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Anastasia Sep 19
thinking about the way we used to be
and then looking at your face
its like
shoving cotton into an open wound
it's soft
but it hurts
you're so happy
without me
and i don't know why i act like it's my fault
i know it's not
i can't help but feel
that i wasn't good enough for you
i miss you
i really do
Taste the world;
with every dish
that brings such a bliss.

Let your receptors explore,
the burning sensation of spice;
the tingling sensation of sour.

Allow your tongue to be coated
in the cotton candy sweetness.

Take crusty bites between your teeth
letting it explode into a thousand little pieces -
dancing inside your mouth.

Allow the citrusy undertones
to trigger serotonin
and curve the edges of your mouth.

Allow your brain to relish
your taste buds to embellish
as your hunger diminishes.
annh Jul 4
Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Pick me some bluesy strings;
Tie me a bunch of wildflower quavers,
Let’s hear how your phoney sax sings.

Dip me in treacle,
Needle me with soul,
Groove me some dirt and some bass;
******* your ***** devil’s pipe strong,
Let’s play us some bourbon and lace.

Spin me some velvet,
Scuff me over with gravel,
Lay me down in meadowsong;
Rent me a dime’s worth of old dust and daydreams,
Honey chil’, you cain’t do me no wrong.

‘Sometimes I sound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream.’
- Nina Simone

‘Sing me a love song in a slow, southern drawl to the tune of sunny days.’
- Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard
Anastasia Jun 25
taste of you like sugar clouds
your voice in my head, so loud
tracing little circles on my legs
i know i'm not the only one who begs
i wanna draw all over your skin again
make you laugh, sounds like heaven
taste of you like warm cotton candy
see you at the beach, shirtless and sandy
laughter echoes within my bones
how lovely you are,
your heart is my home
love you so, that crooked grin
everyone think of you
i just want to let you in
taste of to like soft candy petals
traces of your heart
scorched on metal
I'd like to sit with you
on those sugar clouds
legs dangle off
our voices loud
Deen Apr 16
Twist around your own bones,
and sheets,
and moans.
My mouth is no longer yours for the taking.
Twirl around your own selfish woven
cotton candy,
because I have no sugar left for you.
Just sand.
Small, weathered rocks.
Gritty between your teeth,
instead of pleasing
and melting on your tongue.
Your grumbling stomach tells you that you want more,
but you'll starve.
Starve on single packets of **** you bought at the grocery,
on **** you call for,
but are never there to receive.
I went fishing for compliments.
A good night, a good week, a good ****.
When I caught you,
I didn't realize the insides were all rotted out,
or else I would have thrown you back into the sea.
That sea of whatever's and
candle-lit dinners.
Of, "Let's just go with it".
And, "Woah, woah, woah, this isn't what I signed up for".
You drank milk out of a flute,
after we slow danced for the,
'I can't remember-ith time'.
I watched your lips cradle the glass,
my ***,
and then your knees.
you told me you didn't want to anymore.
After you said, "I made a mistake".
After you said, "I miss you".
After you said, "I know you cursed me when the bells rang".
The curse is tasting sand instead of sugar.
allison Feb 17
sometimes I wish,
i could be up in the clouds
looking down on my friends
watching the crowds.

sometimes I wish,
i could know what it's like
to be in a world
that's not full of spite.

so that's why I wish,
i was up in the clouds
looking down on my friends
watching the crowds.

so that's why I wish,
i could just be me
in a field of cotton white
with the feeling of being free.

sometimes I wish,
life was more fleeting
no more sadness
just a happy greeting.

and lastly I wish,
that fate will go my way
just so that i can smile
and feel like thriving everyday.
sorry i'm not good at rhyming all that much
pa3que Feb 13
what a rose,
he, henry.

what a rose,
with cotton thorns.

cotton touch,
and lips of wine,
how i wish
he could be mine.

what a glance,
his eyes of pine,
let’s share a dance,
please, don’t be shy.

a twist, a turn,
and down the hill,
it heats, the burn,
it always will.

what a rose,
a rose that’s bending.

with my every touch,

it is time i stop pretending
no one could carry disaster such.
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
a flying feeling
soft and light

life is long
but you are forever
raining hope
upon the weary

fly high, clouds
and we'll fly with you
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