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snipes Feb 6
Falling in love
with these beautiful
blues fading into
astonishing purples
becoming these pink
prosperous mauvelouses’
is when peace is brought here
the morning sky’s flames
meeting midnights shine
of sapphire it’s inspiring
Simran Guwalani Sep 2022
As the sky turns light
with purple in hindsight
the stars await
the coming of the night
Bipolar Poet Jun 2022
Purple flower—
lonesome afterimage;
a fighter with a purple eye.
Ellie Phant May 2022
I lived peacefully and quietly
amongst the cool shade of banana trees.
I would glide gracefully through old, dark corridors with squeaky, wooden floors
with dark and dreamy purple walls and spaces filled with echoes.

An ancient iron gate swings back and forth, signaling spontaneous visits from smiling friends.
Bipolar Poet Mar 2022
Violet violence, of all the purple eyes
you gave. So absolute of who you truly are,
as compared to common looks.
As in your youth, you grew up tough, fighting
yourself and the many around.
The standout in the crowd, the down under of
always being upside down.

You're sweet to some, of really the lucky few,
and the many boys trying to pick your heart,
Some of which their sweet nothings never came through.
Making you roll your eyes, as there's
this awkwardness in the room.

Your subconscious knows of someone better.
You won't find it now, but it doesn't mean you'll
wait for love forever.

It seems so hard to smile,
with all the cracks under your skin.
You're an open book, but not one to let everybody in.
Your family that uses your character in vein;
as all of their actions seems to crawl under
your skin.

Friends that somehow disappoint you constantly;
watch how you'll be taking that blame.
How things go wrong, and they're quick to call
your name.

Oh how the quiet violence, is a shade of purple.
That goes nowhere, but just in a continuous circle.
Going over your head,
as the constant jump over that hurdle.

The prettiest of the bunch, they all take a bite out of you,
and save you later for lunch.
The money you earn, goes to burn.
The successes you own, isn't yours alone.
You just wait your turn, for someone else to get
what you deserved.
It all works on your nerves.

It's all your fault for being so down to Earth.
Amrita Tiwari Mar 2022
Pieces of a woman
Gloom, glee, distance and intimacy
Attitude, gratitude, strength and vulnerability
Heartbreaks, Happiness, Longingness and poetry
Calmness, boldness and a bad *** stree.

Pieces of a woman
Stretch Marks, cellulite, miscarriages and then bossy
Shallow, Intense, blur and then some glossy
Cute, cheerful, lazy, sane and naughty
Benevolent, bizarre, shy and much hotty

Pieces of a woman
Family, friends, kin, acquaintances
Risk, safe and then out of the world chances
Society, sub-urb,rural and them glances
Some music, some writing, some shying and couple dances

Pieces of a woman
Marriage, adoption, career and grace
Clarity,focus,concentration and haze
Red,green, black, purple and beige
Independence, freedom, self-doubt and cage

All this and endless…..
And then some and then some
Nothing can totally define
The ultimate human
The beautiful, the wonderful
Pieces of a woman.
Just gave a thought to pieces of a woman on Women's day
I S A A C Feb 2022
I reignited the spark, reconnected to the hearth
reconnected to the heart in me
it was dark, cold, and scary
I was mocked, bold, and contrary
to my own beliefs, seeds I could never reap
due to the fact I was running miles
in an attempt to protect my inner child
from the incoming tsunami, the bottled up tears
the resurfacing adolescent fears brought me to prayers
but I reignited my spark, I embarked on a new start
where my path is filled with purple roses
a new beginning as the circle closes
its the circle of life, its the purpose of life
I reignited my spark, extinguished my strife
AE Jan 2022
You stole my fears
crushed their petals
to make a paint
that you use
to wash over this blank canvas
that is me,
when I am too afraid
too pensive
you surrender
to my hopeless hands
holding them in your palms of sand
brushing the tears
from tomorrow
onto this blank canvas
that is me.
snipes Jan 2022
Who’s my hue
Red lover feather
Birds of blue
Merge with me
Purple our pupils
Who’s my hue
Am I just color blind
Or am I just hard to find
Bipolar Poet Dec 2021
Stuck in my mind,
on top of my head,
Even when the love is dead,
it still haunts me that you're gone.

The spray painted kisses,
are tattoos on my skin.
I have your smile by memory,
still tasting you in my dreams.

Praising your body,
as my tongue's favourite song.

Under the shade cool of love,
kissing under a tree,
away from the sun.
All that's left is that purple flower.

It's searching for water,
so thirsty and dry.
Bending it's will to the light,
hoping not to die.

A lonely, pretty, purple flower.
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