Stark 4d
a wisp of smoke curls up--heavenward
until it disintegrates into nothingness

a burnt tip-- alighted by an orange flame
that flickers quick from a cheap Bic lighter

the cigarette dangles tantalizingly
between *******-- index and middle

it's a balancing act--
to stay away from the ashes
and to not drop your sustenance

dark red lips slightly parted
nearly purple, but not quite
as if a speeding car halted at an invisible border
the arbitrary line between purple and red

she exhales

the smoke coming out in elongated ohs

once the smoke clears
she is gone

after all,
she was
a hazed out,
i tried to capture the typical woman from a hard-boiled detective fiction/noir film, in someone's dream. think broadway's city of angels, for an example.
claire Dec 2018
your bewitching gaze
falls on my brow

the air gets thick
i turn around

your eyes are alive
purple and green

you pull me forward
away i lean

your eyes grow angry
the magic swells

it's too late for me
I'm under your spell
Philomena Dec 2018
It’s the color in a blossomed flower
It’s the touch of the softest silk
It’s the sight of the ripest fruit
It’s the taste of the sweetest vine
It’s the feeling of soft luxury

It’s the color of the bruises on my skin
It’s the touch of an unwanted hand
It’s the sight of a hazy night sky
It’s the taste of a bitter poison
It’s the feeling of entrapment

It’s the melancholy color purple that fills my sad dark world
Corey Dec 2018
You dip into the sea
long lasting and
intimacy with the

Over time, perhaps you could
recall how difficult it is for others to
absorb a
new spark of love; to
give way to
even the slightest change in hue

Remembering how
every shift in light causes a
different reaction

under different circumstances, your
relationship with the water could be
permitted to grow, and then unite;
little did you know,
even the sea simply reflects your light
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Purple hue spilled by
Frenetically painting dawn,
Made the world reborn!
Essence Collins Dec 2018
Sunflowers reach,
Up to the skies,
My experience is sad,
And so are your eyes
A spirit is evil,
And so is your smile.
don't you leave
stay for awhile.
Haylin Dec 2018
this morning
i am stuck

i am stuck

every morning
i face the same decision
and ask the question
how do i feel today?

and every morning
i struggle
not because i cant find the answer
but because im scared of it

because i know
that i cant be Purple
thats too confusing

but i feel Purple
My life in a nutshell
Jordan Dec 2018
I found your purple keychain in the back seat of my car.

I remember there was a time when I felt like I couldn’t drive another mile with it dangling from my dashboard.
Pulled over on the side of the road - **** this and what it stands for.

Your idea of romance was buying everything you found in my favorite color.
Coming home with fists full of lavender to make up for a night of fists flying through the air.

Purple was a sign of forgiveness - a token of love where I didn’t ask for it.

I have a box full of love letters written in lilac ink that don’t feel like they’re addressed to me
and your purple keychain with my initials engraved on the back.

I wonder how you could possibly say that you loved me
you didn’t know me at all
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