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Erin Riley May 19
Why have
I always
felt the need
to be someone
else’s property
when I was
planted on
this earth to
grow wild.
nora May 18
art is around me
like the wind in my hair or the grass on my feet.
art doesn’t come and go
even as humanity
in fact, when humanity is unsure,
art flourishes.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all,
i am an artist
at least, that is what i call myself
and that means many things.

i like to draw, and drawings cover my walls from
top to bottom.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to write, and words flow through me
like water through a stream.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to sing, and lyrics whisper out of my mouth
when no one is listening.
therefore i am an artist.

i like to take pictures, and images
of flowers and rivers and streams stream through my mind.
therefore i am an artist.

i have created my fair share of art.
after all, we are in quarantine.
meaning we are at home.
meaning we have “nothing” to do.

i like to draw
i like to write
i like to sing
i like to take pictures
therefore i am an artist
and i have work to do
Part two of my school project. Like this one even MORE!
nora May 18
art is when
take something empty and give it life.
art is the stroke of a paintbrush
and the scribble of a pen,
the sweetness of a melody,
and the snap of a clapperboard,
but art is also the way the grass sways in the wind
and the patterns the clouds form in the sky
and the rain’s decisiveness as to whether it will be
a delicate murmur or
a passionate roar.

art is when the harshest angles
and softest curves,
the highest of highs
and lowest of lows,
the brightest days
and darkest nights,
come together into something
that didn’t exist in a time before
made it
art is
unique and
bold and
brave and
about the art you create is
you. yourself. you
are your art. no one else could have made that but
art is about how nothing in the known universe could have made what you just did
and how you just did
and why you just did
but you did.
and it’s beautiful.
I did this for a school project and figured I'd put it here since I'm pretty proud of it.
Maria Mitea May 17
It guards between unseen and understood,
shaped by pain and pleasure,
holding the instrument of artwood in one hand,
success and failure in another,
its significance is never shaped by
knowledge and fame, and
it never pours us rain, it needs
the sensitivity of an artist and
the hands of a craftsman to enter
it's unforeseeable beauty.
it never comes too early and
it never comes too late, and if it comes,
it never comes to solve the puzzle,
it only blends the light and darkness.
it guards between unseen and understood,
receiving the elusive soothe, imagination
twisting its ordinary space midway.
The power in you, is stunning to me.
Your earthly existence is pure artistry.
Romance is common, but a gem is a dream.
This vibe is so rare, it demands to be seen.
For Hyun.. for your sound  awakening something in me I could not see before.
Burning crosses, swarming birds
City in flames, anti-Christ stirred
You're far from being a hero
My dear Nero.

Motherly omens, fiddle music
Jealous rage, killing cupid
When will your reign end,
My haunted friend?

An angry senate, an empty boat
A mad man stabbed in the throat
By his own hand, by his own wish
I want your head served on a dish.

This is your bloodbath, Emperor
Hell is now you empire.
of a repeat image he did employ
which was akin to an advertisement
this being the artist's own singular ploy
did he do it for some little amusement
in galleries these very works can be seen
where they will feature an alike object
as if the viewer needed a copy screen
to understand the picture's subject
a dozen or more on the white background
they displayed a famous maker's name
who did blend the tasty liquid's abound
that was captured in a pop artist's frame
on this night I've written about the man
known far and wide for depicting a can
Amanda May 7
No fancy journals
Designer markers or pens
Number two pencil
I now write in pen actually but this was written back when I only used pencils
I know your voice,
Singing for me,
I know your eyes
Twinkling through the screen,

The way you smile,
The dimple in your cheek,
All of these things,
But I don't know you

Your birthday, your name,
Your tastes and your face,
I know these things
But I don't know you

And yet

May you shine
Like the star in the sky,
Filling up my heart
With the melody of your song,

May you sing the song
That dwells inside,
And I will be here,

Though your heart may be breaking,
Though it pains me to see,
You still smile like the sun
Through the storms in your seas,

Sweat on your temple,
Through blood and through tears,
You forge through it all,
So your song could reach me

You give me everything,
The me who has nothing
But my love to give to you

I'll be by your side,
Though they be against you,
Don't worry you'll see,
Everything is alright

I wish you happiness
I wish you peace
I wish you good fortune
And all of the bliss

You may not know me,
Never had and never will,
But I hope you will know this,

You are a star that shines
In the darkest of night,
And I will sail with you
Through wine-colored waters,
Listening to your song

I don't know you,
You don't know me,
But we are connected
Through a melody.
So I wrote this while thinking of my favourite artist in mind. You could say that this is a fan's return song to the singer(s) who inspired them. We may not know the real person behind an artist's stage persona, but we can still give them support and love for what they're doing and what they're giving to us.
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