Lizzy K 2d

I walk down halls
seeing all the people
all the individuals who never once dare
notice me
I go home
and see many objects
and realize I feel like just another one of them

Holed up in a closet with half a pint or so
Too slowly disheartening for the time it takes
And far too enigmatic for the plans I've yet to make
Yet I move with every atom drawn emancipated

Yet the context of neurons
And bitter sweet memory all a fabrication
Another thin layer of nostalgia to force feed the sleeping beast
And even as I disregard, it comes up through the latency so brazen
Another helpless mess of chemicals to feast upon


A damn shame as well
Charismatic yet moments away from being half adjusted
Using every empty vow of justice to reciprocate
He must've mustered every ounce of faith based forgery
And the internal jury applauds

All is for naught, but drowning in waste deep
Self pity is for suckers
I can drown in less than half an inch

Selfishness is only realized once
Pride stops you from making friends
Maybe the fear hits nearer to home
Reopen its wounds like the case that lay dormant but provable
Felonious though it may be once you disregard empathy
You know he did

And yet it bleeds

Still it moves

Cognition taken for granted, but by who?
Sure, the long since departed had so much to lose
But If with every passing breath they would've sucked down oxygen
With the same callousness he possessed
When cutting off their heads

Doesn't the burden fall on you as well...
Sending a man to hell is no easy task

Bask in the grace you made for yourself
Bending the page with ink that you've layerd
With blood and homage to past ruling lieges
That murdered their wives for no god damn reason

Tragedy only strikes in pairs
Taking the same heads off twice
One visible, the other not so much

liv 3d

nothing lasts forever, good or bad, so take in all the good, and don't sweat the bad

I don't believe in anything
There is no happiness without money
No love
No higher power to turn to
No reasons to stay alive and wait for the better
There is nothing
Why must I work hard for others and be selfless?
To die tired?
Life is a never ending cycle of nothing that matters
So I sit here and try to think about the good
It all rots away
The bad stays
It always will
The world is a shitty place for those with hope
Let nothing fill up the dreams
That way when you realize you're nothing
You won't be so disappointed

Soldier 4d

Did you know that blue pen caps can write purple lines?
They cover my arms daily
Stinging as they brush my sleeve
Over-cluttering every inch of skin
Hidden under anything more stable than me

Usually my sanity reappears with them
But some nights
It's not enough
Leaving me face down in a pillow
Scared of the failure sitting on my shoulders
Listening to songs written in my same mind set
And ones written back when nothing was wrong

Now silent tears sit behind black screens
Hidden from those who stay near by
Never leaving my eyes to find relief
They just sit there
Burning in the back of my throat
Never finding a good enough reason to exist

Flaunting mental pain isn't my thing
So I suffocate alone
Wondering who will be willing to step in
Or if my empty spot will ever be noticed

Rebel Heart Oct 9

I've become nothing more than a shadow
Living in my own darkness
For I am not who I used to be
I am not as great as I once was.

I peaked some years ago
Suddenly my bright future
Became a desolate path
Leading to more loneliness
And a constant burden
Reminding me of what I could've had.

No this isn't a hurdle
I've reached a dead end.
A roadblock in my life
Which I'll never be able to overcome.
Everything was looking up
But it all came crashing down
The brightest of colors
Now I'm a dull grey
With no life to live
With no words left to say

With nowhere else to go
No one else to be
Because I have become
And nothingness became me

You are not nothing unless you choose to be...
PrttyBrd Oct 7

volcanic ashen memories
stream lava tracks
that burn to bone

alone in a dying universe
time is as meaningless
as it is vast

a useless nothing
that is the everything
that drags us to the depths of who we are

dust clouds choke light
as shadows fill cracks with powder
dusted into oblivion

reeling from the pain
knowing that succumbing to the numbness
is the best we can do

Nylee Oct 5

The morning after the night before
the life's empty shore
nothing left, nothing no more
just an unfinished score
with helpless expressions we wore
on a vacant floor
the mind is quite sore
nothing no more.

liv Sep 19

i love doing nothing as long as its with you. i'd spend hours with you in an empty room, and never get bored. just you, me, and our own little world. your heart beats against my ear as though it was a song. your arms hug my mind and tell me its going to be alright, never having to say any words.

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