Angel 3d
I feel it
I hate it
I can stop it. I can eat.
Food tastes guilty.
I lie,
I starve.
I hide the fact that I'm hungry,
But I'm not going to eat.
Not yet.
Not until I've taken control
Heavy feet fall on the steps
outside my door.  I cannot
let them in. They demolish
my mind as I try to stare
peacefully out the window —
passed the too same infrastructure.
It fucks with my mind.

The illness creeps in the corners of the
panes. They can’t find
their way in, but they know
I can see them. Fixated. They feel
my sheer panic. My understanding
is tainted by my watchers.
They feel my pulse accelerate and
laugh as my veins pump blood
toward their thirsty mouths.

Millions of teeth. Coming after

I am eaten alive

by the watchers
by the knowers
Dipendu Das Mar 6
Weeping his cheeks he goes from man to man.
With his heart covered with desire to get some grain.
Still no mercy, still no gain.
He gets nothing but a sorrowful pain.
Walking on footpath,
Suddenly his eyes fall on the garbage pail.
He discovered the left of people's food thrown on the pail.
He tried to took out the food to eat.
But dogs were too rushed into it.
As they were too hungry indeed.
He had no chance to get some food to eat.
He questioned his fortune, ‘Does he doesn't have right to live ?’
With the pretty pain,
He just forgot to live again.
Hunger and Beggary is the problem of all times and ages... Universal appeal to hunger...
sunprincess Mar 3
Going out to dine,
Two hungry whales chase a seal
grab him by the tail
your body is not your own
nor is the brittle in your bones

empty? that is normal
hollow? how you have grown

it follows you in labor
surrounds you in sleep

you want to be alone
but your oath cannot go

so instead walk in fire
you will be here a while

smile, not cry
rise, never die
Skin and bones, walks but roams
Starved from lack of touch
Empty holes wither away
as hunger overtakes
thin, so thin
claws flay the space
in between now and yesterday

Never look down
unexpected horrors, animate the sounds
as she walks the earthly grounds

Framed thin,
roughness scored
not thin enough, but fat enough
to gorge.
If remorse, never weighs
feather light, guilt repeats her phrase
such tastes, such toughs
I've felt before
Like bloody raw steak
ate with a fork

salivate such vivid plates
worry it to be your last
longing's wrath
Hannah Feb 25
And who am I to stand here and preach
From my first world society
About how hard it is
To have depression and anxiety
When people are dying
Because of hunger and disease
Because our resources cant meet all of our needs
And all I do is consume
How dare you presume that I am complaining because
I'm not
I'm not
CamA Feb 17
Amanda's Hunger

She has a habit of wandering off,
Whilst being in one place.
She'd be staring out the window
Manipulating what she saw,
Into what she wanted it to be.

"I'm hungry"
She'd say, mid mindless gazing,
Only it was rarely for food
But rather for exploration,
Discovery and experiences.

Her soul starved
Of authentic auras that warm you,
Of colliding chords that form aching symphonies,
Of chaotic creations by everyone and anyone,
Of galaxies that we are made from,
Of the beauty she longs to see.

And in these times,
Where her mind is everywhere else,
I imagine she is there where she belongs
With her chaotic people,
Blaring symphonies,
Clashing souls,
Expressive creations,
The Galaxy she is deserving of.
May you be filled with life, my dear.
Broadsky Feb 11
If I pop this little pill I'll be able to get all my work done. Am I opening a door? One I cannot close? Walk with me as we venture through this together.
Let's see.
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