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polihelly Sep 28
I looked at myself
Broken and crying
Tear stained cheeks every morning
Not wanting to continue
End this overwhelming pain

I met you
You lit the fire inside me
Taught me to keep that fire burning
Taught me to stand when others push me down
Taught me to accept myself
To love myself

You found me
And I found you
You gave me light in this pitch darkness
We reached the sky
Hands intertwine

I woke up and found out
That it's me who found you
It's me who pushed myself further into you
T'was me who believe in myself

I found my name
I used my voice
I stand for someone too weak to fight
All because of you
Hey! It's been so long since I write hehehe~ God bless y'all!
IG: cdg.mjpk
Twitter: thechloepie
Mark Sep 10
This far divided land

Where the rice grows free

Has always had corrupt men

Stopping their life's dreams

It's in their veins

It's not that easy

To make it flow on out

For a thousand years

The same has been

Even when a million men

Wearing blue denim jeans

Came marching in

To change our ways

It's not what this is all about

While the people we trust

Pop out of man-made holes

And look like they've been

Tunnelling like moles

Where the enemy lines

Have stood for a thousand years

During the day

We're all so polite

But in the night

We all have to go and fight

The un-invited western men

Always seem to lose sight

Their communist fears

Were ingrained in their mothers womb

And will always end in tears

Where the streets smell of Pho

As you pass on by

And if looks could ****

If you dare to say hi

The aromatic love incense

Wafts in the fog filled air

Where the market crowds come

And traders buy and sell

The lonely planet guides

Write of this unusual smell

The local giggles should tell you

That you don't really belong there

So goodbye Hanoi

This time we can't ignore the flack

I'm going home

And I ain't ever coming back

My wife is waiting

To mend me back in one piece

We've had that awful feeling

Since it all became so fierce

I want to head home so bad

Now they've invaded our embassy

When they don't want our help for a truce

And it doesn't bring the change

That the westerners wanted to produce

So just leave it in the hands of ones own chosen destiny.
Mark Sep 10
You can call us all, including our dog, your hero men  
So when you need help quickly call 9/11  
Rescue we try and save you we hope, from Gods sun filled heaven    
but sometimes we lose out to the devil in this ash scattered hell    
Climbing the steps and spraying the fire, that nobody's skin should've felt    
Bringing you out, one by one, just hold on tight to my safety belt.
We are there to protect you, not to distress you    
Dressed in blue, pistol and taser at side, all in full view    
We arrest the speedsters, traffickers and all the gangsters    
Let the judges decide if the sentence should incur extra time for visitors    
Your lawyers, barristers and familiar jailbird friends    
Will testify, use false alibi to get you off and to make amends.
We're racing to the scene with the medicine in the back    
Inside bed, needles and portable CPR machine, just in case of a heart attack    
We will revive the dead, patch up a sore head and even help mother with newborn    
So let us through with ease and don't for a second put your hand on the horn    
For one day, it might be you or your family or even a long lost friend    
That is waiting for the moving medical miracle machine in the end.
We dress in disguise, mainly in tree green and dirt black    
On the back of tanks, falling from the sky and we won't take any flak    
We're here with orders from the guy at the top    
So don't get upset at us, when we come back with a hop    
We fight to protect the freedom of all mankind    
Just doing our job and hoping not to leave, anybody behind.
Kyle Mouat Aug 22
Life is a tyrant with an army of darkness
That wields weapons of pure awfulness,
While I am a fool that stands against it alone,
And all I can feel is fear in my bones.

Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, and more
Stand together in that mighty large army.
But Life has a far more effective weapon to use on me,
Hope! It’s a well placed trap that keeps me from being free.

Hope is a promise of an end to the loneliness,
But in truth it is secretly an empty abyss.
And it will make me defenseless and easy to slay
With all of the destruction that life will send my way.

I will be struck first with anxiety
Which will lead me to stay away from society.
Depression will be the next to attack,
And it will leave me far behind with no chance of a comeback.

Finally loneliness will strike a near fatal blow,
Making me feel like I’ve reached an all time low.
Hope will still be there to deal the final strike,
Stabbing me in the back with a large metal spike.

I will still be alive but only because they want it so,
So I can feel all of the  pain they inflicted and know
That they will leave but soon they'll return,
Because there will be much more of me to burn.

Bystanders will walk by and offer words of encouragement
But they will keep their distance and pretend that I am nonexistent.
Because no one wants to take time to assist a fool,
Thus leaving me thinking that people are cruel.

Before the battle I helped many individuals heal,
From their fights with their own demons and things that were too real.
Now it is my turn to call for their aid,
But alas no one wants to help remove the blade.

So I lie there, with a sword in my back,
Pinning my to the ground making a crack.
I feel the blood drain from my the wound,
Leaking the pieces of my heart which makes me feel doomed.

But I will take advantage of this,
And become a man that is emotionless.
I will remove this blade and stand tall,
Letting life know that never again will I fall.

It can send all its weapons against me,
But I will be strong like an oak tree.
Hope will no longer make me feel weak,
Because I am now an hopeless freak.

So once more, against life I will stand alone,
But this time there is nothing in my heart but stone.
And all of those who had ignored me will be sorry,
At the sight of me, a powerful one man army.
Manish Kumar Jul 20
Early to bed & early to rise,

makes a man healthy, wealthy &wise.

