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min Jul 26
big waves in the sea
they keep on inviting me
i shall take this risk.
haiku <3
Kyle Jul 10
I have a big dream;
And it's my lifetime dream.
I want to take the risk to try it out;
But I'm also afraid of the consequences.
I keep thinking, maybe if I tried it out, I won't get accepted;
Or maybe if I will get accepted, I can encounter lots of obstacle and take big risks,
And that dream could change my life.
But still, it is my lifetime dream;
And I'm still very confused right now.
Should I take the risks or not?
I actually have a lifetime dream, but I'm afraid to take the risks. I'm still confused right now but I really want to try it out.
Charlotte T May 21
As soon as I learned
I don’t need to hold anyone's hand
while I’m crossing the road anymore,
The heaviness
of the risks I never knew
not to take
conversed with me after dark,
they reside.
The thought of you gives me chills
Every part of you brings in thrills
I always knew you're out my league
But a future with you? I'm intrigued
Anxiety, wash clean this blank slate
Euphoria, paint me the colors of fate
For I'd risk more than I could take
To be with you when everything's at stake
To the risk takers who are paranoid because of insecurities but still chose to give it their all for a love unsure. I hope it will all turn out amazing and worth it in the end
All the viruses come out of human beings

Only if we could stop them with just a change in perspective of seeing

These viruses completely make our visual senses foggy

But we only realise it when the cereals get  soggy

That’s when u realize u are at the edge of your life

Having a constant threat of an attack with a knife

You still take risks and try to find the cure

And then realise that you’re extremely unsure

That’s how our life works with all the threats and risks

Until you sit down and enjoy the crisps
this is a poem about how viruses define our life and how life gives us new opportunities with risks and how we need to enjoy even the smallest moments in life
I dropped some cereal in my bed
Got all the ******* in my head

Moons and stars in the sky
Smoking **** and getting high

All day we dream about the little futures
In out hearts are some creatures

Running and screaming getting trapped in our souls

Just listening to us down there and stopping us from completing out goals

People kept on leaving me in the worst moments

All just to realise that my friends were my opponents
just a little rap on how a small creature in our head stops us from achieving our goals by giving constant fear
Lupus- Apr 12
Run, hurry, don't stop
We can't let our hope drop
There's a future waiting up ahead
Can't turn out dead

Danger lurking around
Stay close to the ground
Don't separate from one another
Just a bit farther

The home left behind
But got to keep it out of mind
Thirst and hunger, there's less energy
No, move on, even if empty

The desert seems endless
Trapped in a tremendous mess
Seems to have no end
Death has become a close friend

Got one injured when fell
Another ill, not feeling well
The number decreases
Left downhearted and in pieces

Heat is killing
Blood is spilling
We have risked it all
We cannot fall
Could this be what goes through immigrants' minds as they cross the border?
ktle Feb 1
there are four steps
of thin ice
between you and me.

it’s okay if you’re unsure.
i don’t mind if you’re still trying
to understand the rhythm of your heart
over the rationality in your mind.
i can wait as long as it takes
because I also know the complexity
of loving someone.
i understand the risks and the doubts
that come with
choosing to love someone.

all I want is your happiness
and if this thin sheet of ice isn’t enough
to hold both of us,
i don’t mind falling through
if it means keeping you afloat.
i would rather sink into the cold, dark
than to watch you struggle.
i don’t mind letting go
and breaking the ice from under me.
i want to see you happy
even if it means I won’t be the person to reach you.

another step forward will be my end.
there’s no path for me to walk back.
i will wait here, until you’re ready
to reach out and close the final step.
and even if the ice may break from under me
i will wait.
i will love you cautiously.
and with this distance between us,
i will choose
again and again
to give this heart to you.
i dont know which hurts more:
the feeling as i wait
or the thought of losing you.
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