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Oh my little world
Tell me of risks in these twinkled eyes
Serenade passions of wrongs and rights
Shatter one's self with daylight's pride
Oh my little world
Where to, for peace from monsters that look alike
Where to, for strength to lift high this life
Oh my little world
Tell I of hope with silver linings
Help thou to make do with heaven's favours
Oh my little world
Carry I with thee to a world unseen
It's better to be motherless
Than have you as a mother
It's better to be motherless
Than praise you as a woman
It's Better.

Your fertile ways of pretence
Has paved a hatred too strong for life
I'm disgust of my rights
For you have made me despise these sites.

It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
I'm at end with understanding of your crooked lies
Edging happiness with the sharpest of tools.

It's better to be motherless
For I care not what others say
Painting I, with ungratefulness
I'll take my stones as hard as they come
It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
Happiness mocks at strength
Building thin, concepts of a friend
Dreaming wild an outlook of life
But filled with anger of whom one must deny.
I’m not at lost in a changing world
But strained by how much I’ve giving to all.  
Soon bravery will out do its call
And insanity shall uplift what I’ve lost
Only then shall respect know it’s home
And favour never what comes unsure
F A Pacelli May 15
i don’t tell you often enough
and we both know
that i am ******* you
but i am proud of you
you are learning
taking risks
making mistakes
yet remaining curious
and always moving forward
to be a better version of yourself
you are heading where you belong
fear not

             — myself
I don’t wanna be a victim of it
But it seems as if it has already made way into my home
It has picked my locks, or maybe bribe my dog
Or even found passage through my windows
I don’t want to loose to it
I don’t want to tell myself I have lost
The thought of being brought down by it
I guess has already given it a point
But I’m in my corner, with worthy weapons
And even though, there’s no more turns
I place my back deeper into the wall and hope I make it out alive
Make it out and say anything’s possible
I hope I survive and stand fully prideful, and say I know what I was doing
Even if I was blank throughout it all
And praying someone rescues me
I hope I’m not a victim, or anything near it
Maybe a survivor, but still I was attacked by it
I want to say I can help you, whenever it pops up again
And show how massive my heart is to feel its pain
Even though it strangled me into pointy corners
That tore flesh and pierce bones from my shield I once hold
I’ll show it how sweet forgiveness is, how gentle it feels
I’ll let it know, and I’ll say
Suicide your not scary anymore, I drew you alive
So I can draw you a smile
Darryl M May 8
I’m still me without you.
I’m still me when far away.
However, I’m version of me, I don’t want to see.
It feels like I’m in separate parts.
Torn between embracing solitude,
And searching your whereabouts.
But feeling is what Life’s all about.

I’m still me without you.
But I’m a version of me, I don’t want to live with.
Romance, I hate,
But awaken it is with you.

Dangerous is Love,
But a risk I shall take,
Even though, it’s Safe for Some.
Aubrey May 2
once i was sixteen.
now i am seventeen.
i saw the word through a wild child's eyes.
not free.
but so carelessly free
i didn't care to be caught.
in those sixteen years
i learned that this world is a dangerous game.
no matter how you play.
let me live,
i would say
i played it dangerously safe.
i took risks.
many of them.
maybe too many.
but i made it so
everything in the end,
would be as it was
before the risk was took.
this was supposed to be a poem about being sixteen
but last year for me,
was all about risk taking.
how dangerously **** life really was.
and if you experienced it right.
you're most likely wondering what all these risks were.
what an innocent,
little sixteen year old girl
could be getting herself into at her age.
Baazi-chan Apr 14
This feelings I feel.
Is unclear.
You confuse me.
With your unrelated silence.
I want to confess.
I fear.
Your answer.
We speak in riddles.
Most days.
When it gets real.
I feel like running.

Real commitment.
Gives me chills.
We speak of flings.
We speak of real love.
We speak of all things.
Real life.
Nothing brings us apart.
When feelings  gets.
We fall apart.

Honesty may break our bond.
Our bond of friendship.
Is it worth it.
Will the next step.
Break us down.
Build us up.
My master piece
For Waseem.
Kristina Tan Feb 26
The sea continuously conveys
an endless journey
that lies
before us.

The vast unknown,
awaiting exploration.

Much like love,
both remain unpredictable.
Yet the rewards
are undeniable.

Is the open ocean
and its beauty worth
the risks?
Is the spark ignited
by your heart
worth the pain?

The answers will remain
a mystery,
until you plunge in
to make
A friend told me I should try writing happy poems.. this counts right?
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