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Honey drops in to the Milky Way inside your tea cup
We sit chatting for old times sake
Friends of distance and enemies of uncertainty
I hope you’ve paved your road on those maps
That you pinned onto your walls
I hope the sun didn’t chase you away
I hope the foreign thunder stole your heart
And you found reflections of a beautiful past
I had written the night before
Inked into letters from the moon

From across the ocean, I waited for your postcards
Yet we sit here, with our thoughts
dancing in the silence between us
Your spoon makes ripples in your tea,
I dream to see the world you’ve seen,

You reminisce and I travel with your memories
Great men and their stories
I listen to them carefully
I learnt of astral body
It can come out of your physical body
You've to be an advanced yogi
If a bhogi, you've to die
Astral body to come out and fly
I craved for such an astral experience
Turned an yogi from a bhogi
I had two options
Either wander jungle jungle
Meditate and practice yoga like a traditional sadhu
For decades to have magical powers
Or sit in an air conditioned environment
Take yogic lessons from some modern Guru
I chose the second option
For I was lazy dog like Albert Einstein
In terms of Hermann Minkowski's language
Lo and behold!
Miracle happened
I turned into an advanced yogi
I came out of my physical body
I floated in my astral body
I set out on a journey
Astral world of heavenly tourney
The journey was quite comfortable
Except that I was naked
The thought what would
I do if I met women on the circuit
Made me a little bit jittery
Nonetheless all went well
My dad already in the astral world
Had some telepathic inkling
He met me there in the beginning
He asked me in an authoritative tone
After all I was his son
Have you come with official records
No, I've turned an advanced yogi
I can go anywhere, everywhere
Go in, come out of black holes, white holes
Except S370HSSV
I told
With confidence
Mistaken you are my boy
He said with concern in his eyes
You aren't allowed without official records
You won't get astral clothes at the astro-drome
If caught, you would face an additional charge of obscenity
For being naked in public
So he hid me behind a bush
Bushes were as if jewelry of diamonds, gold and platinum
As I peeked behind the bush
My dad appeared on the scene after sometime
He had brought an astral chaddi for me
Buying full astral dress was very costly
It would have been sheer wastage
I realised lateron
I put on the astral chaddi
My dad gave me tight hug
He asked me to return
Come when it is my turn
Back home I took off my astral chaddi
As I was to enter my physical body
I kept it safely in my wardrobe
My physical body was lying on the bed
As if I were dead
With little effort, I entered it
Went to sleep and woke up in the morning
I searched for my prize possession
Astral chaddi in my wardrobe
It was nowhere visible
I was in utter confusion
Suddenly, a modern Guru appeared before my eyes
Prostrate on his feet I was lying
He said, get up you ignorant guy
For you enlightenment hasn't yet arrived
You need more yogic lessons
And my special blessings
With full devotion do my "seva"
Till I die, be my chela
Astral bodies and objects aren't visible in the physical world
That's why your astral chaddi has disappeared
With this I woke up from sleep
It all happened in my dream!
Chaddi = Underpants
Bhogi = A person given to pleasure and luxury
Sadhu = Ascetic
Chela = Disciple
Seva = Service
Astral body is said to be exact copy of your physical body. At the time of death, if your physical body has diseased organs and cells, so should be your astral body. If limbs are missing, astral limbs should also be missing. Average life span is 77 years, so astral world should be inhabited by aged people of average age 77 years. It is said, souls take rebirth. How, and when does one shed astral body of previous birth and acquire new astral body of an infant to fit in counterpart physical body in mother's womb? Can one explain?
Alicia Moore May 26
save me
a seat on your ride home.

I’m scared
that I will lose my way.

help me
travel back safely.

