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Jenn G Oct 14
Warmth flows from my lips
Air barely escapes
Pushing forward
never moving
Open, close
Open, close
Standing in an empty room
Filling space with nothing
and everything
Consuming in a vacuum
Giving nothing in return
Seeking purpose
Finding guilt
Depth is created
not given
I have something hiding
Behind my teary eyes
My tongue is twisted
From speaking all these lies
My head is now shining
From loosing all my grey
And I can’t seem to shake
The nakedness of the day

My head is aching
for a peace of mind
My hands grow weary
For the answer they’ll never find
eve Oct 4
she lays awake at night
too much is on her mind
someone her age
should be sleeping the pain away
in desperate attempts to rid feelings
she experiments
  with the things she disproves
to satisfy the present
the past is draining her
from inside out
she feels trapped
at home
entangled in time
she feels time is like
the ropes of life;
far too slippery,
light years away from freedom
she must deal with life's challenges
or she'll be eaten away
like a plant that receives no water
in a week, they're long gone;
dry and unsatisfied.
There was a time when we were happy together
The stresses of life were nothing more than the weather
And every smile on our faces brought us pleasure

But there are times in life when the wind becomes fast
And the sunshine turns to rain so the warmth doesn’t last

There is a split in the cloud, where the sun breaks through
That little bit of sunshine is when I see you
Without my sunbeam, what will I do?
My heart skips a beat every time I see your face
I wonder if you can hear it, as it jumps in place
My chest gets tight and my blood starts to race

I saw you walking down the street
As quickly as I could I picked up my feet
I wanted to catch up, but knew to retreat

There are words I hear and things I say
That remind me of you every single day
You helped my life turn to color from gray

Every message I receive on my phone
I hope and I pray that it is you alone
To feel that joy I had once known

I miss you more with every passing moment
You will always be my friend, never my opponent
But we will never be together and I know it
It’s amazing the way that we bleed
The way the skin parts and the blood starts to bead
It’s a rush you feel through the skin
Like a tingling sensation without and within
Or a touch of rapture inside
Like the soul is escaping through a crimson tide
Believe it or not, it’s freeing
Until the moment you just stop bleeding...
In my dreams it all feels real
You hug me and it seems so clear
Then I wake and you’re not with me
Through the tears, I can barely see

But I’ve come to terms with this reality
No matter if I want you badly
I’m content with only getting you while I sleep
I look forward each day to my nights of counting sheep

Our fake bliss begets pain in my heart
And with the opening of eyelids our moments depart
I wonder if we’ll ever be together
But in my dreams, we will be forever
Broken Echo Sep 28
Seeking help
Losing ourselves
Unable to find
That which defines
The belief we had
In the power we hold
To support eachother
To cure one another
A tie that binds
Standing on enemy lines
Mistakes made
Words spoke in haste
This life we are living
Seeking peace
If only to release
This hate inside
Fueled by a lie
Loosing this fight
Say goodbye
Im tired
Im done
**** this life
Cant understand how people can just be done with someone they claim to care about. If good people are so hard to find how is it so easy to leave them behind?
CJ Cole Sep 28
Another dull ache

In the everyday pain of life

Sometimes shattered

Sometimes only cracked

But, never whole

Never complete

Trying to gather all the pieces

Only for them to slip through

Ghostly fingers, can't seem to hold it together

This life feels like a punishment

When does it stop

This seemingly endless suffering

Like a glass bottle

Bobbing up and down

In a river of pain

Only a matter of time before it has it's fill

And sinks

She's almost full up

Full of anger
Full of resentment
Full of disgust

She wishes not for death, but to have never existed at all.
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