Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you cry at my door
Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you starve for more
Little cat,
I'm sorry I let you tears to fall
Little cat,
Thank you for all your heart's call
Little cat?
Forgive me, I want no more of this hole.
To my cat.
hxrvld 4d
Shoulder to shoulder
Finger to finger
Thirst of love
Filled with love
Overflowing love
City lights in Eden
Caresses somewhere hidden
Streetlight kisses
Walking beside the blue river
Lured by the old architect
Under the lost city of Pompeii
French kisses in the quiet palace
Sinless pleasure
Singing beside asphalt
Down to the town
Of dazzle diamonds
Lovely dinner
Fulfilled the hunger
Ends at the train station
With no kisses
& heavy feeling.
Shane 7d
How did I draw the short straw to have an empty shelf

I call out in to the emptyness that is my hope and there was only silence

Silence cannot nourish the body, it only serves it's self

Oh please spare me this pain!

Save me from this hunger stabbing in to my stomach with it's demilance


[too week to continue]
Company decided to raise money for a good cause and that inspired me to write this.
They say heaven and hell
will be the final in one’s end
But to us, we’re already there
We’re already witnessing stage one on planet earth

We’ve got so much as nothing to eat
and so to the streets, we take to feed
We just have to not die but live
since they’ll always be that caring hand who is willing to give

We’re children of those with nothing
We’re living in a place with nothing
living with a life of anything (comes and goes)
and so we too do not think of becoming something

Please, can you help us?
We don’t really think of becoming more
But you who is strong and can conceive greater thoughts
Please, teach us how we can live life with joy!

Please teach us what it’s like to be a child
To growing to youthful ages and then a fully bred man/woman
Please help us grow wise
And live our lives while on the right path!

Please, we do know we’ve got nothing to offer
and if we continue on this, we’ll grow wild
we’ll only set our minds on getting the cash
and if begging wouldn’t provide, we can just turn to rob people and banks.

Please, save our lives
For we know this we are children of circumstance
But we too want to become people of substance
and surely make impact.

Please save a dying soul.

©Emmiasky Ojex
Help someone hungry get better in life.

You never may know what they're passing through!
Tony Cortez Jun 13
German- Vampir
French- Vampire
English- Vampire

The word itself dates backs hundreds of years to Turkish descent and even beyond that.... Vampire

The amount of culture surrounding this one word is astounding and rich in lore

An undead immortal that preys on mortals for their blood, to live all eternity with an insatiable lust for blood.
Damned creatures without a soul

Vampires that is  

From movies dating back to bram stokers Dracula to current films such as blade and even the likes of twilight and TV shows such as vampire diaries

But those are only one tale of vampires, see amongst polish and Romanian culture they were known as Strigoi
Spirts come back from the grave to feast on the living

Its amazing really, all these variations
The English word vampire was borrowed from the French

I really wonder what it's like to be immortal
To be able to regenerate and regrow limbs
To have immeasurable speed and inhumane strength
All of this comes at a price, a hunger really

I think that amongst myths and lore, vampires might be the best reflections of ourselves, what it actually means to be human
To fall prey to vices such as lust and greed
Even the shedding of blood and causing harm to others

All an addiction, a hunger, an insatiable lust that we all have yet different amongst us all

My hunger.... that's simple it's her,  it always has been, the thing I've been searching for if I was a vampire she would be my ideal prey to caress, to feed off, to be with, and to fuck.

She is mine and she brings out the hunger in me so in a way she makes me into a vampire

My queen

But that's just mine....

The real question you have to ask yourself is
Are you in control of your addiction
Or does it control you?
Arcassin B Jun 12
By Arcassin Burnham

putting lives on the line for some dough.
poison air reach your lungs and theres
possibilities are endless with this world.
I just hope you see it one day when it
avenues in fire and people get lost.
everybody in a crisis and the weak gets
symbols and trauma turns your mind to
simple idiots when you worship a trump
or bush
Well take a look at what you've done,
Ain't pointing fingers,
No time to run,
Time stand and fight,
Got your whole life,
Circling the outer realms instead of
finding the inner,
Just don't plant no seeds if you love
being a sinner,
Life are on the lines to save weak people
like you and you,
We learn through and through,
That if we feed the demon everyday of
our lives , we could lose the juice,
The choice is up to you,
But I know what I'mma' do.
We are children of beggars
we have no choice but to automatically harness our little talent
or what we know it as
knowing how to beg and prolly wash cars

Since we’re surrounded by poverty
penury, and a radical outlook of insanity
We live our lives with no strings attached to it
all we do is just for us and those in our surroundings (family)

We’re children of beggars
Life’s hard those on the outside
They complain of mere power outs
But then, do we even know what’s called light?

In here is pitch-black
our raggy clothes own their rags
Even us is black and dark
Life for us is to black that it’s gone stark

Please help we children of beggars
We don’t know what is called life
To us, it’s just pure strife and massive plights
But with your help, we can have in life,  better times

©Emmiasky Ojex
The above poem is a work to reflect on the thoughts of those who lack the basic necessities of life we all have at our disposal, though we may think we don't have enough at least we do have what keeps us living; they do not and take to doing things that are not okay or morally legal.

Alicia Allen Jun 6
Here is a response I must give but cannot give to whom must receive it.
You feed the need.
A yawning dark and deep emptiness that lies within.
devouring everything it touches
dragging to its depths
an eternity of punishing hunger, wild and intense
gnawing away at the fabric of my mind, an emptiness that desires you
your presence,your warmth, your smell, your very soul.
to placate, to fill
I crave for you.
a yearning so maddening, it is frightening
But even as you fill, you increase the emptiness. crazed and rabid, I desire you still.
an ache as tangible as it is visceral
as painful as it sooths
as though I am caught in a fevered dream
tell me my perception from your reality
you feed the need, even as you cause the hunger still.
a desire so strong it physically hurts
Time is fleeting
as the spring river runoff
that gushes out to sea

A heart trickles out
a moment
in a timeless ink drop,
unmeasurable expanse
     immured in spilled ink ―
   manifest in the lexicon of poetry

For only words cannot
quench this thirst
that is loneliness;
it's a hunger that gnaws
like an unsated ache ―
a starving emptiness
all hearts
do one day taste

Left in the sight
of doubt
and eyes that fail
to believe what they see
lain fallow in the silent

Lost in a lingering void
unburied all around,
bespoken out loud
alone in plain sight
a feigned understanding;
reticent letters shape
reluctant words
to hold forth
enunciated breathe

The only words
that still echo unstilted ―
uttered  words
indelibly felt
from lips once sweet
as daybreak dew
    upon musing tongue ―
tasting the only
voiceless truth
that ever broke my heart

a vanishing wave
that moved an ocean
   deeply ...

Jesse Stillwater ... 06 6 2018
Notes:   unstilted:  Adj. - flowing naturally and continuously

Thank you for listening to my 2 cents ...
Emma Sims Jun 4
Swirling leaves amidst sweet liquid
Waiting for the seeping, strengthening
How I wish you were brewed
I need you to distract me
The hunger cravings are strong
I want pizza
It's only a few clicks away
But the diet
My diet
Small sips
Heart flips
Wings clipped
I really want pizza, distracting myself with tea
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