World of wooden figures
an effect by tiny fingers
touch, with non painful splinters,
if only they could see themselves
sense such essence of plastic dreams
deep depression dwells.

As they shape, such incompatibility
and they scream and shout, but sadly,
they always fall a tragedy
never pass passively
if only they were here actually,
if only life was without ornamentation.

Such a in just,
cold creation.
Trinity 4d
Holding hands in the hall
Whispered stares about us.
“How can she have the audacity
To get together with anyone?”
The rumors poison her heart,
Slowing her stride
Until she hides her face away.
“It’s all for attention,” they whisper.
But her love grows more than the rumors.
One year goes by,
Classes go by, and they are happy.
“Look at the whore.
She doesn’t deserve that.”
Two years, graduated with honor.
Loving more than life,
More than the horrid thrown at them.
We can survive.
We are strong.
Our love is growing
Our future is drawing
With hope and trust.
"What's mine is yours,"

I wish I could fulfill your life with mine.
The feeling of two as one, nothing left undone,
Touch my things and leave oily prints.
Move them around; I'll find them again.
Or do you remember where you set it? I think you said you used it by the phone.

"My days are yours,"

The same sunrise glossing over slitted eyes.
They pull me in even when you've seen the worst in the night.
The shouting right beside me, or from the other room
As we go about routines, disturbing but not disrupting
It's okay with me, if it's okay with you?
Living together with someone--that comfort of being in a home and sharing your things. Even when they misplace them and it irritates you, the little things aren't a bother when you can unroll your skin around them.
Xaha 4d
I thought I found comfort in the hollow of your chest
But baby these feelings
Are too hard a test.
I can’t forget your past -
Can’t separate it from mine.
We’re bound together
By fragments of time.
When your heart was at peace
And your mind was at rest
And I lay at your side
I felt truly blessed.
But it always interfered -
This uninvited guest.
I should’ve known Better.
I should’ve at least Guessed.
Dippes 5d
A laughter from the deepest part of
Embracing the pain delivered bt my life to feel!

A pile of infinite feelings colliding together,
Standing above my bed, examining the damage!

Made of broken glass, chipped and shattered,
Ready to search a million stars to find if my life makes a sense!

Like a cloud i can be seen but never be touched,
You'll never get close enough to sky, to feel exactly how incredible i am!
Laying in the dark                        ¦   longing for your touch
Our hearts and minds lost          ¦   in devotedness
Tender memories                         ¦   of us together
How I long to feel                        ¦   again your sweet caress

Close my eyes, I see                     ¦   over distant shores
Where the whitest doves            ¦   soar in perfect flight
I hear deftly call                           ¦   to my heart and soul
When you're away                      ¦   your cry in the night

Everlastingly                                ¦   I can feel you close
And I will find you                     ¦   deep within my heart
Where heaven is fond                ¦   of all we create
In virtue of it                               ¦   we're never apart

And now these arms ache         ¦   to embrace you still
In a tender kiss                            ¦   we shall lock our lips
Sitting side by side                     ¦   As we often do
Your soft hair flowing               ¦   through my fingertips

Waiting with the sun                ¦   as morning rises
In my burning heart                 ¦   I cherish you true
The warmth through the miles¦  finds us as it planned
Wherever you are                      ¦  I'll be there with you

Because forever                          ¦  I hold you only
I will be the one                          ¦  You long to be near
You can't stop your heart          ¦  beating just for me
Our eternity                                 ¦  Will make it so clear

Reality is not truth
It's how you feel reigns supreme
Close your eyes to be with me
In veritable slumber, we *dream
AG 6d
Another day, I see you aching
I see tears running down your face
Your tired eyes show what you’re thinking
But mouth is shut, no word to take
One pain is replaced by another
I see what it made to your body
There were some better days away
From this place, do you care to say?

We’re close, but barely close enough
To share your struggles with myself
The one thing that is on your mind
Something you would avoid each time
We talk, I can’t stop wonder why

I have a habit of not pushing
People too hard to talk about
Whatever bothers them on lonely
And hopeless day, I just wait up
My help is there if you would need it
I’ll hear you out and let you cry
I’ll do my best to make you feel like
The storm has passed and sun is out

It takes time to trust other people
To open fragile heart to them
Don’t push yourself until you’re ready
Until you’re sure I am the right one
Real friendship doesn’t know no distance
No time can break the special bond
It might take time for you to trust me
Later it’ll only make us strong
I once was just a broken heart
She put me together
Part by part

She once was just a broken heart
I put her together
Part by part
Short but thought through piece, hope you enjoy
Three soulmates deep into a mid-twenties lifestyle.
Where I say nothing, do less, barely walked a mile
In my own shoes, let alone the fortunateless.
And when she says,
"Oh, my bugaboo. Can you, for me, please,
ask forgiveness?"
I smile, for lack of a better expression,
at her rueless lesson for me, which is
as is,
all I can surmise,
to have been meant as
a surprise.

Shocked now, and a few fingers deep in the bourbon.
"Did you know it must come from Kentucky?"
Of course she did, and she spun my spinning back around,
and now wrapped up in myself, as I tend to be, sat half-tipsy
on the hallway credenza-- I thought, for lack of a better imagination,
about the station from which she heralds through some truth.
A flag raised but not saluted.

I regret for a few turmoils. The clicking tocks of ticking clocks.
A minute is such a long time when you expect it to end,
and I feared this romance barely a fortnight into,
"Look, me, you. I don't think this is going to work.
I don't think this is working."

Where was the loudness? Sudden, or not. Not.
Was this right? Expression was meant, otherwise
what is anything and its proper place?

I sat woke in my bed now. Looking at her chest, the curve of her nose.
And as I rose further and felt the warmth of our body heat trapped
beneath the comforter escape, I was jealous.
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