After I saw their lifeless corpses, my vision went red.

When the blood cleared from my eyes, I was shocked to see that I've gone back to a time, to a world where you were still alive.

Bibek Oct 7

She speaks to me, the cold,
In the teeth that clatter,
In the glasses that shatter,
From her blows

The cold reaches me,
I can understand what she says,
She whispers chills,
Into my skin, and it stays,
Until it reaches my heart,

Then suddenly, she blows out
Whispering again, into my ears,
That my heart is colder than her,
Reaching there is what she fears,

Feel like i am driven from something dark
Tori Schall Oct 3

Lying On the floor,
Unmoving, Lifeless, Numb.
PLease Awake from your slumber
Don't let them tell me you are gone

I'll beg and plead for you to stay
won't let them take you away
you'll wake up soon,
you aren't really gone

Why are you so cruel
You had to waste your life
when I saw you upon the floor
I knew you had taken your own life

So as you lay Lifeless,
as the people rush in
they take you away in a black bag
and I know that it's the end.

I search for myself in your face You are in my eyes such that Even dreams don’t find any space .............

Love is Unconditional
josh wilbanks Sep 17

Centerd around golden seeds
Velvetine pedals from my ivory stem
Beautiful on the outside but
Lifeless deep within

Maybe im not okay going it alone
Yanamari Sep 15

Bubbles rising to the surface
Echoing in the silent landscape
The body moving perpetually
Poison spreading through the body
The body tearing apart from its center

Images that come to mind...
natalie Sep 9

you grab at me, foreboding.
i writhe away, loathing.
brooding, conspiring, a knock at the door.
our love is eternal, forevermore.

i miss you, my angel.
Scarlet M Sep 7

Barren eyes, bleak and lifeless,
         in the end,
         that’s how he left me,
         feet half buried into the ground,
         breathing in the pain,
         while drowning in his silence.

Asonna Aug 21

.. Broken

.. Empty


.. Gone

Soldiers surrender their blood
To the soil from which they were born
Their lifeless faces contemplate
Where their never-ending worlds went wrong

High atop
Where the snowy rooftops
Blend into pure bleached skies
Is where they find

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