have you ever been wondering
how death tastes
right now?

No worry - just an image inspired by a comment I read ...
Darius 5d

"Hey, so could we maybe be a couple?"
"Maybe? That sounds a bit indecisive."
" Well, I know I love you"
"And I love you. "
"You do? "
" More or less."
"So then we're a couple?"
"I don't know."

"I don't think much would change between us, so.."
"So, we don't have to be a couple then."
"Yeah, maybe we're better off friends."
"Yeah, maybe."

"What if we do become a couple one day?"
"We'll probably be a couple forever or find someone better."
"Yeah..that is how that goes."

"Do you really want to be together that much?"
"I don't know."

How do I mend a broken heart?
My entire world has fallen apart.
How do I find hope in a brand new day,
when the one I love has gone away?
My mind overflows with memories of you,
of all that we've shared, all that we knew.
I long for your touch and your warm embrace,
the look in your eyes, the smile on your face.
My dreams are filled with your soft gentle kiss,
I wake and cry for all that I miss.
How do I mend a broken heart,
when my one true love and I are apart?
My heart knows to love only you, it won't let go, what do I do?
Our moments together were precious and few,
but I cherished them all more than you knew.
I love you, my angel, and always will.
I loved you then and I love you still.

I was a delicate flower
Waiting to be picked
And when that day finally came,
I was happy, but only for a moment
I was watered and taken care of
But soon, forgotten
You rose me up just to rip me down
You left me to wilt and to die
Longing for that water you once gave me
Depending on you for my source of life
I strove for that happiness you once provided me with
But I was abandoned,
For a better, much nicer looking rose.

Flowery skies Jun 21

After that night,
I kept thinking and asking myself
"who is he?" for several times.
Why does he makes me feel so comfortable?
Why does he makes me feel so safe?

Even it was only just a dream,
I can still feel his touch,
The way he held my hand in front of our friends.
I can still feel the excitement and happiness while we were laughing together back in my dream.
My heart pounding and fluttering for every time i think about it just the same when i was in my dream.

I kept wondering,
Is it only just a dream or he was the guy that will accompany me in the future?
I wish he was.

(who are you?)
(is there any chance for us to meet in the future?)
(do us know each other?)
(i really want to meet you)

You used to light up my life
Every morning
The first time that I ever really felt alive
You were the best thing

I used to dance in the streets, sing along to songs
I didn't even see the clouds in the sky
Life was a perfect lie
Could I be so wrong?

I used to imagine my life with you
All the things we could have been
Now I'm lost and cold and scared and blue
Too confused to realize a thing

What just seemed like simple friendship
Could have gone so far for sure
What started with your hands on my hip
Could have been love, mon amour

And with every year that would be passing by I could forgive me less, always thinking about what could have been...
MU May 5

What if I...
Read a dictionary from cover to cover
Opened up my pillow and counted each feather
Gathered dandelions and became a seller
Quit my studies to become a fortune teller

What if I...
Swept with a toothbrush and whipped the floor with tissues
Walked the streets and asked people about their issues
Went out at night and freed all animals in zoos
Bought some leather and tried to make a pair of shoes

What if I...
Learned how to dive to look for bottles in the sea
Looked up a hive, and tried to take out each bee
Tried to write a novel doing it on my knee
Decided reading all the poems there on HP

Just wondering...;-)
bryn Apr 13



g o o d b y e

Erin Nicole Apr 10

I hate being called strong.

I'm not "strong" okay?

If I was so "strong", I would have
never cut myself.

I would have never skipped meals
because someone said I was fat.

I would never started this
stupid self destruction cycle.

So, no, I'm not strong. I'm far from it

Try using different words; maybe
They'll actually mean something.

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