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In my dreams, you alway write in purple
As you scribble my name and
As you scribble yours

It’s a color that suits you well, I think
And you wear it gracefully
It is not typical like blue or black
It is not flamboyant like pink or orange
It is not harsh to read like yellow or red
It is dimmer than brown and lighter than green

It is purple, like the deep night before the stars arrive
It is purple, like a streak of light in the dark

I will never forget you, you know
I just hope you will always remember
How special purple is
And how special you are
I still remember when we first meet. You sat behind me, and you wrote in purple.
Bullet 2d
Dumping my heart into dreams I would love to see if they are trying to **** me

The fuel that’s keeping me going can spark up a hood, in gulf the steer into flames

Distributor rings pop and all I have is a hand full of hopes and new days

But the deep blue paint chipped off the sea rotates away from the rear view

Purple projects a new drive burnt into the ground from the heat of hell in six feet

My eyes peel back to to a blue face being a frame for just numbers and cloud catching

So I place it in gear and then push fear to the mirror spreading orange and red solar flares
Nidhi 4d
they say if you mix red and blue I get purple
you only get purple
but I don't want purple
I want red
but they say red is not beautiful they say
but I want red
because red is not purple
everyone is purple
but I want red
red is the colors of roses
red is the color I feel when I'm loved
Lee 6d
i've been feeling a
little purple. not angry,
not sad, just purple.
Lee May 22
purple --
the conflicted color

angry fire

of red

and the
cool calm

of blue
Fiona May 20
It was a quiet place
Inside of that red room
Until the wind from inside shook the walls
Collapsing them outward
As the walls fell around her
The wildflowers appeared.
Growing rapidly
The red walls were replaced by
Blue Purple Yellow faces with Green stems.
She climbed those green stems,
For a long time.
So long she reached the top,
Where the Blue Purple Yellow faces stared into the sun.
She lay a top those wildflowers.
Closing her eyes,
Suddenly surrounded by red.
Inspired by Wild Flower, Fiona re-imagines the poem, 2 of 2.
Words' Worth May 6
What do I do these days?
As I sway in a romantic way
I hear the yellow flower turn
I listen to the woods of the swamps slightly forlorn
The staircase points downward, I am lost
When the cars wheel by the pondering eyed strangers
The shores of oceans don't have legs
A soul hollow as the kind blue flower and fruit
Blossoms in the summer-youth which rots the skin to the shin, losing it's rind

It's a surprise to see
In your ashen coil under a sycamore tree
Where you have lost your lonely virility
Where is your heart these days, my child?
Lost in the vigil of the votive offerings of sunflowers
Till the next time
We will see as the tepid wind swells and boils
The effervescent water coolly blows into my eyes
As I sway in the straits of hasty affairs filmed and tinted in romantic lies, my faithful violet
I miss the faith of some of my readers. They loved me with a wholesome love. It was faithful and torrid at times. But, never uncouth and indecent. I regret dating someone on this platform.
Tiana Apr 30
When it rains look for rainbows
When its dark look for stars
Some people are just pure magic
You were the one that made me realize you aren't
Some people leave footsteps in your heart
You left me breathless
I found what I loved
Letting you in
Am I stuck in the past
In love with what could've been
But still all you left me with was a broken girl
And Bruises
Like lilacs beneath my skin
Reappak Apr 24
The purple sky above my head
and lavenders beneath my feet
Purple, a color of lovely sunsets,
above the lilac fields,
purple is the last one,
in a rainbow
Purple, was that only flower,
in the fields of yellow!
On the green lush trees
the purple berries hang!
Blows, the cool breeze
through the purple lands,
I watch how the sun dives
leaving the stars behind,
the stars which ring the bells
and the ivories, lilacs and lavenders
Sell their purple colors
making the lovely purple sunsets
Oh man! I'm obsessed
Who else loves purple??💜💜💜
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