Life goes by so fast, there’s no time to look back,
And notice the flaws and qualities I so definitely lack.
I’m traveling life’s everlasting train,
Which seems to only retrieve the sadness, the pain.

Simply put, life is death.
The only difference is,
Whether you choose to get back up and finally live again.

Life stabs you so many times, that you mentally bleed.
It seems there’s never enough of what you actually need.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, money is nothing.
It’s another headband in the great race we’re all running.

No products or items can fill our hearts and make us happy,
For we all are told that we need these things and we keep on adding,
The worthless objects compared to our immaculate souls.
We all can share them, but we feel too scared, too old.
The ones who risk everything are the shy who are undoubtedly bold.

skyler Dec 7

mean nothing
when the action


Loss of hope.
Loss of breath.
In my death there's  nothing left.
Realize the real lies with real eyes.

Cannot cope.
I hope you choke.
Blurred with smoke it's not a joke.
I see no lies in your eyes.
But I see you cry.

O' I die.
I'm falling
I'm crawling.
Falling to the ground
without a single sound.

Take a hold of me.
I cannot see.
Who do you want me to be?
Why can't I be free?
To be me.

Gasp for breath
Grasp of skin.
Live in sin.
Needles and pins.
I can't see the lies in your teary eyes.

Take my life.
Shoot the gun.
Breath there's none.
It's so much fun.
You see the lies in my eyes.
You see me cry.

O' I die.
I'm falling
I'm crawling.
Falling to the ground
without a single sound.

Take a hold of me.
I cannot see.
Who do you want me to be?
Why can't I be free?
To be me.

Timothy Daly Dec 4

When I repeat "I'm nothing,"
I really mean "I've fallen short of my self-image."
Now that I know I'm nothing,
I'm full of the whole universe.

there's nothing i love more than
listening to my mother murmur
sweet nothings to our cat
and perhaps even better is the
thought that she understands
those nothings and cherishes them
as much as i do

i know that this is extremely corny but it just came into my head....
grace snoddy Dec 3

how do you love something back to life?
how do you heal someone who is unrepairable?
what do you rely on? what do you use?
hope is merely but a bandaid on a broken bone.
no amount of love can fix what was already broken.
we were broken from the start;
nohing more and nothing less.
we built our love on a foundation of false hope.
nothing more
and nothing left.

Nylee Dec 3

he went away as fast as he came
but caused so much disturbance
that nothing remained quite the same. 

ryanë Smith Dec 2

There once was a king who stayed in a castle

He loved story tellers and listened to them often but mostly at night. sometimes before bed they kept him awake. the story tellers always kept him wondering what happened next so he never stopped listening.

If a story didnt have a happy ending he would have the story teller banished to the dungeon never to be seen again, true or not its time to believe them. he didnt allow them to tell stories of faiding species, the hardships of surviving.. Here.. and how we are all doomed eventually. He only liked stories about books written by ancient deciples, Wounds being healed, lovers meeting from past lives and infinite impossibilities. Those stories with the least evidence most easy to believe.

Some days the king corrected his story tellers “no no no its like this. I’m the king and i know how it goes” he said, “anyway you like your highness” spoke the story teller. The king realized the story made no since so he sent the story teller to the dungeon and asked for a new teller. The dungeon door opened to reveal all the lost story tellers had become ghost on there way to take the king to the dungeon. He tried to ask his gaurds to protect him but they disappeared along with all of the tellers he had in his castle, and he was doomed to spend the rest of his days in the dungeon incased in a dark void of silence

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