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I will do the things
I'm afraid to do

I will drive a car without thinking of
Hydroplaning and rear-endings
I will carve my name into walls
Without thinking about vandalism
I will write this poem on my phone in the bath
Without thinking about electrocution
I will talk to the tall looming figure,
Whoever they may be,
Without looking down on myself
I will read you this poem
Without thinking its even true
I will tell my friends I love them
Without needing them to need me
To love them
 I will tell everyone I'm scared
Without thinking about it being true
I will leave home
Without thinking about comfort
I will get a job
That isn't always comfortable
I will make things that don't have power
Without thinking they need to have power
I will flirt and fall into some arms
Without thinking about the falling part
Or whose arms they are
And I will make love
And I will push away my love
And I will make love with someone else
Without making myself think about
The others I've made love to

But I will think about the others
I've made love to
Because they may not always seem worth
The fear I had to drown in
In order to gasp for air
And I will quit my uncomfortable job
Because I will think I have the right
To never be sweaty under the eyes and arms
And I will delete my friends
Because I stopped talking to them
A year ago when I made love the last time
and quit my job
And I will move back home
And I will stop driving myself elsewhere
And I will stop letting the world know
I have a name
And I will stop writing poems in the bath
And I will stop taking baths,
And I will stop writing poems

And I will try to do these things
I'm afraid to do.
Aaron LaLux Sep 26
Games on,
and a lot of players are playing games,
but the jokes on you if your card’s the Fool,
don’t be read can’t blame the player blame the game,

so spin the wheel pick a number,
act it out name that tune,
but don’t debate what the haters say,
because love will conquer all,

because at the end of the day,
that’s all that really matters,
so show me what’s real now,
or see you later…

∆ LaLux ∆
Ash Aug 24
Am at this edge
Looking down at beautiful  clouds,
Tired of wondering,
How it feels to  ,fly with my generations eagles,
How it feels to ,breath the top air,
How it feels to,stay full because am always hungry,
How it feels to ,have my hands for wings,
How it feels to ,use my dear friend fear to get me there,
Because fear is,my dear friend who drove me here.

I see this beautiful people, flying above me,
So beautiful,so bold,larger than life as they eminate love,
I hear voices, saying just jump,
Take this risk,Fly with us we will teach you,
For there are many who you will help, just jump,
Fear my driver,my friend,
Took a plunge I heard him squeal,
I don't see him flying though,
Neither did I hear him fall,
But I can feel him take control now,
Giving me excuses not to jump,
Offering a ride back,
To my comfort zone home

Thank you fear,
For driving me here,
I don't want a ride ,
I'll take the plunge,
I won't close my eyes,I'll keep them wide,
Stalling,like a bullet will rob my time,
I'm burning the brigdes by this, I don't care,
I'll hit the ground running,
Or spread this hands, coaxing the birds,
Fear my friend,some times my coward friend,
Hop on my back seat,
You've drove me forso long,It's my turn now,
Your my friend,I won't cast you aside,
So buckle up, collect  the memories as I drive.
Sometimes we get stuck in wrong situations,at that point time due to our animal instincts our emotions and brains combine creating this illusion called fear,Fear in turn triggers the fight or flight and now it's up to your brains conditioning to pick one fear will give you a ride to whichever you choose,This are not the only options though because if you have ever run from what every problem it is  you wear running from,It might be addiction, a bad marriage,failure in any dimension of your life you name it,if you get to a state of fear your mind will give you solutions what you should have done,what you can still do,how you can fix it,how you can learn from it and again Solutions but most often this same fear can hold you back,it's ironic like that it gives you a solution then holds you back showing you everything that could go wrong so your brain and your soul are in a battle one wants to go ahead use this solutions when the other is visualizing all the ways everything could go wrong .I've found myself in this kind of situations a lot.So I wrote this to just when I was about to make a life changing decision yes it was out of fear but it is the best choice I have no regrets.Fear is my friend even though I have to put it on a leash sometimes
Acina Joy Aug 13

And who am I, not to indulge in the festivities of a brittle heart?

a Pulitzer Prize winner
tells us in an interview
in TIME magazine
that a necessary part
of our future energy
must be nuclear

no word
     about the hazards of nuclear waste
     the advantages of alternative sustainable
          and renewable sources of energy
     or about reducing energy consumption

very strange
when I close my eyes
sometimes it feels like I’m
sometimes I can’t
feel my feet
and when I close my eyes the world
e  v  a  p  o  r  a  t  e  s around me
voices decrescendo to a low buzz

the world is so chaotic
and it spins so quickly
it’s a miracle we haven’t all
flown off yet
since none of us are wearing seat belts
a buckle to the earth    
my feet on the ground
strapped in for safety
never taking chances
never taking risks
in fear of drifting off into space
long gone and forgotten

but when I close my eyes
and I fall upwards into a
navy blue expanse
with stars doing the limbo under nebulae
and guiding me
take a right past Pluto
go straight on Orion belt
make sure you stop at the North Star

the seat belt detaches
and I take a ride on
the nearest comet
while licking clouds off my fingers
and then I am

Just a poem written after a biology test today. Science really does inspire.
Tiana Marie Mar 8
I remember sixth grade.
Everyone told me you couldn't fall
in love so young. So I distanced myself from you.

I remember seventh grade.
You begged me to come back,
but I told you all the words they told me were true.

I remember eighth grade.
I never saw you even once but couldn't
stop thinking about all the things we used to do.

I remember ninth grade.
I saw you every single day but,
by then, you were with someone brand new.

I remember tenth grade.
You were still with her happily
and I cried. It was all my fault, I knew.

I remember eleventh grade.
You were single and I had high hopes
that once again it'd be me and you.

I remember twelfth grade.
You had graduated the year before
so I saw exactly zero of you.

I remember yesterday.
I ran into you at the store and thought
'this is my chance' until I noticed a girl that was new.
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