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A B Faniki May 21
At 44 years old your as graceful as a palm-tree;
Grape with it lushness has nothing on your lush body;
A thousand faces light up at the sight of your smile;
Rose for smell, apples for taste, your hands brings warmth.
The cosmic rays are dim and lifeless
But the colors in your eyes are bright and alive.
Your neck is like the Trajans victory column long and
Elegant with a thousand paint round it.
Mona lisa is pleasing to the eyes, yet mine long
For the viral grace of your ***** and mature curves;
Diamond with all it glory is not as tempting
As you, with your gray enchanting hairs and laughter lines.
My love is round and plump at four and four
Years old yet she is ageless like the gods.
This is a sonnet i wrote for all the beautiful women ageing gracefully.
life is an interlude
when the world began
I was doing dreamily
sent out to a foreign land
with a vague recollection
of the pleasant paradise
I came from

how the creation seems so real, pacing around the garden
it’s always a revolution, I said, I can dig that
bronze trees before an azure darkening sky
down the cool breeze’s path, never held back your thoughts, heavenly shock
grabbing all the meaning, whatever I can come across

year already asked for an ending, gave it all my hopes, tell does it give a pleasant thrill
pictures were nice, the highway desert isn’t as scorching
absurder yes, fitting a preference for divine and outlandish

waited long enough
it’s a good time to leave
not that it was for nothing

travel before the sun gets here
make it bright and far as my
midnight music

games are fun when there’s a warning
about how much it can cost ya

numbers of stars, the more
that’s the hope
out there
somewhere too

I want an interlude that’s graceful, great as designed, a strange but heavenly dream
it’s my interlude
Poetress2 Apr 18
A Horse is graceful,
as it gallops through the field,
proud and majestic.
Shine like the sun
Be calm like the moon

Stay humble
Like you are
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What attracts you? The humbleness i replied.
Abby M Jan 3
The Great Wave
A sight often mistaken for a thing of beauty
A sight that means death
A graceful tragedy
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
the way she swayed and leaped
embodying the strokes of a paintbrush
dancing across the canvas
a solid blur of pink and white

every twirl was breathless
every plié like silk

in that moment,
she existed as the most elegant force alive

every move commanded attention
she was grace
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
तिम्रो बिचार पढेको भए
म ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
बुझेको भए
झन् ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला

मेरो चकचक
तिमीले बुझेनौ
तिम्रो ज्ञान मैले बुझिन
धन्यवाद ।
शैली : मुक्तक
Dani Dec 2018
She moved towards me like silk moves in a breeze. Her glow was soft, yet strikingly strong. Eyes brown and big like an oak tree in summer with rays of golden sun stung throughout. She moved as if an angel slowly awakening inside her. Her long brunette hair shimmered as it gracefully fell along her shoulders resting upon her *******. I would call her body smooth like softly blown waves in the sea, but no justice would it give to her. Her smile could make any woman stop in her tracks, just to appreciate the glorious happiness it brings. Her laugh brings joy like the peace nature brings in solitude. A total eclipse of winters cold, only allowing warm spring and summer. Hips a sailboat rocked by a beat only she could know. Sweet kisses with lips that taste like the most perfectly ripe fruit. Her hands touch as water does; politely gracing your skin and leaving you with droplets slowly fading. Her glance love-filled as a lover of many years might look at you. She is beauty from the inside out; she is graceful with every step; she is everything I want, and so much more.
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