Lunar 22h

Monday, 24 July,
10:02 PM

I was asleep for a while on my study desk
until suddenly I stomped,
remembering that
I haven't texted you all day long.

I was looking for your name in the list
I supposed to named you "Sweetheart"
and I was looking for "Sweetheart" at first
and there was no such name.

till I remember that I've changed it
to "Stop", since you left
It was a friendly reminder for me
to stop texting you

How stupid am I?
I forgot that
we're now no longer together.

Then I take courage
and looking for "Stop"
and found out that
there was another girl
in your profile picture

I am no longer your sweetheart –and so you are
and by that time I know
I really have to stop

It feels like we're still together

I blamed myself all these years,
Your death was the blood that stained my hands,
I dug so deep inside myself
To hide the hurt, the pain, the shame.
I thought of you for years
Thinking if I'd only been more honest,
If only you truly knew.
I loved you more than life itself.
You consumed me and I was happy to be yours.
I thought, "Damn, I sure am one lucky soul".
I found you and I had you,
I wanted nothing but to keep you.
I would've gladly given my life for yours,
But now I know..
I live for you.
I live in your place,
Your success, your love,
I live for you, with you..

Joseph, if you're reading this from a dimension unknown, know I still care. Know I think of you everyday.

Those paths to happiness...
Should not have been lost...
I should have not...
Wandered away...

In this journey of centuries...
In this saga of love...
Only if we could have...
Stayed together for love...

Something you could have told me...
That thing you should have said...
Something you could have told me...
That thing you should have said...

Someday we will meet...
That day you will say...
Only if we had not broken up...
Wish we could have been together forever...

I still long for those paths...
The ones that we walked together...
Hand in hand...
In such a way...
That we were together...
Wish I could have said it...
Something I could have told you...
That thing I should have said...
Something I could have told you...
That thing I should have said...

Someday we will meet...
That day you will say...
Someday we will meet...
That day you will say...

Only if we had not broken up...
Wish we could have been together forever...

I wished for continuity...
But what I got was a full stop.

My HP Poem #1635
©Atul Kaushal
JAC 2d

The boy who waved the boats from shore
had still never set sail,
but he was lonely.
One day or morning,
a sailor's sunrise,
a girl approached the boy on the pier.
It was a long walk
and they could see each other
on each side, approaching.
They watched each other,
each studying the other,
as if other could learn about each
before even speaking.
Eventually, she arrived,
and they looked at each other again,
faces full of curiosity.
"What are you doing?"
asked her eyes.
His replied,
"What's it to you?"
"Well," she blinked,
"You seem all alone here.
Boats leave, but you do not."
She communicated across a short sea
of rotting, sun-dried boards
between them.
The boy said nothing.
Instead, he cocked his head
and flicked a smile
from the corner of his lips
across the metre-long lake of boards.
She asked him after a pause,
"I've nothing to do,
may I please sit on the dock with you?"
The boy nodded warmly,
and they sat,
fewer boards between them than before.
She pulled off her shoes,
her socks too, pink and blues,
and dipped her toes
in the water she knew was cold.
They spoke very little,
but they would inevitably fall in love.

A continuation of "The Boy on the Dock".
Candice 3d

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can't deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.

You were the frame, and I the
picture that fits within just right.

Time may fade my pixels,
         you may discolour from
former glories.

But when were together we
                  hang just right..

Let us write
up waves of
Navy blue
thunder clouds
Just to
run madly
Into translucent
Driving rains


Drink us up
some orange
With our
Full of

See them

Together like
Her tail
In the wind

Let us write
Ending it
All tired
Stories do

Where shall
We begin


trying to bake up something fresh

I never thought we would end up like this..
Tangled in each other under the sheets
As the morning rays peek out
And spill through our window

I never thought I'd feel so cold without you
So empty

When did I start missing you?
When did the thoughts of you start invading my head?
When did you carve your name into my heart?
When did 'I hate you' turn into.. well, this?

I built my walls so high
I was sure you'd turn and leave
When did you even tear them down?
Love was a fantasy I never believed.

Sitting on our roofs
With the universe in the palm of our hands
Rolling down the windows
And belting out song lyrics to our favorite bands

And even sitting here I'm thinking of you
With a smile plastered on my face.
I never wanted to date again
Let alone be "that couple"...

But I guess that's what we are
This is what we're meant to be
We're cliche
     We're timeless
          And when we're together
                       We're free

This was buried deep within a pile of poems. It was so beautiful I found myself smiling myself. RH, as I know her, is a helpless romantic under all that negativity and her hate for all things "cliche", and to see that side of her come out in a poem was heartwarming. I hope you all a wonderful day ~BM
Zani 5d

This Hypnotic suggestion
Is shaking the shift above
The electronic connection
Negating us from looking wide
If you ask the question
You only have to look it up
So we forget reflection

Seek that connection in time
No one will ever ask why

We have been
Become so disconnected from our love
I know
Its easy to get lost with all we know
Be free
Begin to reconnect and come alive
The time comes for us to go home
When we go back to love

Dream to be free
Of all mind obsession
Together we breach
Another dimension

Seek that connection in kind
Its all that we need to survive

Here we are
In the moonlight wind together
We face the pain we see
With hearts’ desire
We made this love
To shine above
The darkness of this world
So watch it come alive

Together we thrive
Come alive

A new song I am working on. Have you ever thought about the dichotomy of technology  connecting us so much more mentally to the detriment of tactile emotionally significant experiences? Music coming soon!

i fell apart.
i didn't get back together.
who cares if i don't recognize myself?
i dug my fingers into
my head
i squeezed on the hem
of my tshirt.
always ending on a bad note.

inspired by my own blackout poetry
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