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Maddy 3h
this is not what i want. this is not what i want. this is not what i want. this is not what i want. this is not what i want. this is not what i want.
i cant handle this right now, tonight is awful
Maddy 3h
im so confused and it makes me sad
said it there ^
I think I'm afraid to lose you
Which is extremely ironic
Considering I'm the one who left
See I don't mean "lose you"
As in lose you from my life
I think it's more about your approval
Your desire
Your intensity
Your love
I want to be wanted and yes I know
It's super screwed up
I wish I understood it more myself
See, on a conscious level
I know I don't need you and that
I am not responsible for your choices
I am not involved in your life
And quite frankly I shouldn't be
Considering the mess my mind's in
Maybe my brain hasn't yet realized
That I've been without you for a year
And I've been doing fine
Maybe I only see my value
Reflected in the opinions of others
So I seek everyone's desire
Instead of my own acceptance
I don't understand
I wish I did
I wish I had the answers
Maybe one day this will all make sense
Maybe one day I won't be so sick
Maybe one day I can be me
Without fear
Without worry
Without anxiety
I just want to be happy
I just want to be free
I just want to be me
And know what that means
Should I believe in a higher power
That I can not touch, see, or feel?
That lets innocent people be broken
Then worship him to heal

Should I trust that he is the reason
That I live every day
If I need a miracle
Drop down on my knees and pray

I don’t know how I feel
Or what I should believe
My god had forsaken me
Left me feeling naive

I want to trust
That he has purpose for me
From this indecision
I long to be free

Is blind faith a sign
Of strength or weakness
I cannot decide
The uncertainty leaves me sleepless
Anya 1d
Is it better
To have complex sounding poems
With analogies, literary devices, and enriching words galore
Conveying the same message in numerous ways
But sporting a simple ideas

To have simply written
Clearly stated
Easily comprehensibly worded
Sporting complex ideas?
Alex 2d
Can anybody help me?

I'm screaming.

But my head's underwater.

I can't hear myself under the pressure of the compression of my anxiety.

I can't love myself under the hatred that hugs my insides with every move.

I cannot be happy until I have gotten rid of everything.

I cannot accept this monster until I have become nothing more than what I was.


My head is spinning like an arrow but it refuses to land on an answer.

My heart is being torn out of my chest a billion times over but I can't scream.

I cannot look into the mirror,
Without being afraid of who I am.

I cannot look at myself,
Without seeing numbers over my head.

I've forgotten how to see.

My eyes are broken.

Did they ever work in the first place?
My home has never constituted a building,
never been about where I lay my head at night
Since I can remember I have been alone
I have never found solace in my broken family
from broken zippers to burnt out cigarettes
I have never stopped searching for
the feeling of home

You walked in and I couldn’t help but stare
I had no clue who you were but as soon as I saw you,
I felt warm for the first time in months

I saw fire in your eyes
and I wanted to suffocate in the smoke

I lied when I told you it’s hard for me to catch feelings
I lied to you when I said I was unsure

You stared into the sunlight sitting in that Mcdonald’s booth this morning
as I watched you I knew it was over
Maybe it was the way the glowing silk blanket of sun laid over the windowsill
Or the way your eyes no longer laid into mine
but somehow I knew it was over

I see only the best in people and am blind to anything else

I try as hard as I can to push people away so I do not get hurt, I believe you call this defense mechanism my attitude

your words held between my heart and soul
i fall silent
i sleep on your shoulder as we drive home

embarrassment already digging its nails into my throat
tears spread across my cheeks
as you hold me
I was silently begging you to never leave me alone again

no one had to tell us we were better together we already knew

my guy pretty like a girl
electric soul, gentle touch
velvet skin, unfinished lunch
violets grow in the valleys of his ribcage
forget-me-nots blossom on her skin
every night,
the places on her skin where his fingers last fell
when the sun was alive
sunflowers hiding in her short blonde hair
daisies intertwined in moments shared
the boy wants to predict the weather
but in this garden of wild flowers and
wild thoughts
it never rains
the flowers keep on growing
occupying the holes in her chest where there once was pain
his words as sweet as honeysuckle,
the soil
her blood as red as roses,
the rain

he spoke of our wedding by the second date and after the third he announced our funeral

i think we are worth trying
i know i make you feel warm too
and i believe the feeling of home
feels a lot like you.
What do you think?
What do you feel?
Impossible to know.
What do you think of me?
Am I just a hollow noise that holds no meaning, or am I a harp bringing peace to your ears?
I do not know.
Are my intentions clear?
Do you see my man, or my beast?
Pleasure can quickly turn to agony.
Have I become agonizing?
Like water drops on the forehead, do I torture you with constant utterances that wear you down to nothing?
What do you think of me?
What do you feel?
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