Earth:   Three trillion trees.
Moon:   No cotton seeds.
Mars:    No face to feed.
Yet billions here seek shade.
There are more trees on earth than the combined number of stars in several galaxies.
Not their's. Hers.
Only Hers!
Feeling: Very Good.

Pulling Away.
I’m starving
Starved for security
Starved for salvation
Starved for serenity
The loneliness is tearing me to bits and pieces
I choose to scatter towards
Those who feign interest in the bits of me I dare to share
Florence says we all have a hunger
I must agree, for tears spring to my eyes at the words of her song
I’m starving for validation
Validate me!

5 4 3 2 1
It’s late at night, it has begun
I search for the saddest songs in my library
As sadness and loneliness create a cocktail
That slowly creeps into my bloodstream
Pumps into my heart
Spreads back into my body, mind and soul
Then the tears at the corners of my eyes spill onto my cheeks
And I drift into a dreamless sleep
brOKen Jan 12
I feed my habits
And ignore my needs
As distasteful as it seems
My plan succeeds
I plant the seeds
That grow the weeds
Won't feed myself
I starve, deceased.
claire Dec 2018
nothing can satiate my bitter heart like the pain of death

it hungers for the endless abyss
Mallory Blake Dec 2018
If I were a Jedi
From District Two
I’d spend my schoolyears at Hogwarts
And summer breaks with Lilac LaRoux.
I’d talk books with Lady Jane Grey
And if I were an Angel-Blood
I’d fly far away.
The books/movies mentioned are:
Star Wars
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Starbound Trilogy
My Lady Jane
The Unearthly Trilogy
Hannah Dec 2018
He doesn’t talk much about where he came from;
maybe he’s scared the truth of the place would speak more than he could.
Maybe it’s hard to explain the hunger or the times the power goes off or the constant fear to someone who’s flown above it all.
Though we don’t talk about the sand or the fruit on the trees or what the rain feels like at the end of the day either.
We’ve lived moment to moment and learned what we know of each other through the present.
Somehow I yearn for this place I’ve gathered pieces of. The place I cannot know but that grew inside me.
Jayantee Khare Dec 2018
On one sleepless night,
I realised that
The anger
and the hunger
don't get along well,
Got up had some cookies,
killed them both and slept well.....!!
Apt solution.....
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