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The shallow kisses onto my hair
Damp or dry, you never care
The hugs you randomly give
At night, I would relive
The small talks we make
Once it starts, there never is a break
Your laugh even at the lamest jokes I tell
Your reaction after realizing you fell
For yet another silly game
Amusing, how it always end up the same
The cringe, most of the time, we get
As you start your pick up line, that's outdated 
This list could go on at least a dozen more line
All of what I'd miss aside from you and this bliss combine
Once you finally break away, see through everything well
Escape from as what you call it, sometimes, A spell.
Caitlin Oct 4
My desire was forbidden
The fruit on the tree
I was told that the fruit on that tree was too good to be eaten by someone like me
I reached up anyway and picked the forbidden fruit from that tree
I unapologetically bit into it to find out that it was so ******* sweet that I dropped to my knees and let the sensations to follow take over me
As its sweetness had casted a spell on my body people told me of its sin
I could never understand why what was so sweet to me could be considered bitter and rotten by those who claimed they only want what is best for me
Perhaps they are scared, and it has kept them from trying it
Perhaps I’ve known so much bitter that I had been dying to have it
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Carmen Jane Sep 25
In response to the knock on the door
I ran to open it and it was me,I was floored
Then my ear itched and I reached
Only to fall out of my ear,oh dear!

I flossed myself out from my grainiest smile
And lay on the tips of my eyelashes
I collected my thoughts and myself in a file
I burned it and  rose  from the ashes.

I swam an ocean so I can arrive in time
To be the reflection of myself looking down
I made myself smile although I was kicked
In ripples surrounding my ankles.

I can spell my name with my eyes closed
I know you can spell yours too
The message in this rhyme is enclosed
I hope you don't mind I chose your alley
                       To pass through...
Zywa Sep 22
Lured into the cave
by curly hair
reflected on the ceiling
behind the entrance, I hope

to discover a wonder
not believing in an evil
spell that will **** me
on a chilly oyster bank

shivering I lie on the nail bed
that is cutting open my skin
while I repeat the mantra
It's not real, the knives

about to fall, the horror
of the maggots that slither
to my eyes and pop into
my head like dying fireworks

It's not real, It's not real
it's the cool of the mountain
it's ice drip and stalactites
it's the shiny glitter

of water on the wall, wonders
of pristine nature, feeding
my imagination with images
of what I don't want to do to her
Collection “Being”
Karisa Brown Sep 8
The spell
The spell
The spell



Freedom ring
Lazyboy time
No more fears

The END...
or is it
Carmen Jane Sep 6
Bravely you step on the round rocks
Ignoring the sharp ones
Loudly you sing for the snail
In hopes it will show it's head
And when it starts crawling
You'll hop on its shell, hoping
For the best ride of your life
You just know, with you, it'll fly!
Then the spirals of the shell
Will put you under a spell
You'll color the leaves of the trees
In all fall colors,as you please
You'll do your famous shrugs
Plant upside down some bulbs
In hopes that it will grow
On the other side of the world!
Snail, snail, me and you, we'll never fail
Snail, snail, inhale, exhale...
Nathalie Aug 24
Shame cannot survive
In a vessel of authenticity
Genuine integrity
Does not fall under
The guise or spell
Of an illusory
Standard of morality
It is only by
Discovering our
Own intrinsic value and worth
That the life we live
Births wings of choice
A freedom granted to
Everyone; once their awareness
Pierced through veils
Of inherited beliefs
And repeated limitations
A playback of the mind
That has been confined
Into fear induced programs
Which only serves
To repeat hurts  
Of lineages past

OpenWorldView Aug 22
he speaks in silence
the poem of her beauty.
a spell unbroken
Mitch Prax Aug 13
I dated a witch-
her magic made me wish it
had never ended

6:34 PM
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