wings extending
safety out of reach

hungry foxes wait patiently

I let lovers bite into me
Beg for them to leave marks
As they track lines down my back
I whisper dreams
Of a heart attack

They say I’m too dark
Try to illuminate me
With stories of their past heroic decency
bowing at the end as if
I was just another one
In their bed of complacency

                                              I can slow to down to the exact minute that
                                              They're slipping their jeans back on
                                              While I pretend to sleep
                                              it’ll hurt when I wake up
                                              notice blank canvas
                                              of freshly vacant sheets
                                              These lover's they get high
                                              off these informal goodbye's
                                              assuming I lay in bed awaiting their return
                                              with my trembling thighs
                                              they pat their own backs
                                              Slip in between the 4am cracks

                                   But they’ll never be him
                         And they’ll never kiss me like he did

They’ll never be the hands behind another broken lid
And the pain subsides quickly
leaving the iron taste in my mouth craving

                            Hunger under the rising moon
                                     I wait in my sheets
                               For another lover to slip in
                               And dig their teeth into me
                                Knowing they'll be gone
                                              Just as soon.

Alienpoet Jul 21

The ghost who walks
In this lie
I look for an answer
An answer to why
Chained and changing
In this skin
Its weakness gives birth to pain within
The voice that haunts me it claims to be you
You start your conversation with "you hate me so much"
But I know if you did you
wouldn't talk to me you'd be out of touch
You want my attention to claw at my skin
Love is hunger it aches within
I love you but that answer is thin
Hollow, the truth swallows all I say
I pray that you find me in a better day
Somewhere in the sun
For all the grey days
Pave the way
For eternity
and I couldn't be without you this world.

Meghna Sharma Jul 17

Sweetheart, give me something to drink or eat;
For I am starving tonight.
I don't want alms, just the palms of your hands outstretched to take over my emotional poverty.
My poverty of speech at the mere mention of your scorching kisses.
My belly that gives an uproar for you to nurture me with your love.
Make me drink the poison from your thoughts.
Let me not go to bed hungry.
Hold me like a broken doll.
Undress me and calm my storms.
Do not hesitate to feed my mind with stories from the places that your mind has seen.
But don't make me feel how underfed I've been all this time.

Tife Jul 11

He looked up
and red lights flashed before his eyes.
Like the signs he saw,
warning him that his end was near.
Like the girl he once loved,
who now towered above him
with no heart
and in place of a heart,
a hole that was
Like the dress she wore,
that flowed with malice
and the selfish lies that rolled off his tongue.
Like the passion they once felt
that soon faded when he stole her heart.
All she could see was red
as she walked towards him.
She was hungry,
Hungry for revenge.
Her eyes dark red, filled with anger
like her dark red lips that dripped with lust,
for blood.
She ripped out his heart
"You stole my heart,
took away my love,
left me to suffer"
She licked her hand
And her blood stained red lips.

I wrote this ages ago but I don't hate it and I hope you like it
Erin Ross Jul 9

She's got me again.
Pushed up against the doorway.
And its so warm inside.

My breath, you can see,
Shaking against the winter
That seeps into her eyes and settles in her bones.

Her fingers line my shoulders
And fidget their way to my ribs
Where flowers do grow but never stay for dinner.

And I dont stop her
Because she holds me above water sometimes.
And I dont really want to drown.

Shashi Jul 9

Even the waves so vibrant
Could not wake the little soul
Lying at the shore, Lifeless
He has a hidden story to unroll

Who killed him, men asked the waves
Was it hunger or poverty
Some disease or the war
Tell us, who ate his alacrity

Being quite for a moment
The ocean began speaking

You blame hunger
For the death of poor
You don't value food
Never do you care

When hunger struck
Three breads, you drew
But ate only one
And threw away two

You question poverty
You blame the wars,
never looked on yourself
So you wonder
Who brought these scars

Only if, in place of questions
You could raise hands to the needy
Hold a gentle heart
Instead of being greedy

"I'm gonna tell God everything"
the little soul said before dying
And if he does
All you humans would be suffering

Because No hunger or disease it was
But, One of the men's own quality
the thing That killed the boy
Was the absence of Humanity.

In the memory of Alan Kurdi.
Shanath Jul 7

The heat knocking through the glass,
Shaking the metal,
Our seats impersonating
Our body heat.
I looked out, a brief pause in journey.
The red light tirelessly blinked
Then and now,
Green would be a go.
He was peeling it off,
He asked me, as usual I said no.
One was handed to the man
With an upturned mustache on the front,
I could tell that was his pride.
Three were alined in a plastic bag,
Their fate still undecided.

Gentle but hurried taps on my window,
They had cars to cover
I think now.
Two little kids in ragged clothes,
I wonder is it the dust of the world
Or the filth of a society's failure
That stains their clothes brown,
Their faces black?
One was of the usual age
They're grown up at,
The other, the age
They begin at.
After a brief and short
And "matter of fact" discussion,
Bearing in mind the kids' busy schedule
I wound down the window,
And decided the three bananas' fate.

The grown one just ran to the next car,
Grown you see,
The little one
Yelped in happiness
Of the fruits rejected by me.
Nothing could sound more beautiful
Than the kid's exclamation
A giggle.

The red turned off.
The driver smiled
Yet every act was but a drop
I could not collect
To fill the desert of doom.
The heat hovered
And hovered,
The heat that turned
Back at my home
Many bananas black
Until they were discarded.
The flies feasted upon,
The gun is pointed
At the kids.
Sometimes blood leaves no stain.
Sometimes the black stains
On bananas are of our souls.

The ant, the flies,
The lion, the man,
Who is important?
Cné Jul 6

Hello love, ya I just got into town
Well I just thought, you know
If you were going to be round....

The lover of my dark desire just calls.
He beckons with a smile.
"Come hither." whispers husky voice
alluring me with guile.
My heart compels me to comply.
My brain says "This is wrong."
And yet, I find my feet move toward
the magnet of his song.

Did he ever wonder, about that one time
Does he know that those were mine
You know she would surely die
If I ever left her high and dry...

Shhh ... a finger on his urgent lips,
"the rest let's just forget"
I'm aroused by heated passion
igniting lust within ... I'm wet

No one can know what tomorrow will bring
But for tonight my love, it's you for me
Behind the gas station I just couldn't wait
I put her up against wall in trance like state

Penned against the wall with parted lips
A kiss to potent to breathe
Not nearly private enough, still
my legs part, spread with his knee

So willing as I pulled up her dress
Gasping for lust with erratic breaths
No need to be bashful when freaking at night
Three moons were shining vividly bright

I surrender. I give up.
Release me from the spell.
No recourse now exists for me
but succumbing to ecstasy, as well.

Such passion for life
Breeds a hunger for lust
Fulfilling and satisfying
Yet I can't get enough
Her smell on my fingers
As I take to the road
Another memory
Worn into flesh and bone

A chill descends upon my heart
as I watch him drive away.
And as I've done so oft' before,
I wish for him to stay
And though I know he must go
back to his life there.
I close my eyes and smell his scent
dreaming of all we shared.

Traveler Tim

We just can't help ourselves...
Just for fun
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