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what comes to your mind every time you think about tomorrow
is it some distant place you want to see
or some place you don't care about because apart of you knows what tomorrow will be like*.
reminder of loving him over and over knowing he cant love you back
another day
another sad reminder.

you do not want to love him
you have tried for so long to move on from the night mare
its killing you on the inside
but you are stuck

this is not a poem
this is a reminder
of how many times I have failed to not love
when all I want to do is stop loving

this is a sad note
from an empty soul with too much misplaced love
a note from someone who should stop but for some reason continues
a deadly cause that is eating my happiness
that is draining me slowly

I just want to stop
Please help me stop.
that-that pain
uhuh it's in my head i guess?
like my eyebrows are being pulled over my eyes
oh lord it HUrts
okay makayla breathe you will be fine.
no NO NO
i will not be fine when i have this
aching and paining
this headache
The aches and pains,
the cold shiver running down your back,
the sweating and heat,
despite your skin feeling like ice.
The headaches and tiredness,
no will to do a thing,
appetite lost,
disturbing fever dreams.
Ugh, being sick is the worst.
Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been sick with the flu. Definitely not my best poem, but I wanted to write something while I feel a bit better.
My heart is racing.
I feel sick.
My anxiety knows me better

than anyone.
Faith 2d
The way he acts
It makes me scared
The way he looks
At us, it makes me nervous
The way he talks
Makes me sick
The way he moves
Horrifies me
The way he is
Is not the way it should be
Sick I'm ****
I mean **** I'm sick

See I didn't mean to blind you
can you put that behind you?

Ill I'm ****
I mean **** I'm ill

Now you're starting to blame me
listing all the reasons you hate me

But you're ******* sick too
I mean you're a sick **** too

There is not reason you had to do me like that

I mean do me like this
now I see my therapist

three times a week
take pills to sleep

record what I eat
stand on my own two feet

I'm getting better now
so I can be the one to take a bow
Number 2
cupid 2d
sometimes i just want to *****
i feel like not myself and get sick to my stomach
and hot showers make me queasy
sometimes i get cookies from the vending machine
they make me want to puke
food and apple juice make me want to empty my guts
seeing myself makes my insides bubble
it’s odd how many things make me want to throw up
i feel sick
Grey 3d
I desperately long to find this love of mine
Can I have a moment of your time, darling for you I'd walk the line.

Haunted houses Halloween
You holding onto me
If you'll be my lover, I'll be your Apollo darling
Give me one moment of your time,
And I'll show you that you could be mine

You deserve the heavens and the stars
Allow me this offer of mine heart
May I have a moment of your time,
The way you dress you look so fine

Am I a ghost?
The second choice?

Beauty has stolen my heart with one look
Those glistening windows that hold your soul
That sweet smile, one is all it took
Allow me to write the grandest love story ever told
Laid In thoughts of
yesterday avoiding
present-day drifting
In and out of dreams
it's to where I have
control I have
the say
Free from problems
don't need newspapers
or to listen to
Don't need the clowns
who think they run our
lives with their dumb
In just short space time
they have destroyed
this country where once
I was proud to
They have no compassion
for the less fortunate
people who have no
chance to break free from
everyday poverty forced
upon them
A failed system food
banks unheard of when I
was  growing up as a kid
young people forced to
live on the
One day there will be a
reckoning on all those who
caused so much suffering
on the hard working
people who without them
this country would be
The poor sick old the young disabled all
forgotten by those who only care about there own self Importance
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