Who would have believed
this soul of mine
that had once been intertwined,
that has known love and trying times
would be cold, and lonely again.
this was part of another poem but I thought it was better by itself
Gala 1d
Behind the wheel
I remember how you loved
Our long drives
Though winding streets
Going down those heels

I miss the days
Playing in the white sand
Watching the pink hues
As we lay next to each other
Forgetting our blues

We used to talk
For hours
About our dreams
And our hopes

Wishing to connect
Going deeper
We would forget
That we were beaten
At our own game
Sven 2d
Let it be
As though
We are falling
Into a dark abyss,
To drown
In our self doubt,
To be so-
So broken
That we lose all of our pieces.
Shall we-
Shall we find them together,
Let us fly
And fall with each other.
Maybe the fall down won't be so bad.
Tell me, honey,
Is it time?

To perish away in a hurry,
To become a memory?

Everyone I knew,
Has gone away.

Except you,
The most familiar face,
The only face I loved,
Like I never could ever anybody.

Is it time?
For you to turn into a memory?

I doubt though,
For you are,
Someone I can nor will ever let go.
Rory 2d
have the courage to do what must be done
to fix all that is broken and know when to run
and we will-
run through the fields away from it all
hold hands as the seasons change into fall
and they will-
transform us from youth to old and grey
despite wrinkles of autumn, together we'll stay
maybe this world is full of broken people
so why don’t we join hands and lay together
in our dimmed souls and broken hearts
we find each other and sing songs
of how lonely we are
so maybe this word is full of broken people
but we are not alone
CGW 3d
Every moment.
Any moment.
Could be that moment.
That last life breath would escape.
And you would fall
And die.
So in this moment of reckoning we stand still.
In the light of a new era
We breathe golden light.
Light pulled down from the heavens above.
We are rooted to the earth.
To the rivers.
To the rocks.
To mountains high.
Golden sacred light flows deep through the energy veins.
It flows through everyone of us causing a great surge of Enlightenment.
An infinite moment of peace for all life and all who dwell on this Blue and green planet.
Long has the fight between light and dark dwindled on the strings of the human race but now
We are free.
Now we stand together.
United we are everything.
The light will break every darkness and will echo through out time and the universe.
I’ve been called,
And, what not!

In my defense,
The only explanation,
I have,
My separation,
From you,
Makes me,
All that’s what not,
You know about me.

In short,
Don’t hold me at bay,
For I can’t stand,
This misery another day.
Mano 3d
The night doesn’t lie, the night knows

The stories we spelled out
the closeness we found
the adventures we took

The night knows,
the love we found for each other
yet we threw it in the dark
And turned a blind eye.
Just to keep things in harmony
in wild night.

The night knows,
because it’s the one thing that bought us together
under the stars
which fused and bonded us into one

Yet you can’t deny the love for me,
my love
because the night knows,
the night knows.
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