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Maria Mitea Oct 15
Do you have a chariot to fly
trough the blue sky
and flocks of thirsty stars?
This night is all yours,
Wait at the dusk darling,
Meet the night and day kissing,
Be ready,
Break the spell, if you want
Have me,
Be my fighting dreams,
Bring the sweetness of your lips,
Tonight we can taste how is like to be
night and day kissing in the dusk.
Savio Fonseca Sep 27
I wish I could Spell,
the Tears that are Falling.
Whipped by a Storm.
Your name, I keep Calling.
Darling...........U left Me,
with a Broken Heart.
After crying each Tear,
My Life has fallen Apart.
My Broken Heart lies,
shattered on the Floor.
Each piece is waiting,
for your knock on My Door.
A Broken Smile,
shows up on My Face
and Tears of rejection,
is written all over My Place.
Poetic T Aug 31
You were the spell,
              I was the words

and together we created

min Jul 25
you cast a spell on me
and to my delight,
i felt the same
tingling sensation
in my spine.
let me tell you this,
lovely enchantress —
you need not cast
a spell on me
for right from the start,
you already
enchanted me.
you keep enchanting me still.
Amidst the star - land islands melt into amber lanterns
Deep under the snowy glitter that encircles the vast sphere of the world
Like inkpot spilling it's misty spell
Foggy ants creep and devour golden earth
Quietly, softly
The budding breast of the sky overflows in tinted notes to observe and silence
Wild spirit  
dancing under
bathing in  
Her nocturnal


Shadow twisting
around the fire
naked skin
toes skimming
in exultation

ibkreator Jun 29
****** thy chest to a swallows breast
Fix feet to ground white fire blessed
Flow breath in kind on highest tide
Set compass north thru eyes be wide

Raise tongue to taste thy words not waste
Let voice be rich and sowing
Set thought no aim be blind to game
Its fert be not worth knowing
Fert - suffers bears
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ibkreator Jun 11
Fly sparrow fly
on edge of wing be quest
stir appetite on peckered sight
fly sparrow fly

Rip sparrow rip
a send on to a writ
a lope in turn be widows yern
rip sparrow rip
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