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Jeremy Betts Mar 27
An organic cell
An inescapable cage
A personal hell
A shell of rampant rage

Under a digital spell
Center stage
A deadly swell
Safety not easy to gauge

How quickly the bar fell
A sageless age
Shhhh, don't tell
It's the same on every page

Ken Pepiton Feb 12
Look out,
across time, go
windborn in our mind being,

look out,
into the depths of ever being,

rethink the processes time used,
reimagine the silence at the moment.

All for us to have our own being in,
confined in common sense of the we
the one we of us since ever was a time,

before now, and later, still,
this same concurrency of events…

our crossing point in time.

Instants of peaceable knowing, growing
into states of conscious knowing use.
Hexambicality, six points from any center leaves seven total points.
Any point made remains made... a little here, a little there, precept reception.
Seeing you and her together would certainly scathe a lot
It is seeing the epitome of everything we're not
But may be better than not seeing you at all
Except in the photographs hanging on my wall
You sent a message (I haven't bothered to read)
The first three words;
"Amanda I need"
No apology for torturing me bad
That made me pretty mad
I've liked always talking to you
Was on a ledge with a helluva view
But I am determined never to jump
I'm not going to hit the ground with a thump
I will not let you control me anymore
Best way to do that is to ignore
I hate the way I am under your magic spell
There's nothing that can save me from this hell
Seeing is believing...
leeaaun Jan 15
In fairytales spun with threads of gold,
Fantasy weaves tales, but truth untold,
Dreams painted in hues of perfection,
Reality's absence, a cruel deception.

Characters clad in virtues so divine,
Yet life's complexities, they undermine,
For in the real world, shadows persist,
Fairytales evade truths that exist.

In castles tall, love's kiss breaks the spell,
But reality's truths, a harder sell,
In flawed hearts, love's journey is strife,
Fairytales deny the tumultuous life.

Happily ever after, a whimsical notion,
Life's challenges scorn such devotion,
For happiness waltzes with sorrow's song,
Fairytales mask the struggles lifelong.

So, I loathe the tales with happy endings,
Reality's narrative, it keeps transcending,
In life's tapestry, flaws are an art,
Fairytales, a facade, keeping us apart.
She stole my poem,
and so did my heart.
She stole my love
and made days full of open wounds.
She came back,
complaining that she couldn't spell
the words I had written to her in my poem, "how this love is so silent?"
Indonesia, 26th December 2023
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Evie Helen Dec 2023
With my hips I sign my name
Into your pleasure,
I cast my spell into your breath
And watch you fall
You’re sinking into me whether you
Like it, or you
Admit your love, succumb to me
My love, don’t sink
Just float.
A true story
FunSlower Oct 2023
Bury your halo
In the light of silver snow.
There is an overpass
Where people stare as we go.

How can I lay low
When you look at me like that?
There is silence in you,
I can’t seem to hold back.

I’m under your spell now.
You know me too well now.
I can see you make me weak.

There’s a line of gold
From your eyelids to my soul.
All this time I’ve known; I can’t just lay low.
I will miss you when you go!
Will you kiss me in the snow?
Kiss Me
Miss Me
Jme Love Oct 2023
I Wonder where
I Might wander to
If i had a friend or
two To wander Too
Words make me wonder. They really  make me think. Did i use it right or is it rite? How are we to know that a k in front of n o w will make the sound no but add a w to no and we have now. Thats the easy part. English is hard.
leeaaun Jan 2023
call hypnos
the Greek God of sleep
to cast me under his spell
as all i wanted was
to cherish a
Tao Dec 2022
The sun dies as the night comes to start my day anew
The glistening tears threaten to fall
Twinkling; thrumming on taut sinew
Grey define my mood
It foams and rolls, it toils and crawls
Again the thunderous sound
Again regretfully it sounds
The stable seas unleashed
A cry carried on the wind
In the deafening crash
           I seem to hear the sound of my
       heart break
Long time no see
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