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I awakened to a bright light
A feeling of energy and of Emotion
The likes of which
I have never conceived or even contemplated
My once closed mind has been broke open
A rare situation in a Fear-Filled Life
A Once Narcistic Soul
Now Humble and Glistening
With true sounds of wisdom
Then of sharing Ideals and Thoughts with others
There are , now, no more boundaries that keep me
From free falling into clear waters of cleansed thoughts
A pool of creative, heartfelt, and Spiritual Energies
Created by those other open and true minds
which fill the emptiness of this world
With these big, blue oceans of Bright Hearted Humanity
Migel Jun 3
For so much the eyes can see
Naked is bestowed only for the body
Not so well known but being naked is also bestowed from deep with in
No secrets to hide
No intentions that are not shown
And open feelings

As two souls unite, two must require to be naked
As two souls unite, no unknown feelings or thoughts should hide
As two worlds collide unity is only to provide

Insecurities must be stripped away
Only a touch of your trust is required

Worries be removed so is doubt
A touch of your assurance is required

Past be removed and accepted
A touch of your settlement

Clothes resemble the feelings we hold
For two souls unite no clothes be worn
And the two worlds provide what is required for them to unite.
You should be open to you significant other, such things you hide and your lies, add up and end up to failure. Hold them close be stripped of the clothes you wear and settle down.
Love is the most hideous of all
that you'll ever feel,

You wont even realize its there when you have time with that one person and

all of a sudden

you feel all this weight pulling your heart down at once knowing that your time with them has come to an end.
The most gruesome and lonely people understand things better not because they know what its like to lose but because they know what its like to have time and not say all the things that are to be said.
my dreams
being blown away
up in smoke,
just trying to get
some feelings stirred,
but my heart looks away
without staying broke.
Still, I ramble on...
Annika Mar 9
I truly hope it was worth it
Another notch on your belt
While hurting someone else
Are you even honest with yourself?

You broke my heart
And I broke some glasses
It’s not the same
Was any of it even real?
Does it really matter?
I dont know, it was
atleast for me it did.
My cure for hiccups is
An empty bottle of beer I kiss everyday
And  I wonder if a genie come out
I'd wish
That I would have never met you
The night that I met you
The year that I gave
I said that I loved you
You shrugged off my feelings
Saïda Boūzazy Dec 2020
When the snow covers the earth, she  feels  lonely
She is not mentally stable, Darkness evaded her mind
She becomes empty  
Dig deep in her soul
you might find a slight hope
where happiness can take a place
Short poem
mark soltero Dec 2020
we are not the same
i am different
much comparison is needed
in order to confront the truth
that you and i are not of the same species
i am not of this world
and you are of the trenches
and the pits of this forsaken space
disregarded and frail
i leave you to die here
broke boy
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I hate you. You made me believe every lie you created.
You broke me. You like to remind me that I am broken.
Which I know.
But I think you fail to realize,
Is that I’d take all the harassment, all the assumptions, and all the lies;
Just to show you..

That I am sorry.
I’m sorry for thinking I’m good with enough.
I’m sorry for the lack of experience in bed.
I’m sorry for being broken and meeting you.

I shouldn’t have dragged you into it, but also
I didn’t deserve the lies and assumption thrown at me for a mistake I regretted.
I didn’t deserve to read the true thoughts you had of Marissa.

Even as I sit here and write.
Trying to bury my tears behind a screen and scream.
You’ll be okay though.

Because I got the jail out of free card.
I don’t have “multiple personalities..”
I’m just the ****. A *****. ****. ****. Leg-opener. Yada. Yada.

Just the same ****.
An old one I did.
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