purple dawn,rain clouds
stepped back, perhaps  awaiting
right time to rush in!
Simra Sadaf Jun 10
Denying acceptance, support and love,
force is the only weapon he chose,
his inner demon got unleashed,
a punch destroyed her credence,
his abuse scarred her skin,
she's locked in a cage,
purple lesions,
broken ribs,
leave that filth,
this is not love,
you are not alone,
you do not deserve this,
pick up the remains of you,
open the door to happiness,
you are strong enough to breathe again,
and learn to see beyond the grief and pain.
Gray Jun 5
I see a single grape.
I cannot help but admire that smooth round shape.

Oh gosh how i love that deep purple.
That color almost makes me almost practically nonverbal.

Now i am pulling it’s skin back slightly
Wow! Is it sad how much this excites me?

The inside juices are somehow even better than before
This shade of green is one i truly adore.

The single grape is split in two.
Don’t you like grapes as much as i do?
curfew relaxed, now-
voodoo in yellow, purple;
"we'll be fine” birds chirp.
Vieve A Jun 3
~ 4th May 2017 ~

Violets and Lavender - confusing me hanging up there,
Hard to identify - confusing me hanging up there.

Violets and Lavender - I remember them,
Used to be my favourite - now they ain't worth my time.

Violets and Lavender - oh what regret have I accompanied,
Used to be my companions, now ain't worth my time.

Violets and Lavender - oh what gaze have they stolen,
Feared some might get stolen - so they accompanied them.

Violets and Lavender - confusing me hanging up there,
Hard to identify - confusing me hanging up there.
I am confused at what I've composed here and published
Lilly Cerise May 21
i am red
and she is purple
i blend in
and she sticks out
she used to be blonde
everyone notices her
they notice how beautiful she is
they notice her gorgeous body
amazing smile
and beautiful, purple hair
i, on the other hand, do not stick out
i used to be brown
nobody seems to notice me
and when they do, it's everything i don't want them to see
my hairy arms
my fat stomach
my gross legs
so i decided to go red
i decided to change it up a bit
the red seems to blend in
it only shows in the light really
and no one seems to have time to wait for the right light to hit it
they will all go running to her
Them: "Oh I love your hair! It looks so good on you!"
Her: "Thanks!"
Me: "Do you guys like my hair? I dyed it red this weekend. How does it look?"
Them: "You did? Sorry I can't tell."
Him: "I'm colorblind to red and green. Sorry."
Her: "It doesn't really match your skin tone."
i am boring
she is exquisite
i am mediocre
she is excellent
i am nothing
and she is everything
sorry I just needed to vent a little and get this out.
A May 10
Red is a sunset,
Warming the summer air.
It is fighting at all hours,
Spilled liquid on the ground.

Red is poppies spreading across a field,
Petals soft as a hand strokes them.

Orange is a leaf falling to the ground,
Pumpkins sitting on porches,
Children laughing, saying
Trick or Treat!

Orange is baking pies for a holiday,
And saying thank you when it's needed.

Yellow is the sun beating down,
Browning backs and helping growth,
Bouncy balls in coin machines,
Highlighters marking up a page.

Yellow is sunflowers,
And a bow in a child's hair.

Green is leaves dappled with sunlight,
Smelling cut grass in the early morning,
Apples tossed into the air,
Grasshoppers jumping when a shadow passes.

Green is the ding as the cashier hands change,
Receipts rolling out, tearable paper.

Blue is a thunderous wave,
Crashing against a pale shore,
Wearing at stone and land,
Seeping through the cracks.

Blue is a pen signing a piece of parchment,  
A snowflake touching an uncovered nose.

Purple is amethyst in a crown,  
The rustle of a cape against the floor,  
A gilded throne in a stone room,  
Jewels weighing down a smooth collarbone.  

Purple is a rosary clasped in fingers,  
An old's man's words as they touch the air and fall.  

Black is eyes that come from fiery depths,  
An aristocrat's smile,  
Empty rooms of an abandoned home,  
Tears falling on a wooden floor.  

Black is a scythe held in skeletal fingers,  
A scepter held beside a throne.

Grey is pressing keys and forming words,  
Clouds coming in from a dark sky,  
A belt worn in a triangle,  
Eyes that hold only one emotion.  

Grey is a pencil's lead snapping on paper,  
Drawn rain with no umbrella.
This is essentially what I'd say if someone asked me to describe colors.
There is a little flower
Sat in front of me
Purple and delicate
It tilts its head in pity

As it watches in forever silence
At my scarily endless tears
At my gagging devastation.
The realisation of my fears.

I'm thinking of my only Daughter
The very light of my being
That lost her life last night
A sudden, unjust reckoning.

This flower in front of me
Has a note attached to its stem.
It says "I'm sorry you lost Her"
But Her life meant nothing to them.

This beautiful, wilting creature
is meant to replace Her
As if a pathetic flower
Could ease these crippling burns.

This single papery display of nature
Is just as temporary as She.
In a few weeks it'll be dead like her
Tell me flower - was she robbed of life,
or is she free?!

Is this some kind of cruel joke?
They feel my pain "like an ache in their heart"
But as if to remind me of what I just went through
They give a grieving mother a dying plant.

And yet...
Its beauty reminds me of Her...
Its delicate movements in the breeze
Its quiet solitude and sophistication...
Colour of the deepest seas.

I'll enjoy it while I can
The lift before the fall
I'll give this flower a chance because
maybe it's not so bad after all...
I don't think this is very good, it just needed to be written after I got inspired.
leinstinct Apr 6
Beautiful and sweet
Such innocence
So deer

To battle with my bitterness
Embraced by your forgiveness

Non deserving
I must confess
I never learned to live

You taught me how to love
Forever grateful
For your purple beauty
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