A scene unmasked
the two of you,

Where lights

Red cheeks literally

Over that sparkled wine,
Time stopped.

At exactly 12'o clock midnight,
Our minds spoke.

And remembered,
This is only a moment of

A Spill.

That repeats

And nowhere
To go.
a storm rode up slow on the sea's horizon
filling our senses with its wild winds
we spent that night passing a bottle of crisp wine
by candlelight while the sea rocked us
like children in the cradle
but our laughter and words were
so alive with long roads
so rich with our full years

morning found us taking on water
so we turned to make haste
for some near uncharted island haven
and we beached her on untainted sands
with its stretch of palms and gentle slope
while sailing master worked mend sail, patch hull
we walked far up the shore and found a secluded spot
and there i lay with you
drinking in your taste and body
feasting with you on the sweetbreads of our love
till we were full and were left with only soft smiles

we sailed once again as dawn overtook the sky
sound once more and making good time
with a beautiful salt breeze in our sail
beating to windward
with a loving song to our hearts
these the days that my heart will cherish
these are the living dreams that
my worlds foundations are built upon
i knew i would marry you
you knew i would always be yours
from this day till time cease
Aa Harvey 16h
Shining light

I could be the one with the song,
Who you think has got it going on.
I’m a fading star heading for the grave,
Begging to be saved; but it is too late.

I’m only joking, these aren’t the last days;
They’re the first, like a burst of light that creates,
A joyous day because we met each other
And now you’re my only and favourite lover.

Faint light glows then disappears from view;
You shine like the sun when you are nude.

My heart beats just for you in summer bloom,
Like flowers move towards the sun, I do presume.
I love you, my sunshine light of nice days;
May I dance with you in the dead of night, under a moonlit haze?
In the moon light I feel your light shine down on me and I feel alive.
With you I live in paradise.

You’re a beautiful star shining brightest for me
And I feel so alive when you set me free.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 19h
I want

I want someone to watch romantic comedies with;
I want someone to give me a reason to live.
I want someone to sleep next to me in bed each night;
I want someone to join me in this fight.

I need to find a lover to take my blues away;
I am just a boy and she is just a girl and I know what I want to say,
But I don’t think today is going to be my day to say it;
So I will just have to stay infatuated.

Lift me up with whispered compliments;
I do not need them, but I savour them and take them.
I want to tell you perfectly what I really mean; what I have to say.
But I couldn’t find the right words, so I love you;
No!  That’s not what I meant to relate.

I want to be with you if that is what you choose;
My heart is in your hands, it is up to you.
I think you are beautiful and would like to see how things go;
I want to be with you, I want you,
I want you to give me a chance to let my true feelings show.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
you begin here
in this moment
forget yesterday
just breathe
and live
right now
Kellin 2d
you are the first drop of rain
after a drought,
the first blooming flower of spring.
you are a lover’s first kiss,
the feeling of shaky fingers intertwining.
you are the first tear of someone’s first broken heart,
yet you are the glue that puts it back together.

you are the warm gratitude of the thought that we are there in this planet at the same time.
Bexis 2d
We've fought for our place in the world.
They have tried to pry us apart.
Only for us to come back stronger.
The only thing that could pull us apart is us.

Remembering the days were we woke up next to each other.
Appreciating each other's bodies.
How different our bodies are.
How well they fit together.

The early years were rough, but we managed to stay.
Growing, learning adapting.
We finally found our stride.
Now we are rocketing to know how be to strong.
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