frankie 2h
slow things down
live in the present of you and i, colliding in ways that previously seemed to be long over, an unforeseen fate
committing acts two beings platonically could never do
the idea of me and you once more, but an actual romance in act two
causing headache from inhaling all the smoke signals
does he want me or does he love me?
"best friend" being thrown around after doing things no two best friends would ever think of doing, avoiding the topic at hand of what even is this mess we've created
we're both without love, both have typical teenage desires, might as well have some fun while being alone
i don't know how much longer i can do this without falling straight back into square one of loving you
Lynnia 1d
Three is the number we share in years
Another joins; she feeds my fears
Duo-plus-one and left behind
Silent smiles—don’t speak your mind!
Three is the number we share in years
Learn to act; exude fake cheer.
The second installment in this epic saga of epicness.
A young man was digging in the trash
Next to an Art Gallery
Here in Denver.
I didn't really think
That there was anything of value in that trash can.
So, I interrupted him by saying,
"Would you like a bar."
I had a few of those Bearded Brothers Bars in my backpack.
He appreciated getting interrupted
From his fruitless search
And gladly took two Bearded Brothers Bars.
He asked me for water.
Well, I have a very wide mouth water bottle,
And he just had an empty bottle of purchased water.
I didn't think it would be easy from me to pour water
From my bottle to his bottle
Without a funnel.
I gave him my change,
And instructed him to get some fresh water
At a gas station instead.
He started talking
And it was all a "word salad".
He didn't make any sense at all,
And I excused myself to go buy some lunch at Parsley
As a person with a psychiatric myself,
Let me tell you
That no one can tell you how to cope
In this crazy world.
When you see someone who can't use his or her mind,
You realize
That your "sins" are infinitesimal.
I'm  spend a bit too much money
On good quality Chinese Food.
I really like to look at
Well-Focused  nude photos
Of beautiful women.
I probably spend too much money
On houseplants
And give too many of them away.
None of these
Amount to the catastrophe  
Of being helplessly incoherent
Out there on the streets.
This Right Wing Conservative Agenda
Of people like President Donald Trump
Doesn't just deprive agencies that serve people with psychiatric disorders of funding.
It also represents  false sense of values.
We need to help everyone to THRIVE.
So, a President who is NOT thriving cognitively himself
Really is in no position
To preach a Gospel of
And side with the Religious Right
On all issues pertaining to sexuality,
Telling women what to do with their bodies.
If President Donald Trump
Was admitted to an Inpatient Psychiatric Ward,
He would give the therapists and psychiatrist
A lot of work!
He would not be rapidly let back out on the streets
Until the staff was sure that he could function
On his own in Society.
If he wasn't so rich,
I guarantee you that Donald Trump
Would be digging in a Trash Can
That has nothing of value in it
Just like the fellow
I helped today.
Amanda 1d
Trying to forget my conscience
Thoughts inside my head
Yelling at me to search harder
Chase someone else instead

I am tired of feeling guilty
Know I'm the one to blame
You try convincing me I'm not
But it doesn't stop shame

I could do more to stay away
It's difficult to turn around
I need to go and leave behind
The greatest thing ever found.

I could cope with the hurt
Questions and memories too
The fear holding me back
Is surviving without you

I am selfish and terrible
For allowing it this far
I wish for you each chance I get
Dandelions, shooting stars

I swore I wouldn't be that girl
Let you leave her for me
I said I'd never want to ruin
Love though you are unhappy

It's too late to set you free
My heart is clurching you tight
I continue pushing back guilt
I hope our story ends alright
Written a long time ago haha
Prez 1d
Have you ever wanted something so bad ,
To be with someone so much,
To do anything you can,
And for it not to be enough,
Can't overcome the past,
Your feeling it wont last,
You always feeling harrassed,
All these feelings amassed,

On the darkest of nights,
I look for your glow,
Among the shadows,
Of your fiery soul,
I'll sift through the darkness,
In search of the spark,
That intrigued my mind,
And stole my heart.

