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Zywa 3d
Looking into the

mirror door, I don't see me –

but us as a group.
“Stadscocon” (“City Cocoon”, 2021, Florentijn Hofman)

Collection "Wean Di"
Estel 6d
Some say love lasts forever
And others say love is a waste…
Some fall in love with haste
And some wait

I would always think
Don’t fall in love
It’s always so rough
And never worth enough
Just act tough

But now when you say bye
I can see why
People fall in love

We fit together like a glove
You’re everything I adore and more.
LC 7d
she ran a hand over her heart.
the tip of her finger got caught
in a small stitch tightly sewn
to keep her heart together.
but in that fateful moment,
the stitch quickly unraveled,
loosening her still-beating heart
until the pieces could do nothing
but stumble around each other,
crumble into soft, maroon dust,
and settle into her weary bones.
Estel Jun 3
You took my hand
And held me close
While we stood by the lakeside
The wind blew a slight breeze
And whispered in between the trees
What it was saying we could only imagine

The waters shimmered
From the sun reflecting rays
And the birds sang songs
That were sweet to our ears

I never want it to end
The perfect moments like these
One of us always will have to leave
Oh, why can’t the world let us be?

But no matter where we are
We’ll make the most of what we have
Whenever you feel sad
You know I’ll always right here
As long as we're together
We’ll conquer our fears.
Melody Mann Jun 2
Confide in me she whispers,
Peeling away each layer that traps his essence,
Share your devious truths that ache to surface,
Confide in me,
Trusting her gestures he dismantles his barriers,
Flooding her refuge with stories untold,
He confides in her solitude.
Champagne corks pop
a cow parsley flourish
on your life’s roadside
after driving alone a while
someone to fiddle with the A/C
and monopolise the aux
with unrepentant cheese
is a welcome change
as the prevailing breeze
Benzene May 29
She opened her eyes and looked at the sky;
The sun was on the high, the heart throbbed to fly.
But the society pulled her back;
Making her realize there's something she lacks.

All the time lonely and sad
To call someone her own- nobody she had
you can see pain in her eye;
all her smiles are lie.

She has a heart of gold
But she was emotionless and cold
Pitying her own situation
Day by day getting into depression

Never did they understand;
Nor did they lend a helping hand.
She still stood bold;
Hiding the pain in multiple fold...

For the first time for a while she smile
It was like she got the Heaven,
her agony has lessen.

cause she prefer battle with depression and pain  
instead of suffer with them;
Because, she is  a person with a heart of a gem...
Do not suffer from depression, fight it and overcome it. I think the most beautiful heart goes through depression once in its life. you can conquer depression and motivate others to do the same .
Don't forget to drink enough water .
Dark Dream May 17
I heard your eyes
their whispered echo
Through my halls
Up to my walls
They said sweet nonsense
or maybe profound
spicy and a dash of sorrow
Was it trust you said
That could be here
To take a hand
Make your new land
Then tell me
That your eyes
are mine
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