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Hunter 1d
Think of it like a bunch of dreams
Where nothing is as it seems
The wind blows on the green grass
And suddenly everything stops going fast
Flowers come and flowers go
But my love never fades though
It is peaceful out, it is perfect
The blue sky looks like you could surf it
Maybe that's where I would rather be
But it's not where I belong you see
My place is here with you
I hope you can see it too
Just as the green grass comforts me
There are days still full of glee
Its been awhile
Pink bubbles burst
In a strawberry pop
Underneath the sharp shade of the green leaves of her oak.

Fingers twirl blade
After blade in hand,
Until her nails blend with the grass.

Alone, she watches heat,
Swirl in ocean waves across the road.

Someone might come by tomorrow.
he made the sun brighter and the grass greener and the flowers bloomed in his direction
I see carefree girls play and triumph in zest and fun
Their bubbly eyes can speak no more innocence
Their fringes and locks of blonde hair twirl around
In all lightness! They keenly feel the grass beside their feet.

When there was an empty trampoline beside them
They hurled! with mighty shout and fired the deepest seat
And jumped! without doubt or rue or cry or fury
Where childhood bends the need for drowsy yawns.

Away! They hurled on the nets! Their dumb skirts like garments flow!
Their red faces greeted each other: running, amidst the grass
Around the metal hoops and under the trees, forlorn and deep
The message of youth being played, battled before me!

I sit in baked silence: at the balcony in the noise of the distant cheers
The rally of Hope's victories - running times is so sweet!
I learn to love their youth so dear, when childhood wasn't fit for me
Pulling time as close to youth, how fleeting at dawn it is.
She Writes Sep 6
We laid in the grass
In the park by the school
Listening to the music
And the laughter from our friends
As the tears rolled down my face
All I could think was
How lovely it would be
To be in your arms
Instead of under them
I wrote this years ago... I’ve been dusting off some old journals ❤️
A dozen white maidens in ivory silks
Grip the rich tissue in your tempered skull.

I hide from them in my own clinical whiteness,
A kind of peace in prayer,

For what once was a promise of decadence and excitement,
Is now a character of lavish leather lilies.

I'm sorry that I hurt you so
With my actions, words, or mind.

I am but a child
Stood in grass-stained whites.
In the tall green grass
A sly snake slithers within
Swallowing his prey
April Aug 24
Frail blades waving, soft in the wind
A triumph of Earth over Man
Strength from the weakest
Whose whispers are lost
In the tramping of conquering soles.
A tuft of grass springs from the pavement,
Alone between the cars.
Camryn Aug 24
Laying on the soft grass
Staring up at the glowing moon
Memorizing the twinkling constellations
I am home
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