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Owen Jul 2022
This life is lonely.
This life is hard.
Everything and nothing.
Everyone and no one.
Living and dying.
Love and hate.
Pain and peace.
They want all of you,
and none of you.
No Balance.
It never ends.
It never ends.
It never ends.
Andy Chunn Jun 2022
The doctors would always take turns
And Hawkeye would have his concerns
The nurse with hot lips
Was swinging her hips
Enticing the lonely Frank Burns
andres Apr 2022
its in my blood to create music and spread Peace and Love. it has always been that way. Dream to do a collab with the great 7.
calypso Jan 2022
warriors did not build
there barriers to be broken
made with a brave stone  
no push could penetrate

were an army of 86
to pull its length,
its fall would cause eruptions.
the land would be calm
never to experience destruction

where did they come from?
why do they build blocks?
how does an army dare
to divide the great wall?
my walls are my study block. i cant get myself to study for anything and I have my exams coming up. nice poem I got out of it.
Methmi Mandara Dec 2021
'World Wide Handsome' you are making us smile
Gorgeous you are with all your style
A flying kisser you are for the violet wave
Making them full of crave

Boy, you are shining so far
From the car door you went to a star
Cheered by the purple crowd
"He is my son", your mama is proud

Defeat sapphire your eyes are
Losing fire your warmth pass
"ARMY!" your voice echoing in our ears
Fading all our pathos and fear
Happy Birthday Jin!
Svetoslav Nov 2021
The only boy in the family got drafted into the army. He saw that the journey away from home might be his last. "Mother, please take this rose. I will come back once it has withered," the young man said to his mother as he wiped the tear on her cheek. He went down the road looking at the sky. The rose never withered, and the boy never returned. His ashes were scattered in the winds by the explosion that devastated his journey. His name got engraved on a stone, and that is what's left of him. One time he prayed to return and two times he perished. One time he was posthumously awarded and two times he was remembered.
Memorial to the people that gave their lives for their cause.
They headed to the battlefield with enormous courage,
fought for what they believe in
and caught the prize of remembrance and honor.
Even though they wanted to live happily with their families.

Many children were left without their dads
and many grandchildren had no grandfathers there to love and play with.
All of this was because of the desire to conquer
and wishes for fortune of some people.

Here this stone will remain
with the names of the fallen heroes for eternity.
For their families to remember and what they could have had
if it wasn't for the mindless people and their blade of destiny.
The flowers we put show that their sacrifice wasn't in vain.
Methmi Mandara Oct 2021
In the purple ocean deep
You came to us serendipitously
Became a filter of our lives
Took a promise as "Love Yourself"
Seeing our universe from your smile
Gazing at your unique style
Cuter and sweeter than honeyed mochi
Or warmer than the sultry sun
The ability of your duality starts
By melting all the ARMYs hearts

You are the Prince of Busan Jiminah!
Wrote it for the BTS member, Park Jimin
Owen Jun 2021
I dont care who you are,
please speak ill
of the men and women
that walked through hell
that carried on as their family fell
that gave everything
to include their lives
so you might sleep in peace at night.
Go ahead,
speak ill,
so we may serve you,
so we may silence you.
If you served or are serving you know the frustration of knowing people who will never understand, who will hate you for what you do.
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