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juliet 2d
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
these are the rules
i don’t make them
somebody is always going to be better than me
should i look up or down?
to the glowing sun
or the deep blue sea?
this is the blood, sweat, tears
of thirteen years
of hate and love for myself
this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the faking of my feelings
against who i am inside
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
in their ocean eyes i see the
future and in mine i see the past
in their hands i see pure bravery and
in mine i see brute strength and no control
and on their face i see and angel
on mine i see a spectre in
a twisted mask
that chips off
with every single one
of my tears
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
from this side of paradise
all you see is my broken heart
and your hands quickly sew it back
as another stitch rips.
the grass is always greener
when you are on the other side
because no flowers would ever grow
if never washed with rain
the moon is always brighter
when the sun is there to shine
on its beautiful, silver face
that would be hidden by our
shadows till it melted into
space. this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the alpha
this is the omega
this is the end.
Swaying blades of grass
Tenderly await
Grazing cattle
Becca 7d
her bare toes touch the
wet grass,
the bottoms of her feet
now covered in mud
her feet are the garden
growing fresh movements
her mind is the water
nourishing the herbs
You left me for better pastures,
You did't realize I too was fertile,
You just did not know how to cultivate me.
You are just a pastoralist looking for greener places.
In the poem pastoralist refers to as Romeo
Arcassin B Nov 2
By Arcassin Burnham

Baby don't you push me away,
Cause baby I ain't waste my time on you
for nothing,
I'm a good guy , guess that I was good for nothing.
Baby don't you push me away,
you put me through so much **** with my
people that its hard to call them my fam,
So their people to me, just like everyone else.
A lot on my mind , can't pass the time,
I'm in a loop,
I use to be a victim to the love thing , but it
took over and grew,
Soul searched for the wrong one , and now
this a requiem,
she could tell all her friends if she wants , I
don't have time for them,
You'll never take the confidence I have in
myself to see brighter sunshines and moonlights
and crimson dawns and all its beauty sparkling
a future that is only meant for me with
the right girl and right set of boundaries,
Not white girl that's so **** privileged,
she'll just down me,
I don't care if you push me away.


Enough of the racial slurs,
is there life in the stars I'm not sure,
Everybody in the world isn't pure.

Trust no one , hide your stash,
life is a check , don't get cashed,
reminiscent about what you had.

had a lot on your mind , you need air,
but there is certain things you can not bare,
life is telling you please grow a pair.

what you waiting for , At your peak,
nightmares at night when you sleep,
to have pride in this life , you can't keep.

sit up,
stand up,
sit down,
everybody gets a piece of the pie and the crown,
the moon,
running through a grass field and the flowers stay bloomed.

D Letwixt Oct 29
Dewdrops on the grass
Shudder in the new sun
as they disappear
On a swaying blade of grass
Unperturbed, contemplate
Red Dragonfly
gabriela Oct 3
i look at you and it feels like
i'm playing musical chairs.
the room falls silent
and i fall into you.

it's endless, really.
i kiss you and all i taste is
dopamine. chemical reactions.
i cannot get enough.

the grass is wet.
i look down at our feet
and i want you to stay here for this
brief moment in time.

"yanno," i begin to say.
               "what would i do without ya?
                you're my eyes and ears."
i cover your face so your senses are
devoid of anything but my touch.

you grin widely,
and that is enough.
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