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There is something I wish to write about
Too much of everything that I feel
The something that slipped away
Entangled in the shackles of everything

Constant - On the go
Wish I could take it slow
Busy - Is Happy I know

Hours , they are limited
Jobs too many
Mastering one , never ever intend

But ,
There is something that I wish to write
About , Everything
Yet ,
Nothing is what I Write

Imperfection is the place where I truly belong
Happily ,
Until the end
I shall , sing this song
i will sleep to come,
yearning for that soft black wave
to take me from this world
and into my own.

free verse
Im just lonely, really
she whispered across the table
and I want someone to hold me
I know that after sex
we will collapse into each others arms
and stay that way, for at least a little while
Thats the work and thats the reward
those fleeting moments of touch

I am not sexually insatiable
I am affectionately empty
outer space.
a vast expanse of nothing,
yet everything.
reminiscent of my mind.
full of thoughts, full of worry,
but numb at the same time.

free verse
Vexren4000 Oct 6
I never knew you,
A secret kept,
Broke my heart,
Like an egg cracking on the counter.
My shell broken,
By nothing but words unsaid.
this life is not what it seems
we are nothing but flesh and blood
poets and writers and storytellers
liars and cheats and frauds
pick and choose your destiny
redefine your purpose
you are more than you know
I try to reach out
You don't respond
This gives me doubt
But I still continue on

I communicate again
Not a voice to be heard
Does she not want me then?
I wish I could be sure
Going through tough times and feeling tough emotions. Just another piece fueled off my reality
ayumi ebony Oct 5
she is drowning again.
this time she knows the truth
-she can’t do this anymore.
and this time she knows that her mother’s hand is not the hand she needs in hers,
and that she walks alone on the only road she’d ever known.

as the road diverges, her feet are spread further and further apart,
so she’ll fall into a deep crevice,
or jump.
she’ll fall before jumps.

maybe there will a river at the bottom,
so ice cold.
but she’d move along,
and she does love to swim.

maybe it’ll be ground,
and she’ll break all her bones.
then she’ll pick herself up,
keep walking.

what if an abyss is just an abyss?
a pit of nothing,
a pit where you’re falling and you don’t know,
how low you’ll go.

and if you expect wings,
how would you create them on the way down
-no one cares enough to strap them to your back,
because no ones cares.

she knows, it’s all her fault.
you know.

she’s been told she’s everything,
and she wants to be everything.
but her heart is gone.

her appetite is gone,
and the once hungry girl
is left picking at her plate.
Merwin Nikad Oct 4
To be something
Everything that was
Never could be
Doors dont always answer


Perchance you could
Open a door
Ear for an ear
Moss for moss
Sleep for sleep
Sneaky sneaky
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