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Zachary SP May 15
Nature's beauty is truly a magnificent sight;
while youth's beauty lasts only but a short time.
Nature has a side that can fright,
and worries make infirmity a crime.

Do you see the beautiful gift of nature?
thou look in the mirror, what thou see?
Is this gift nothing more than a kind gesture?
What is the image staring back at thee?

A future for all of us seems bleak;
We must not take advantage of this nature's charm.
Very soon we are going to hit that peak,
and spread the side of nature's harm.

The ripples of our decisions will forever decide.
The lost of our world's stunning gift of pride.
Adam Hebda May 8
Legislators of social stigmatization
hand out identity before child birth
reluctantly judged by your pigmentation
you're given a name
and a pew in a church
assigned to a gender with implications
while ATM balance determines your worth

Bugs will certainly inherit the Earth

Disguised as your neighbors
hide the privacy invaders
calling cops to kick in the door
at your mother's front porch
enforcing a law written
by our own legislators
for a routine seizure and search

Police brutality couldn't mask the depravity
of their warrants nomenclature
Capitalist crusaders terrorize Americans
but can't keep the bugs
from their Earth inheritance

Men will shroud their evil nature
Malicious intent hides below the glacier
Camouflaged vindictive behavior
is electing dictators across the equator

Truth serenaders lobby
for congressional persuaders
to pardon these murderous
capitalist crusaders
fitting agendas with tailor made suits
who infect mother earth deep in her roots

Antibiotics couldn't heal or stop this
infection these players gave her
Pray for fire and fury
to burn away liars
and hide all of your hurt and misery

when these instigators
stirring  up stories
no longer delay their inevitably

as bugs surely crawl from under the dirt
to inherit what's left of our Mother Earth
I pray for the glory
of our future bug overlords
jules May 7
she is blossoming
her truth
discovering the wisdom
within her higher self
channelling divine energy
she is mother earth’s child.

breathing in
the morning sky
feeling soft grass
beneath her feet
hearing the wind
whisper gently
her lover
by her side.

it was then
that she realized
she was not alone;

everything is interconnected.
she is a child of the universe.
LRF Apr 28
When Mother Earth
sighs deeply
we write lines
that we claim
interpret her

We mimic her voice:
sorrowful, righteous – a child speaking
of what they do not know.

When she shakes
her head –
her fist – at us,
we write lines
on the same darlings
she nurtured
from seed to sky,
and we shake our heads – our fists –
at the logger trucks.

We shame those who stand
furthest from us,
tapping a rhythm of hate
on our keyboards, our keypads –
the ones we replace every year
when we pile them
into landfills
sickening our Mother
with battery acid.

We race to chain ourselves
to thousand year old
Huon pines,
but we are just as quick
to disentangle ourselves
from the chain of supply –
from the source of our pamphlets,
their colours and crisp edges
‘Come! Join our noble cause!’
March, 2020
Dream Apr 2
As she heals.
We heal.
As she breathes.
We breathe.
As her fury decreases
We mend our ways.
Toni Feb 11
The sweet crush of grass
Coupled with
The crunch of autumn leaves
And snow beneath my boots
My ears crave Earth
Sometimes, I yearn for the soft greens of spring, but there’s also the harsh yellows of summer, and the bursting red of autumn, and the subtle, bright whites of Winter. It turns out, I just miss being close to Earth.
Dré Feb 7
My words lack lustre—
Incongruous cornucopia thoughts,
Trapped beneath delicate finger pads.
Afraid to rise and fall,
Shackled to Q-W-E, I-O-P.

They lift,
I hit keys like lightning strikes,
Loathing materialization,
Which fails to break ground,
That so desperately needs breaking.

One lightning strike,
A whole forest alight.
Ancient giants burn to the ground,
Gracefully accepting defeat—
Their remnants, fertile soil.

We must learn from the trees,
Who of their own volition turn to ash,
That old paradigms collapse,
Novel systems take their place
The phoenix there will rise.

My words lack lustre—
I fear they won’t be heard.
Drowned out by deeper voices,
Pulverized by hands that
Fit both of mine in one of theirs.

I trade high-heeled femininity,
Never step on any toes
**** that. I stomp bare feet on the ground,
Rattling the Earth to her core,
Each step perhaps, could make her feel less alone.
Olivia Henkel Jan 29
Porous holes in stone
pull me in, Ill call you home
tucked into mountains

Rooted in the grass
Electric communication
back & forth swayed waves

Prose Sep 2019
Gaia  (or Gaea) ....Mother earth...Terra... A primordial deity

all are my names,

all are who I am,

I was there at your genesis , you were nothing more then clay until Prometheus molded you...

I let my body be your abode,

In high hopes that you would nurture the beasts and creatures that live among you,

In high hope that would nurture all living life even those that may not utter a word or sound of any kind,

And what do you do ?

you defile me...

by beheading my trees.,

by poisoning my water,

polluting the very air you breathe...

you hunt the beasts of this earth for fun, taking all you desire from them,

and not a single one of them a sacrifice to me,

Centuries after  centuries

years after years,

month after month,

minute after minute,

second after second,

you never fail to slowly destroy this gift that was bestowed on to you

Have you no compassion for the very ground you rest on , walk on, live on ?

Have you no compassion for me ?

I am the celestial body that houses all life,

I am not the celestial body that is the playground of death,

Do I look like the pits of Hades to you ?

Everything harmful you do to this earth ,

I feel the pain...

a pain too potent for any mortal being to withstand,

even the Titan Twelve would scream in madness and immense agony

On one hand though, I have to give it to you mortals,

you can disagree for eternity on anything whether it be love , war or politics

yet somehow when it comes to the earth itself you unknowingly collaborate as one to create what could soon be a spherical decadent wasteland....

Tell me mortal beings how is that you are fast to take that which belongs to the land, yet slow to replenish what you have used ?
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