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Joy 5d
The blue iris melts its petals
like the teary wax
on the musky walls of the lavender candle.

The butterfly crunches its yellow,
crisp thin wings like translucent scales
followed by the crashing echo in the mirror walls of the corridor.

The heat in the air blares in turquoise
somersaulting between the
invisible layers of humidity and oxygen
sticking to the skin like midday sunrays.
I feel red today,
on the edge of craving fire.

I felt green yesterday,
like a million dollars.

Hopefully tomorrow I feel purple,
a strange but delightful amount of sweet, less bitter.
Cece 7d
she’s sitting on a cloud,
windswept hair caught
in shiny lipgloss.
the cold air,
fresh and sweet,
makes her smile,
and pull her coat tighter
around her.
she swings her legs,
glad her faded purple converse
fit well.
looking down,
amazed by the city
below her,
far, far,
tiny people
walk on tiny sidewalks
to her presence.
keeping her company
in the misty,
violet night.
she grins,
her hair flying about,
feet swinging
laughter making her giddy,
in awe of the buildings
in the mist below.
Sarah Oct 25
If I can't make you feel
What good is my writing?
If I cant make you close your eyes and dream
Of winged horse and purple seas
Imaginary lands the open eye can't see
Why am I still trying?
If I can't make you feel the pain
Hot spices and mountain's rain
If I can't give you hope
Or ignite in your head some peculiar thoughts
Then what good are my words?
If my writings made one person realy "feels" something, it mean the worlds to me

I feel like the poem misses the final line but I can't seem to find it. If anything jumps to your mind, please feel free to share it with me, I'd much appreciate it
Haiku Donna Oct 23
I saw some purple
blooms and it cheered up autumn
with big happy smiles
Happy Pretty Autumn  :)
Darkness meditates,
Purple dawn breaks out at east;
Energy plays dice!
Bullet Oct 10
Passing out love
Eyes closed
Seeing the world
In a view of Red

Waking up dead
Eyes opened
Seeing the world
In a view of Blues

The way these people
Belittle the energy
That can bring peace
They have mixed feelings
Seeing the world
In view of Purple

Stripped of caring and worrying
Exchanged for depression and disguises
Running from a red loved past
To obtaining blues of the present mind
The world viewing in purple
But my eyes can no longer
Hold a hue
Laura Sep 19
We sit next to each other
In the mezzanine
Of the crowded theater
Our matching purple outfits
Far too dressy for the occasion
But who cares
We look **** good

You put your hand out
Palm up
And look at me
As I smile
My coy, giddy smile
And place my hand on top
Interlacing my fingers with yours

The lights dim
And the show starts
But you never let go of my hand
Even when it gets weird and clammy
You never pull away
Even when I snort into your shoulder
And wipe away my laughing tears
You still hold onto me
You gently ****** my arm
Your warm thumb
Against my smooth bicep
And I can't help but smile

I look over
And catch you staring
Which makes me blush
And get coy again
The mezzanine
The balcony
The floor
It all disappears
When I feel your touch
Your light touch
Just glide over my skin
I float to another dimension
When you lean over
And kiss my cheek
Only coming back
To the mezzanine
When I open my eyes
sarah Sep 16
late at night, i lie awake
thinking of things i should have said
all the mistakes i've made
and signs i should've read

then think about what i can't live without
you, front and center in my mind
sometimes it feels like halfway love
almost, but not quite

still, parts of you make me whole
who i am and who i need to be
i think of love letters that weren't torn up
feelings of blue and green

when i'm without you
blank page, artless innocence
i realize how dependent i've grown to you
and feel the need to create a distance

sometimes i look up at the purple sky
and wonder if you're looking too
i gaze at the colors and the beauty of it all
though its beauty would never compare to you
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