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Sky has fallen on your head, Earth erupting has upended you into two, is it time for change yet?

Everyone knows the extinction's coming, racing towards US from our future,

Seen on the horizon, still, no talk of evolution, adapting to reality,

Not the worldly world of criminal insanity?  Non-republican caucasian

Newborns to men who are heterosexual are still neutered as newborns,

Mutilated as toddlers, kids, mass-*****, and every crime done against them

As kids and teens, yet the Roman Catholic Empire doesn't even acknowledge

Their inquisition against them, let alone slow it down, stop it.  How is

It that Pope Benedict (Arnold, the Rat...), the last inquisitor, hasn't

Been prosecuted in the ICC?  Just so you know, if "...we(e),..." don't

Uninstall RumputiN/vlad-the-impaler from the Blackhouse by 1-21-21, the

United **** of assassins is the new notsee Germany and since it's citizens

Haven't stopped it's Gov't, it must be destroyed at all costs, for life,

Humanity, the Earth, to even exist.  Is impeachment peachy keen now?

Do you feel like keeping it in the ground, abolishing fossil fuel use yet?
Great works, thanks; also, please: Sample letter: Hello.  Donald Trump is deliberately undermining the oversight powers of Congress and acting as if he is above the law. Yet, some House Democrats are still stalling on impeachment.  The Trump organized crime family isn't going to re-institutionalize organized crime as gov't (from the top down, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"), "...we(e),..." have already defeated that; impeachment is a necessary step- regardless of political effects that could be construed as negative.  Thanks for your attention.   reality
Invisible Apr 26
Human beauty is nothing compared to nature's beauty.

Human noise is nothing compared to nature's noise.

Human anger is nothing compared to nature's anger.

Humans are nothing compared to nature.
We really aren't. Nature can calm us, anger us, and most importantly, it can destroy us.
It's best not to anger Mother Earth. We are, after all, her children.
She can punish us in the worst way possible.
Happy belated Earth Day!
the ocean is alive, her heart beats in the echoing crash against the basalt slabs

the ocean is a creature,
she lives in the daylight
soaking up the sun

she hunts at night, to fill her belly
and sleeps when she's full

the ocean dresses in greens and greys and blues and blacks

she's always changing clothes

the ocean gives and takes away
life, homes, and joy

the ocean is more powerful than man can fathom

with her mighty swells and crashing waves

the rumbles of the tempest and the chaos in her depths

the ocean is alive, and her heart is hard

the ocean is a creature, a beautiful one
do not underestimate her

the ocean is green and gray and blue and black
and she will swallow you up

the ocean gives and takes away
but she rarely shows mercy

the ocean is sister to mother earth
and paralleled in power

the ocean is a force
and she will not be tamed

you have met the ocean, now
but you still do not know her

swim in her depths and meet her creatures

but don't be the one to fill her belly
if you have any thoughts on this poem please share them with me!!!! I'm looking to enter this poem in a contest so let me know how it is!
Star BG Dec 2018
you follow a sinuous trail.
Cutting through green lush trees,
and mountain rock.

Your grass-like hair blows elegantly
below sun and stars.

You grace Mother Gia’s landscape
carrying fish along
their bubbly path.

you dost cleanse me,
as I sit among your waves
that hug delicately.

Your heart beats as roots move
within like veins carrying liquid love.

You grace Mother Gia my being,
with your spectacular scenery
and wisdom that echoes in wind.
Being grateful to Mother Gia
DaysongMercrest Dec 2018
sage short Oct 2018
The divine almighty
of the crooked earth
made the weakened crawl
with dirt dragging into
our chipped fingernails
like the paint on our homes

Her flood of chaos ignited the flames
and her flames burnt down the only
hope we had: the sea
& her mighty craft
swept our flatlands into the ocean
like dirt under a rug
or ice under a fridge
and we were engulfed in the fire
that our own hands caused

She came down on us with her wrath
ripping herself apart in the process
just to show us she is the divine almighty
and then the moon betrayed us
followed by the sun

Checked out on us like a motel for drunk couples
Who turned off the lights to save the electricity
Kelsey Sep 2018
I am alive
In harmony with nature
The trickle of rain drops
Bounce off the orange and yellow leaves.
To soak my feet
In the damp field of green blades.
To sink my back
In the silence of the soil.
Inhale and exhale
To the beat of dancing thunder.
Cleanse my body with your beautiful, mysterious tears
Mother Earth,
I am your body
Mother Earth,
You are my soul
Kelsey Chupp Jun 2018
the Earth whispered
rustling the leaves of the trees
making ocean waves move
and the animals scatter
as She tells the tales
of life
and the reasons
for why the rain falls more in the spring
why stars look best in autumn
why trees speak underneath the ground
and why mountains move without being seen
She is mystery for no one to solve
but for everyone to admire
Allyvia May 2018
What a selfish child, she thought
Leeching the poor tree dry
Less than what she had been before.

She herself stripped of her jewels
Made into extreme miniatures for her children’s fingers and ears
The mossy fur ripped from her flesh
Her screams the crunch and creak as they felled her trees.

They give her no pause between the spasms of pain
An endless labor with no birth to show
No relief and her sweat has filled oceans.

The fires licking over her parched skin are a joyous pain
She writhes, reveling in the heat.
And now it is her children who scream and sob
Begging the man who cradles them in his palm to restrain her.

But he won’t
For they are hers while mortal
And he will not touch them
Until their ghosts have shrugged from their shells.

Once the sight of their broken bodies
would have caused her tears to pour forth
Drowning their tiny lungs and swelling the number held by him.
But now she is a mother who turns her face from her squalling infants
Cries falling onto calloused ears.

She learned from the many named man
How to be at peace with their deaths
And found from him comfort
With his mouth sewn shut, his eyes only for those he holds
His ears filled with the empty silence of their space.
And even though this last sanctuary has become contaminated
Still she stirs the soup of air rocketing her little ones around her.

Her ignorant children cause her agony
But what young do not?

Some even pray to her
Working to feed off her in other ways
And though they are only a drop in the bucket of her pain
She cannot deny she loves them.

So long has she watched them live and die
Broke down their empty  bodies and
seen them rejoin their creator to weep
when faced with what they have done to her their mother.

A pity the dead cannot speak to the living.
But she quiets them
Shows her disembodied children
The wonders she still holds
Smothered, smudged and distorted.

Again they sob thinking she means punishment
In showing them her diminished beauty but it is not so.
She beckons them to look and understand
No matter the cancer growth of their chemicals
that poison her body
There is no permanent death for she will consume any and all
Even her own brood to continue on.

Her children may strip her of everything
As willingly as Shel’s tree gave herself away
But it is she who will remain long after their bodies
Have grown frail and decayed
For she is Mother Earth.
Nikki Jayne May 2018
Mother earth
Look what you've done to me
Toe tappin
Body shaken
Heart pounding
Weak at the knees
Face in your dirt
Oh Mother earth
Got me hypnotized
Took me  by quite surprise
The best dance partner I ever had
Turns out I don't need a man
Oh Mother earth
Look what you've done to me
The best dance partner I've ever had
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