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i feel the pain of hunger
but i can't eat
i hear my stomach calling out to me
but i can't eat
i can possibly force down something sweet
but i can't eat
look at what you've done to me
at least i can still sleep
i havent ate in a long time but i do be sleeping for hours
You eat my skin in chunks
To you I serve it up
I hold you but I cant touch
The only thing I know is lust
I was so out of touch
With the moment you fell out of love
Id seen it with my own 2 eyes
But instead I chose to be blind
Stability in someone is hard to find
I really miss him a lot
Hes here but hes not
He tells me lies in selfish vain
I love him for a selfish gain
Bite away all of my fingers
The love we had haunts me and lingers
Cloud Giante Oct 2
It seems I’ve been waiting for eons
One album later kings of Leon
When you said thirty
You meant Minutes or  eternities ?
But I’ll wait
So hurry up post mates
I’m soo hungry
Myrrdin Sep 9
My bones are too hollow
To hold my worth
My body is a chapel
I am begging to crumble
I hold holy water
In my collar bones
As I kneel before a mirror
I am praying to be emptier
Heaven tastes like ice water
I want to meet my maker
In a gown that doesn't fit me
The scale is an altar
I sacrifice my body to
Lord knows I know how to fast,
Am I holier when I'm hungry?
Poetic T Sep 5
I ******* words
     And *******
.     Stanzas..

And my *** face
      Is the ecstacy

Of the pleasurable
        After thought.

Is anyone else hungry...
Derrick Cox Sep 2
A river of milk and honey
and a fountain of coconut water
was open to any who were thirsty

Colored grapes gave into their feelings
then later gave birth to a drink
that tasted like truth
for mouths to speak

Cherry kissed whipped cream
while fudge, vanilla, and caramel
swirled in their *******

The pies were hot and ready
getting out of the oven
and got laid on the table
whiffing of apples, blueberries and pumpkin

Like a king on his throne
was a thick cheesecake
sitting on a layer of crust
with a crown
of strawberries and strudel

A jar
of peanut butter, oatmeal, and red velvet cookies
was out in the open
for any hand to dig into temptation

Awaiting on a front porch
was basket of
Cranberry, banana, and cornbread muffins
For the door to open
And be welcome into the house
where souls were craving
for something good
Hannobal Aug 26
My baked scones how they smells,
I have a solution.
Scones for afternoon tea,
serving with clotted cream and raspberries,
breezy afternoon by tasting baked scone.

Raspberry pulp,
how tasty scones are.
Dessert for an afternoon tea to look forward to.
afternoon tea or high tea
Moth Aug 25
i hate food
i love to eat and eat and eat
i never seemed to stop
chips, nuts, berries, and galore

i hate food
i love to chew and chew and chew
i always seem to be hungry
pasta, bread, eggs, and more
i hate food
i love to hate myself for it
but never seem to stop
bits, bites, mouthfuls, and shame
Brian Payamps Aug 21
LOVE so deep
But love....
LOVE'S not free

LOVE like a circus clown
Frowns turned upside down

Every day I died
But love...
LOVE kept me Alive


For Love we hide
We hide our damaged parts
But the stench
The Stench of SULPHUR
Can't be covered by cologne nor perfume

LOVE so deep
But love....
LOVE'S not free

LOVE needs to eat
But how you let it feed when you rot from with in
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