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My sword is bent
and my shield is shattered
My armor is cracked
and my heart is battered
“Love? People love what they can take from you or they love how you make them feel about themselves; but they don’t love you”

An interesting concept indeed
This human made emotional greed
I think you loved me, I do
But I think I was temporary to you
That’s alright though
I guess in the end we reap what we sow
Let me in on all your tastes
I want the sour with the sweet
All the proclivities you hide from your friends
Drag me down a darkened path
If you leave, to **** with my heart!
I swear I won't last a single day
Believe me, romance can't survive
Without anger and revenge and taking sides.
I swear I'm not hopeful
Quite the opposite, in truth
Lend me a reason to obsess
Love! Love! I meant, I slipped up!
Disregard, call me a lover of all
Things undone
I swear I'm not insane
I'm just looking for a soul to hold
A happy mind to destroy
A clean heart to stain
Max Dec 2018
I wish my life was a gift,
because then I would not open it
And give it to someone that actually will be happy with it.

But sadly it's not,
And do I have to live with this thought.
Had the worse christmas in my life.
Becca Dec 2018
Sometimes so many ideas
are rushing through my head
That I cry tears
Of words
yellowpotato Dec 2018
If you were a drug you'd be LSD cuz being with you made my world psychedelic;

Now that I'm no longer high, everything's so dull and monochromatic.
This doesn't literally mean that life is now meaningless because someone's gone. This is only a metaphor that the absence of someone that gave your pragmatic life a taste of spontaneity is taking effect after you have started to get used having them around, and you have started to shape your life that will fit them in.
My ***.
This feeling is taking over.
Clawing at my very existence,
Spilling my insides onto the floor.
The stars have left my eyes,
My hygiene has wilted.
Instead of seeing the blue cover skies,
I only see the cement under my feet.
My shadows dance in the sunlight,
Laughing and mocking me.
Slowly knocking me down,
I’m tired all the time.
I’m sick of this feeling.
Sick of the demons inside of me.
They’re never ending party goers,
Constantly going and going until I fall.
I reach for help, some type of hope,
I find myself slipping away.
I’m so sick of these demons inside of me.
The drugs don’t help,
My smile fades when you look away.
I’m ripping myself apart,
And I’m sick of these demons.
Because they’re the ones making it happen.
Yağmur Kaya Dec 2018
I just don't understand what you feel
First, you're here
Then, you're gone
You act like you've got nothing done
You're always in a hurry
Always in a rush
You act like you've got no one to love
I'm here
And I always will be
I know future is not trustworthy
But I got something to hold onto
I got you
But I wish I got you, in my arms
I want to feel your touch
Your hands' cold or warm of your heart
But then
You're just,
Yağmur Kaya Dec 2018
on my own
Just me
and my thoughts
this person
Its feelings
and nothing more

in my world
They don't,
hear me
'Cause I'm just,
on my own

punching the walls
No one comes
'Cause i'm at home,
with me
and myself
Doesn't ring,
even my phone

this and that
Why are you,
so ******* bad?
I don't,
even understand,
why are you,
so ******* dead?

your ******* eyes!
There's no one,
who can realise,
that you,
******* exist!
That's why,
you want to end it,
So you can be,
in the dark,




Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
Do I dare say that I wish I was invisible
That people didn’t look at me and on the streets I could walk peacefully
No shady eyes or stares
Perhaps it’s my paranoia and perhaps nobody cares
The thing that gets me the most about life
Is the insurmountable amount of hype
I get it’s a gift and believe me, I’m grateful
But this distasteful existence I lead is starting to get to my head
Like the smell of cigarettes in my mothers car
No matter how far the drive I would hold my breath and hope to survive
I kind of feel like life is this way
Because despite my actions day to day I still wonder why I’m here and what is it that I walk on the street and fear
Is it the people and their perceptions
Or is it me and how I view myself
Fearful of astral projecting it onto everybody else
If they thought of me the way I think of me then holy **** what a different world this would be
I can’t understand why I float about here in space
But in case you were wondering I’m here for love and it doesn’t matter if you call me a disgrace
I think the man I’m in love with is from heaven above
And yes it’s unconventional, after all we live in to separate worlds
But he sees me for me and not my childish comments as a girl
For a second can you think what it would be like to not exist?
That’s a crisis all in itself and scientists are always ****** when you ask them what comes next in life for the dead
They can’t wrap their head around not being here
So they discount the new studies that come out every year
I don’t know what to believe and I really don’t care
Just get me away from this place so I can leave and be fine
I want to disappear like an erased pencil line
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