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Malia Apr 3
People. Feel. Life. Time. Love. Hate. Day. Cold. Find. Lost. Good. Bad. Wrong. Write. Light. Dark. Heart. Mind. Eyes. Hear. Pain. Hope. Sun. Stars. Better. Afraid. Real. Thought. Help. Cry. Happy. Sad. Fire. Grow.



The light
And the dark
Right next to each other.

and God
Right next to each other.

These are my words:
Contradiction after contradiction.

This is who I am:
Everything, nothing, everywhere, nowhere
I decided to look at the little words tab in here, and there were all these words that seemed so contradictory, right next to each other, but i suppose that’s what happens when you try to write on what it’s like to be human.
Jeremy Betts Mar 14
•°• A Twisted Classic •°•

Here is the church
Here is the steeple
Open the door
And see all the evil

...see all the people,
stranded in a free fall,
falling for the lure of lore,
but there's nothing at all...

Hadrian Veska Feb 21
You are nothing
That you don't have to be
You aren't some hero
Or menace to me
You are just you
And for me that's enough
I don't need adventure
Or drama or stuff
All I need is you
that's really all I want
No need of a prize
Or trophy to flaunt
You is enough
Even more than you know
I just wish it were something
That's easier to show
I imagine that you're happy
And laughing
With people I've never seen

I picture that you're working
Or still searching
Maybe applied for a new degree

Whatever it may be
For you I imagine good things

I don't think you'll go home
Back up to that small town
Until you're ready to settle down

And even then I
Wonder if you'll fit in
I always thought your heart was too big for Asotin

I know that's where you grew up
Know that's where your loved ones
Built that new house so pretty on the river

I imagine you with big dreams
I see everything you could be
And I find it reassuring

Whatever it may be
For you I imagine good things
Jeremy Betts Jan 21
I'll have nothing if I lose her
If I stay I'll lose myself
So I'm forced to ask myself
What is the better future?

Mark Wanless Dec 2023
if nothing is there
then nothing has been truly
expressed through nothing
Mark Wanless Dec 2023
peace equals absence
of conflict in your mind
feels like nothing
JA Perkins Dec 2023
An Autumn moon
glowing in a purple sky
along with lesser lights
watching as
I lost my mind..

Stars gathered in
her tired eyes..
Every cosmic cluster
Glimmering, dimming
then falling into the night..

Constellations poured
across her pretty face
Recklessly they'd


s    l    s    i    g
     p   a   h   n    
on the ground

then were gone
without a trace..

Her tender hand consoled
the pieces left of me
And I just knew those
falling stars
would be the death of me
Jeremy Betts Nov 2023
...but what do I know?
🎶"Absolutely nothing"🎶
...well, what am I good for?
🎶"Absolutely nothing"🎶
...what do I have to offer?
🎶"Absolutely nothing"🎶
...what CAN I do right?
🎶"Absolutely nothing"🎶
Never allowed to forget I forgot to remember

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