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Jenn 1d
I always used to say you broke me
as a metaphor
in my poetry
but now that I’m thinking about it

you actually did…
Should I feel mad,
And blame myself,
All in my head,
But it's heartfelt.

Should I feel sad,
And blame the girl,
That once had,
Rocked my world.

Should I feel,
Or go numb,
So no meals,
And don't come,
Down to kneel,
And steal,
My love,
Through my lips,
And then rid of,
Our sessions,
Of intimacy,
Like indecently,
Teaching a lesson,
That I'm learning,
But It's unclear,
It's burning,
Through disgust and fear,
I trust,
My friendly peer,
To do the right thing,
And continue to bring,
The trifling sting,
Of love.
Ugh... emotions are ******...
Casper Dec 2
I wrote you,
Several long letters,
Convincing proof,
Of the love,
I escaped.
Gianna Nov 23
if i fell for you because of your eyes
and how they held galaxies from afar
how did i get my heart broke by the way
you wouldn't lend me a star?
please don’t go
can't believe i just walked
walked quietly and walked quietly no one
never bothered anyone
when suddenly in the desert in which he walked
when suddenly in the desert in which he walked
appeared cactus green but former bygone
his former color is green he was ******
he was all he was all from head to foot
in one in one blood oh my gosh
from this steam from this air to me not
I'm really scared of myself
will be further really to me
not for myself what a desert that broke into me

Sajal Ahmed Dec 1
You Never seen his heart
O lovers of earth

You Never seen his heart,

Have you ever seen the heart

of your poor boyfriend?

How much burns?

How much of his humility, his survival,

How much does he think of himself as small?

What are you looking at

The young man's cry alone at night?

You look at the boyfriend

Sometimes the lover's heart?

How to fight with a real world;

Ever wondered why a sea water would be donated;

Why mix

The body in the grave

After so many ways have passed

A fish;

Decide to remain lonely.

pages breaks out of the book,

after a long sleeveless ride

One crow flies alone

The money is blown

after the ATM booth;

This world

Here it is

It's weird!

Sick and sick

You love it so much that it hurts you away;

Thinking you will be sick

By separating yourself from you.

You think of him as selfish

Think about your own interests

The boy left you today.


Forget you repeatedly;

That is not love and sometimes selfish;

Forget you repeatedly

If selfish;

But why do not you look at another woman thinking you will suffer?

You never asked yourself;

Why the boy in the face of is not so much smile today

Does not laugh a little?

Why do you want to move away?

Maybe the rest of the time you are sick with him

Thinking of yourself in your place, why he left yourself alone.

Leave you out and say in his heart;

"In the public way

In the crowd of seven hundred millions of people

Your walk is still a lot of way to your walk,

Just started;

There is no limit on this path

There are many bowlers here

Many goons;

A huge screen.

Large screen flashes unfinished

The screen is torn off

Start walking

You have to walk......

When you learn to recognize "what is man?"

When you start to realize how difficult the reality is

Again and again called my name will go to Dargah

Kedgeree will give me my name

But I can not get back again

How difficult can the human heart be

As if tough rock stone

Did not understand today?

You did it

But why often in his own soft heart

Do you suffer so much?

Why are you so skeptical to bite yourself?

How terrible it is to get rid of people

You can not learn today?

You have learned

Why then why

Why then

Can not you be strong? ''

On different issues

After the various wounds were created

And decided

Own unbeatable

Painter Onle

Do not let you burn

Your efforts to be happy for you.

You still did not see the reality;

How did you cry after crying?

Last night did not sleepy;

Could not sleepy

He cried very silently.

He never wanted to cry you;

And why did you cry?

Have you ever thought about that?

There comes a time

People sacrifice their favorite things

Just as Ibrahim gave his beloved son a sacrifice.

The world is underground

So here is the emotional crowd

The reality comes back often

There are many reasons for sacrificing their favorite things.

Am I Wrong?
I repeatedly say to the heart, "I am wrong, I am wrong!" The heart repeatedly tells me, "You do not, you are wrong! ''

Will not be seen

Suddenly we stopped at the last page;
Wherever the cloud stops on the mountain!
There is a frost on the fridge,
The rain rises every day in the morning and shook silently.
Just like a broomstick,
Where all the fish stops are waterless pond;
I'll stand there every morning alone,
I know that all will come, only you will not be seen....

***** of the Devil
If the star goes away;
The devil is scared
Running rushing,
His servants in this town
An Eye of Illuminati
The trembling shivering in winter
And singing different songs;
A piece of blanket is very cold
Hey poor party
To stay comfortable
Let's move to Satan's team.

I was a broken glass
I was a glass, and broke in a variety of ways.
Blood in broken glass it's severed heart.....

Going to die now
I'm going to die now
The soul is going down;
The boat floats on the Spirit,
Everything is going away from the body;
And I, I will not come back!

Mudane Football
After kicking everyone else, I guess, I'm a Mundane football!

Block To Making dreams
People can not sleep after crying, If he can not sleep, he can not make dream

The Train
The train that stopped at midway; That's death

*** and My Dad
I never asked for anything from ***, and *** never gave me anything like my father. The difference between my father and *** is that, my father was stunned by the birth of me. And *** did not cease to create the punishment in the Hereafter will be rewarded!

My blocked Happiness
I feel painful Hundreds of millions of illnesses die of happiness

My syllabus
My syllabus has been burnt;
Do not read any bad love poem story book
No need spectacles available;
I do not fear the extra cost;
My syllabus is burnt-
Broke spectacles.

You are in Whirl of the earth
When you are in the whirl of the earth, when you look at the whole world, then you see the dull! Look at the left, there is no one next to you. Look at the left, or there is no one there. The *** above is not with you. The parents of the house, they do not even understand you. Therefore, you do not have to stand up properly. now? Yes, your time of death is right now. But you know, you can not die. Because death does not want you!

I'm Afraid
When I look at the pocket, I'm afraid to look at you. After that, when I looked at the pocket last time, my own janaza taught myself.

Worst offender
The worst offender in the world itself seems to be, when my dear man is crying for my own sake!

I am
I only swallow the grief of beloved people. One day, the troubles that I have not digested, will answer everything.
Oneday I made it to everyone. All the insults i’ll return the whole!
Kate Red Nov 24
I spent 3 years loving you.
I poured my heart out yet you left me.
You left me because of the freedom that you wanted.
Yet there you are, looking for another relationship.
I’ve been questioning myself, thinking that I wasn’t enough but I realized, you’re the one who can’t be contented of me.
You wanted something more.
All I did is care for you.
All I did is think of what’s best for you.
You left, not because you needed freedom,
But because you wanted someone else.
Ashley Lingy Nov 20
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If I've saved so much,
where is all my money?
false ideas and hopes
thrown into one simple decision
that was supposed to make
things better; it was
supposed to make things

instead of feeling like
i'm constantly drowning
in my home town, i've moved
across the country and
now i'm suffocating under
day to day life and the
fact that things
have so far only
been getting
please make it stop.
make everything stop.
Hay Nov 14
you ask me
"are you okay?"
and everyday
i answer with the same
"im fine"
and you believe it.

you ask me if im okay
as if you didnt break me
you ask me if im okay
as if you had stayed
you ask me if im okay
as if it matters even the slightest to you.

im not okay
will i tell you?
so for now until then
i am okay

and i dont love you.
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