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Do not judge
I,m the same as you.
Values that we hold
Every day we show
Respect for our
Sisters & our brothers.
I would treat another, 
The way I want to be treated.
You and I are the same inside.
Where all difrent but all similar
Eleanor K 16h
I know that
you will never talk to me
But I imagine us together
In order to fall asleep
Donna 2d
I love my husband
Did you know his my soulmate
and my best friend too

I love my husband so much and he loves me too I feel very blessed in life <3
Dedicated to my husband Dean **
Fọlá 2d
Together. . .*

Look into my eyes, What do you see?
Happiness unbridled, joy that can fill all the seas.
It doesn't have to be pretty.
It doesn't have to be beautiful
All that matters is that we're happy,
And that we are joyful.

It doesn't have to be glamorous.
Nor does it have to be a spectacle.
All that matters is that I'm yours.
And together we will pull through.
Never doubt these words, not a single bit.
Cause Baby with you at my side, the world is at our feet.

At the end of the day,
All that matters is the smile on your face,
The fruits that we've made,
And the promise, of your stay.
Brynn S 3d
Like a small cigarette
Your touch wraps around me
The dream fever sets in and I awake
In a trance I lept from my skins
To fall is to never sink
Ease and tension simulataniously working as one
An emotion of heartache and peace
I fear I may never leave your side
Even in miles of distance there is the connection
The maps of stria
The leaflets of lonely-togetherness
All words fall short
Though those eyes have spoken
They imprint themselves onto my soul
Devotion in absolute
I will be yours once I am not
JJ Inda 4d
Life is the day to day,
in that time which leaves
no leftover.
And these affections are said to last
enough to brighten the night; until sunlight.

And to the light any-and-all wounds.
For love often hides
until night's arrival.
There tethered together
even though at times you feel
so far.
This City is littered with u's
and smiles of every way.
I'm glad we knew
each other before

We grew to say
"I miss the good ol' days"
The poem I flashed on my video for my Shanghai Teleportation backflip on instagram.
Elinor 7d
I tear the skin off my lip in layers.
Unpeel it far enough for sour berry juice
to seep from the cracks,
burst from the crevices and
taint the soft curve of my mouth in thick purple.
My teeth are stained from piercing the once
ripened fruits.
You hold my jaw in your hand.
Your palm is cool and your smallest finger twirls itself
in my hair.
It's a rope, and you knot it onto yourself.
The bones from my skull and your fingers clank together,
repelling, two sides of the same magnet.
A clockwork machine of your muscles,
tensing in your wrist,
pull me into your lips.
The sting of the berry is welcomed by your tongue.
You're now fluent in my sour slurs and the echo of cogs in your head harmonise to the clunk of mine.
i'm lost
this is an invitation for you to come find me
Maxine Dec 6
Its come to that time of year
When we want to be with those
Those whom we hold dear

For some it is a time of sadness
For some a time of joy
But for most it is a time of madness

For as we approach Christmas time
May all our hearts be filled with love
Because by the end we wont have a dime

From my house to yours my dear
I wish you a merry Christmas
And a very happy new year.
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