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Jeremy Betts May 6
If I were to ask you
Why are you doing this?
What would your answer be?
What exactly would you say to me?
I'm curious
Would it mirror other hard questions
That I have been forced to ask
Forcing me to watch you get furious
Leaving me reeling, feeling like the fool
Because I took this serious

Emotions and fears,
Rainbows and shadows,
Facts or just thoughts,
Curious about everything,
It's a state of being,
Not very reactive,
But very observing ,
Can sit and stare,
From the eyes corner,
Or look deep into your soul,
Into your farthest goal.

What you seek here,
Has made your being,
Untethered you came,
Tamed you became,
Boundless inside still,
Your thoughts unhinged,
Are of a curious nature,
To know them all,
Is this souls rapture.
maria Feb 24
In the blink of an eye,
our life is gone.
We live the days,
pretending they don't run out.

Death promises us one thing.
It is a final justice.
We beg, and we ask,
and in the end, it delivers.

Fair or not fair,
there's equality in death.
To postpone or meet halfway,
the grave is patient.
mjad Jan 12
Sometimes I wonder what I would do
If I walked into a room
And all I saw was you
Jess B Nov 2023
I  did that for you
...didn't I?

yet now,
I feel empty

If I offered my gift
did I take it from me?

Tell me

What really is


Where does it reside?

Can it be captured?



will it always
at random
dry the well?

Who is this for?

and is it needed?

Some days like

but others feel
Francis Oct 2023
What do I do?
What do I be?
May it simply be,
That I’m just me?

Who do I be?
Who should I be?
Is it always a matter,
Of what I make me?

Why can’t I just be?
What can’t I just be me?
What does everything,
Rely on what to be?

I somehow seem unable,
To be any ounce of free,
With requirements to be,
Everything but me.
There’s a title and a category for everything.
I S A A C Aug 2023
you look good in corduroy
but it looks better at the foot of the bed
you bring me so much joy
3 years deep, in our connection we invest
you look good slicked with sweat
make you work for what you get
you bring me so much strife
3 days, is that all I have left?
Megan Parson Mar 2023
Violet, like the bruises you've hidden.
Indigo, like the dark circles you've overwritten.
Blue, like the opinions they've seen zoned.
Green, like the jealousy you've known.
Yellow, like the golden cage you fly in.
Orange, like the red flags you've seen.
Red, like paint when you bleed.

Do we add colour to your life,
Or do you colour ours?
A women's day & holi write. Question is, can a few days make up for centuries worth of oppression? I hope we remember the women in our lives everyday, & not just on women's day. © Megan Parson 2023
I S A A C Dec 2022
i am a robot
stuck behind all these roadblocks
what came first?
the road or the blocks
i wish i didn’t give a ****
i wish i understood what it was
riddled with curiosity, plagued with confusion
never understanding the extent of my emotion
i am a robot
i am a token
i was made to be used
made to be broken
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