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when we sit in the shade
from the burning sun on the
autumn afternoon, listening
to the children hunt for eggs,
all i can think is that you all
belong here.

i am the imposter, i can feel that they know. your jokes are all funny and i can't find the energy to laugh.

i don't want to be here, i hate 'family lunch'es, i hate pretending to be alright when i just want to sit in my room, alone.

family is always priority for me,
but i cannot place them in my life.
so we sit, laughing with all your loved ones,
and i pretend not to feel alone.
i dont think i'll see 2022 if things carry on this way.
Slime-God Mar 25
I wake here daily
but home doesn't sound like this
I'm a stranger here
You ever feel out of place no matter where you go?
I think my home was a long time ago...
He reigns in greed, destruction
Fear, and hate,
For the sake of people’s appeal,
He conquers their cries,
Upholds the lands higher than all else,
But he does not wish to be here,
He does not wish to conquer,
To reign,
To be King.

He wishes…
To go home.
Typewriter1 Feb 20
I’m feeling so homesick ever since my family moved away it’s been so hard the fact I never got to say goodbye and life as been so hard, i miss my mum and dad we barely even talk anymore I don’t even know how to feel about that it’s so overwhelming feeling like you have no one around you that actually loves and cares for you I’m not saying I don’t have people that don’t love and care about me I do , but family just hits different and at times all you want is a hug from your mum telling you everything’s  going to be okay and now you don’t have that an it ***** it really does, I’m no saying I’m not thankful for my partner family do letting me stay with them but inside it does hurt when you seem them with their family all happy and it just reminds you that you use to have that and now you don’t 😭
Billie Pang Feb 19
I pull the curtains over tight so the
sticky light will not let in the morning.
I miss waking up in Europe with the
strange European light coming in pouring
in the narrow windows of Dutch Tower
houses or busy Berlin apartment
streets with kebabs cooking and kids crying
the stillness of frosty Dublin suburbs
in the winters and the bite of the air
on bare cheeks and knuckles and the eerie
sound of invisible birds and clock towers belling on Sundays resonating in the crystal air.

And I start thinking about all the things I never did which is sometimes worse than thinking about all the things I have done
Nicole Feb 14
We did not leave
yet novelty stood out
As if we were strangers in this place
A certain loneliness bloomed
And silence grew from it

We did not leave
yet vacancies filled in
and it's suffocating
We became a village
of foreign gazes and nostalgia

I wanna go home
Can we go home?
kiran goswami Jan 21
When 2 persons are in love,
it is not love anymore.
It is home.
And in this world full of homeless souls sleeping on pavements,
I think we need more of it.
Cal Meyers Dec 2020
Far above me they rise
like giants in the skies
Presenting their beauty for all to see
Standing tall and mighty while their branches flow free
Once one has seen their beauty, you cannot forget the might of the redwoods.
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