KMH 8h
Dear [insert name here],
This is For:
A girl made out of glass,
       The world sees only her mask.
A shattered scarlet smile,
        It might be the blood
        of those who broke her heart
The weeping willow tree,
        It weeps for what it sees
The boy that ‘cannot love.’
        He only does what he is told
This broken-hearted ‘thing,’
        They call me ‘freak’
A ‘left-behind-but-safe,’
        There is no real safe place
A queen who can’t want ‘life’
        Or love, or anything at all
A silent mourning scream,
        No one hears her call
The banished lovers lost,
        Because there are so many

And for
The undead ones who miss Hell.
Because they know
Is better than this place
Where everything is pretty
And everything is 'normal'
Or it is worth
Than nothing at all.
Someone With Things to Say
Because there are broken, banished, silenced, forgotten, and hurting people everywhere. Because even if I'm going to Hell for the things I've said and done, I know that there will be people there with me who understand.
© KMH 2018
Empty vessels
            sailing in the deep,
    there is no light

Only a barge of nothingness
         rivers of tears,
sinking it beneath the earth.
Muskaan 1d
No sense of belonging
No place to go
Disappointment running through your veins
A place of no value
A sense of emptiness.
Working hard has no value anymore,
The time of commitment is long gone.
No sense of the future
No expectations
Just you,
Standing there
With nothing to hope for anymore.
Funny how
You meant so much to me
I would lose my breath
When I only saw you
And now
I swallow air easily
You mean nothing to me
Funny how
I’m still writing poetry for you.
Some part of me
Must still love you.
Why do I still write poetry for you?
Shall I fade into the quiet nothingness?
To be lost?
To wander?
To exist in the dark places of your heart?

Shall I have no meaning?
No hope?
No love?
No light to guide my way?

I refuse.
Another old poem that has withstood the test of time upon it. I like the title best, because no one should have to accept nothing.
B 2d
“Do you love me”
I question myself.
Thinking of you,
It doesn't makes sense.
Rage kills,
sometimes, it might heal,
Rage might help you,
Rage might destroy you,
Rage has a choice to make,
A side to stay on for a day,
Whether me in January or you in may,
It will always find it's way,
back to me,
back to my heart,
slowly killing me,
slowly healing me,
slowly relieving me,
slowly grieving me,
My blood flows extremely fast,
my heart is about to blast,
the feeling rage can give you,
is a feeling that can kill you,
At the end, it will leave you stranded,
stranded with an enchantment,
An enchantment to have....
Rage is something all humans feel. However, It depends on us to control it.
your thoughts can flow a millions miles per hour
and suddenly it gets quiet.

a silence that eats your insides because you can't explain
the reasoning why.

you can try to choke out your words
but nothing comes out.

everything hurts
and you can't do a damn thing about it.
it's good to not have feelings sometimes
dodging bullets left and right
avoiding heartaches and tears
it's good to have feelings sometimes
getting a warm feeling
for no apparent reason
embracing the light and love
surrounding you

but what if you feel nothing?
what is there to dodge?
what is there to embrace?
how can you just fall into the darkness,
and feeling absolutely nothing?
I am afraid of feeling nothing.
For that reason, I desperately look for depth in every moment.
I crave love; the kind which makes your insides rip apart just to come together again. The kind which makes you forget what was and what will be.
Having only one mind to care about is not enough for me. I want to know a second one. I want to swim in the depth of someone else's dark thoughts. Tell me, do you ever feel lonely?
Open up your heart, let me take a dive. I'll memorize each wave and the rhythm of your currents. And when the sun sets, and leaves place for the moon, I will kindly insist that you take a sip of what I have been drunk off. We will strip down, and leave our clothes in the sand as well as all sense of reality. I'll grab your hand and well run into the ocean's black waves, with the moon our only witness. The water wrapped around our naked bodies, melting into one another. We will kiss, like we were put on this earth to do so. I will kiss you until you forget how to breathe.
I will kiss you, I will kiss you, I will kiss you a thousand times.
I will pretend that you feel as deeply as I do. And in the morning, like trying to catch clouds, I will close my fists to try to keep the feeling from slipping away.
Some nights, I will even scream at the moon, knees on the ground, and beg her to tell me: "was it true? Did it happen?"
I don't want to forget.
I don't want to forget.
Don't let me forget.
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