JAC 2d

When heaven and hell collide
Then we'll both be satisfied
Until then, we should stay
On our own.

JAC 3d

We'll both fall apart
If we try putting each other back together.
Our pieces are limited
And once we start to lose them,
We can build only with what we have.

When withdrawn, I can     only be myself.
When I am with you,     I am become more.

22:40 - 22/05/17
State of mind: joy; relief.

Thoughts: from thinking - 'we are stronger together' combined with 'many hands make light work'.

Questions: none

Notes: partially influenced by gin.
natalie 3d

sing me to sleep with gem colored eyes,
your soft lullabies hushing my cries.

the gentle white feathers of a snow colored dove,
are as your arms wrapped around me with love.

i feel you with the morning sun,
together we can be as one.

i feel so complete with you.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 21

Can you hear me?
Are you open?
It’s only a cup of water
I can take, that’s all
that would fit on my hand.
The heaven up above us
is hearty, big enough to drip
a generous drop for free.
Drink it, it isn’t salty is sweet, sweet sea!

Heaven is on the wings of the clouds,
flying free for anyone to see.
Swear to God one is keeping an open eye
But is unseen in broad daylight!

Nothing did I hide,
though I said it time and again.
The time wouldn’t stop.
It never did screening is on.
As if it says, “How can you tell
You can’t see yourself?”

The sky is open down the horizon
Yet one can’t be seen
Because someone is not showing.

What is behind is me.
The same is true for you.

One can’t see one’s self
through the other
The discovery is made together!
The show is destined for a duo.
That one is her mirror
Through the very one
One matchless nature see
Who is she?

Paul Jones May 7

Moments, like the words     we string together,
gathered so we have     somewhen we belong.

23:00 - 07/05/17
State of mind: confused, tired, tired.

Thoughts: from reading - Carl Sagan. Somewhere he said 'somewhen', although I can't remember where, or when.

Questions: None.
TJR 7d

I can't promise you forever
But how about we take it slowly
One foot at a time
And just keep walking

Because that, I can promise you.


You’re not unaccompanied in this tempest;
We’re collected, in this malevolent test.
Let us grasp each other’s hand,
And together we shall stand.
Weaken the boundaries of religion
Believe in humanity for we’re ONE.
We’re are going to make it through;
United we can make an ocean of a tiny dew.
Affection is all we require to exist,
To pave a route through this dense mist.
Today, I do not belong to my nation;
I belong to a much superior civilization.
Humanity – that’s my religion and race;
And together we’re INVINCIBLE!

Tonight, I don't feel classy,
so put away the fine glasses,
and bring me a plastic cup and a bottle of your worst wine.

Then, leave me alone.



Forever is a long time,
but can I spend it together, with you?

I wanna be with you
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