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Fat sounds, and fingers
spread ugly phleghming sharting stains on
Cotton, shiny white and new. And
Spit and ***** books a slot on,
Saturdays outfit change and
Its ok.
August Jul 10
my heart
is a butterfly
rolling round my chest
don't know where it wants to go

i always thought
when they said
follow your heart
they meant
that your heart
would know
where to go
With an empty mind I'll survive
Drift among the stars
To a secluded cabin in the sky
I'll spy on myself from above
Cotton clouds high
Feel nothing when my hollow husk
Gets ambushed in the pit
Tumbles and dies
Free I'll fly
My kingdom won't be reality
But I'l finally have something that's mine
The Secret of Her Clothes
by Michael R. Burch

The secret of her clothes
is that they whisper a little mysteriously
of things unseen

in the language of nylon and cotton,
so that when she walks
to her amorous drawers

to rummage among the embroidered hearts
and rumors of pastel slips
for a white wisp of Victorian lace,

the delicate rustle of fabric on fabric,
the slightest whisper of telltale static,
electrifies me.

Published by Erosha, Velvet Avalanche (Anthology) and Poetry Life & Times

Keywords/Tags: clothes, lingerie, nylon, cotton, amorous, drawers, slips, lace, static, electricity, mystery, mysterious
Lydeen Dec 2019
Copper coil,
Condensed candy,
Ceding comfort,


Cyclical contentment,
Cool convenience,
Captivatingly casual.


Clean conclusion,
Cheerless continuation,
Cultivating casualties.

Dude alliteration is hardddd
TheKatIsDead Oct 2019
It's almost gone now
The feeling where the wind blows
every single cotton up to the sky
Like a fog of clouds filling the sights of mine

Yet, not all cotton flies like the rest
Some stick to you even when you push it away
Even when you do your best to remove it

So I kept the cotton fur, even if it's annoying
It still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
I miss the sky, but sometimes I miss you even more
Even if you aren't mine to begin with
Anastasia Sep 2019
thinking about the way we used to be
and then looking at your face
its like
shoving cotton into an open wound
it's soft
but it hurts
you're so happy
without me
and i don't know why i act like it's my fault
i know it's not
i can't help but feel
that i wasn't good enough for you
i miss you
i really do
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