how can you say you understand me
when i don't even understand myself

Heartmouth 20h

I'm sitting underneath a bridge.
It's very old; almost 200 years old, to be exact.
And while I sit under this bridge, the Earth erupts.
It shakes violently.
I know I shouldn't be under this rickety old concrete bridge,
but I seem to find myself not wanting to move.
The water drips from the ceiling
Onto my face and neck.
I'm scared.
The world around me appears to be crumbling down,
and all I can do is sit here and watch it kill me.

Kinda wish everyone would leave me alone.
Kinda wish Mark would answer me.
Kinda wish my only friend wasn't my cat.
Kinda wish the world wasn't terrible.
Kinda wish you weren't just as terrible.
Kinda wish I was asleep.
S 3d

Why can't I just have a bottle of potion
To send me into a constant state of mania
Instead of a roller coaster of emotions
Of loss, agony and nostalgia

oni 4d

its always there

i get so happy
that i find myself

how is it
that two things
that are so different
are so connected?

Breathe steady,
Let the wind stay to your back
Catch your breath
And now,
Just walk

The world can beat against us
Just keep walking
Yell at the world for what it did to you
But keep walking

Two laps later you can stop
But we aren't there yet
So keep going
Till you can't catch your breath
And your steps start crossing each other

Laugh your ass off,
Then play a little guitar
Just hope for the best
Because times are changing
And we have to learn to take a hit
All of us

After one good night, I watch silence creep back in. I'm getting lost, and I'm alone at this point.

I have squandered so much energy
hoping to understand you,
that I regretfully left none for myself,
and anything learned is naught;
next time leave me a blank letter
since that gives more substance
than simply walking away.

Tired man, so tired. Nothing makes sense.
unnamed 7d

I can’t say there is a word for what we are
I know I was looking through your pictures yesterday
Laughing at how cute you look
Wanting to tell you which ones you look bad in,
And how others do not make you justice.
Kissing you and the non-stop laughs
Make fun of the fact that we are fatties.
Driving to McDonalds at 1 am.
I have a feeling it is going to hurt.
But when I am in your room, on your bed
Not being able to keep our hands off each other.
It is complete bliss.
We have amazing sex, you know it’s true
We take a break and go at it again.
And then you open up about the things you love
Like those nerdy topics of things I do not understand
But, your whole face lights up while you talk.
And you apologize for speaking so much.
Don’t ever apologize again
Don’t ever shut up.
Please keep talking,
Until we meet our end.

Danny Cordoba Apr 22

I only follow yet I pack alone.
Preparing to venture to the unknown.
Travelling from the true bliss of comfort
to the lonely nostalgia of fear.

I pack the discordant pieces of me,
hoping to maybe find their harmony.
Travelling alone requires no effort,
the opposite true for finding love sheer.

I bring the glasses which help my sad sight
wanting them to shed on courage some light.
Travelling in fear just finds land desert,
needing the warmth of others to stay here.

Warm clothes may suffice for some time unknown.
Though my case may seem rather empty it
remains completely full of cautious hope
to avoid living melancholy dreams.

1st Poem
Ami Shae Apr 13

This is so unusual
so explicitly unreal
I'm not sure I like this lay out
this site--
can I be free to say how I feel?
Some how it just doesn't feel right
Is it okay to wonder
if ever I will again
feel at home here?
I hope someone can help me
to overcome my fear...

I've been away and even when I tried to come back here, I couldn't get onsite and now I can get on and everything is so different!
What happened?
Just curious if anyone else
feels like they've found themselves on the wrong road? lol. Eeek! I'm so confused!

What do you all think? Is it better? Worse? Indifferent?
Just curious.
Should I stay?
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