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I fed the wolf too well
and now the beast barely
fits its sheep's clothing.
And now, the wolf must
hunt again to satisfy
its darker side.
Tristan Reed Sep 23
and waiting
much too long,
my stomach growling
much too loud
for a belly full of something.
I'd tell you what if I knew,
but I don't.
I imagine if I did,
I'd be sitting around
wasting my time
with that,
instead of sitting around
wasting my time
with this.
An evening calcified under the spotlight.
Creator Sun Sep 14

I don't feel hungry.
I don't want to eat.
I don't want to wake up for breakfast,
I don't want breakfast.

I don't want to eat.
If not eating means death,
Then do I want to live?

I don't want to eat.
I'm not hungry.

I don't want to live.
I have this weird eating habit where I'll eat breakfast for brunch. I also have a pattern of eating where I'll eat very little on some days but then get second or third helpings on some days. I don't really have any perception of meal times or why exercising when hungry makes the hunger go away?
Hello P**try


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AIA Aug 28
I don't know which one is hurting me right now:
My hungry stomach or
my breaking heart.
I am hungry and at the same time heartbroken. Can anyone tell me what to do?
Keke123 Aug 27
Hungry, Hungry, Yes I am
Hungry, Hungry, Yes I am
Ready to eat
Ready to munch
BRING The candy
the one that crunch

I smell Smokey, sizzling bacon
I have my plate
Let’s not wait
Serve me plenty
There’s so much I can take
3 or 4
I’ll eat much more

I don’t care if they laugh at me
All this food they all see

Bring the ribs
Fill my plate
Stop saying that I already ate

I know you want all my money
Better be nice
And pass the biscuit cover with honey

Oh yes, give me a cheesy burger
Don’t forget the fries
Give me this, give me that
I don’t care if you all call me fat

Cookies n cream
Jumping jellybeans
What you staring at me for?
I just want more
Valentin Aug 13
You take care of the pancakes
I'm not hungry
But I'm gonna order some pancakes
Because I want to get to know you
She was looking like a carrot,
With a green hat and orange dress.
She was spotted by a rabbit,
Who was hungry for a taste.

He now can see in the dark,
No longer needs to wear glasses.
He goes to tell his friends,
Restoring vision like he is Jesus.
I can't get this taste out of my mouth
No matter how many times I scrub and rinse
Since wrapping my lips around your name
Eating hasn't been the same
Morsels dry in my throat
Tidbits of conversation
Threaded to me on an ever-unravelling napkin
Imagine my frustration
As I can never get enough
This meat is tough to chew
It's you I can't swallow
And yet I can't help but run back for another bite
Thirsty girl is parched.
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