Maverick Feb 10
I want to light 

My couch on fire

Because whenever I turn the corner

All I see is you 

Running your fingers

Through my hair

While I’m looking up 


Then I blink

And you disappear.

I don’t keep 

My phone on me


What’s the point?

Your name won’t show up

And everyone else is white noise

Compared to your bass

That revived the butterflies 

Making them dance in

What now is a vacant space.

I’m thinking 

If I keep myself busy

Maybe my heartbreak 
won’t catch up to me

But this day will end

I’ll run out of breath

The pinnacle of my anxiety

Crushes me like a train

For now my nightmare is living

A sunset without you again.
That was a star in millions,
Which I wanted to touch from core of my heart.
Just to touch from warmth but not to touch so harsh.
Yeah! That was vacant from any bothered shine,
He made me do sins, his lips were like vine.
I saw him on the full moon,
He was shining brighter then the moon.
He doesn't believe on sun anymore,
Just a thing that gives light for sure.
His disbelieve made me believe,
In love and destiny.
I tried to touch him cause I got sparkled in his shine,
And then when I touched him he lost his shine,
He drowned in darkness,
And never appear again.
Again I destroyed a star in million!
Being satanic and dark I stay now low
Spreading the curse wherever I go.
-Being in love and don't wanted to hurt love is a next level kinda thing,
Cause let's just admit it im the end we all wanted to get that person whom we have loved and YASS! If you can keep distance fronm them because of them then YASS you are CURSED with love.
Diya Nov 2017
The reality is so painful
Pushing me to a plight that is so awful.

Day dreaming is a dangerous stuff
But I escape into it,cause my reality is so tough.

I can't fit into the atmosphere I'm provided
It feels as if my mouth is dumbed and eyes are blinded.

I don't know what to do at the moment
I am lacking severely a  positive potent.

Sadness  has been my shadows for somedays
With full of pain and severe heartaches.

An inch of love would be useful from your heart
Cause now I'm becoming  chemically inert!
People are separating... Families are turning onto strangers....I need the old sweet unity back! Almighty Please Help!
Britney Lyn Sep 2017
I stare out the window some three stories up off the ground.
I could live up here, never having to worry about the world below.
I can see the tops of the trees and all their branches reaching up.
And so did I.
I was always scared of highest, but I no longer feel that fear.
I only fear that I feel nothing.
Not a thing.
I’m sure if you’d pinch me I’d feel a form of pain but emotionally I’m lost.
As if I no longer have a voice speaking to me, I no longer occupy my own mind.
I’m absent, vacant.
I wish to be like the trees, above my problems, above my worries.
But again maybe I am like the trees.
Always reaching for something I’ll never truly touch or have.
I just want to lay my hand on your chest and feel your heartbeat, if you still have one.
I see the pain
Has marked my face
I am nothing
If not a disgrace

The lines that I
Have long drawn
Make me tired
And so I yawn

I look at all this mess
There is no outcome
And so I guess

This is just how it is
Nothing else to this

But I hate that thought
That these relationships
Are simply for nought

I don't want to believe
That this is true
But that's how it seems
Judging by the view

But maybe the view is wrong
Maybe I need to look
For a little bit longer
And maybe the outlook will change

I long to be close
To a human soul
And have each other
Truly know

The inner workings
And the outer show
But instead in my heart
The distance will grow

I am unsure
If its worth the risk
I am not pure

Perhaps that is why
Everyone will fly
Away from me
When they see
Who I really am
And my life is a sham
I am not me
Or who I want to be
But i long to grow
And to show
The world all my work
To let them all look
What the demon took
And see how I went on
And continued living
But yet no one know
And so I am alone.
Random nothingness my poems seem to be getting worse and worse the more I write.
skyler Jul 2017
she built a home for him in her heart

but he moved out and left it empty

so now her insides feel like a ghost town

with a haunting vacancy from lost love

You left me .
You left without a letter.
You left without a goodbye.
Fuck you came into my life without even saying hello. You didn't  introduce yourself, you barged in through the doors of my heart, and expected me to immediately make room for you, and so i did.
I pushed things aside, and i swept under the rug. While you propped your feet on my back, i vacuumed myself up and cleaned myself up to please you. I became invisible, just for your liking. You would leave me vacant for days on end using my body as a time machine, and when you arrived back "Home" you expected a fucking sandwich and a beer. The day you left you turned me into an empty warehouse. You took everything. The fridge, the stove, the couch, the microwave;  And worst of all you didn't even sweep up the shit under the rug. I picked it up. I did. Putting myself back together one dirty piece at a time. And every day after that i visited the furniture store, finding pieces that complimented my soul better than the ones you took. I turned my warehouse into a castle. Perfect for the Queen who occupied it, all to herself.

"Sometimes We Give Ourself The Love We Think We Deserve" - Perks of Being a Wallflower .
Wyatt Apr 2017
How far does the sky go
and how far can I follow?
Can my weighted arms turn
into bright white wings
and scale the unknown?
Forget all my follies
and forgive all my failures,
shine light in my
weary, defeated eyes
and place yourself
atop my vacant mind.
Give me something
I could never find.
If life ends when I
pass the blue then I'll
keep going to it until I
have to kick the chair.
Take me away.
How far can I follow?
Vexren4000 Jan 2017
To where has sanity flown?
Over hilltops and verdant expanses,
Over the bluest and deepest of oceans,
To the most desolate of dried, yellowed deserts.
I know that sanity is no longer in supply.
I have found it to be a vacancy in my mind,
as time relentlessly consumes my youth.
I still have not found the truth,
As to where my sanity does hide.

Eileen Xu Dec 2016
Cracked skin
Empty eyes
Chapped lips
Sullen sigh

But a ghost
In woman's shell
I'm no longer here
Can't you tell?
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