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The time is so different when you are in love
They might be silent and you never told them what happened
You had met strangers before and got a relationship with them
They are in love with you, and yeah, you are also in love with them
You were going on a date
Kissing them
Hugging them
Spending your time as long as you could do to yourself
Loving them as far as you could give to them a love itself
You had so many beautiful days all the time when you were in love
You were happy, and you deserved to be happy
One week you did
One month you did
One year you did
And after, and after
But in one moment both of you felt bad and it was going to be mad
You broke your heart by trying to forget what you loved before
You tried, then you would say to yourself
“I hate growing up”
“I just want to be a kid all the time”
“I won’t be falling in love again, it hurts”
That’s statement might be unspoken
But yeah, maybe everyone thinks about it at once
Indonesia, 17th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
letha fay Sep 6
i had never felt love,
until you held me
love so great,
i could not write enough of
everything you see,
you still accept
no need for me to cover
not a secret unkept
you are forever my lover

- letha
selina Sep 2
it was a puppy sort of love
but we were young
so it felt much deeper

perhaps it was the reason
why we were so hesitant
to let go and move on

thus, i found myself cutting corners
so i could fit myself into your box
and in the painful process of loving you
i made myself become someone i knew i was not
An ode to Truth

      The truth is a faithful lover. When I search for her, she is always right where I left her. Never gloating, always accepting me back with no judgment, only love. The truth Never throws my wrongs in my face. She loves me. She comforts me. she protects me and she saves me.  It is embarrassing how often I stray from her peace, but i always return because no one has ever loved me so… truly. She always wants me. She accepts me as I am and in her love I am transformed.

      The Truth, a faithful lover indeed. She has always been there for me, never left me in need. When I stray from her and oh have I strayed. I call on her name and she comes to my aid. no question asked. She just comes for me. Shining her light in the darkest tunnels for me. In her I know I can rest peacefully. No one has ever loved me as openly as she.

     She calls me out on my ****, she’s as real as can be. At the end of the day she’s not quitting on me. I honor The Truth for her love sets me free.
I love the truth. Nothing hides. It is clear and empowering.
selina Aug 25
how did i romanticize this in such a way
there were no soft whispers, no shy touches
we moved quick, with staggered rhythms

neither of our hips lined up properly
we sounded more animalistic than anything
it was good, alright, a good ****, alright, but

this wasn't quite what i was looking for
lust wasn't quite what i was asking for
you weren't quite what i was hoping for
Aquila Aug 23
When I met you, I was on magic mushrooms.
or maybe I wasn't.
but either way, the moment we made eye contact things began to swirl-
and the world became candy-colored.

things are grey now.
honestly idk what to do with myself anymore
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night
And if he wanted me, he really should've showed
Oh, a simple complication
Miscommunications lead to fall out

‘Cause like, I've seen this film before
And I didn't like the ending
Just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated:))
selina Aug 16
if i had told you how much
i hated this stupid santa barbara pier
you might have stayed for centuries

was it not you who said
was it not you who promised
you would be here for me if i called

all i say now is this:
i still see your eyes
in the blue of the skies

i still hear your laugh
bouncing off the high tides
i still hold millions of memories

that play on an infinite loop
fading images of your expression of shock
of you, forever sixteen, never changing

i can still feel your breath
the way you whispered for me to leave
how could i have left?

did you think i could just go home
wash your blood off of my hands
and sleep in a half-empty bed?

i wish i had told you how much
i hated this stupid santa barbara pier
if it meant you could have stayed
Persephone Aug 12
Most collected stamps, spoons, rocks, and books
Whimsey little things
But she loved collecting lovers
Mitch Prax Aug 14
You are a haiku
written in the pages of
my poetic heart

2:07 AM
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