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Gabs 3d
Do you know what I find funny?
My room never fails to mirror my psychological state of being.
Like right now.
I’m currently sitting amongst my disheveled sheets and scattered laundry.
But I’m also desperately searching for my bonnet within the chaos.
And just like with my bonnet,
I can’t quite pinpoint what my thoughts are centered upon.
My bonnet could be anywhere,
Though my room is only so large.
And my thoughts could be anywhere,
Though I can’t imagine having much to think about.

Do you know what I find even funnier?
If I were to clean my room,
Right now,
I would probably find my bonnet.
I would most likely discover it under my pillowcase or behind my bed frame;
Perhaps on top of my desk or in my dresser.
But I refuse.
I mean where would I start,
And how long would it actually take me?
Yeah, I’m good.
I’m used to sitting in my clutter anyway.
Nicx May 14
I crave to build a home
But I push everyone away
I want to set up a foundation
But every time I set it ablaze
I want something ethereal
But I ruin everything I touch
I want what doesn't exist
But I keep ignoring the rough
I want to stop running
But it's like I'm stuck on repeat
I want to give up
But I also can't stomach defeat
I want to let go of this life
Some days just feel like too much
I want you to "love" me
But I know even that won't be enough
ardnaxela May 4
living off
of apologies and time
spent in desperation
recollecting and reflecting
on where
all of the good vibes went
I may have smoked them.

underestimating my
of the situation
like I'm not
educated in protecting
my Peace
and healing my whole
mind, body
and Spirit

deflecting questions of
my integrity
because I prefer
complexity -
it takes me
three lefts
to make it right.

also some
I have to remind
that it's okay
to cry
boiling hot emotions
got this little black kettle
singing high

I'm choking
on the
hard pill
of a broken home
worse than a broken bone
this is admitting to myself
I could be traumatized.

I need a
get away
like Lenny says
quick break
with Mary, Garcia
and Vega
the only chance I ever get
to take flight.

in all Honesty
I am really
of people
pushing me
and pulling me.
college drop-outs
they think
they schooling me
they are
tools to me.
swing my way
with that hammer
I'm not
driving for that *****.

some say real
Love is
some say it's
I say it's both
you know
the winners
always leave with
a little
bruise .
or two . .
or3 . . .

there probably may come
a time of day
you have to choose
to lose
in this matrix
to fight
by your own rules
and well


is to you,
my Little Light
your presence is proof
that some
Love is
the right thing to do.
this started as a song.
There are no real maps
There are none that are true
You lay the sphere of our bellies down flat
And you face a conundrum of view

So why do we learn they are certain
And why don’t we follow or nose
And how did the sailors of ancient
Find their ways to and back home

Mind map, Google maps, star map
Infinite things trapped in lines
Like drawing a circle round an ant
A taunt from wasted time
Confused letters ...

all letters ...
and my all words ...
asking about you ...
it knew that ...
I rebelled against the time ...
because i was ...
thinking all the time ...
about you ...

yes my sweet angel ...
my letters ...
dances ...
within my feelings ...
just to create ...
the words ...
that your heart deserve ...

it still confused ....
asking ...
about you ...
while it still
searching ...
for a words ...
just to be ...
only for you ...

hazem al ...
Nicx Feb 11
Words fail me
I don't know what I feel
I want to fade to nothing
And let the silence consume me
So many perspectives
I don't know which is true
Maybe all of them are
But then what?
They tell me I'm good
While my guilt swallows me whole
Rule one is do no harm
And I've shattered that
They say it's being a human
And I guess that's true
But if I can do anything to help
Then I'd like to
Where is that fine line
Between values and pain?
I don't owe it to them
But I feel like I do
If getting burned makes it better
At what point do I quit?
Do I hand over the matches?
Soak my soul in gasoline?
Pain for pain seems so fair
I made mistakes and I have to own them
But does letting myself burn
Really help anyone?
Samridhi Jan 30
when did the butterflies in my stomach
into a nauseating pit of anxiety?
love can be patient and kind but also stressful and cruel.
YReem619 Jan 30
All I craved was peace for once,
A sky full of stars,
A gentle breeze that strokes
And a deep conversation with you.

I have this sort of fire in my heart
It burns to the thought about how
I wasn't sure what is it you wanted,
I thought maybe a spark.

Maybe just a drink though or
Maybe a night out.
Middle of the night you rest your head on
My shoulder and all I can feel is you living.

Your fragile breath against my neck,
Your scent penetrating my attention,
You look and we whisper.
You are confused and it is confusing me.

I breathe then I wonder about what will happen
If the sky fell on us tonight.
I look into your eyes and what I can see
Is stars that are nearer than you are.

But imagine this baby,
Beyond breathing,
Breath stuck in your mouth for so long,
Before you know it your jaw starts to ache.

Just breathe,
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