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Nikita Oct 18
Pull me
Push me
Force me
And trap me

Build me
Create me
Destroy me
Lie to me

Wrap me
Seal me
Deliver me
And ship me

No matter how much
You try

No matter how much
It hurts

I will escape
Categories, labels and boxes. Don’t stifle who I am. I am not a women to be silenced.
since the first words fell from the darkness
like a feather in the night
I have entered these pitch black corners
where they wait for me
my curiosity has always outweighed my fear
but these words have been greatly tested of late
a new veil has been lifted
a new test has presented itself
my name spoken
as the spectre hovered above
objects move shortly thereafter
the words 'We get you' from a female
whose voice I have heard before
cuts the silence and tickles my spine

they are not one or two
but many souls
many voices
in a room of great size
they drift in and out
allow me in
and I will tell you
they are truly frightening in their clarity

I have taken some time away
but I am being drawn back
for the flame of curiosity cannot be snuffed
I will enter again
my fear quelled
my desire to know more
burning within
my latest experiences have reached a level that has given me pause
Karly Codr Oct 1
There is a person I try to forget,
Shoved in the back of my mind.
The old me.
The one who used to be happy
Who used to be fun
Who used to be able to fall asleep
without crying
or music
or some other crutch
and I just...
I just want that person back.
so I've been super stressed out lately to the point where I lay in bed sobbing with my head mashed into my pillow so that no one can hear me, so I posted something on my c story and a kid I babysit for slid up and was like "are you ok" and so I told him what was happening and he sent a video of his sweet little brother saying "Hello, don't be sad" and his face was so close to the camera and his sweet little face made me cry but it like made me happy at the same time so now I'm having like mixed emotions, like I'm crying quietly and thinking of the video and smiling, my life makes no sense.
Lily Sep 3
The free box lies in the
Corner of the garage,
Where the crickets and the
Spiders and the raccoons live,
And the doll is slouched in the corner,
With more dirt on her than the garage floor.
Her hair is without color,
Her eyes without life,
As she stares up at the innocent
Garage salers who rarely give her a
Second glance.
She’s in the free box;
Why would anyone bother?
She’s been abused and neglected,
Despised and rejected,
And she’s finally done with it all.
She’s in the free box;
Why would anyone bother?
this was written at a time when I wasn't in such a good place; I am doing much better now and I'm hoping to write more :)
Ginger R Aug 7
Tell me your secrets
Don't worry, I'll keep it
After all, I've managed to keep my own

Boys are noticing me
Could a girl maybe notice me

Yes I know I'm pretty
(I'm gorgeous actually) No,
My shirt doesn't give you permission
To stare at my hips

Wish she
Would cover up

Get your eyes off my face
Get out go away

A modern

- call me a ****
I dare you

Give me a crop top
Clean eyeliner
This is only to prove
None of you deserve me

Call this an exaggeration
Complete exploitation
A collection of not-quites
Piled into a finished

So I'm sorry for trying
To fix in the bubble
It wasn't a bubble
But a box

Don't tell me you love me
You can't possibly love me
You don't even know me
I'm just a face for
Your ideals

I don't agree with you
"We're still friends after this,
Gods no

Does God know

How you hate his creation

"Yes, of course we are!"

Bite your tongue
You don't have time
To drop these people in
Your past

Keep friends close
Keep others closer
Wait until you're older

Can I possibly wait any
Anyway. This is a complete disaster
(I'm starting to notice a pattern, poems about girls are short and sweet, poems about boys are messy, incoherent and inconsistent)
Also the title is supposed to be a play on "boys will be boys" but it's kinda subtle idk how I feel about it yet.
ApoorvaHN Aug 4
I feel like a box
As days pass by I flummox
I want to keep things inside
This is the only state in which I reside
But they keep spilling out of their *****
With words piling out of their gaps
I just realised cardboard is thicker and opaque unlike plastic.
Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what it feels like to be happy.
The last time I saw that emotion I was putting it in a Box to store away.
The memory sometimes emerges from my head,
but is quickly submerged by the growing darkness within my own mind.
I will remember those days of a smile always being on my face,
and soon black tendrils come to darken the moment.
I still have the Box that contained all my happiness in my room,
It haunts me. But I adore the Box.
I adore the thought of my happiness still existing somewhere out there.
That Box used to mean the world to me,
but now it only torments me.
I want to open the Box and remember the joy I once felt, the love that was stored away.
Although I could always do that,
I know doing so will drag me into more darkness.
So what should I do with the Box?
Lyn-Purcell Jul 25

She of molded clay
Fingers trace the wooden ***
Poison whispers sweet

You know what they say about curiosity and boxes, this one is dedicated to the one and only Pandora.
Even when she ket curiousity get the best if her an unleashed so much negativity, she also released hope and that alone will see us through.
Thanks for 370 followers!
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Two rows of seeds
Gift wrapped in ***** of mud
Two I had planted in pots
In a month’s time, I remember
I plucked a few lady’s fingers
Lovely the produce
Soon they faded
Gardening and growing vegetables not my forte
Love plants, but tending to them and nurture
Not what I can do
So I further gift those seeds
Where they are nurtured and nourished
And the fruits and vegetables
Well produced
Inspired by a box of seeds which came in as a gift

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money”

Inspiring words  :)
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