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Purple Rose,
in itself amongst this atmosphere.
Do you suppose,
yourself extravagant in literary work
Quite literally,
does what you write pen your worth?

Pen your feelings,
grow out those many ideas.
Bury your fears.
Decorate all of your words,
give them all something beautiful to read.  

Are you right with your writings,
when the ink is dry?
The stories your fingertips hold,
that only your words can show.

Flowery words,
a beautiful purple Rose.
All that we express,
more than the emotions upon our face.
Elaborate scent of treasures and worth,
poets who pen Purple Prose.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, not in the right place these days:|

gods of my hells and heavens up in the believed skied

I swear no more a hold on to the moon no in me I lied

don't blame me

I tried my best for myself to save me

but those loves in the nights are making me hope and long

those of hugs and promises them people give me I yearn I wrong

I get so high to wake onto a fall

even lost springs and summers all can't hinder a devil crawl

                                                         ­                    --------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, follow your dreams or they will<3

fed up on the revolt of the real

locked myself behind the dreamy doors to an an evermore of a seal

I seek you on the delves of the stormy spaces

it's like a universe I called came back with answers to shock faces

your name I heart you speak and led lights illuminate it

sparked on my heart when duty calls I fade in

Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, life is a bliss in hell:}

your letters

spits I never want to breathe forever

knuckles you shoved into my back again never

but things may trail things may leave may dust

aiming for the swoons in my appeals an everlasting lust

skies upon the blues and the purples they stain

dances on seven hells of moons to remain

notes on ears on papers in the awake

heart and soul bared no more here at a paling so called stake

brushes braided in the befores

on this night

on this day

Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, colors are the reason we're alive---at least for me;>

purple purple

in my mind forced hurdled

been scraped on my timeline

been worn on my curves fine

yes the archer in the water associated

stupid but for the imagination to retake it

on those eyes that looked into my defenses

affection in the caresses

of my defined tenses

rather than that of the skies illuminated on beach

or hairs on backs so hard to bleach

now I see clearly

nothing but the signs that come freely

butterflies that I hate secret narrows

walls already painted threatening arrows

already loving for them hollows

                                                     ­                                 -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 4
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, night or day??? :

in the late night his touch ignites a missed touch of his love

                                                          ­                  -------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes a dream can flip your stage scenes and make them decorated;}

                                            thee heavens come clean

                                 across a kiss untold unbound unseen

                                            with dismals and dears

                                           follows discretely situated
                                from leaves unintentionally initiated

                                        things ascending to the spine

                                      nerve striking its dim its shine

                                         horizons skirt down faded

                                              feet sand permeated

                                         on fine arts been not made in

                                             a sheet to be fabulous

                                             like my insides

                                           like my pen slides

                                        been piled overshadowed  

                                           been dark uninvaded

                                        she beauty on the purples

                                             majestic manipulated

             are them those of these the things you can see not face it

                                               I saw the heavens

                                                  I saw the hells

                                                  water colored

                          wet come to a collision I say come compensated

                               on highs and lows rays of foes impossible

                                      converge  a split second for me

                                         an undeniable to the invisible
                                             feet sand permeated

                                              on fine art I name it

                                           ****** by the devils

                                            by the angels sacred

                                    for me in my selfish kingdom

                                         my so called salvation

                         a place my nights breathe annihilation

                  even better than them those sent in that teleportation

                                   mere those moments of gazes

                               scrapes buried for future destination

                                 on the whites of my imagination

                              left to my unconsciousness a decision

                                              a piece of my mind

                                            an official declaration

                     a moon arose from the dead to my incarnation

                                            not await for another

                                I state a once and for all deprivation

                                          despite the lunar bothers

                                             something for me

                                           I owe no explanation

                                     moon me so light so bright

                                                so dim so dark

                             to the bits of the ends of the marks

                                        the places I cant reach

                                                   they afar

                                       stay there but stay near
                                      to me my moon my fear

                                                                                    ------raven feels
Lying in a  blossom field
on the grass between lavenders
The sun is shining right on me
while a breeze is touching
purple royal flowers tender.
A heavy scent is in the air
Ascending up to heaven
I close my eyes  pretend to sleep
while  being quite enchanted.
With you lying here next to me
tenderly caressing cheeks
I am in lovers heaven.

Lavender color of the royals, lavender rose the flower for enchantment.
Juliana Mar 5
You are not a wolf, my sweet.
You are not all that’s wrong with your world.
You are not the silver bullets
your fingertips let slip away,
you are not the knife at her throat.

You, my darling,
are a prince in disguise.
You, my dear,
are the bloodied rabbit
who wriggled your way from the fox.
You, my love,
are the villain who escaped
the prison of your own imperfect poison.

You are the laughter I feel on my lips.
The cracked song of a crinkled French lullaby.
The memories of a duet passed down through the ages.

You are the pain in between my heartbeats.
The open door after a wave of tears.
A bandage that will only separate
from a soul after a lifetime of picking.

You are the sweet, sugary lies I could only hope to believe.
The maze I long to get lost in.
The fountain which clings to my youth.
The fairytale I choose to believe.

You are tied to the girl who fell at your hand.
You traded a wrinkled suit in order
to join her in within the stars.
A crown of gold for the shine of a barrel.

You are tied to the girl whose blood matches yours.
The girl whose purple flowers you’d never trade
for the twinkling power of another’s eyes.
A hero in denial with other matters at hand.

You are tied to the girl whose future
lies in between the pages of a story.
The girl who ran into the woods
leaving your soul empty as the blackest of nights.

You are not an angel.
You are far from a demon.
Totally not based on a Wattpad book. (Y'all go read Expiration Date)
Diesel Feb 28
A sky in purple hue!
Of turnips, roots, and green!
A purple-starred tree-blowing veil!
The stars in sky not black or mean!
And piercing winds that eat sinew,
That sheds the sky in fabric leaves;
I couldn't more describe this night
Its colours awe as I inscribe!
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