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Xallan Feb 6
Add that:
in all of my pointless comparisons,
I am self conscious of all
the ways I am similar to everyone else,
unoriginal and ununique.
To summarize: I am lame.
For who cares whether or not
others notice these things?
They are figments,
merely. But- I am aware
of my primary, incessant concern- myself.
I notice, naturally, with no sense.
It is totally normal
for me to engage in this self conscious nonsense,
without end.
I desire to be a robot, lifeless,
but what good would awareness do then?
Self conscious about a few loose bolts,  
the whole circuit would short,
and that'd be the end of me.
It is the schism.
It is the juxtaposition
between caring about myself and about others,
of everything and nothing,
and I cannot find the balance.
I am a teetering pile of flesh pancakes.
**** lame.
Frowning in my sleep,
Eyes too numb to know.
Can’t contain the empty,
Demons start to show.

Happy run on hatred,
Smiles fuels by air.
How do I stop this?
No one is there.

Screams get louder and sharper,
I try to bite my tongue.
But it’s not my own mouth,
Empty fills my lungs.

‘Everyone has a purpose’,
But what am I to them?
Trying to breathe with no air,
Empty on empty again.
My life is running on nothing, empty on empty, again...
Aghubbs Jan 14
This pain
My chest
Anxiety weighs in.
This pain
My wrist
Depression weighs in.
This pain
My heart
Heartbreak weighs in.
No pain
No life
Suicide weighs in.
joren's Jan 9
I'll be stuck on you until I'm put to
Look into the future just to see my
Lying here lifeless now I know I'm
Lying here crying waiting for your
I'll be doing this till my final
Will I ever get better or just die
A mess
People want people cause people want
But I knew there was more from the day we
Cant take back the tears and the time I
I loved you and didn't know what it
Give ops please
Stay sad Jan 5
That wich is lifeless,
May hide behind a shade of certainty.
Thus the tiger masks its barbarity,
With the beauty on its body.

~ Sombro
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
a lifeless body among a million blades of grass

feeling, yet not knowing,

that ants crawl across

the skin that once belonged to me

and as the wind carries on my last breath,

the rain washes away my last smile,

the insects nibble away my final thoughts,

I, my only remaining form a soul,

settle deep into the earth of mother nature.
Sumaira Asghar Dec 2018
Do you sit in the corner,
and gaze around in greyness?
Does this universe too
smother your breaths?
Does pain palpate your wounds?
Do you yell over your own wrecks?
Are you as empty as I am?
Dear life, are you too lifeless?
siinli Dec 2018
I burned our
old photographs,
it fell down
like dried leaves
in the autumn
The classic
gallery of our
love that was
once fascinating
became a
tedious one
The once white
walls and
clean corners
Are now dusty
and dark
The perfectly
carved frames,
and perfect
became dull
and lifeless
You left me
knowing that
I won't survive
alone inside this
***** walls
Picture me
in your mind
And you'll see
the saddest photo
there will ever be
Latifah Dec 2018
Burden burden,
Don’t follow me,
Everywhere I go.

O Burden burden,
Let me be,
Peace is all I’m asking for.

Burden burden,
Can’t you see,
I’m fading,
Like a lifeless tree.
XyL0S Nov 2018
Colours have faded
off the walls
but the walls remain.
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