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Poetic T Oct 17
We may give them all of us,
                          but they are cheap,
                             ******* around like were
worth 5 cents and not the diamond that we gave them.

But they end up broke,
                                broke up,
                 broke as there on the street.

Clothes on the pavement.
And we were richer without them, no ******* around,
                          begging like were paupers.

But were prosperous without them,
                            there begging on the street.
The only thing they get is middle fingers,
             and your trash your love isn't even worth

the 2 cents to recycle...
Simon B Oct 12
the nurse girl left me
she's not going to marry
I say told you so
Poetic T Oct 10
Cursing like they diamond but
they don't even cut glass..
   Holding wraps of cash, but the top and
bottom be 50's but the rest is the monopoly
that they can't even pay...

They are burning rubber on the expense,
  but they rented, they dent...  
          Paying back on the record company.
You sold 50 thousand but you owe
                                                   a hundred grand.

They ain't going to shoot out you knee caps,
         there just going to gang-**** your voice..
Thinking you original, swallow that pride,
you one of there cash cows,  
           they milking you, can you say Moo!!!
******* around making the milk sour.

They'll just pressure bolt you
lobotomized, on the industry you either overdose,
             or working at KFC..  

Think you had grills now sold off to pay
the rent, the only thing you can afford is
a tin foil grill and you only cooking,
                                                 is burgers...

"Hi sir can I take your order,
The hardest goodbye always go slow.
It’s Painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go.
Painful Painful Painful.
The most Painful goodbye’s are the ones that we never expected.
I know we will always stay connected.

Its hard to forget those people who gave you so much to remember.
The best memories.
The memories are still here, but the person is already gone.
Only memories will last forever.

The worst part is when the things you worry about happens.
The happy ending i’m thinking about, became a sad ending.
No matter what happens I will still love you.
He gave her
A modicum of his❤️
She demanded more
Modicums followed
She now had the whole
Greater than the sum of its parts
She is quite smart
She used it
Abused it
Finally broke it
It's lying shattered and scattered
Down town
On lookers
What happened?
You may give a bit of your heart to anyone. When you constantly keep giving your heart in bits to someone, you are falling in love. Finally, you give whole of your heart. You are in love! This experience is greater than the sum of your experiences in bits. You know Aristotle spoke the truth when he said: " The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
Surkhab kaur Sep 3
She was not a twig
you could crush under your feet.
She was the Giant Sequoia
with roots of values deep inside the earth.
It was not that easy to move her!

P.S: Do google Giant Sequoia!
Anna Aug 11
Once I've heard
I love you like someone who lights a candle in the space,
I love you since the difficulty of lighting a candle in space,
That haunts me at night,
As the thought of love and life,
What's love without the obstacles?
But then again, what's anything in life without the hardship
The hope behind every gate that tends to open to the new
And close to the same feeling and to whose memories,
Love got me broke, but got me alive
And to those who made me feel it,
I dedicate this poem, and every single line.
Je t'aime comme quelqu'un qui allume des bougies dans l'espace.
TG Aug 4
I´m smiling,
But my heart is burning,
I´m trying to keep it up,
But my thoughts are killing,
I know my worth,
But my worth is on hold,
I´m seeing my friends,
But I´m absent,
All I want to do is cry,
But I´m holding my tears

I´m crying over air,
I´m sad over a worthless stone,
I´m on the floor,
due to a careless stranger

I´m lost,
I´m lost, while the opposite is adjusting fast
I´m the one that lost,
Because the ones that care,
Are always the losers in the end
And the careless survive the longest

I´m locked,
What love can do to you,
Is even stronger than humanity.
When you want to get over soneone so badly but you just can´t. You know that, that one person doesn´t care about you. That he would trade you for a penny. That you were absolutely nothing for him. But you on the other hand, with your caring heart are stuck. Because u were abandoned  by someone. Someone u gave respect, trust your whole heart. You got attached, with your sensitive heart and that attachement just had been broken by the opposite person, You feel lost, meaningless, betrayed, because you didn´t do anything wrong. All you wanted to do was to love with whole your heart.
Our love was like a fictious honey ***,
Never in a thousand years would  i
Have peeked in to find out
If our honey *** really had any honey because
I loved the thought of existence of that honeypot
More than the possibility of having honey in it.

My Fictious honeypot gave me  
A taste of what it feels like to have hope,

I wasn't disappointed because
We didnt have a honey in our fictious ***.

I was disappointed because we broke the ***
and We will never be able to go back to the way it was.
No matter what we say to ourselves, When we lose hope in a relationship there is nothing really that can be done regarding that, Seems like I never really had any relationship to begin with rather than a Fictious Honeypot without Honey.
Kyle Jul 29
I know it's my fault;
I'm sorry for that.
I'm sorry for everything;
I'm sorry for my pride.
I'm sorry cause my pride broke our friendship;
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
I'm full of guilt now;
I know I can't bring the past.
I've already said sorry to you but I didn't accept that it's my fault because of my pride and that's why our friendship broke.
I'm sorry for my pride;
And I know It's my fault;
That's why I'm guilty.
I'm sorry
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