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Dave Robertson May 2022
loose moral blossom
flaunting for all comers
throbbingly defying
to let life thrum
Mark Wanless Sep 2021
the vagaries of
love push pull this troubled mind
to balance hard fought
Travis Kroeker May 2021
the sea it slowly breathes.
my lungs quickly ebb & flow.
from far Moon has her say,
and in my ear your soft “Hello”.
Heart moving songs
Song moving hearts
Rhythm breaking souls
Soul breaking rhythms
We do feel elated
Elated we do feel
Tuned for us to dance
We dance when it's tuned
Maja Jan 2021
You can’t hit me and hug me

You can’t hate me and love me

You can’t ask me a question
And ignore the answer

You go either left
Or you go right

You can’t pull me
In both directions

You don’t.

You can’t.

Yet you do
If you drag me in opposite directions
I'll be pulled apart
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Just entered the garden of eden
And vibrant
Also unchallenging and eerily void of imperfection

Like spring buds innocent
Before petals wilt
Faced with disappointment in the seasons

Lips a deeper shade of scarlet than forbidden fruit itself
Sweeter than sinful apples dangling from the seductive tree

The measure incomparable

Anything outside this sanctuary irrelevant

Temptation beckoning soul with an invisible sultry finger

Indulgences vary
The magnetic pull remains the same

Why would a tree grow here if we were not meant to dine on it's tantalizing treasure?
It is a little ironic that I, being an atheist, would post a poem with this title
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Lots of midnights forgotten
***** breath inhaled
Bodies kissed by setting sun
Hanging hesitation veiled

Pulling me in
Just a smile
Nibbling supple lobes of ears
Bled stars instead of red and white cells
Cried gems instead of tears

Fattened with feasts of love
Filled with ****** tension
Lips needed the sweetness of sparks
Caused by your kiss and attention

Pulled me in
Never let go
Was alive
Was young
Was free
Our story has pushed so much further since then
I will always remember how things used to be
Knut Kalmund Jul 2020
I pull, I pull
it’s a starry, gloomy night
the stars gaze above my steaming head
but they don’t shine for me

while I stand at a sea
a sable, sludgy, shining sea
reflecting the stars
that don’t shine for me

I pull and I pull
something resists, the mildewed thread quivers
a hand, scar-strewn, thin and exanimately pallid
i wonder where she summones the strength

maybe I’m just a weak man
when a faint, scratchy voice calls me
among afloating bubbles
tells me to release
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