I beg.
undefined May 23
walking through the dark
on the outskirts of Baton Rouge
just me and a bunch of stars
no one else to talk to

the yard is staging cars
expecting a train
gather my gear
trying to   beat   out   the rain...

wind is a howling
roosters start to crow
6-string on my back
bound for a Houston show

I like the early morning
quiet, dark, and cold
watching for that engine
and   tryin ta breath    real    low...

the "CLAP! of thunderous coupling
"SkReeeech," its time ta go
wind, it starts a rushing
this steel     carries       me       on...
Lily Priest May 20
She wanted to travel
Unravel the world
Like famous explorers
Who's wandering was all the will to ask
If there was anything beyond the horizon
That they could see.

Now shes everywhere -

Frozen stare, pigtails and grey red uniform,
Tie needling south with the straightness of a compass
And shes lost.

Where is she?
Everywhere anyone turns
Trapped in the undergrowth
Where cans and cat **** go to pasture
Her wrinkled smile
Is caked onto the branches
Paper machet - ed and as brittle
As an old map.
She breaks apart like bread crumbs
That will never lead her home.

Have you seen her?
Not tumble weeding her news
Across the m2
Or pinned to a lamppost
Weeping her ink into the missing
like a watercolour.

Have you spied her?
Not tied with weak ribbon
to brown stalks who's little
Notes speak of hope
And other things, like Angel's and innocence,
The innocence shes frozen in.

Can you find her?
Not hopefully
Flying her flag of the forgotten
On the tv
Budget crew
Remaking her last seen
With shaking cameras
And discount queens of the smaller screen
Hoping for Hollywood.

Is there a tangible
Left to her name
Thrown as it has been across
State lines, and small places
That only the locals know.
She has Columbus - ed the globe
And she only left home
Walked down her drive
And disappeared.
Oh hunny
We’re so different and yet the same
We move like the moon and sun
Everyone thinks we’re crazy
As we move 671 million miles per hour  
Some say we light up the world
While other want to see us burn

Oh huney
Nobody knows me like you do
You treat me as I’m the only one in the world
But you’ve been distant
Like you’re in another world  

Oh honey
You’re barking up the wrong tree
You left so long ago
All the wounds have sealed
And while you regret that day
There’s no turning back
We’re past the point of no return

Oh hny
You’re just a distant memory
I wish you the best
What we had was special
But my real love has arrived
And it’s time you let me go
Distant shores of France,
Toward you I advance,
Looking for your water.
The sun seems to beam down,
Oppressing the nearby town,
Where I sit talking to a doctor's daughter.
Her clothing looks so chic,
I dare the boy next to me to speak,
Enchanting him with my eyes.
Dare I say this is my place,
I run around the forest with haste,
Expecting a strange man to become wise.
I feel safe at the stump of a tree,
Imagining a family of three
Beautiful birds chirping in the sunlight.
What will happen to me when I get gray and old?
Will I remember the stories I once told,
The ones that brought me joy and fright?
I guess we will just have to see,
Go along with the processes that be,
Dreaming of our youth when it has gone.
I will always admire the country,
Looking upon the sea and its bounty,
Alongside the doctor's daughter until dawn.
I really want to visit France.
Ioan Hazell Apr 29
Many mothers
Too soon demanded,
Are no longer at your bedside.

There begin
The hushing miles,
The whispered life of empty fields,
Tonight, the cross sections of homes
Through half drawn drapes;
A leg on the stairs,
Locked hands between chairs,
Wetted cheeks without cause,
Concealed by curtains,
Softly obscuring, drawn
In against your peering.

Loud beside your bed
The life, the vehicles
Go head-lighting bold
In burning rows
On roads leading only into roads.
But more distantly,
Your dreaming figure,
Built in each flicker,
The thousand folding limbs
Hanging on the shaking border
Where speed is faintly noise
And light lands silently to dim and die
To dim and die
Ioan Hazell Apr 29
Close the doors
Burn the bridges
Always take the path most travelled
Narrow the horizon
Lower the sky
Ferment resent and never try
deadhead Apr 28
Outside lies the vast world,
Containing all that is scared
Exploring the far and the wide
Ambitious souls do travel
Never losing their curiosity
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