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Cutezeni 38m
You are the sun to my moon
You are the day to my noon
You bring out this side of me
That is away and never beside me
I start to see you rise
I start to bring you light
Why if we are so perfect
We live on opposite sides?
You’re the west to my east
Fall to my rise
I wish I had more than the twilight lights
To hold you in my arms all night.
See the twinkling stars in a gaze
Leave you with much more than the chase
Of after morning glory
Wish we forever stayed
In a state of smiling haze.
you knew what I didn't
Rett 6d
You worship at My shrine and give
Your sweet and labored love
You tell Me “i’d give my whole life to You”
And “I only want to be held by You”
I look down and swallow it whole
It is not enough
Though ripe and plump
And full to bursting
It is not enough

Is it fair of Me to ask a mortal to feed My thirst?
Is it fair that I look for a different taste
A better fruit then what anyone can offer
You built My temple and made Me whole
But it is not enough
And your fruit is simply too sweet

If I demand you to wait
While I look for a better taste
Would you?
If I told you to kneel
At My holy shrine
Until your knees bleed
And your fruit rots
I know you would
I wrote this before a breakup
Tony Tweedy Nov 4
Nightly I dream of you, an image so bright and clear,
the warmth of your breath, in closeness there upon my ear.

Silk gown neck open, revealing a shoulder bare,
perfect pale flesh, draped by the tresses of your hair.

Arms reach for each other, as we draw into embrace,
a vision of splendid wonder, the beauty of your face.

Eyes that link as one as we look into the others soul,
until our lips are joined, and we become a spirit whole.

Each night I dream this, as it plays out just the same,
as you rise to go out, through the door by which you came.

How strong my heartbeat pulses, each and every night,
to give way to lonely heartache as I wake to mornings light.
Dreaming of angels and love....
Aer Sep 22
indulgence and bliss
two sides of the same coin and a wish
once listless
now released—
she hums.
writing when I get muse.
Ivy Chakma Aug 29
I feel like the faded part of love;
it feels like the end even before it had a chance to begin.

I feel like the faded part of love;
An invisible longing from a lover,
unsettling and echoing in the dark.
A conastantaneous pain that slowly crawls into my body and engulfs the soul that seeks freedom from all the humanly attachments.

I feel like the faded part of love!
I feel like the faded part of love!
Expressing the feeling of what it's like to be in love with a man already taken and the longing and the understanding and the fight within oneself of never really having him completely to yourself. The feeling of knowing that he was never to be yours to begin with.
Haley Protega Aug 28
There's something about the sea:
In feeling a force of nature,
So much stronger than yourself,
Surround you in its embrace.

There's something about the waves,
Their raw power,
Their cool, demanding strength.

And there's something about his hands,
His voice, his eyes.
The way his body pulls mine under,
Like waves,
Indomitable, forceful,

And I'm floating.
I'm sinking.
I'm thrown around in the current.
In his arms: the sea;
The breath he steals
Then grants it back.

And I pray only
That the tide never subsides.
VKBoy Aug 21
He says he loves you
But he cannot walk in your steps
He always looks at you
Yet he cannot accompany you anywhere
He sleeps early but wakes up late
Even though he dreams of deserts and dry places
He says he sees himself in you
But his shadow never merges with yours
He asks you all sorts of questions
Yet he stays silent like a fallen flower to your questions
He smiles brightly like the sky
When it flashes lightning and rolls down thunder
And crashes on your hopes.
For he is a lying lover
With an angelic outside but a devilish inside.
Daivik Aug 12
ओ जानेमन! यू ना नाराज़ हो
तुमसे क्या राज़ छुपायु
तुम ही तोह मेरी राज़ हो

Be aggrieved not ,O lover!
How could I keep any secrets from you
When you are the secret I keep from others .
Pls don't judge me on this
FinkZ Aug 6
Through the fall, I saw a bliss
I saw the light between the mist
Even when my guts dont dare
I wished she would tangled me around her hair

Should I take the shot
Or left my desire to rot?
I'll let the time decide
Wether to reveal the torch
Or kept the fire out of sight
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