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I have a dream! I have a dream,
To the racial discriminators, said Martin Luther King,
I have a dream! I have a dream!
To the evil-creating economists, I warn and ring.

Globe witness hunger, inequality poverty and unemployment
The world turns out to be bitter,
To all of you, I write this letter.
To create a world relieved from these and turn better.

I am a mad aspiring economist, a fool,
Searching for the right tool,
You turned the world with full of mess,
People are left with nothing less.

To the world, you gave theories,
Pushed us into a vicious cycle of injuries,
About your theories, you boasted,
It has created a few ruling and bloated.
Most of you worked as economic laymen,
Turned victim laymen to fighting gunmen.

To the realities, your theory is distant,
Served no solution to the dying peasants,
To the few, we remain a psychological ***** and servants,
Tuned our lives to a depended migrant.

With your development lecture,
You have killed the entire nature,
In the name of ventures, corporates turned vulture,
Hunted and looted our generations’ future.

We lived a self-reliant community,
You killed us with imposed liability,
Our lives are now placed in intensive casualty,
The word that remains imagination still is equality.

We lost our humanity and identity,
In your eyes, we are just a market and commodity,
Your play with scarcity, was a mere futility,
We finally became a society, filled with atrocity.

Your useless lectures of development,
Put us under frightening & irrecoverable unemployment,
For a few, you got us into a deep-rooted enslavement,
So, now for you instead, we make a replacement.

To my questions, you neglected and ran,
In your eyes, I am foolish ****** common man,
To you short-sighted range,
I say I will bring in a change!

Today, I may remain lower and mere viewer,
A day will come, where you will stand to answer,
Writing a new rule, I would seize your beloved positions,
This will be my lifetime mission and ambition.

I say with all my limited experience,
I will put a test to all your conscience,
Are you just a fat-big corporate’s hand?
With people will you always stand?

I am not an economist,
I am neither an egotist,
I proclaim! I proclaim!
I am a revolutionary economist,

I know you will fit me a label,
I am sure I will be an economic rebel,
A rebellious economist.

I dream a world without huge inequalities,
I dream a world free from imposed liabilities,
I dream a world without poverty and disparities,
I finally dream for becoming an economist with no ambiguities.
The whole world is staring at new difficulties. It is still riddled with poverty, inequality, unemployment and illiteracy. The economists who dictated these rulebooks are the main culprits behind these. I am an aspiring economist. The economists mostly don’t stand with people’s welfare. Mostly they are ambiguous. They know only theories. They work as economic hitmen for many corporates. They are just a bookworm. Without understanding the pain and situation, they put forward new theories. Their theories sometimes serve good for the western world. One food or one dress or even one house cannot suit every person in the world. I have written this poem to the economists. It is better that all economist stay with people and find a solution that is most suitable for their enhancement. Else, people would reject their presence. In short, I say economist should be from the people, for the people, by the people, of the people.
Our lives crumble and fail,
East or west more losses, we avail.
Our foods turned life-******* cocktail,
You got our revenues and livelihood to curtail.

We, the creators of the foodbanks,
Our lives now turned, mere votebanks,
You destroyed all our riverbanks,
Brought our lives to end with your loan banks.

Lived and cultivated happily, with self-reliance,
Demolished our self-reliance, with your idiotic brilliance,
Deliberately stole our self-reliant roots,
Through your money-minded ****** selfish loots.

Toiled ourselves to turn lands arable, through generations,
Your land acquisitions, put us under dictator oppressions,
Blood-******* *******, gave us all fright & plight.
It’s time we rise and say Our Land is our right.
Deceived us with your developmental illusions,
Pushed us towards suicide, under incurable obsessions,

You commented our farming, old and backward.
Taught us land-killing cultivation, very awkward,
In the form of food, we harvest poisons,
With our life costing mistakes, learnt worthy lessons.

We don’t get our deserving price,
Unheard and Weakened is our voice,
To the rulers, we are just a useless choice,
For them, our deadly weeps are just a noise.

We sold our crops to middlemen,
Rulers sold our seeds to corporates,
We sold our lives, for a permanent solution.

For media, we are just a hype.
To the nature’s wrath, our crops became unripe.

For livelihood, we are compelled to get loans,
To repay you, push us to reloans,
Lose our lives, helpless and incapable to pay our loans,
Leaving our families helplessly to moan and groan.

It’s time we raise a warning.
To you we won’t keep serving,
You will realize our value,
To the corporates, when you lose your revenue.

It’s an alarm, it’s an alarm,
To the businessmen we lose our farm,
To the corporates our ownership is vested,
From owners we have turned rented.

Your life would be on danger,
Then corporates would play with your hunger,
You can’t even own a burger,
To them your lives too would turn meager.

Let’s rise and fight,
Exclaim our land is our identity and right,
Let’s correct, where we lack,
To the natural farming, let’s get back.

Let us raise,
Let us determine our price,
If we become selfish and vice,
You will lose all your slice and rice.
This poem is written in a way farmer sings towards the government and people. In the final stanzas after warning, farmers sing towards people, who witness all their miseries silent. In India, farmers lost their self-reliant farming slowly. Its time they get to it, to save them from all their worries. They want the rulers to let them determine the price for their own harvest. The land is their right. None should take it from them.
Patricia M Oct 10
Here I am standing,
Waiting for my food that has yet to come.
Dying from starvation.
Hoping for salvation.
hahahahaha just for fun when my food took too long
The throbbing, consuming see
Filling and emptying, bear.
Rushing-- riptide -- ravaging, flea!

It does not dry,
It does not sate,
It serves not to berate

The pushing, pressuring sea
Cleaning and dirtying, bare.
Calming. Candor. Caressing, Be.
I would've torn myself
limb from limb
to appease your hunger
but you still would't have wanted me.
I would've broken my bones
to build you a throne
but you still wouldn't have wanted me.
I would've wrung myself dry of blood
to quench your thirst
but you wouldn't have wanted me.
I would've skinned myself
to stitch you clothes
but you still would't have wanted me.
I would've burned myself
to keep you warm
but you would still leave.
The9 Sep 28
In a perfect world, her light is dim
the picture that's painted shows her skin
the sun shine's differently on her side
her heart pounds heavily without light

The scent of fear, not shedding a tear
the pain of hunger seems to be near,
travels the world in search to find
the one she once lost in her past time.
Diana Botelho Sep 26
that’s how it feels, then
to love and be loved and lose it-
to experience the highest feeling,

to fall so hard you lose every breath, to be so hurt you feel certain you’ll die

i can’t do this
i can’t bear this
it’s too little and not that long ago it was so... so much more

so much more than hollow eyelids and numbing cello chords

in this moment i know, i believe i’ll never be fine again
in this moment i’m the rawest i’ve ever been
my screams and sobs are the ugliest sounds

i hope you never have to hear desperation leaving your mouth

but I do hope you get to experience the kind of love that has the power to wreck you

just remember to pray it doesn’t
(i’m okay ;)
Xaha Sep 25
Loneliness weighs heavily
On the edge of the night.

Somebody told me
It would all be alright.

I’m waiting on that promise
Because I can’t turn out the light.
The shadows are too menacing,
The monsters - just out of sight.

Can’t escape the hunger
Without an appetite,
So I slash with my pen
And I bleed what I write.

But the candle is waning
And hissing with spite.
I can’t hold off the darkness,
So with that, goodnight.

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