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Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
my confidence fading
my ego is bruised
so please excuse me
while I lick my wounds
don't worry, I'll come back every bit as abrasive and headstrong as ever
Jupiter Dec 2018
she would not let anything nor anyone defy her
so when the sun shone his oppressive gaze down on her
she stared back with just as much power
until her eyes turned to ash and her face, forever marred.
Ryan Holden Jan 2018
Becoming this
Becoming that
I admire the heart
that wears the skin
of a woman
who knows
what she admires
Please don't change.
Amour de Monet May 2014
I need to see more, love more, hate more, be broken more, have my soul ripped out, and then ripped from wherever it was tossed to, I need to mourn, and become tired, I need to shine and outshine until the light is blinding, I need to explore and feel and think and breathe just a little deeper a little more effortlessly a little more passion driven and full blooded, I need to be more head strong and ******, I need to be old and young and all the in between, I need to live and die and be reborn, and read, read everything front to back and cover to cover, in every language. In every color, I need to listen and absorb, until life and death are all in one, until my ears bleed and my bones are brittle, until my **** is worn and my heart torn and sewn so many times it’s a solid rock of scars, I need to be everything good bad beautiful devilish and pure…so I can be a better writer.

— The End —