Nylee 3h

Everything makes sense
but actually nothing does,

from the kind of lens we use
it changes your views.

you were in everything
my thoughts
my daydreams
my stories
my poems
and now
i don't even have
a place for you
at all

Half living,
half dead
I hear voices
in my head

Half crazy,
half sane
Cryingly laughing
in vain

Half empty,
half full
Glass is broken
after all

Half super,
half not
Don't know
what I've got

Half glowing,
half dark
Keep on flashing
  that spark

Half satan,
half god
Half good
or half bad

Half yin,
half yang
Half old,
half young

Half nothing.

04 July 2016

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.

I see the pain
Has marked my face
I am nothing
If not a disgrace

The lines that I
Have long drawn
Make me tired
And so I yawn

I look at all this mess
There is no outcome
And so I guess

This is just how it is
Nothing else to this

But I hate that thought
That these relationships
Are simply for nought

I don't want to believe
That this is true
But that's how it seems
Judging by the view

But maybe the view is wrong
Maybe I need to look
For a little bit longer
And maybe the outlook will change

I long to be close
To a human soul
And have each other
Truly know

The inner workings
And the outer show
But instead in my heart
The distance will grow

I am unsure
If its worth the risk
I am not pure

Perhaps that is why
Everyone will fly
Away from me
When they see
Who I really am
And my life is a sham
I am not me
Or who I want to be
But i long to grow
And to show
The world all my work
To let them all look
What the demon took
And see how I went on
And continued living
But yet no one know
And so I am alone.

Random nothingness my poems seem to be getting worse and worse the more I write.

She sees a reflection
in a blank wall.
She feels a memory
through the touch of her toes
to the carpet.
A blank wall of nothing
is showing
a flurry of somethings.
For not even a wall can be blank.
Every nick to the surface,
every dried paint bubble,
every scar on the wall
tells a story.
That is why she sees
herself reflected
in the wall.
Because nothing is blank.
Everything that seems like nothing
is something.
Every person who seems blank
is filled
with life.

Kagami 7d

In one summer, I've become an alcoholic. I've become a reckless shadow of myself.
In one summer I caused the love of my life to distrust me. I showed him my weaknesses and he refused to forgive.
In one summer, I've proven to myself that I'm not strong enough to live. The once terrifying vision of a starile hospital ward seems welcoming now.
In one summer I've managed to convince myself I have nothing left.

You say I'm running from myself
I guess you're right
Maybe I am
All I know is that the reason
I hear my heartbeat so clearly
Is because my chest is hollow

I am made up of layers
Too many layers
As if my skin
Was preparing to survive
Out in dead winter at the South Pole

I'm a coward
  I'm distrustful

    I'm stubborn
       And I'm doubtful

           And secretive

Maybe downright manipulative

   But most of all I'm exhausted

Exhausted of the nothingness
   That I float around in
Exhausted of everything
  That comes and goes
    Ensuring chaos
Exhausted of everything and nothing
  And all things in between
         Exhausted of

Too tired to live too important to die, guess the story keeps repeating doesn't it? Even if you don't think you're important. Well this may be my last week helping RH upload more of her poetry on here and this poetry community has been amazing. Maybe I'll look into opening my own account.... I can only hope my words touch as many lives as RH's words do. Until then, enjoy ~BM

(You guys helped do it again! Front page 8/14/17)

after all Jesus and rock and roll
  couldn't save my immoral soul
  well I've got nothing left to lose

Talia Grace Aug 9

I still blame myself
And with every passing day I still wish to take it back

I never meant to cause pain
Yet I now leave a sour taste in your mouth
And I wonder if it will ever go away

You can forgive me thousands of times
But that never means that I will forgive myself

My canvas fills every so often
And every night it reminds me of what I did
How I maimed and embarrassed you

So tell me
How do I stop?
At what point will my mind give in to forgiveness?

Yet after all I've done to you
Everything I made you go through
Each secret I let loose
I'm not worth the second thought

So I still blame myself...

I still cry about how I can't fix this
How the damage is done
And how trust will never come back to the fullest

I'm always quick to forgive, unless I need to forgive myself
Rebel Heart Aug 8

She's always the center of attention
Gracefully floating through seas of people
Swimming in the flashes of stardom
Surrounded by millions
And yet
She's so empty inside...

Tell me how does a smiling face like her's
Feel so alone and broken
While surrounded by so many people loving her?

Tell me how does a privileged status like her's
Feel so isolated and depressed
While surrounded by so many riches adoring her?

Yet behind her smile
And into her eyes
I can see it all
I can see past that disguise

Because beyond the lights
There hides a lonely girl
Who'd been tossed
Into an unforgiving world
One with plastic smiles
That slowly robbed pieces of her heart
Till she was left with

Talk about a throwback because its this poem's anniversary... While I won't reveal the year this was published I know for a fact RH was only 11 when she finished the poetry collection this poem was a part of. Each poem, despite being written by an 11 year old version of my best friend was amazing, but I felt the most connection to this one. All of you are awfully great supporters so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did ~BM
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