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Kyla Mae 11h
Nothing new, nothing good wherever i look
How many days i have to count?
How many years i have to wait?
To finally say "Yes! I did it!"

Nobody knows why I'm still here
I feel stuck but i need to move
Would my future self thank me if do everything to improve?
Color 2d
the void is dark and
cold. the void is nothing. do
not talk to the void.
I was always asked
what happens in death

I'll tell you when you get there.
Eva 2d
I've been searching
for what seems to be nothing.

I've been dreaming
for what seems to be unrealistic

I've been waiting
for who seems to be missing.
Turned to nothing
By just a phrase
Spoken from anger
When deep in rage
Told I was nothing
By my own blood
It hurts a little
But not too much
I actually feel a little freer
Because that is the truth
Finally someone else
Sees the proof
I can breath again
Since I’ve been exposed
For who I am
Just a ghost
Eva 6d
Is it possible to have absolutely nothing on your mind.
Just staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
while scrunched in bed.
The gentle taps of the rain
would lightly knock on your windowsill.
Your favorite song-
escaping from your earbuds.
And for a moment, you forget about the world
and all your worries.
Tsunami May 21
My body still searches for you
In a sea of bedsheets and stuffed animals.

I try to mimic the warmth of your arms around me.
I, once again, fail miserably...
Just like I did when you packed up and left.

My hands sleepily clasp at nothingness.
I am half asleep,
Just at the stage before waking up,
Desperately trying to find any semblance of you.

I was always told my insomnia was the reason for my lack of rest.
But what do we call it when I can not fall asleep without you beside me?
God I miss your body beside me, it was home if I ever had one
Lyss May 20
At times I feel like there really is nothing. What is the point of me ? What’s my purpose ? What am I supposed to do in this world that holds any type of value and meaning ? What is my direction ?
I don’t know any of it...
Artemis May 19
I slip in and out of my own mind
and often enough
I get caught in the empty spaces
between my thoughts
and sometimes it is peaceful
that moment of quiet
but when I find myself stuck
in that nothingness
and that silence
there is a stillness that I cannot outrun
and it is cold
and empty.

and then I remember
that feeling anything
is better than this
vohnul buchet May 19
as far as I am aware
you are not wonderful
of course you can have
other positions
you may be good
from another point of view

but from mine
I see just a girl
without eyes, without ears
without a face, without a head
as they are
too clear

there is just this behavior
too superficial
to know something deeper
to try to know something deeper
to want to try to know
something deeper

but still, something about you
there is
that is why
is this poem done

however, if you are able
there is a chance to see
how bad this poem really is
written in one minute
like you
history will swallow it
as nothing
as a useless, silly
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
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