It's what has been told ,

by men who were wise.

But there are people,

who don't follow such advice.

They work day and night

even in freezing ice,

and guard in fields

where their feet get eaten by mice.

They are the soldiers

and what they do, is called sacrifice.
AIA Jul 17
This garden is filled
With blossoming loneliness
I tied myself
To this sandcastle filled with thorns
What is your name?
Do you even have a place to go?
Oh, could you tell me?
I saw you hiding in this garden

And I know
Your heat is real
Your hand picks the blue flowers
I want to hold it but

This is my destiny
Don’t smile on me
Light on me
Because I can’t go to you
There’s no name to call

You know that I can’t
Show you me
Give you me
I can’t show you my weakness
So I’m putting on a mask to go see you
But I still want you

A flower that resembles you
Blossomed in this garden of loneliness
I wanted to give it to you
As I take off this stupid mask

But I know
This can’t go on forever
I must hide
Because I’m ****

I’m afraid
So pathetic
I’m so afraid
In the end, will you leave me too?
So I’m putting on a mask to go see you

What I can do is
To make a pretty flower
That resembles you
Blossom in this garden, in this world
Then breathe as the person you know
But I still want you
I still want you

Maybe back then
If I had just a little more
And stood before you
Would everything be different now?

I’m crying
At this sandcastle
That’s disappearing
And breaking down
As I look at this broken mask
And I still want you

But I still want you
But I still want you
And I still want you
This is a lyric from the song of BTS titled The Truth Untold which is based on a true story way back on 1500's - 1600's.

It takes place in a small town in Italy The story's about an '****' man who hid in an old castle alone. because of his looks he received lots of hate & cruelty while growing up. He never opened his heart to anyone. Whenever they tried to approach him, he hid in anger. His happiness was to plant flowers in his garden.

One day a woman appeared near the man's castle. She jumped over the garden fence and stole a flower. This angered the man at first. So he watched his garden all night. But when he fell a sleep, the woman took another flower. This continued for several nights. The man pretended to be asleep and watched the woman steal a flower. He started becoming curious about the woman. He began waiting for her. without realizing he kept waiting for her to come and the next day seemed a little brighter.

Following after her one day, he realized that she was selling the flowers that she stole from him to make a living. The man desperately wanted to help the woman. But he was afraid she would be terrified by the way he looks. He knew she would not love his 'grotesque' appearance. He came to a conclusion that the only way he would be able to help her is to let her continue stealing flowers from his garden. The man decided to make a flower that doesn't exist on the planet. So that the woman could sell them at a expensive price. He began to make the flower in his castle.

After many unsuccessful attempts, the man made a flower that didn't exist and filled his garden. But the woman stopped coming. No matter how long he waited she never came to his garden. He eventually found out that the woman had died.

Listen to the song on Youtube or in Spotify sp you could feel the vibe.
Thank you. ^_^
PS. Credits to the one who typed the story on youtube. :))
Lovely Nobody Jun 12
my life was like a rope walk
a thin rope of sanity I walked on
and below was a thousand feet Valley of depression,
you miss a step ,you never come back.
struggling to balance myself ,
and then I met you .
the saviour ,
like the albatross
who came to save the ancient mariner.
you came into my life and with you came hope.
the rope beneath my feet widened ,
widened to become a plank.
and as you grew closer,
the plank became solid ground.
the valley started to disappear
and the fear melted down.
now I could risk missing steps,
enjoying the grass and the tiny falls.
it felt like never before ,
and there was no turning back.
but I realised, on the ground I wasn't alone .
not just mine,
but you had saved a zillion lives .
but that didn't matter now .
they all loved you and so did I .
so we all pledged :
to help you, to love you forever
and that anything that gets to you
have to first get through us .
we all are debtors of your love
and we will pay back by standing by you .
you are the nation of our happiness
and we are your A.R.M.Y.

saranghae BTS
thank you for being In our lives for 6 years .
BTS, not just a boyband to us ARMYs, but our inspiration ........our source of happiness

Michael May 1
Old soldiers never die,
They just keep on marching by,
In ***** or by the right,
Their legions prove a wondrous sight
When viewed in memory.
But looking on with memory,
Shows only what we want to see.
And while illuminating youth,
It hides from us the actual truth,
Does memory.
It never shows the blood, the fear,
It obfuscates the anguished tear,
And as those shadows march on by,
Do we forget they had to die – to live
In memory?
Keswick barracks Adelaide 2017
Lovely Nobody Apr 15
I've loved before
But back then it wasn't me who loved,
It was my anima.

The fake love
Was just my body and someone else's soul.
So then my shadows
Showed me my darkness.

My introspection
Showed me myself.
So I grew to love myself
And love as myself
No more fake love.

So here I am,
Loving all over again
But it feel like never before
I know it has happened
But this time feels like first time

Coz this time
Its not my anima in love
Its my persona in love.
Love yourself Her: anima
Love yourself Tear: shadow
Love yourself Answer : self
Map of soul : persona
c Apr 8
I am not alone
My father stands beside me with a shield
His army stands behind

This is how it has been
Is how it shall be

I am not fearless
But I have none to fear

My father pursues those
Who come
In pursuit of me

So I will not fear
For who can stand
Against the Almighty?
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