Jedda 1d
Maybe I gave too much for someone that treated me as so little
Or maybe it was us both
Maybe we didn’t mean enough to each other
Or maybe it meant more than it should’ve
But now, it means nothing
We are nothing...
nothing lasts forever, they said.
it saddens me, really.
knowing that we also won't last forever, will we?

but right here and right now,
I still can feel the warmth of your arms around my shoulder, sniffing the sweet smell of your perfume
I still can feel the soft gaze of your eyes staring at mine, trying to dive into the ocean of your eyes
I still can feel the gentle touch of your fingertips dancing on my cheeks, making my heart flutter to the seventh sky
I still can feel the taste of being yours, and you're being mine,

I won't give up on us.

— you hear me?
I said I won't give up.
reality never seemed better. don't give up on us.
In my life
Through those years and years of existence
I spend in this world

Gave me an important lesson
a lesson which I hold dearly
that nothing in this world
is permanent

I learned it through my experiences in life
I learned it through the people who left
but still remained in my memories
and brought about reasons and
lessons to keep for me;

And I also learned it to those little things


I learned that nothing in
this world is permanent
is when my mother
was angry
to me

in no time those anger disappeared
in the thin air
like streams of smoke evaporating
to the clouds

Even in my past friendships
those friends I thought would last forever will just end up like strangers
When I thought I can be with them
I realized nothing in this world is permanent

Even like those flowers
those beautiful flowers blooming
in the spring garden will just
wither under the sunrise
and fall down together
with the raindrops.
Goodbye and thank you for the memories
Goodbyes don't mean the end,
For every book, never
truly ends.
This poem is for a great poet who just posted their last poem, Tony Alberto Cortez.
Farewell good friend, for you will be missed. Just know, You're always welcome back here.
A deafening silence settles,
Leaving only dust and some movements,
Rustling in the sheets, tossing and turning,
Trying to get some sleep.

But where is the peace in the silence
When all you can hear are
The whispers, an illusion,
Yet there is nothing to be heard.

Slowly, out of reach,
My hand tries to grab
What is left of my own sanity;
And every night, I wish it were over.

End me.
I don't know. I suck at writing poems but i have no one to talk to, anyway.
Pyrrha 7d
It didn't go as I'd expected it to, neither good or bad
I remember it very clearly
It was a day before the worst day of my life
The day before my sixteenth birthday
But that's another story

It was just the four of us that day
So many fond memories then
Like how we played our favorite songs as we judged and danced
From pop, rock, and rap, we didn't care

But as things came to an end the others left and it was only us
Upside down
That's what it was
No he didn't flip my world upside down
I was laying half off my bed playing my guitar, a song for him
He leaned forward, it was quick and sweet

From that kiss I felt nothing
I knew it was meant to be endearing
But from that kiss and all the others after
I felt nothing
And that's when I realised it's because that's exactly what we were

An empty kiss for a loveless couple full of nothing
Daniel Aug 11
Thinking about thinking stresses my brain
It topples my rationality and drives me insane
I think that everyday is the same
Repeat and repeat and hope for some change  
To think that we live a whole life before we can die
Makes my mind contemplate if its worth pulling through
One day we will become nothing and be replaced
We will become part of the past and leave the present day

No more thinking about thinking
No more pain
humans think too much
Kit Aug 8
Take me with you,
for I am without you,
and I but need you,
because without you,
I am just me.

And who is me?
Who is me anyway?
Jasmin A Aug 8
I stare at you

                      and there's something

but                      nothing
Joshua Nai Aug 8
Flying in the sky, my hands by my side.
Whisking your skin as I passed by.
Lights made facades of what should have beens.
Deformed beauties of light formed on your backs and your shoulders.
You laughed and talked.
You ran you mocked.
You whispered, you thought.
You told jokes, you were polite.
quietly I whisk by.
Barely marking the places I have been.
There I go, the whoosh of the wind, I said something in your ear.
But all it was was just a whoosh in your ear.
Swiftly I fade away.
Just moved the leaves and made them sway.
You barely noticed me, I know.
I didn't mean to be cold...
I hope you forgive me, for blowing out the candles, for letting the dreams and hopes of yours fly past. Unnoticed.
Quietly I flew by, as I danced in the smoke of your eyes, talking to you, by and by.
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