If I ever seen your sad eyes I’d give my happiness to you.
If you ever cried I’d wipe away the tears from your eyes.
But that doesn’t work because I want to be happy too, so I’d have to make enough happiness for two.
I want to be the support you need to make you fly.

If I ever seen you angry I’d help you let off some rage.
If I ever seen you laugh I’d smile and laugh too
Because with you I feel like I’ve started a new page.
I feel like everything’s better when I’m with you.

If I see you smile my heart will melt inside.
If I see you happy I’ll feel complete.
When you look over I’ll be standing beside.
Seeing you happy would be my treat.

And no matter what happens.
Ill be here for you through every challenge.

trinity 2d

so i will take your hand
and you will take mine
and we will stand.
sometimes still and sometimes grieving,
sometimes silent, sometimes numb -
there is a time to mourn and a time to heal.
We will recover kindness from the debris
not to kill with,
but to bring life.
gather the things we've lost and rebuild
and again
and again.
yes, we will all die one day
but on all the other days, we will not.

You wrote your name on my heart.

I didn’t realise it was in permanent marker.

I can’t wash you away.

Tell me everything will be ok.
Keep me warm with your heat when I can’t help but shiver.
Love me at a time when I can’t love myself.

Breathe through my lungs, when they can’t take the pressure anymore.
Think my thoughts, and make them lighter.

Laugh for me when all I can do is cry.
Sing for me when my voice is silent.

Tell me everything will be ok.
And while the world is burning, hold me.

And I thought for a moment.
With all the anxiety that goes on in the world.
Lay with me for a moment so that we'll both know all that ills.
The insecurities we dress ourselves with that reveal only what we want to show.
Soon remembered when were all alone.
For what you truly define as a moment without rush.
Fill a void that isn't easily removed without first knowing a strangers name.
That ensues unanswered phones and a loss track of time.
The beginning of fear, the turmoil of new habit.
Step into the unknown.
Meaning total comfort in your own skin without a means of being judged.
A spontaneous eruption of minutes that burst into hours, oozed into the rhyme of songs played on repeat
Until we forget entirely what it was that we were planning on doing next.
And I thought for a moment.
This is complete and utterly insane.
Moving from the bed to the floor.
Finding what's been on the edge of our fingertips this whole time

The more we talk about the past,
the more I realize we weren't an accident,
there were more hands at work,
when it came to bringing the two of us together,
and if the universe wanted us to be together,
there was no way we'd both be able to run from it.

Or well, there was no way you'd leave and never come back.

When will be the day,
Where you and me can both stay.
Til midnight we kiss and play,
In the morning together we pray.

Alex 4d

I will not tell you anything that is wrong
My facial expressions and tones will not betray
I will keep this up, I don't know for how long
I guess I'll keep doing this till you see I'm okay
Deep down I think you think I'm a lot to handle and I'm sorry.
I'm going to be the worlds most fake person and see where it gets me.

I love it when your pupils look like that;
Larger than life

Like magnets pulling me closer
And closer
And closer to you

It’s terrifying and strange,
But oh…
Do I adore it

Adore the way
It foreshadows what’s to come

Adore the feelings of your hands
On my bare skin
Your lips on my chest
Your body on mine…
I can never be close enough to you.

I crave you

You’re my oxygen,
My home,
My everything

I love you with more intensity than I can handle.

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