Collins 4h

You gave me your hand,
I gave me your heart,

Together we wandered

Hand in hand

Through valleys,
Over rivers,
Moving mountains.

Hand in hand.

But then you went somewhere I could not follow.

Through the parting veil you slipped.

Beyond my sight.

To a place where only my heart can cling to you,

And though my path is shrouded,
There's a single thought that gives me light,

I'll love you with every beat of my Phantom heart.

Mars 1d

Waiting for the message.
   A flickering of the universe
       The static suddenly malleable
   A different sort of space
Away from the herd
   No matter how imperfect
      It all fits together with grace
      It all fits together with grace
   No matter how imperfect
And now that I have heard
   I walk at a different pace
      The body suddenly pliable
   You are a flickering of the universe
Passing along a graceful message


“It was fun while it lasted” they said

“It was painful when it ended” was my reply.

I know right...

Forever In Love With You Together.
What is love I never knew
Until the day I met you
You nurtured my lonely heart shared  real love with me
Forever I wanted love

A love so strong with you
To bring love to my heart
With the strength and love the love I truly needed
The flow of love through my heart

What is love our love
A glorious love with you
The union of two souls and two beating hearts
Our bond together inside our hearts

I feel your love inside me
A love forever never be forgotten
True love peace and happiness
And never fear of death my sweetheart

As I take your hands
And guide you into my heart
A bright light upon my soul
Cherished dreams shall never apart

But sweetheart forever
Eternal love with you
A flame that burns inside our hearts
Our hearts entwined as one

So I’ll promise you now
Forever in life
My love for you will never
Break or die but forever I'll
Always be truly in love with you.

We Are Truly In Love Me And Her

I found our new Earth
Our divine Love and Lord,
On this new world;
Our new Jerusalem,
Our new Oasis.

Cum nostrae Telluris novum inveni:
Et Domini nostri divinam amore, de hoc mundo;
Nostra urbs Jerusalem,
Beata noster novus Oasis.

I'm looking for my Oasis.
DF 7d

you used to call me every morning,
but you've stopped.
now, every morning, i roll over
with your arms wrapped around me
welcoming me home.


Ella Sep 10

We lay on a blanket,
in a quite, grassy feild.

Watching shooting stars
through our atmospheric sheild.

Outside our peacful bubble,
the world may fight, and fight.

But here were safe together.

In darkness, we're so bright

again a work in progress
Vexren4000 Sep 10

At the cafe,
Located at the corner,
Of retribution,
And longing,
The place that's open all night,
Where people whose times have faded away gather,
To dream of a time of youth,
To have their morning coffee in the evening,
To talk with aged friends of days long gone,
To mutter about this and those,
The people in the cafe,
Know not of what it takes,
To have a place,
That brings them together in this way.

Poetic T Sep 9

Our moments of silence
                  meant more than
vocal outbursts...

We lingered heads gently
                  leaning on the others.
Thoughts, just smiling ..

Were a mess, tidily wrapped within
                    each others eyes...

Poetic T Sep 9

I see beyond the façade of emotions,
         washing upon your shoreline.
I still dip my feet in settling your tide..

I see you beneath the waves,
                   cresting on my thoughts..
But still you are you no matter the tides.

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