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KR Oct 5
The coins jingle on the way down
One hits a rib
And then a spine
The crushing sound of a broken hand
You can not get to the top without knocking others of the ladder
The bottomeless pit that can never be filled
If we did not care, would such a thing become meaningless
You will bleed for a piece of paper that we have all decided is worth something
But you will not bleed for another soul
The familar faces greet you with their stone cold stare
You can not live without work, you cannot work without life
The register sounds, but what side are you on?
Why do we give so much value and worth to something so fickle? We could all wake up tomorrow and decide that it meant nothing, and you know what? It wouldn't.
i broke me
my soul
i hurt myself
no one to blame
just me
and the whispers inside
dear self,
i tore you
i’m sorry,
Butterfly Sep 23
You can't control feelings.
Feelings control you.
I thought about this while I was eating a whole cake by myself and I have no regrets.
The Taste
The Desire
The Sexuality
    Am I amusing you?

The Craving
The Lusting
   Am I the woman you visualized?

Did you come to me
To fulfill your Foolish Trickeries,
your Fantasies,
To be performed before your eyes?

Did you ever think
That I'm going to be
exactly what you want me to be ---
   A Burning Heat
   A Soulless Lustful Treat

Tell me ---
    Does your heart really beat?

And if that heart reveals your truth
Like a mirror that reveals the truth
Will you ever wonder ---
Do you really have a heart?

I wished you came to see
My Truth,
My Purity,
That's here inside my heart

But it's just not what you seek from me..

                                                  - Ella Salvador
(c) September 2019
KM Hanslik Sep 20
Always getting me high on your own supply;
in this lighting, feels like a crime to cry
upturned palms, holding conversation with the sky
over & over we keep asking ourselves "why?"
Too damaged to give up, too tired to try
but on our worst days we still look each other in the eye
Don't worry, we aren't trying to die
And I tell you it's okay, you don't have to lie
anymore, even with your train en route to a dead-end drive-by,
you still light up my world every time we say goodbye;
still got 12 text messages failed to reply,
leave the situation on standby in case somebody's looking for a good time,
keep your shoulders high & expectations low;
when you rat me out, your lips move so slow
crash-n-burn cuz we've got all this time to **** & nowhere to go,
so why don't you turn me down low
burn through my feelings like cigarette holes
on your last good jacket & don't tell me no,
I'm not a ******* sunflower with only 6 weeks to grow,
I'm just trying to make it on my own time
feeling like a burden every time I ring your line,
getting real tired of all this petty crime
inhaling character flaws like they're coke lines,
asking me for a dollar when I ain't got a dime
tired of you acting like all the bad scenes are mine,
but thanks for giving a **** about how my accomplishments are measuring up,
on the road to riches but seems I've broke down stuck
watch me dig myself out as I listen to how bad
your life *****.
Erian Sep 19
All the poems
About the love
About the sorrow
About the broke and hollow
Were all about one
An "I love you" over again
I knew one day it would end
But kept trying to convince myself that it would last.
Arden Sep 18
i was getting better  
i was feeling again  


its crashing down
in slow motion this time  
i desperately try to stop it  
but just keep getting attacked

by this thing  
this monster that i  
cant see  
how do i defend myself  
against something that  
i cannot see  

how do i be  
not broken  
im tired of being broken
my jagged edges keep cutting  
people i care about  

i was getting better  
but now  
im shattering
Ryan Joseph Sep 16
Had a crush on her
Was a friend of her
Her smile always made my day glitter
It even also made my heart quiver

Then happily we graduated
With her glamorous face yet unexpected
Shone in her beautiful dress
The day that took away my stress.

We both then did not saw each other
Even though in social media I could not even bother
Because I am not an ideal one for her
And because I am a mere commoner.

When we saw each other's face again, nonetheless
I just couldn't even bother less
Because I am not in a place to bother her
Especially when now she's happier.

She has changed too much
I couldn't even get a touch
And we just stare at each other but just briefly
Albeit I just can't accept the fact verily.

The fact that we're not even meant to be
But excuse me, did I even made her happy?
Or it's just that I am only trying to be pally?
Or just trying to be a one even though I loved her unrequitedly?
Kinda broke and received an unrequited love.
River Sep 13
shes been broken so many times before
lost sight of any light
in her life its just nothing but despair
sitting alone with a heart
that seems to have disappeared
her mind isnt stable
to handle any more words
she just wants to hide away from the world
shes like fragile glass
all she needs is one more tap
then shes completely broke and
there is no more going back
Jarene Aug 27
three words
you could only tell me
when you were drunk
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