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Oh Lord,
the days you'll spend,
With a vision of hope,
and love's extend.
Oh Lord,
the hours will pass,
The scope of time,
in heart will clash.
Oh Lord,
the years elapsed
With soul on fire,
and mind collapsed.
Take into heart,
the soul and mind,
In logic's place,
your heart will find,
a love that's pure
and big and bold...
...within lovers hand,
your hand might hold.
It all began in dance class
When I first felt small
Standing in the back of the lines
Where no one could see me at all

Fast forward to middle school
Where the girls who looked like me
Were never the topic of conversation
Like I always dreamt to be

Even when highschool rolled around
It was still never about me
Always some other fair skinned beaut
Who i’d constantly compared to thee

And when I finally did steal a heart
Guess how it began and ended?
Another girl came into the picture
Which whom I had to contend with

My history of love & relationships
Definitely isn’t one for the books
Just painful memories I try to wash away
Because I never had “the look”

That’s the reason I’m always triggered
Because all my life I’ve had to compete
I just want someone to look at me and think
“**** my life is finally complete.”
October 8 2019. 10:26pm. Here we go again **
Mark 4d
I know that’s my country girl  
Discovered like an oyster, oh what a pearl
And she is naturally kinda dope
One day I will marry her, I hope
My mama always said
Don’t wait, for rebound ones, instead
But, by playing the field is fun, I guess
Dealing with so many, without any progress  
Will lose the thoughts, the heart once desired
Before you know it, still single and almost retired
So, pull your finger out, get up the guts
Ask her out, check her out, no buts.
Skyla 6d
I found someone new
Who will keep me safe, keep me warm
He won’t search for more, he won’t break my heart

I am enough, one girl to hold tight
He won’t draw blood, or terrify me in the night
He won’t give me a fright, he’ll shine even more bright,
And I am enough to keep him satisfied (this time)

My old ghost lover went through girls like shoes
They quickly get old, so he finds someone new
I managed to last 3 short, summer months
He made me believe, our love was built on trust
He worshiped the moon, I called him the sun
I should’ve listened when they all told me to “run”
Run, run far away, as fast as you can
So he can’t catch you, the blood-obsessed man
He tried to take my heart, and **** out the life
And swore to me that one day I’d be his wife

He didn’t love me for me, just like the others
He was looking for someone to care, like a sympathetic mother
One to guilt trip, manipulate, cry on, and harm
Planting shameful seeds, burying me with the weeds, on his vast farm

He howled like a wolf, to the silver-lined crescent
He caught a glimpse of a gullible girl, saw me as iridescent
He sliced up his hand, to make blood pact
And threatened to jump off a cliff, for his grand finale act  
A blood oath, blood wife, romantic blood bath
Strangling me with his love, I can feel the hatred and wrath

He loves to choke, to suffocate, to squeeze
Just for the thrill of it, and begs on his knees
Wraps his hands around my neck, disturbingly tight
Tells me I can never leave, or run in the dead of night
The goddess of love, had cast her ****** spell
And the only way out is to walk with him to hell

I found someone new, he’s an angel of light
The epitome of peace, he refuses to fight
He doesn’t hurt himself, and he doesn’t make me sad
He feels all kinds of right, he doesn’t feel bad

I love him, I love him, this fresh love blossoms anew
And I honestly thought that you loved me too
But you don’t, and I no longer, I have grown stronger,
Because he doesn’t play choking games, or the victim card, he doesn’t try to win my fame or rip out my whole heart.

I’m sorry love, this ended very tragic
I am not your goddess, with a touch of magic
Set me free, from my cage, like a bird
You listen to my poetry, so I hope you hear this final word.
Alya Adzkia Oct 4
there is
no escape
what we had
wasn't real,
was it?
you broke me
Skyla Oct 4
You looked like summer, your soul fire was ablaze,
Igniting passionate flames and burning up your heart.    
You set yourself on fire over and over again for me
But when you became raging and chaotic,
I desperately tried to put you out,
but you swallowed me.
I slowly suffocated from the heat, and disintegrated into ashes.  The sun just wasn’t meant for a soft, breezy flower like me.

I was spring, rose-lit evenings reflected in my eyes
Grape vines grew all around my limbs,
I sang swan-songs under olive trees about you
I created elixir poetry for you, that made me swoon.
I cooed like a bird and pranced around like a butterfly.
I spread my wings like an angel, humming with the bees, dancing like a firefly girl, madly in midnight.

Although you were the sun, you adored the moon.
You worshiped her and loved her, her crystalline white beauty, like dew drops on a rose, or the feathers of a dove.  She dazzled you

I was gonna sparkle up your eye, be your moonlit girl,
your evening lover, your morning darling, your summer peach, but I was nothing but a spring fling, if that.  

Hot summer nights in mid-July, left me glistening and gleaming with passion, glowing like glitter and gloss.  I drowned myself in the embers of love, burning up with a fever.  

I imagined your honeydew eyes and nectarine lips, gently caressing my cherry ruby ones.  I imagined the way you’d brush my golden locks of hair, ever so gently, and plant the seeds of your warm kisses on the top of my head.  

I was a spring girl, trying to be midnight for you.
I absolutely destroyed myself, crumbled like Pompeii
Just to be your eye candy, and your heart candy too.
You were tired of my pastels and my dew-drop innocence, my frolicking Bambi grace, and my dolly mind?

I painted my big doe eyes in black, trampled the fairies and water nymphs around me, and followed the voice of the devil, a shadow vampire, the temptress voice of a siren, velvet and serene.  

I wore tight satin, choking myself in silk curtains, shattered all my Fine China, let Medusa turn my heart to stone, watching the serpent snakes coil around my body and guide me out of the garden of Eden.

Sexualised icon, beauty queen, big flirt, learning to sensually dance to Springsteen.  

And the mascara runs down my face, my wine red lip stick bleeds and dribbles into my mouth, my waist is tight with the ribbons wrapped around it.  

I loved you, I adored you, I wanted you to adore me to.
Moonlight, sunshine, spring girl, summer boy,
Your European temple, your ice cream cone,
Your French Riviera, your Italian rose-garden.

Your northern lights.

My summer lover, now ghost,
I will always cherish our divine memories
I will always be fond of the flowers you planted in me
But I will never forget the day you ripped them out
Tore them from their roots, killing them all
And handing them to another pretty garden girl.

I wept, not so much for the loss of my flowers
But for the pain that you had so carelessly caused me
I wouldn’t even want the flowers back,
I just wanted you.
Äŧül Sep 27

If beauty is to be a person, it is you.

Looking at you I feel so young,
Over to my lost years I'm taken,
Visit I do my teenage fantasies,
End the ones never would.

Yes, I float in love with you,
Of ethereal foam is my heart,
Up in the cloud nine, you're mine.
My HP Poem #1775
©Atul Kaushal
Nina Sep 26
We hug
We kiss
We cuddle
In bed

We were just friends
We made out
To him
We were having ***
To me
We were making love
I was his friends with benefits
But he was my lover
To who I love,
I go beyond cherishing them,
I spoil them,
till till they’re exhausted.
Lisa Aug 2
There is this girl named depression
She doesn't care if I'm happy
She will bring in bad news when i just got in a good mood
She doesn't care if I'm with a good dude
She tells me he just wants me to send nudes
I tell her to leave her presence isn't needed she doesn't listen
She wants to live with me forever
Whoever this may concern if you see her avoid her
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