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Kirsty Taylor Apr 17
It’s been over a week now,

To be exact, it’s been twelve days.
If we are being really honest,
It’s actually been twenty nine days.
But, in reality it’s been so much longer.

You hopped on that plane,
That I had hopped on before.
Neither of us knowing how different it would all end up when you came back off the other side.
We are two birds who emigrate the opposite way from each other.

Crossing paths for only a day or two,
Spending the rest of the flight remembering what used to be.
You soar one way, I soar the other

‘Real friends, they never leave you’,
If only that was true,
To have a reason would make it easier

Us humans, we are just like pieces of drift wood floating down a stream
There is no saying if we will cross paths again,
Or only have a few fleeting moments together

As your wrinkles grow,
You realise that life is too fleeting to be mad anymore

Instead, you look at the moments from behind
You mourn the friends lost, the memories missed
You put down the album and let it drift away

You have learnt to forgive
Every now in then,
You dream of your paths crossing again,
But then you look around and see what you already have.
Sometimes the thoughts pour in and you wonder,

Will they leave me too?
The thing is in life, you just never know.
Do you feel the splashing of the waves?
Do you feel the shakes of the earthquakes?
Do you feel my heart when I'm wide awake?
Do you feel my soul when its afraid?
Do you feel my words or is this a mistake?
To dive right in
Too fast, too slow, I want this to last
Rewrite the past, one year ago, this I asked
This I ask
One more time
Is it a crime?
To ask
Do you love me?
I dont know what to feel... so just wrote what my heart felt
swe Apr 6
is it the way you smile,
the way your booming laugh
infects me and encapsules me

is it the smile, the corners of your lips
taking the shape of a heart,
washing me over with inexplicable endearment

or maybe it's the way your voice
controls me like the tides,
making my body tingle as you wish,
silvercapped tongue that toys with my mind

perhaps it's your body,
the way your silhuette was designed to
make me feverish and aching for it
to endlessly yearn for your touch,
or yearn to touch

i ponder and try to outline which of these things it is that has me captivated

intoxicated by your whole being,
i'm left wondering
Life feels like it either moves too fast or too slow,
You lack peace when your heart is too warm or too cold,
I see dead people,
We all just seem like lost and wondering souls,
Life feels easier  when you believe  that someone else is in control,
It's all in His hands now,
is it wrong if I feel like letting it all go
Copyrighted ©️written by Ntando Ndlela. All rights reserved.
Adrian S Mar 23
What would I do if you wanted this to end?

I would smile. I would hug you. I would offer you my reassurance.

Then I would leave you there to melt off into a puddle made entirely of the mess of me, sliding around in up and down directions scattered and strown like the pieces of my heart.
It's funny how it always turns out it's always you it's always you
You're the one who captivates my soul makes me hope for more
Staying away has been hard but it's what I've had to do
To see if you really cared if you really wanted more
Now I just don't know I just don't know
Will we ever be more than we were before
I guess I honestly just don't know I just don't know
But here I am wanting you waiting for you
Time has been
passing by
So when will I hear from you I guess I just don't know I just don't know
© Jennifer L DeLong  🦏2/27/2021
Delyla Nunez Feb 19
I wake from my nightmares.
Nightly sweats and ragged breath.
Terror trembles throughout my body.
Scenes echo in my mind.

Then a soft touch to my back.
I turn to look at a smile.
Simple, bright, and honest to the core.
Hazel-green eyes stare through in worry.

I give a sly grin.
Turning my head, I cried.
Gut-wrenching sobs escape my lips.
Desperate to contain what’s inside.

There it was again though.
Her hand on my shoulder.
Her lips make out words.
Encouragement and sweet nothings, perhaps?

I hadn’t woke up.
It was a dream too.
Am losing it, aren’t I? Ha.
Ed Salvi Jan 31
Once in a while like a goddess from Greece,
But all in the blink of an eye it seems,
Wonder but is all I could do in a day,
Its nothing but the waves in my mind, it seems.

Surrenders the winds in the light of your heart,
Imagine, a world that is ever between,
These two extremes on which we're built upon,
The night shall never end, if you go on like this

I plead with you, to the one that could do,
Whatever he pleases, whatever he desires,
What shall I do that will bring you to life?
You walk in the dust, and I see you disappear.

Love, they say is the greatest of us
But none of them see or feel how it hurts
An illusion that is real enough to make one cry
How fake is it really, tell me dear, do you see?

Its a lonely night but the goddess that's you,
Awaken the beast, in my mind, with a kiss
Tender is the touch of your lips, oh I feel
Its nothing but the waves in my mind, it seems.
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