just don't stop
a little goes a long way
trust me
i know it's hard
just do a little bit more everyday
and soon everything will fall into place
i hope you know
it's all for the best
not because i don't love you
but because i don't need you
sometimes a little bit of nothingness
is quite necessary
time to sit and ponder
alone with your thoughts
in silence
you tore a piece of my heart out
and carried it with you
as you wandered off
and found yourself a new lover
you cold man
stolen hearts
broken minds
twisted words
painful truth
grab your guitar
play me a song
pour out your heart's delicate feelings
melt me with your warm lyric
spark the fire within my wearied soul
enchant me
with your love song
we had a spark
i swear it
how come these days
we are as strangers
never once sharing secrets
doing things that lovers do
truth is
we will continue to drift
you may forget me
but i will always think of you
i want a long night
spent with the moon
maybe he'll listen
to my twisted thoughts
give me kind words
to carry with me
'til the morning breaks
and for the days to come
look i guess it's all a bit much
for you to handle
but i want you to listen to me
help me through this
i need your love and care
you mean the world to me
you must believe me
and i don't want you going anywhere
please say you will stay right here
with me tonight
trying to mend myself
i have been told i must love myself
before i can love anybody else
i believe it, it's true
it is also very painful
being so alone
i try and take it day by day
sometimes even that's too much
at times i have some hope
at others i have none at all
but i do try
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