I look at myself
and once again
I have that feeling.

That stone in your heart,
that heartless stone
that is me.

Raw feelings go here
no words to describe them,
just feeling.

I could say that I'm down
In this English language of yours
But no, that's not it.

You may argue it's depressed,
and yeah, my psychiatrist would agree,
but that's not it either.

Maybe it's dysphoria kicking in once more,
certaintly I feel its awful hand greeping me again,
but that's not it.

What may it be,
this ugly feeling I puke to the poem.
I don't know.

But I want it to stop
nawke 1d
we can make
something out of nothing
is like not-sowing a single seed
yet we reap far and forever more
and forever is incomprehensibly long
so while waiting for something
anything arrives
and oh, how it thrives
soon, we begin to make
everything out of anything
chasing something
or another thing  
since they look like nothing
we've ever seen before
often, so certain that we already
know nothing very well
forgetting truly
nothing came from something
we would be
good with nothing
Windmills of the mind.
i am beginning to learn
the power
in saying nothing
We are the nothing

We are the others, the never wills;
The nothingness of death.
We are nothing, you are less;
Spineless, useless, worthless, blessed!
Burn love to the ground and ground it down;
I love falling apart in your arms.

Everyone is going around, falling in love;
Fall from the sky, down into the ground.
We feel like the world is coming to an end.
Burn love down; burn love down.

Everyone is an Angel and everyone is a Devil;
All we become is ashes and dust.
Bite the hand that feeds,
Down on your dirty knees;
Who are you that we should trust?

There is a great big hole in the sky!
I think it’s time to die.
There’s nothing left to do,
But suffer fools like you.

Something inside me burns with hate!
It is you I have to leave behind or save.
Clinical and cynical;
We are nothing to the grave.

We are the nothing inside of you;
We are the nothing that you breed.
We are nothing,
You are nothing;
You are nothing like me.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Gray 6d
Without you i am as full as a new refrigerator
Without you i am as loud as a broken radio.
Without you i am as useful as the wrong screwdriver.

Without you i am as full of life as an used up battery.
Without you i am as bright as a burned out lightbulb.
Without you i am as calm as a heart attack.

Without you i am as soothing as a rock and roll band.
Without you i am as warm as a tub of vanilla ice cream.
Without you i am not myself.
Nothing like you

I would have liked to have been somewhere better with you,
But I just couldn’t care about anything that you do.
I would have liked to have seen something good inside of you,
But there is nothing there to find, so I will be nothing like you.

You know I hate to be the one to tell you,
Just how much I really hate you and everything that you do.
You make war, not love; with every fight our love is dying.
The two of us together should never have happened,
So why is it only me who seems to always be crying?

You are nothing like me in the love that I feel;
You feel nothing of the love that I have to give.
Your eyes are so wide open, searching for a way to be free;
Well there is an easy way to make you happy; go ahead and leave.

In this misshapen body, I am nothing like you;
In this beautiful mind, I am nothing like you.
In this relationship of lies, I am screaming the truth!
You are nothing like me and I am nothing like you!

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
amanda Jun 12
yet nothing.
Venus smiles.
blank they proclaim
under a mendacious house.
collapsed panes there are,
and floating hounds.
are they floating?
eyes rob us, and
appearances are kleptomaniac.
so why do they smile their
pale yellow teeth to us?
and cry tears of  metal?
o' abused face!
scarred by night's cloak.
make us grave men today,
so we may wrap them
in a blanket of glitter tomorrow.
end their metallic cries!
end their loud, loud voices!
so silence may harmonize
their weeping rooms
cluttered with floating hounds.
amanda 5d
gradually they go-
the idiosyncratic, the mortal, the private.
nothing is left
but desolate halls.
before they go,
the mirrors gaze at them.
two-faced demons they see.
merciless hands
in a pool of murder.
i feel out of focus,
or at least a bit seedy.
breathe in, breathe out.
i don't want to fight,
i don't want to fight,
and i never will.
i fall cold.
the idiosyncratic, the mortal, the private
watch me.
"goodbye my child,"
and the silence grows ever still.
Daniel Ruiz Jun 13
the unknown,
The thing I throw coins at
and expect them to come back,
Have you seen
What your eyes truly lack?
A reminder,
That they want to be alive,
That they want to keep seeing
In colors,
That they want to be more than nothing,

Im a writer,
But I always end up
Blank pages without ink,
Goes without a saying,
They are nothing,
Until you make it something
Until it has flow, rhythm.
Until it expresses emotions,
Something real,
Something you can’t feel again.

My life has been that so far,
Thinking about what I should write,
Im a writers block,
Im the sky without the stars,
Im a car without keys,

Im simply,
Just Blank.
Aa Harvey Jun 13
Love does not know my name

No memories.
I have forgotten all those things that we said.
No time machine,
To bring back those times;
Those good times we shared inside my head.

I never did grow up or find a love worth all the trying.
I never did get better with time; I hate always crying.
I never did change;
I’m still the same.
I’m still the same as I ever was
And I have no face.
I’m just another unknown;
I am unknown to love.
Love does not know my name,
But my need to find love has never gone away.

Please give me a name;
Let me become a somebody to someone.
Please give me a change.
A chance to show that I could be something somebody really wants.

If I am without a name,
Then what will become of all the poetry that I wrote?
If I live in vain;
Why is there no way to overload?
This love burden I have,
It weighs me down…
And I am just a man.

Fix me with her.
Fix me up or knock me to my knees.
Give me a shot;
Just one more chance to find a way to breathe.

If I have no name,
Then how will I ever find my way back home?
If I have no name,
Then tell me what do you think they will write upon my resting stone?

No time machine…
Time never heals an empty head.
No memories…
Only love can ever help me to find myself again.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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