You want to take it slow,
And that I already know,
But I really don't know,
How slow I can go,
Patience is a virtue
Of the strong,
Not what I'm known for,
But cant move on.
Want you in my life,
But at what cost
Filled with trife,
Maybe forever lost.
Ayana 1d
Stagnant love
I don't know what we have ,is it something true,does it happen to have a definition.....

Is it more than just physical attraction....

Can I surrender my insecurities to you......

Will you accept my flaws.. Or will you push me away....

I'm not perfect I give what I can ... And remain rejected

I'm at a point in my life where I longed to I'm still sorrowful....

My emotions are misinterpreted .... And my efforts are the last to be noticed....

I'm tired of feeling sad and alone.......

I prayed for the moment we would share our feelings.....

Is it that we wanted something so bad that when we get it we forgot the reason why we longed for it....

I wonder if we are meant for each other......

Sometimes I'm torn ,depressed and confused....weary from over thinking......

So many things kept us apart ,but for some reason we are drawn to each other...

Like magnets our paths collide... Hanging on by the very thread of our curiosity...

Curious to be loved by you willing to share my darkest secrets but scared .....that you might reject me too....

I wish that I could make sense of my pain.....wish I can make you understand that this isn't infatuation...

And though we might never be together .....forever ....

I'll always have a place in my heart .....where your name is tattooed...

Just never forget that my every moment spent with you is all the best memories of my life.... Loved  and cherished......

I'll leave behind my smile to remind you that you were my joy and the reason for my happiness...

Its the wanting you.... never getting you... that keeps me wanting  you...

You inspire me and without you my world would be empty and lost ...

But you'd be fine without me because you're everything  I'm not my love....

Struggles of love
Kat 1d
I ask you
'how have you been? Isn't this your favorite drink?'
but also
'I hope I'm not trying too hard'
I know I probably overthink

You say
'I had a great time with my friends. We had so much fun'
Sending a picture
'how was your weekend?'
Isn't that a strange mixture?

I grasp for something deeper still
Aren't you too?
I can't be the only one here that wants and will
Clearly you want to share as much as I do
So shouldn't you be willing also?

Why claiming, wanting
but then feel distant
Why do I feel like I need to be hunting
for anything resembling something subsistent
I don't want to feel like constantly being insistent
Megan 1d
I’m upset.

But the type of upset that has no words;
The type of upset that doesn’t feel like anything;
The type of upset that I should have known would come back.

I’m lost.

But the type of lost where I know where I am physically but not mentally;
The type of lost where I’m doing what I’m doing but I don’t know how I’m doing it;
The type of lost that keeps me from forgetting what I still know.

I’m angry.

But the type of angry that keeps me calm;
The type that leaves me speechless;
The type that helps me reign in my rampage.

I’m here-
And there-
And lost and scared.
Can’t breathe-
It’s just me.

It’s just me.
Bored in love ?
km 2d
unresolved feelings—
is this what it is?
the reason why
i still cling onto you?

i thought i was over this
but now
the possibility
of you and i getting back together
still runs through my mind

am i crazy to think that?
or is this all just caused
by my unresolved feelings
that needs to be answered?
thejohnags Jul 6
never been so unsure,
all i need is a little more time.
no, i'm not walking out that door.
no, i don't know.

i'm a sinner with no trace,
when did the rush fade away?
when did i think you were a mistake?
no, i'm your mistake.

i'm yet to see your eyes,
will its spark outshine my pride?
you're yet to prove your lies,
wait, no, i'm the lie.

my mind keeps on changing
i've some trouble breathing
it's not a beautiful feeling,
when you're guilt keeps on knocking.

what do i do with you?
what do i do with me?
i have never intended to hurt somebody.

i am a gun, i don't run out of ammo.
you're a good target, i just can't let you go.
what i'm about to do, i'm afraid it would hurt you.
so before i shoot, just hide.

don't take a breath.
don't fight.

please know i'm thinking of your heart,
but i gotta think of mine too.
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