Mikaail 1d

I don't get vision
I've studied science too

Light through pupil
Image flipped
Produced on retina

But here's the thing?
I don't see the light
I see nothing but darkness
There is nothing ahead
the Void


You are my heart
You are my part
You are my soul
You are my goal
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You're my morning
You're my evening
You are my noon
You are my boon
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You are my today
You're my morrow
You are my Ray
You're my Willow.
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

Like splitting the atom I
split myself until nothing
remains but the idea
of me in your head.

و لم يبقى لنا سِوى حُبٍّ لاحقنا طويلاً
عندما كنتُ لا أزالُ سِوى شُعاعٍ و ارتطمتَ بي

And we have nothing left but a love that kept running after us
When I was still only a beam of light and you slammed into me

لين اا -
- LynnAA

Alan Crilley Jun 14

In this plastic world with pink and green rhinestones,
all those "priceless" things and money loans,
we find ourselves searching for something more,
looking for an un-shut door.
Grey clouds lead to rain,
all that gushed down the drain.
In this plastic place with blue and yellow homes,
all those "necessities" like beads and combs,
we find ourselves wanting so much more,
before it ends and we fall to the floor.
Smiles led to admiration,
all those laughs in conversation.
Those never matter until we have that day,
when it all seems to fade away,
and we find out how empty we are,
when everything has gone too far...

Cedric D'Cruz Jun 10

Affluence can buy anything that was the bottom line.
Desires were glittering like a golden mine.       
My ascent to greatness was clear in the foresight,      
But also the descent into sorrow in the hindsight.

When it all boils down at the end of the day,
Reality comes knocking around at the bay.   
Ain’t it funny that the things I deemed,
Something quite contrary they seemed.

So concerned I was with what I wanted to be. 
Obsessed with the primitiveness of the bleak worldly sea.
Failed to recognize that I am of an evanescent kind.
Engaged in the ceaseless endeavors of the deceiving mind.

The pendulum swings and life flies away,
To crystallize my inevitable decay.
My inner demon vowed to never let me free. 
As always I felt my mind betray me.

I am something of little significance.
So is everyone on this earth’s existence.
Self centered is everyone in this world,
Failing to see the truth past the mist curled.

There is no higher purpose.
Life is a mere scientific process. 
World is a cold place for survival of the fittest,
And also fire and brimstone for the weakest.

We originate, survive, reproduce and perish.
Therefore we are life’s faintest manifestation.
As always it moves on with persistence.
Evidently nothing is of importance.
                                                     ­                      - Cedric D’Cruz

I wrote this last year when I was going through a difficult time. At that time I started to question few things about the world, life and existence. My mind was buzzing with lot of questions like, "What is the purpose of life?", "Why do we die?", and etc. I kept wondering and then after quite some time I found the answers. And consequently I wrote the poem.
Alexa Rose Jun 8

Desperate times like this call for a distraction.
Feeling wanted and craving some attention.
There's always a price to pay without an education, in the art of seclusion.  
Laying on the couch as he gazed upon me.
Taking in the sight, to his delight
he found me charming.

He told me, "I'm a fighter. I'm a queen."
That he found me particularly fascinating.
"We're not so different you and me,
Which makes you superior when compared to anything."
I was stuck between the sheets. Plunging forward.
Falling further. Wondering why his smile made me feel so sickening.

I'd be crying as he took me in his arms.
Made me believe he truly meant no harm.
He held me tightly and he muttered,
"If you get any older maybe we could move past heavy petting.
You can't gain experience without experimenting. "

He told me, "I was pretty
And around pretty things don't mind if I get a little touchy feely.
Younger girls fall so very easy. Just don't gain any unwanted feelings,
without them I can still make you feel amazing."
Once again I was stuck between the sheets. Plunging forward.
Falling further. Unknowingly risking everything.
I felt like nothing when compared to anything.

He'd pull me closer as I started shaking.
Assured me that'd he'd never hurt me and there was no need to be afraid.
He made me feel uncomfortable rather than amazing.
Turns out his words meant nothing.
Still sitting frightened in his lap.
My need for comfort had enticed him so much one day when he just snapped.
And me feeling guilty for doing so, I Innocently asked,
Craving comfort and security, how was I supposed to know?
I'm sorry, that really wasn't my intention.  

He started smirking as he said,
"You really like attention.
Your teasing doesn't pay the bill.
One day you won't be able to shut me out.
And those doors won't stop me from getting in.
Is that so difficult to comprehend?", he threatened.

I was a token of your humor.
I was your stupid little fool.
I was nothing but your prisoner.
I meant absolutely nothing at all to you.
I was stuck within your sheets.
Unable to move forward.
There was nowhere else to fall.
As I was screaming silently, you made me realize
the meaning of nothing meant me.

If I had known all along, that I was backed against the wall,
I would have never wrote this poem.
And I would have fought harder than just screaming, that this feels wrong I think we should stop.

Wyatt R Jun 8

Takes all of me to not flatline
due to sheer boredom.
Forget to breathe because
I couldn't stop yawning.
Life is the most dull font
used to write
a single sentence
on a post-it note.
The line reads:
life is boring.
I have nothing.

This world is all an empty hole
Eternal falling, I descend
Into the dark depths of my soul
The pathless void that has no end

All blankly white, a blaze of same
Deadly joy that drinks my cries
My fear absorbed to feed its flame
No spot of dark to save my eyes

I’m crushed within the empty space
And powerless to resist
People here in this nothing place
Attacked for daring to exist

Oh lightning, split the solid sky
Make me flash some kind of light
Oh hurricane, come be my sigh
Earthquake, swallow the black and white

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