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ShFR Sep 15
A growl.. a stomach?
No, that was β€”
If not hunger I hope we are all parched
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David Hilburn Aug 22
Did, a heart of sincerity...?
Made pure, made true...
With the soon, a vestigial anarchy
Came to these, the rue of what we fate, to irony due...

Life and a laugh
The instilled today, the tone of a voice
Given the wishes of the frank, and endearing more we hath...
The compliment of sorry eyes and sudden why's, a unity's choice?

Cope, tomorrow in league with such, a service
To fragile ideals, and the carnal low...
Seemingly mine, the inclined shrewdness of austere sigh's
Is a head at pride, a lover's lie to compel a friend to owe...?

Me, a hardier since, seclusion in a waiting worth...
Can a heightened sense of curiosity, begin here?
With the claimed sake, and kindness of silenced gain, by earn
And turn of chaste into a needy repast, is my ought's notion clear?

Waiting on the words to divine a character's politics?
Sate and uniformity in mind, for another go round
With such a treatise to sympathize with truth, that a gesture meant
Is a gesture in the fate, we knew as a careless whisper, to allow...?

A hat of composure make the day for neglect, isn't a worlds eyes drawn
Meant and imagination, to a seemly rise and flow; was distance to form the words?
Which brings us to the shade, of conscience's seldom, as if a waiting song
That has a notion to become, hungrier than me, that sees the problem of seasons early...
In retrospect, to a crying's elect; the tow we provide for kindness is as simple as that ... who the hell just gave a heck for me?
From my miserable cavity, out spills terror;
An illusion waiting to bite, the heavy desire of hunger
Splatter and traumatize with desire
Eyes creeping around the corner
When the shadow swiftly descends,
The next victim has been found.
Ikimi Festus Jun 16
In the depths of my being, a hunger unfolds,
A yearning for solace that my heart beholds.
In the vast expanse of this earthly domain,
Only one name can quell the ache and the pain.

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul,
With grace that mends and makes me whole.
In Your embrace, I find peace profound,
In Your presence, true joy is found.

Through life's winding paths and tempestuous tide,
It's Your love that carries me, my faithful guide.
No earthly treasure or fleeting desire,
Can ignite the flame that Your touch inspires.

You are the bread that nourishes my spirit,
The living water, my soul's endless merit.
In Your words, I find wisdom and truth,
In Your boundless grace, eternal youth.

When shadows surround and doubts assail,
Your light shines forth, and doubts shall pale.
You lift me up on wings of hope,
And in Your embrace, I learn to cope.

Jesus, only You can satisfy my soul,
With a love that heals and makes me whole.
In You, I find purpose and meaning anew,
For every step I take, I find strength in You.

So I surrender all, my heart, my will,
In Your presence, all my fears grow still.
You are the anchor in life's raging sea,
Forever and always, my soul finds peace in Thee.
Myrrdin May 26
Skinwalker lover
Call my name again
My heart a peach in your fist
Ever longing
More, more, more
Lapping tongue
Starving dog
Cannibalize me
I'll never notice
My pieces missing
Begging for scraps
While your meal
Grows cold
solEmn oaSis Mar 19
Aking Buhay ay langit sa piling mo,
dahil Nag-aalab sa iyong silay,,
aking sinta ang apoy ng pag-ibig ko.
Tila mga bara ng ginto na ibinaon sa hukay...
itong kaluluwa ko na dinalisay para sa iyo !
hanggang matagpoan mo ang liwanag na alay,,
na di ko masumpungan kung di pa sa tulong mo !

Wala akong masabi kapag kapwa tayo masaya,
Halos maubo ako sa kakatawa
Walang pagsidlan kasi ang aking saya,
Sa sandaling nagigisnan ko ang kislap ng 'yong mga mata...
Kaya naman ganun din akuh kalungkot..
Kapag ikaw ay nakasimangot,
Sa bawat oras ng paalaman natin ay yakap ang gamot !
Hilom sa ating mga damdamin kapag nayayamot...
Para bang papalubog na araw na di malalagot ,,,,
At tila banda na ang musika ay hindi mapapagot...
Ganyan ko lagi tayo tinatandaan sa paraang ikaw lang at ako ang sagot

Magkasuyo buong gabi
Kapwa mga makatang humahabi
Mga tugma natin ay hindi namumutawi
Ngunit pilit binibigkas ng ating mga labi
Pagkat ang gusto ko ay lagi sa iyong tabi
Ikaw ang buhay ko at lagi kitang kabahagi....

Oh wuoooh hoooohh oha
Napapaawit na itong tula
Ayokong maging isang nakaraang lumala
katulad na lamang ng isang Lumilisang Alaala

Gaya halimbawa
nating d a l a w a
Para bang papalubog na araw na di malalagot,
o magunaw man ang buong mundo...
Ganyan ko lagi tayo tinatandaan sa paraang ikaw lang at ako ang sagot..
Sa aking mga pangambang baka hindi ito innuendo,
paano kung sa aking paggising
totoo na pala ang mga pasaring
doon Sa Kama ng aking paghihintay
Hindi na pala tayo magtatanday,
sana sa susunod na muli kang magpapakita sa akin
sana naman ay hindi na sa panaginip at iyong tiyakin
na isa kang buhay na katangian sa riyalidad...
at hihintayin kita hanggang dun sa aking pag-edad...
Dumalaw ka man o hindi sa pagsapit ng bukas sa aking piling...
Patuloy akong mangangarapΒ Β habang nananaginip ng gising!!!

Gaano man ikaw ka-TARAY
Habang ako ay nasa RATAY
my Love
My darling
hanggang ang gabi ko ay araw
Ang araw ko ay palaging ikaw
Jake Devlin Feb 24
They say that when you’re hungry
That you learn real fast what is important
I haven’t eaten in three days
Why is my mind still on you
Serendipity Sep 2022
The sky rips through itself with ease.
Self-destruction is an art form when
you are nothing but constellations and wonder.

Black holes tear
through the fabric of the universe
and celestial hands reach through them,
scratching at God's flesh.

Stellar voices echo
through these pits of imbibe
asking it's creator
one question:

Fistfuls of stars thrown into
the jarring teeth of inferno;
a flame that feuls more fire.

Planets are crushed
under gravity's legs,
and, like a child unsatisfied with a drawing,
the space between galaxies
crumples like paper.

Tired of being a feast for human eyes,
and being

Poked, Proded, and Penetrated by People

God's first and best creation
consumes itself whole
to satisfy
the hunger.
I have been thinking a lot about black holes lately and how they destroy the very thing that created them. Maybe they are God's failsafe.
Serendipity Sep 2022
The sky is drowning
in itself.

Ripping itself apart
through black holes
and hoping that eating itself

will keep it full.
rk Jun 2022
you want to see
how soft and tender my flesh is
and crack the inside of my mind open
like a pomegranate,
ruby jewels spilling onto white sheets.
i offer my plum ripe heart to you greedily
prey wanting to be hunted,
only to be left with sticky hands
from trying to hold myself together
when you walk away.
- we all have a hunger.
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