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"peculiar," i think.
i ***** more,
tears streaking
my pretty little mask.
my throat is sore from
the weird medicine
and i wipe my mouth
on my royal, purple dress.
Nik Bland Sep 6
Shades of purple
Come out easily
Purple displays strength well known
Those types of arms that feel like home

She writes in cursive
Unique calligraphies
They translate in depth, you sink
Leagues and oceans upon paper and ink

Fights the wild things
They mistake her for one of their own
And though untamed she may be
She stays vigil, her own she oversees

Shade always seems the same
A book in volumes under lock and key
If you read what bled through you might worry, so
She gives you only what you need to know

Always purple
Different hues now and then
She will always be your solid ground
Even when her world is crumbling ‘round
Paul NP Sep 6
Share your soul with the creatures in the midst of the beautiful
glass rice, crystal mirror kiss. This will help your spirit blossom the bountiful beauty of Christ's Christmas shore. When you bouquet a banquet blanket for your future husband make sure to remember the elegance of your wrist, the gentle kiss he gives back from the open air of his fumes he's one with you.
Across walk in time, he's heavenly solar. Across hop in lime, his lunar hips caress the shore. And the kidding around is a chore. The jokes and the smooches a bore. Neither more nor less, the human empath is electro-magneton's dress. Deep in the now my friends help me avow the name that sent me from the hip of the grave to the grey eye silver haze. My glory is the moonlight and the pale dark room, glowing in shadow monsoons of an empty breath and pocketed chest that holds the shadow in its gloominescent viber breathent snake charming crescent. One groom I am you, oh my ohm, energy breasted and lifted into empathetic rest and im calling out to you to give you the best mood i can possible assume
its You. Eye feel it in my hollow point pupil, infinite lunar tongue tied ultra sighrened side. I explain it in virtue, its purple, pouring plume, parfume, tamed in the name of the famed same *** existence.
The sacred Union
Anastasia Aug 29
and lilacs
and white
the scent
of sweetness
makes it
my tongue
with blossoms
the swing
and there
we sat
just you and me
your hand in mine
for eternity
Starry Aug 25
In the twilight zone
Twilight time
Just as the sun sets
It a perfect purple and pink
Like cotton candy ice cream
As i let my cat out.
Butterfly Aug 1
I was standing in purple light and you said that you remembered that the first thing you thought was: "**** she's ****."
I burst down
Of laughter
Than after we walked out of the light.
And you said that I was the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
I'm sorry, this is such a bad "poem"
It's about someone that I love so maybe that will make it up?
Nely Jul 30
I still write you love letters with my favorite pen.

In my favorite book, on my favorite colored pages.


I still walk to the post office in Hope's of sending them out.

I send em out to the universe instead of you,

cause you no longer appreciate the colors of my love for you.
Ikigai Poet Jul 25
Let's laugh in the silence
For the world shouldn't know
That we're together.  
And when the sun sets  
Let's paint the skies with  
Darker shades of purple  
And let's fade into forever.  
Let's paint our hearts a little darker
So that they don't resemble the broken ones
We're not broken, nor our hearts are  
We're complete and unified as long as we're together.  

Let's run on the sand  
That takes us to nowhere  
I'm too sure that we'll reach
The place where we always wanted to be.
Let's call this night our own
And just feel each other  
Cause this is where we're supposed to be
Cause we've been here before.  
When the silence hits us
And Hush takes all over the place  
We'll know where to go.  
Let's walk a little bit faster
Let's scream with our footsteps  
Which are a bit too chained
We'll break those chains  
Those cage, those constraints  
We'll not call it a home.  
Let's be the music
Not what everyone expects us to be
But the one we wanna be
We don't know the music but we'll change the lyrics  
And call them Hope.
Let our heart beat a little faster  
Let's sit on the moon  
And let's chase those Shooting stars
For I know we'll always chase the infinity  
And at the same time we're infinite.  
Let's count the breaths  
That we never took
And dance on tiptoes.
Before we swoon  
Let's get drunk on the night
Chase the madness  
Trip a little and stop.  
Let's just be as we are  
Our flaws, our scars
Our laughter, our Chaos.
Tonight let's chase who we are
And fall for each other.  

-Ikigai Poet
jonni inferno Jul 21
purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly waning

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

hear her
plaintive pleas
desperate cries
and so
reach out my hand
an' gently soothe
the aches an' pains
of her
precious life's
most bitter wounds

i stand my guard
an' watch
o'er her shattered gates
thru many a long
dark treacherous nyte
aware of
every shadows fall
wary of each
an' every noise

an' i swear by all
by strength of heart
breath of life
an' death of soul
on these i swear
tha' none shall pass
from hellish realms
of fiery ash
to breach
her broken battlements
nor press 'pon
her battered gates
to cast
their wicked stones
of hate

her fate i swear
'tis my soul's life
mine only heart
my one true light

be off with thee
oh wretched swine
tread not near
my beloved's breast
trouble not
her slumb'ring rest
nor gaze upon
her hallowed face

remove thy stench
from this
mortal plane
for thou art curst
an' thou shouldst flee
to brimstone's hearth
to thy master's knee

purple shades
o' velvet black
strewn across
dark green grass
on rolling hills
gently laying
in sylvar shades
her face
is softly fading

an' scattered thru
the starlit nyte
her dreams
her hopes
her fears
an' i...

p j upchurch
Ash Underdash Aug 28
What was I then? What was I to you.
Besides broken glass and miss-matched shoes
What was I to you? What did I do?
I helped you paint your whole room blue!
No, Blue.
Maybe that's why you said words so few?
Why the only word you said to me had letters of two
Why the only word you said was "Ew"
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