A golden glow
glistens ever so heavenly.
Trees and leaves
with a golden flow.
Hazing in the grass
winds gracefully gusts.
Sun's shining over the land
brightly like a light brass.
Peaceful colors tilt
their fallen branches.
All around
everything is gilt.

nanda Jan 6

my bare feet kiss the grass
feel it tingle between my toes

my arms burn on the sun
feel it cook all the way up

my hair dances with the wind
feel it mess around in waves

my eyes close in sync with my heart
feel the life of you

and i climb to the sky
grab the sun with my hands
let the love burn
it is supposed to hurt
i would give it to you
the sun and the other stars
accept my humble gifts
accept the love i give

for the rain can come suddenly
and god can comand a flood
and the pretty flowers
don’t need that much water
and the little animals
don’t know how to swim
so accept my heart
take my sun
let it all be okay
let god not interupt
the beautiful circle of life

nature is always inspiring
Akash Mandal Jan 3

The warm Chinook winds
Oppressive snow overthrown
The grass breathes freedom.

What's with the pride?
You raise your chin up so high
Oh! or is it that you gaze at the clouds as usual?
Finding all the memories long lost in them
Which one's did you bring today?
Daisies or daffodils?
Offer them already!
For the dew drops on my blades aren't enough to beautify me
Look down over here!
I'm crushed beneath your feet
Whilst you are busy gathering your lost memories
Or are you busy finding excuses to escape?
Hehe, how I envy you sometimes!
What an amazing creature you are 
Someone so whimsical 
Even though they get all the chances to think
And then there's me always wondering under these clouds
Never getting a chance to escape 
For deep I'm rooted throughout the cemeterie's bounds
Never getting a chance to move
I'm always busy swaying to keep your beloved grave warm.

sarah Dec 2017

heaving hills that dip below
how long until you end?
hear how the pulsing of my heart
has yearned to comprehend

inconstant are your valleys
unsympathetic is your ground
dry grass lacerates my aching feet
too late to turn around

my soul speaks whispers of the past
and burns within my breast
my tired eyes sweep empty lands
my heart beats in my chest

the winds blow west, the winds blow east
the rains flow heavy still
i yearn to forget your face at last
i know i never will

swaying weeds and harmonies
chime slowly as i fall
the moors sing softly in my ear
of what, i can't recall

probably my favorite so far
emma beth taylor Dec 2017

hear ye'
hear ye'
i have a plea
etched upon my diary

i found the path of disrepair
skipped merry down its way
no idea where
i was going to stay

wind bit my cheeks
stars burned my eyes
it's been weeks
i no longer feel demise

grass smelled my toes
clouds peed upon my head
this is where I arose
and no longer felt dead

so hear ye'
hear ye'
i have a plea
etched upon my diary

the wind is sweet
the stars are gay
grass is wheat
clouds led the way

Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017

Millions of fat cows,
grazing on lush green grass;farts,
That's global warming.

We underestimate how when the bovine belches release methane into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming.
Paul C Nov 2017

Last of summer rose
Falling autumn leaves
Ordinary grass
Firmly grounded, as ever, still green.

Gavin silverman Nov 2017





Lorem Ipsum Nov 2017

What if grass is greener on the other side,
Because it’s always raining there,
Where the ones who never fail to give,
Hardly have enough to spare,
Where the people with the broadest smiles,
Have pillows filled with tears,
And the bravest ones you’ve ever known,
Are crippled by their fears,
It’s filled with lonely people,
But they’re never seen alone,
Where those that lack real shelter,
Make you feel the most at home,
Maybe their grass looks greener,
Because they’ve painted on its hue,
Just remember from the other side,
Your grass looks greener too.

Erin Hanson is a master at rhyming.
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