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Souf 2d
A place
Where I don't need to hide,
A world that shines so bright
I don't wanna close my eyes
or sleep at night.
For the light is my life
and I know this is right
and I feel for the earth to my soul
to the bowl
of milk
that is left
in the cleft
in the middle of her
and her last
My baby's last
last laugh.
For she slips away
As fast as she came, she left.
One moment my whole life was there.
In the face of a kid who's age not four.
And yet,
I sit.
What if?
I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.
Yacharya Mar 6
It was a usual and happy life wondering will I get a man I like
I went to his home as his wife, life was like a play time, he earned money and I cooked fine
Soon I had a child with beautiful bright smile
A happy family it was but with big lies
"The love is missing, the spark is missing" were my only lines
My man was with someone else living his wonderful life
I should have known, I should have gotten any signs
As I couldn't bear living my life that was half of others and half mine
Started to accept new city life with tall buildings and bright lights
Struggle was real to live without my daughter, my lifeline
But food and shelter were the only thing that matter at this time
How beautiful yellow hoodie looked on me because of my smile
Hiding all emotions and questions I have in my heart and in my mind
Sitting in a dark room beside a man behaving everything was fine
I could feel him, a person; I haven't met in my life
At first, I cried and cried till my tears dried
At second, I cried and walked for a mile
At third, I accepted with clear eyes
And now again it’s a usual and unhappy life wondering will I be someone whom I like.
When I say something ordinary
You are quick to respond
But when I say what I've truly wanted to say
You grow quiet
It always makes me wonder
What's on your mind
Elles talks Mar 3
The fame has bought this place. Check books out, pay to enter. Lines of the wondering eyes staying to see the wonders. The metal growing rusty upon the gates. Warning do no enter!

The mystery runs through the veins of the branch’s, strawberries gasping for life.
Feathers searching for the last spark of hope to guide their path. No trespassing. Private property the sign read. But no owner present.

The faded laughs echoes like parrots never ending. The light will always be, the attraction ends but the memories remain.
Sadness grows within the soil passing throughout the flowers. The sun collecting the thoughts, saving them for a rainy day.

-Elles talks.
Inspired by all the private tourist attractions that once was free for everyone.
Lae Mar 3
I was still wondering if everything was really falling into place. If this was just another test- if it was everything worth losing for. It hurts so bad that seeing you now being with somebody else- somebody else who could offer you safety and laughter. Everyone seemed normal, everything seemed boring. I miss those times where i got to chat with you- all those times you'd laugh at my ****** jokes. Everyone thought that i was okay despite the smiles i showed- but believe me when i say i don't. I don't feel complete now that i am starting to lose everything once again.
Katinka Feb 16
Pinch me
Because this must be a dream
And I am so scared to wake up

Because I don't want to lose you
And I want to satisfy you
I wanna make you happy
I wanna be everything you ever wanted

So you will never let me go
Thank you for existing
Thank you for being with me

I love you
But I will never understand how you can love me
I will never believe that you do
Because i don't understand
How someone as pure and beautiful like you

Can love something so damaged and broken like me
I do not deserve you
But in this dream you are with me
I hope it never ends
Katinka Feb 16
I can feel it in my chest
my heart is longing for you
You are wandering through my head
And I just can't stop thinking about you

You want me to obey
You want me to listen
You want me to be yours

But are you mine ?
You have to give to take
As the saying goes
there's no rainbow without the rain

And my heart is aching
I feel pain
And sadness
I want to run
As far as my brown eyes can see

Away from you
Because you absorb me
And I wonder
Who am I
without you

I am bad at love
Love too little
Or too much

I always make the same mistakes
I wonder
Are you worth the pain
Am I worth the pain
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