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Dutch Feb 4
What does it take to make you realize that bad person is there in our world, and it was never your fault that they broke you apart.
Don't blame yourself.
I blame myself
Ken Pepiton Mar 2023
Old wine, sometimes, has been
vinegar, a while.
On opening, one learns, they say.

It's good
for cleaning windows, and lenses.
- but we'd better let the next
- jug of that vintage go to auction

New wine. Make glad the heart,
workers in the vineyard, laughing tired,
sugar high burned out, say hey, boss,
why don't you hire more hands,

eleventh hour hordes appear, as they
by right of the lateness, are  payed
a whole day's wage.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

And it is,
very good, if I may say
so now,
Life is short, but filled
with instances, infinite instants
in some state
of methodic mental ascent.

And that's alright now, momma,
nobody cheated me, I worked all day,
took my pay.

We got plenty,
we have confirmed,
as is, to up and hit the road,
go boldly old into this cold night.
Dust bowl radical mindset,  good for... sweeping generalizations
Destiny C Jun 2022
Don't feel so special

I've been abused,
Forcefully used,
Yet you think you can blow my fuse?
Don't feel so special.

I've hacked & sliced at my own skin,
Barely living,
So thin,
But you worry if you hurt my grin,
Don't feel so special.

You could have called me every bad name under the sun,
shot me with a gun.
But I've hurt me, more than you've ever could.
So don't feel so special.

I don't need closure,
Unless its from stitches,
Mending the pieces I've broke from myself.
But the damage you've done,
Is nothing I haven't done to myself.

So don't feel sorry.
Hold your tears of guilt upon a shelf.
They mean nothing to me,
But only for yourself.

So don't feel so special.
You are nothing but another person who dared to hurt me,
But only hurt themself.
The time is so different when you are in love
They might be silent and you never told them what happened
You had met strangers before and got a relationship with them
They are in love with you, and yeah, you are also in love with them
You were going on a date
Kissing them
Hugging them
Spending your time as long as you could do to yourself
Loving them as far as you could give to them a love itself
You had so many beautiful days all the time when you were in love
You were happy, and you deserved to be happy
One week you did
One month you did
One year you did
And after, and after
But in one moment both of you felt bad and it was going to be mad
You broke your heart by trying to forget what you loved before
You tried, then you would say to yourself
“I hate growing up”
“I just want to be a kid all the time”
“I won’t be falling in love again, it hurts”
That’s statement might be unspoken
But yeah, maybe everyone thinks about it at once
Indonesia, 17th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Minyeon Aug 2021
Why are you crying
   Early in the morning
      I can hear it echoes through me
   Will you tell me why?
        Why, Do I hear pain?
            Why, Do I hear fear?
I hear your tears?
   Dripping down the floors...

Your Voice, filled Hoarseness.
Stop— you know that I can also feel your ghost.
ATILA Aug 2021
What was the point of this reverie
If it just came and walked away
Bringing my soul
Strolling again
Those deserted roads
That once cherished our presence

Were you there
Expecting me
Or was it just an embodiment
Of the memories of our ordeal

Who was the actual one
Who willingly became a liar
Who was the first person
Who built mushy hope
Before crushing it
Without any grounds you toyed with my heart
Like disastrous hurricane
That unexpectedly surged and vanished

You were only a shadow
Of wretched past
Whom sometimes got carried away
By my unsettled endless dream.
It’s you.
I’ll bake your bread
but never eat

I’ll curb your taste
with extra cheese

I’ll sell your wares
through cheeky grin

I’ll charm your trade
while breaking down

I’ll take your calls
neath frowning cheer

I’ll print your life
without the clout

I’ll scrub your floors
and your *****

I’ll give you time
at mine’s expense
for M.S-C. & M.S-P.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
LONE STAR Jul 2021
The gown was white as snow
The flowers the darkest shade of green I've ever seen
Your betrayal so thick and real
Your heart darker than coal
Before our alleged creator
I walked down the aisle ready to take my vows
A bride waits for the groom at church
I thought it was unique just like our love
The sire who is our maker watched me as I waited for you
Time passed and I allowed it to
May Heaven be known I watched as each and everyone one of them one by one left the church
In Holy matrimony we would have been one
The once exotic beauty is now a weeping mess
Black coated cheeks with red reemed eyes
They all watched as I was torn apart
Reality seemed like a nightmare
But even the demons in my dreams weren't that cruel
A heartless man jilts a woman on her wedding day
As a more lucrative opportunity turns up
I thought I was worth so much more
Till my better half abandoned me
If you don't love someone let them go don't wait for one of the best moments in the lives to live
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