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Bea Rae Apr 15
Tell me, which is harder.
Waiting for something you know will never be in your cards,
or having to come with the terms that it will never happen.
Bea Rae Apr 12
Maybe closing yourself

Off from me will make it easier

When the inevitable comes
Bea Rae Apr 11
Somewhere maybe in

Another time your heart was

A piece of mine
Bea Rae Apr 8
From the moment I

Met him I knew he was worth

The heart ache
Bea Rae Apr 8
Have you asked yourself

If you are running towards your fears

Or away from them
Bea Rae Apr 6
I fell in love with

The darkness of your soul because

It felt like home
Bea Rae Apr 1
I spend more time

Mourning the living rather

Than mourning the dead
Eliza Jan 15
Almost 70,000 words
Still, I can't figure out
Why poetry seem to flow
When I feel like giving up

9000 days and more
Still, my heart betrays me  
I guess we'll only live
Once we choose to be happy

Can You tell me the secret?
Can You show me The plan?
My heart yearns to know
Please tell me I can.
I'm back with another poem after many years of taking a hiatus.
jǫrð Dec 2023
I'd take your
Happiness if given
The chance again
That infected smile
A thin coward's lips
That sour expression
The eyes never lie
But they do fib
Enjoy your demise
You've earned it
The History: You don't know what you got, 'til it's gone.
Francis Dec 2023
How exquisite it is,
Awaking day to day,
With many bills to pay,
Not a second to lay,
And many passersby,
Come and go my way.

What happened to Spring?
The cold, Winter chill,
Bothersome and bold,
Prolonging sunshine in May,
And a hopeful bloom of flowers,
Early on a Summer’s day.

No longer do I have the eye,
The once vibrant palette,
Has faded to shades of gray,
That vision of what could be,
Has drifted towards the wild cards that I play,
Merry and chipper, not ever,
Not today.

What keeps me at bay,
As my passion for trying becomes fray,
Is the internal defeat from external way,
Way of the ****** that seems to slay,
Every bit of purity in my heart that lay,
Formulating a misery that is here to stay.

All I aim for is to sleep,
That fine sleep on that lonely, inevitable day,
Existing and not existing, I’m sorry to say,
Is the only relief I feel as I hope and pray,
For God to bring me peace,
After a lifetime of disarray.

Mind molded like a block of clay,
Clay that never hardens,
Only my heart hardens like clay,
Youthful spirit and innocently gay,
Is a treasured philosophy,
I strive to regain some day.

The size of the world, on my shoulders that weigh,
Far from purpose and fulfillment I seem to stray,
Happiness is chosen, but not encouraged by they,
He or she of whom that continue to outlay,
My fragile, decaying soul,
I’m not okay.
I hope this sounds good in your brain
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