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rk 3h
our love was a burning thing
all teeth and nails
loving under the moon
your name flowing in my veins
and now lord i fear
nothing will ever feel as good
as my name on your lips
your hands carving into my waist
as if i was something oh so holy.
- you'll always be my favourite ghost.
ross 1d

time is fleeting
love her hard
love her fast
give everything you can
for as long as you have
be open
be honest
be humbled
admit your defeats
she will give you every thing
every part unraveled
stand with her
do not run from her magic
a love like that
may only come around but once
it is a fate far worse than any
to wonder what if.

she put the knickers she wore to his in her mouth then proceeds.
her finger stroking his cheek is their form of a lover's kiss,marking the prelude over, her fat *** cheeks rise and drop and slap his skinny thighs until he **** just like he paid for and requested.
he'll miss her and imagine the life she's living after she leaves but he can't dwell on it too long for he's got no one to vent to, and she in-return will long for him and here, knowing even as she makes for the door that the most normal part of her day is over and that it's all uphill from here.

little did they know the other was planning to return the two of them back into strangers.
money pocketed, satisfied at last,
what a stupid little idea it was to start an argument,
spit on bed and slam the door, he shouted i'm nothing if not sorry and she kept on walking like she never heard a thing.
maria Feb 24
Like soap, your poetry cleanses my soul.
On paper, I'm filthy from your touch,
and your honey is sticky on my fingers.
But, your words and your laugh are a spring
that douses me in bubbles and gold.
I sip from your tears and sweat,
and youth revitalizes my skin and bones.
You are an oil that enriches
and cannot be rinsed away with water.
You are the dirt that gets under by fingernails
and houses the seeds of a hundred flowers.
rk Feb 16
on soft twilight mornings
when the world
still sleeps soundly
the blackbirds singing
their daily sermon
i stretch lazily
the crisp sheets a shroud
i feel the warmth
of the sweet summer sun
kissing my back
and i smile
knowing that you had once
done the same.
- we were a shooting star, a fleeting moment.
ross Feb 15

some nights i wake
from another world;
another place and time
one where we made it.
i have lived out
so many different life’s
with you in my mind;
from better to worse
and i have loved you
just the same
in every last one.

ross Feb 13

if my life was a novel
each experience
forever in ink torn pages
somewhere within
a chapter is missing;
this is when i met you.
this is when everything good
happened all at once.
on those pages;
words dance
universes bend
stars weep
and time stops.
on those pages;
skies clear
seas calm
and i smiled.
for you arrived
just as a dream
from nothing
to a monsoon
a wildfire
burning through
tearing down
you revealed
the parts unseen;
an aurora borealis
a beauty so haunting
you brought me
to my knees in worship
and now;
after endless nights
countless moons
time has made me honest.
honest enough to admit;
i lost you
because i felt
so utterly unworthy
of someone
with so much wonder;
a magic unlike any other.
a bruise that never heals
i press it down;
it hurts to remember you
but it feels so good
to just remember
that it even happened at all.

Jeremy Betts Jan 26
I'm not a good lover, no good at hand in hand
Never not been exposed, still I pretend
The real me casually breaks free,
What do I do then?
No suggestion comes in
It's what goes around then comes around again and again,
When will it end?

Nobody knows...
...I let no one in so no one knows the situation

I'm not a good adult, I'm not a good friend
Never not been exposed, why do I still pretend
The real me awkwardly breaks free,
What do I do then?
I suggest hide the specimen within
It goes around then comes around again and again,
Is it going to end?

Nobody knows... and rescue called off for no reason

I'm not a good man, I'm not a righteous person
Never not been exposed, I've given up pretendin'
The real me aggressively breaks free,
What do I do then?
Didn't we call each other friend?
What goes 'round, right 'round comes right 'round 'round again and again,
It's just not gonna end

Nobody knows...

Charlotte Jan 24
On the day that I met you, I knew,
Something, some thought, some feeling, bloomed,
Some thickening, welling honey, through,
Which glued, that golden glaze which gild,
My eyes, my heart, my feelings, still,
Which seven years would slowly spill,
And now our hands are covered.

And all days since, I've vowed to live,
My all, your happiness, all that is,
My gift to you, accumulative,
To scorn the world, undeserving of us,
To prove to you, that white-hot dove,
That I'm not moving, my lover, my love,
I want for you to stain me.

In the morning, awake with haste,
We both agree, ignore the taste,
Of us, our wine-filled mugs, placed,
Swill, replaced with water at three,
The thirsty, the woken, the golden beam,
The bronze-capped flower, headboard between,
A kiss, just ours, both bodies; clean.
He said hours go by in twos with you,
2 was not my favorite number before,
But it’s my favorite now,
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