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L S O Jun 29
Every night I sit by a fire,
the only fire that keeps me warm:
red-hot coals,
perpetually burning,
not quite alive, but never really dying;
flaking white ash,
burned beyond recognition,
crumbling into nothing;
and gray smoke,
stinging my eyes, eating up my lungs,
as I breathe in the fumes
and lay beside the fire,
the fire of what was, and
what could have been,
and what never will be.
And as she spoke
His heart ticked away
Shooting fire through his veins
As if the embers she once ignited in him
Had never gone cold
As if everything in his life
Was leading up to this moment
Her soft spoken words
Echoed for years to come
Those three words he'd heard before
This time he knew it was the last
In a single breath
She built and destroyed his world
Then disappeared into his memories
ChrisL Feb 25
My love for you a raging inferno,
Incinerating all in it's path.
No living creature or material able to withstand the destructive force that ensues.

You make me feel like no other, each and every day you feed the fire within me.

When i first met you i was but a small ember, slowly suffocating and craving oxygen.

The more time we spent together i felt myself grow stronger as you nurtured and fed me with your kind words.

The small ember i was no more, now a great flame akin to that of a furnace of the gods capable of smelting the hardiest ofmetals.

If not for you I would be even less than the ember i once was, a mere spark floating in a sea of emptiness and despair.

For what use is a spark without fuel or the oxygen it so craves, forever bound to wander the earth in search of true love.

You ignited something deep inside of me, a yearning for more. To better myself and those around me. You allowed and encouraged me to be my true self and showed me how to be a better person.

There are no words strong enough to show my true appreciation and undying love for you. Forever will you be the oxygen to my flame, the love of my life.
Rough draft trying to show my love, would like to add more as i feel this is not enough.
Bella Feb 19
I am ash and you are an ember
your glow seems to last forever
on my own, I used to spark and flutter
but those days are now over

you are an ember, I watch your smokey dance
i light up at the sight of you, firebrand
With nothing but this blood on my hands
you help ignite my passion, my chance
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
around the edges, she crumbles to the touch

burnt & scarred,

she is broken.

If she dares move, she risks becoming nothing more

than a single, burning ember

already, the two are similar

fighting to stay alive, she is burning out
Grace Dec 2018
I’m often afraid
Of what I can’t always say
Not knowing is sure to make fear
Multiply upon itself until I cannot
Breathe and my heart races as if it
Can run away despite my body’s
Frozen like a rabbit hides from
Slathering wolves
But my wolf is not so solid, its sharp
Teeth and ember eyes change into
Something with which I cannot
Maybe it is nothing I fear
Dark branches stretching out
Into night drenched
Headlights my only solace from the
Dizzy roads and inky stars
What are they hiding, those
Perhaps wolves, perhaps nothing
I prefer the wolves
Ffimax Nov 2018
I'm so scared that you love me more than I love you
My heart, soul and eyes are aching
I'm all busted up too
How can I say this without breaking?

In the ember of love, you're my light
Where the darkness is in me, I want you by my side
Even though you're lighting other candle
I'm still the one who's ready to cuddle

But my room is a wrong place to think about you
I know that I love you so
If this is the right thing to do
I love you enough to let you go

I've been strong enough to fight for us
Strong enough or just enough
And after all this years,
I finally said my goodbye.
Obscrea Sep 2018
He told me that my heart
Was a library full of secrets,
And all I've ever wanted
To do was burn.
astraea Aug 2018
we are like stars, like dying embers,
clusters of us and only one

my dreams have turned me into desire,
and i wonder where my desire will take me,
i wonder what my desire will make me.

will i be like star, or ember,
or will i be like the fireworks at night,
the ones no one notices until they explode.

that boom sounds like my heartbeat
-it’s still looking for a beat.
hasn’t found one yet.

hasn’t found one yet,
but it seems to beat for you.

darling, you know i love the stars.
at night, they light up the sky,
they’re brilliant and i can’t not love them.

you’re a star of mine,
but do you fade?

in the morning, will you still seem
or beautiful?

are you even there?

i’m scared you only glow at night,
and that my eyes will lose you,
and my heart will just beat somewhere else.

will you stay in the morning,
or will you be gone
like the fireworks last night?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2018
Ferocity has burnt away,
all what remains are embers
fading and diffusing 
wth sorrow cascading 
down my cheek.

You met my concern with ignorance
and walked away in silence,
leaving me to lament over the coming days 
as I plunge into the dark abyss

Your leave,
****** the warmth
leaving me to gaze upon the horizons of loneliness
and the stars that now grow cold.

The night bleeds into morning, 
The sun dissolves the moon.
As I ache at the page in front of me
and at the vulnerability I showed you.

Every morning,
it takes a monumental effort to peel off myself from the bed
fighting gravity to sit up
as I become the ghost 
of different thoughts that run through me.

Hope is still ruffling its feather
and the bond remains stagnant, 
But I am too tired to stay,
too broken to cry.

So I pinch my fingers 
on something beautiful within
a star dripping with black infinity;
a hope to care for myself
to healing and to move on.
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