KDM 48m

Space may give you a shelter,

& time may hold your tears.

Silence may carry your burdens,

& your conscience may listen to your fears.

Solitude may bring you temporary comfort,

& you may fight this war for years.

Your mind may try to deceive you,

& decisions may seem unclear.

If you find yourself doubting,

worrying for all that you hold near,

there is one thing you must promise to remember,

no matter who proves to be insincere.

Through the good times & the bad times,

we will never veer.

You will never truly be alone.

Not while we share the same biosphere.

My blue ocean waves
totter over your dusty sands.
We are better together
for we make beautiful sand castles.

Lure Pot Nov 2017

Let's all work together
and build a world where
no one is starving
no one is homeless
Everyone is like a friend
Everyone is like a brother
We will feel pain together
if someone gets hurt
when someone feels helpless.

Let's all love each other
And build a world where
no one will hate
nothing is loveless
Everyone likes their beloved
Everyone likes their mother
We'll be successful forever
if someone gets pleasure
when someone feels happiness.

Yeah, let's all leave behind
a better world
to our nation
We should leave behind
a better feature
for our children
That can only be achieved
by ending war
and joining together
to work, together!
Let's be all together!!

Gage B 5d

Ugh, I have to go to church 'every' Wednesday?
I'd better learn to make friends here if that's the case.
What a cute girl. Too bad that I'll never see her in my future.
Wait, what? You want me to come to your house?
Sure, I'll be in a band with you, I can play drums.

Wow, you seem so troubled. I wish I could help in some way.
You have made my past few months so much better.
Your world is so crazy and kind of scary.
Who is that guy? Is he safe? Wait, no! Don't go!
Phew, I was so worried for you. I'm so glad nothing bad happened.
Stupid Derek.

Do you like Olive Garden? I'd like to take you out.
Maybe Friday evening? What?! Michael asked you the same thing?
Fuck Michael! Wait, we're still going? Oh... Um, thanks...
sorry for getting mad...

I love you Kit. You make me so much happier with you around.
You're just so soothing, and calming.
I'm a rabbit? Now, why am I a rabbit? I don't even have long ears.
You're crazy. Now I understand why people speak of you so...
darkly. Haha! You're not that scary.

You are such a good kisser.
Please just a little longer.
Don't leave. I want us to be here for as long as possible.

Hey is everything ok? What's wrong?
Wow that's really bad. Are you gonna be fine?
I don't know what to do to make it better.
You're right, there's not much I really can do.
I hope it's fine living at your grandma's. You'll be closer to school.

Heh, thanks. Wait what? Are you sure you want to do that?
Um... Okay. I'm kind of nervous though.
I, um.. I - !!!

Thanks for driving me around. You are literally the best thing ever.
It's a dream come true, seeing you everyday.
Classes are a drag, but I look forward to seeing you.
That's what keeps me going.

Yeah... Your friends seem cool. Kinda stupid, really.
They seem to really want your attention,
always trying to make you laugh.
Yeah, he's fine. I don't mind you hanging out with him.
But him... He's better than me.

Hey, how've you been feeling?
Aw, why haven't you been feeling good?
It's been like this for a while?
I wonder what caused this.

Lora, I really just want to see you right now. Please.
It's been, like, weeks, and I just felt like maybe
we could have a day for us? I think that would be nice.
You can't? Sigh. Well then I will wait for you.
I want to be understanding, so I will have to be patient.

What do you mean you think we should take a break?
For how long? You know how much I love you.
I can't believe you actually think this should happen.
It's probably those guys huh. You like them more than me?
Well I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes, because
I want you to be in my life more than anything.

"I love you, Kit"

I have never stopped thinking about you.
Every night. Every day.
Every moment that I'm free to think on my own.
I gave you every single piece of my love, and you stole it
and left me here
by myself
And I can see you all the way from over here
with those guys
And I wish that they'd all just stop existing
because they ruined our relationship.

I miss you Lora
Please talk to me

There's nothing in this world that will make me feel better other than you. I'm going to run out of distraction at some point.

Every shooting star
is my heart
uplifting so far.
Billions and billions
but I picked you
out of millions.
Twinkle, twinkle
went my heart
with dashes of sprinkles.
The light in your eyes
shimmers as I smile
with the moon rise.
Together under the stars
no starry night
is better than ours.

Tell me who you are.
Tell me what makes you tick.
Do you like the sound of rain?
Or do you prefer the sun?
Do you eat dessert for breakfast?
Or breakfast for dinner?
Is coffee what you crave in the morning?
Or is your first thought a nicotine fix?
Do you sleep peacefully?
Or do you lay awake tormented?
Do your skeletons dance in the closet?
Or do ghosts hide under your bed?
Do you prefer the storm?
Or revel in the stars?
What do you need to get through your day?
And do you think I could ever be one of those things?

inga 7d

they resemble an avalanche rather than a summer's heat

my parents
jza aguilar Jan 9

and I've got deprived of one thing.
that "i hate you"
sounded like
"i love you."
that "i'm leaving you"
sounded like
"i live for you."
that "i don't want to be with you"
sounded like
"i wanna spend this lifetime with you."
that "we're over"
even sounded like
"we'll be together, forever."
i've got deprived of you.

emmaa Jan 8

one thing
i do not need
is someone to piece me back together
when i want to be freed

i can’t take it
they don’t understand
what i want
it isn’t a man

i want to be myself
without you
without him
without anyone will do

i might be broken
but honestly i’d rather
be the one to put myself
back together

jza aguilar Jan 7

if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe we’ll still have a place
in this infinite space.

if maybe you’re not you
and i am not me,
maybe you’re still holding my
hand like how you used to be.

if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe you’ll never give up everything
like we were nothing.

and if maybe you’re not you,
and i am not me,
maybe we’re still together
with our happily ever after.

but you’re still you,
and i am still me,
love found our hearts
but then lies torn us apart.

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