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fondly remember your grandmother's house
as I share with you mine

a pantry, tall as a mountain when I was six.
a forbidden box of sugar cubes that was never really off limits
cookies, warm and soft. how does she always have them?
sitting in the rocking chair, toes miles away from the floors
strange stories you hope aren't true
ice cubes made of lemonade
an afternoon refresher
a sunday spent at home, at your grandma's house

always drawing and painting
playing in the yard
her cats in your lap, warm and fuzzy
she braids your hair with her wise, experienced hands
does she always smell like lavender?
gumdrops and hard candies
playing dominoes on the floor
there's nowhere else I'd rather be
than at home
at my grandma's house
Max Mar 28
Went to my grandma for advice today.

She gave the best advice I could get. Even a therapist, doctor, officer of the law and a scientist can't beat granny's advice. She is just too kind for me and beloved by me.
Even though she's sick, when I need her help, she has the clearest mind. And for that I'm really grateful.

Personal and sorry for that. I just thought it waa word sharing such a gesture of love
"In my time"
Its her way of staying relevant
Like a deer caught in the glare of an intruding pair of head lights
A slave to the clock ..
Her master contemplating her worth

"Her time is up"
A life spend chained to the shackles of expectation and imagination
Disillusioned soul ..  
Clouded by the illusions of fortune and imomortality
Clarity was reality
A painful realisation

"Tik Tok"
Death is on her door
He collects whats his
His fair
EVERYONE is his customer  

A fruitful life ?
A Wasteful life ?
News announced today "cop kills a man in his own home".
Mistakes his apartment for hers, mistakes him for a burglar or
an easy target!

My Granny says "I bet she is white and he was black"? She used was since Botham is dead. Granny says "cops killing black body has been normalized since forever".

Three days later the news releases her name and photo.
My Granny was right. She is a white woman with Klansman's robes for eyes looking to **** a black man.

  Amber tell me did you sit in your car for 15 hours carving Botham's name on the bullet that killed him before going to his apartment?

Did you want his apartment to reflect the same color as
the red mat in front of his door?
Oh, you didn't notice that,
or did you just decide to take a shot in the dark,
while Botham was in his home resting effortlessly?
It was too dark for you to see that was not your apartment, but lit enough to see him to shoot him in his chest.

Amber, I bet your heart is cut from the same
cloth as your mother's "All Lives Matter" Tee Shirt.
Botham's Mother says his heart was made by angels.
KAE Jul 2018
I was twelve
I was sad and depressed
She gone
I was sitting on her bed
Remembering her
I opened her wardrobe
I found a long black dress with white flowers on it
I smelled it
The smell of her
Tears where running down my cheeks
I was missing her. I miss her
I used to feel lost without her
Years later, I found my way back to reality, to the world, to all.
Because I get back to her
I can see death people
Now the world is complete
I am thankful of the gift that God, Life, She gave me
I’m with her again. She’s again with me. My family is again with her
Death is not so bad
Because I have this gift and I can see it all
And I’ve got all in my hands now
And today I’m the happiest person in this ******* world, I’ve got everything that I’ve ever wanted: especially her, again.
Losing Granny
Was the end of an era
In my life.
But it's been
Many a year now,
With lots of
Fond memories
To help bridge the gap.
Remembering her love,
Strength, patience
And courage,
Helps me to go on.
What a joy it is
To think of her.
pk tunuri Mar 2018
When you're a girl
The more beautiful you are
The more problems you will face

When you're a woman
The more stubborn you are
The more future you will create

Over the years, many men might've tried
To let you down and suppress your dreams
But, you've never lost the hope
Kept fighting & proved yourselves at times

In fact, you moved us
Motivating every single day
By achieving your dreams
You made this world a better place now

Thanks for being so kind, sweet, loving & caring
All that we(men) can give you is our pure-hearted love

I love you Granny, for all the stories you told me
I love you mom, for being there, every time I failed
I love you sister, for all the fights & advices
I love you, my dear friend, for trusting me

I can't imagine a world without you all
Happy Women's Day!!
Happy Women's Day to all the wonderful women in the world!!
colzzmacdonald Nov 2017
You may not see
The person you once knew
But rest assured
I still remember you
I might somehow seem forgetful
How that makes you feel is regretful
Locked inside are the reflections
That are in temporal displacement
Though I still remember you
In my own absent little ways
No matter what the effects of age
Objectionably says
I had a life
A career, a family
I created your memories in my wake
All I need are helpful reminders
For all sanity sake
Don't give up
Don't put the blame on yourself
Or on me; for the cards I have been dealt
I'm scared - I'm alone - in the fear I've felt
Remember, I can never be gone
If in your hearts - I live on
The disease is in control now, you see
Behind those dementia eyes
Where my remembrances hide
I am still me
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