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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, no offense to photography<3---I don't like someone taking my picture:}

unfair for my ancestors and the great greats of the past before

them faces to stay unknown unrecognized in future evermore

call me stupid call me crazy call me insecure

but my veins fear that shoot to endure

eyes perplexed on captured focus

not understanding that optic motion only-in our century a bonus

mind entering a vacant slash

cameras must be abandoned gone illegal in that flash

deadhead Apr 12
the streets were empty,
and the asphalt shined
with the late storm's rain.
but it was silent now.
roaring silence, which
screamed each time
the light switched
between those three
incessant colors.
oh how the red screeched
the loudest of all, a silent
scream, "STOP!"
the wind pays no mind,
and blows right on through.
i felt inspired by a memory, i suppose
neth jones Mar 28
vagrancy forms the pupil
loitering firms a study
a passenger of the seasonal influence

believe in the homeless
the pigeons and the litter
lovingly observe the unhandled gaps
in our gathered mouthings

believe in big babies
believe in display
the posters
the money bleed
that we are sincere to
and the signals that thread us
to one single box

invited and isolated
on vacation
and vacated

inattentive pupils
Samara Nov 2020
I was cold
sitting by a broken radiator
cursing it for leaving me warmless.
Lost May 2020
The same Bright Eyes album
With the same feeling
In the same bed
Looking at a different ceiling

Some things stay the same
And some things will change
But it all feels old
Musty, dusty,
Stained with mold

Water damage on the walls of my room in the double wide
Are like the new stretch marks on my stomach
My plaster skin, my sheetrock hide

If I pick
The paint
Comes off
Rubbery in slippery fingers
Little round fingertip
Jagged cuticle I bit

I can’t remember much
But nothing feels new
My optic nerves receive stimuli
With no brain to register to

I am not blind
I think I might just choose
To leave my mind places
I won’t go back to
I already have a poem titled “VACANT” but tbh after writing over 100 poems it’s getting quite difficult to come up with new titles each time lol.

I hope you’re all doing alright during these uncertain times. Much love to all of you wonderful members of this community :)
Leila Feb 2020
will we ever see the end ?
we wont ever escape.
crying out we said,
"hell is empty"
but its our hearts
that are empty instead.
ever felt lonely in a room full of people ?
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Was it a destiny
Or a coincidence?
To cast away
Womb of hope
Little by little

Till zeal is lost
Till the faith is blur
Till numbness felt
Till heavy breaths
Till one is cold
When nothing repairs
And the soul is dead

Little by little
Nothing remains
No one to blame
And the Time said
I will never be
The same
With emptiness
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: When nothing matters
horse of
mire tired
in cold
his Lazarus
was this
rat escaped
a boon
that abut
the wall
above Savannah
and lie
as Prescott
stir crazy
at the
bone it
joined and
gatekeeper's droll
My favorite horse in Arizona
eva-mae coffey Nov 2019
This week I have wandered.
alone, a lost ghost among my regular haunts.
from the coffee shop in the park to the icy edge of the ocean I strayed,
Then returned to the warm yellow windows of my family home.
My hair is a mess, hasn’t been washed and left in a low tuft, at the nape of my neck, twined together with a green satin ribbon.

This week I have wandered.
Alone, a lost ghost among my regular haunts,
from the kitchen I crawled back to the warmth of my solitary sanctuary.
And there I stayed, as normal, in my navy knee length sweatshirt and joggers.

And now, as I sit in my single bed, pale back against the radiator, the tears finally come.
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