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Noura 1d
Every body is always trying to understand
Even to force
All of these binary oppositions
On everything and everyone
But here I am
An odd one out
I am everything and nothing
I am a saint
And I am a sinner
I am happy
And I am sad
I am male
And I am female
I am a child
And I am an adult
I am dead
And I am alive
I am everything
And I am nothing.
Broken Pieces Apr 19
How would you react if I said I missed you?
Would you miss me too?

It's highly unlikely because you seem to be okay,
But I still wonder what it would be like if you were to stay.

I don't want to, but I think of you every day,
I'm really sorry to brings this up this way.

I can just never seem to say anything right,
It's so hard for me to think about the light.

I'm ranting on and on about how I feel,
This is the only place where I can keep it real.

I cannot imagine myself without this site,
I for sure know the future wouldn't be bright.

Well this was a poem about nothing,
But it happened to lead to something.
Blueberry Ice Apr 19
Nothing to prove..
                to people
who are counting on me..
                 l                p
                      l        a       a

It was an unexpected travesty
While I sipped on my Paris tea

Black and swirling in the creamy cup
The melancholy inside wasn’t made up

The touches shared never to be replayed
A pen left wordless on the splotched page

The story of us dwindled and ended
I’ll yearn the soul I lost and befriended

It stains the wanderings in my heart
Restless longing never to depart

Will she look at you the way I did too
Or with her smile is your gaze anew

Amongst any spoken tendril I have to say
You’ll ignore it regardless, keep it at bay

No matter wherever I beg and try
Forever I’ll be pinned as the bad guy

Your friends affirm it without any doubt
The words you spill attract gallons of clout

And even with a vine of knowledge to prove
They’d pry and spy ‘til nothing’s left to prune
Whilst drinking my daily cup of Harney and Sons Paris tea I imagined this scenario. The heartbreak of being replaced is shattering indeed.
Martin Boško Apr 13
Sometimes it is good
To sit around, do nothing
Clear your busy mind
Jaxey Apr 8
"I feel nothing"
she said
as she lied down
on the cold empty road
not knowing which direction to go

"what's it like"
I asked her
over the phone
while stuck in traffic
just trying to get to work
Shh, listen, do you hear the silence?
The haunted streets full of ghosts?
The screeching fall of the world of finance?
We are but billions of clueless hosts
Written at the beggining of a pandemic after the first lockdown in my country
nothing came to mind
so nothing got writ
for nothing was in
the nothing kit
at all
being scribed on
the poetry site's wall
deadhead Apr 2
Nothing doesn't mean anything.
Or, I suppose, nothing means
the lack of something.
Nothing is nothing.
It doesn't exist.
So tell me why
this nothing
is hurting
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