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Zywa Mar 31
We only 'conquer'

our own place in the world by --

living together.
Symbiosis (Living together): the "Survival of the fittest" (1864, Herbert Spencer) takes place within systems of symbiosis (1966, Lynn Margulis)

Collection "The drama"
Jeremy Betts Mar 27
This "fairytale" I call life is Brother Grimm, too messy for Disney
Separate the good, the bad and the ugly
Or lump all three together and just label it me
Who or what is responsible for this travesty?
That's easy
Place me in font of a mirror and you'll see

el Mar 20
i've tried
many times, i have
but i cannot single handedly put together a puzzle
with all the wrong pieces
perhaps in time
some people just cannot fit together
a celestial body
lesser of age but
brighter in composition
was found to be
unexpectedly disarming
in its distorted form
unable to maintain
its expected shape
it was drawn in by
the voracious needs
of the other's gravity
a starry beckoning
that caused these
entities to draw forth
towards one another
this sharing of energies
a merger however
seemingly not unlike
those observed before

and yet something
about this pairing
steals the attention
of the experts and
the admirers alike
this rotation of one
about the other
guarding devotedly
from perils unseen
in the midst of
this stellar pirouette
there continues a chaos
pulling from all directions
both together and apart
defiant and undeniable
fluctuating with unknowns
eventually to become
Nigdaw Feb 6
is a misunderstanding
of what together is
a feeling we need someone
to complete us
in truth
people are a pain
in the ****
I think of love
I think of you
Today I drove to get away may be a sum up of my day
How do I escape maybe peace will liberate
Maybe life will imitate who am I and what’s today?
In, my mind, I try to stay,but Time moves only one way
Am I love do I exist, cause the hates hard to resist.
Like the sickness from a disease I’m pleading down on my knees
If I’m week, I’ll never show it, unless you ask you’ll never know it
wipe off the sweat that got you bread loves in the heart not just the head
I wish a Dr could treat my hope, I wish my thoughts were filled with soap
To let them soak while Staying woke you, steady  vote just to provoke
Fire ain’t the only time you gonna see smoke, when it’s you broke. I’m broke, she broke.
I write when I don’t note I think when I don’t choke
I am ruled, by propaganda split my head, then read Miranda
I am kind I am true I’m me I’m you, like the ground that flew
Like an ocean inside a pool, wisdom, is like a tool stay calm stay cool
Rule be your creator, be greater not just a hater
I cater, but never waiter hey mother nature send me a prayer
The world is lost, and so am I, it could be me it could be I
The peace I lost was never lost only covered up by lust
Can you love without regret?  be wise and Ignorant.
like the metal they had me bent Maybe this is how I vent.
You understood what i meant when I told you you heaven sent
With my body pressed to your chest you loaded bullets on to my vest
And said, get them tiger! I’ll try my best while laying my head to rest
I build my thoughts, like birds build a nest, like honeybees on a quest
Like good Times, that never last, like signatures on your cast  
Like a blast from the past outcast, I came at last
Not too slow, but not too fast surpassed, but not outclassed
And I wrote all of this to say today is only today
life today 2/2/24
Zywa Jan 24
I'm a kind of half-

human, there are so many --

others I do need.
Novel "Buitenstaanders" ("Outsiders", 1983, Renate Dorrestein), § 1

Collection "Wean Di"
Jeremy Betts Jan 19
{revised edition}

Can two people be too broken to know what they have goes further than what's spoken?
Can two people be too broken to hold it together despite every knee **** reaction?
Can two people be too broken to pick the right fights amidst the amateur crimes of passion?
Can two people be too broken?
And I think that we might
I know the answer whilst holding no solution
Can two people be too broken to know what they have?
Can two people be too broken to hold it together?
Can two people be too broken to pick the right fights?
Can two people be too broken?

...I think that we might...

Zywa Jan 11
Office is a place

of meeting where people talk --

and that creates work.
Novel "Een Fries huilt niet" ("A Frisian does not cry", 1980, Gerrit Krol), Prologue

Collection "Rasping ants"
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