for lunch on Monday
And Tuesday and all week.
I treat myself on holidays
With a spoon full of cream
Tea for lunch on the hallway floor
Makes a girl feel special
But I ran out of tea a month ago
And drink from an empty vessel.
Tea for lunch on the hallway floor
makes a girl feel hungry
But she won't say that anymore
she feasts on leaves and honey
Anya Sep 23

For more appreciation
From society

Till society forgets you
And you just

Love yourself for who you are,
Not what others think of you
Jack L Martin Sep 14
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Drinks Ouzo
In his Greek Freak
Pumpkin Spiced Latte

The grande size is
$5.25 USD
Salary of Giannis Antetokounmpo
$24.16 million USD Per year

One USD per meal (Meal Math)
$24.16 million USD feeds
1,655 families of four
per year

"With two years remaining on his previous contract, according to multiple reports Aaron Rodgers will receive $67 million by the end of 2018 and more than $80 million by March next year."


What's wrong with this picture?
Kathleen Sep 11
To ana,
I want to hang pictures from your collarbones
To climb up your ribs like a ladder
To catch your hair as it falls
And down…
And down...
The rabbit hole your mind goes

Because each bite of food
Is an act of betrayal
Pushing you further and further
From your goal weight
Even though you know
Your goal weight will never be enough
You want to lose so much
That there will be nothing left to lose except
Your friends
Your family
It's three am and I wanna sleep but I cant. I swear, the sound of my stomach growling is echoing throughout my house.
Kellin Aug 31
for more than moms affection.
my body is screaming for food.
and tonight we get the
real deal instead of
our usual fast

or flash-

frozen repast.
but any food is my
friend because it’s under
my control, unlike most of the
rest of my life. i eat when i’m sad.

i eat when i’m lonely. i eat when
i hurts so much inside, it’s
either eat or find an
easy way to die.
the only

time i

can’t eat to
total contentment
is when daddy’s around. “no
daughter of mine will wear double-
digit clothes”, he said once, and meant it.
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