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ummily May 4
a tug at the end of the line -
there's something here,
she squeaks,
as her skin turns
sea-foam green.
silence drowns her,
"do it afraid",
whispers the sea.
I S A A C Apr 19
lizard on warm rocks
an artist in their paint-speckled smock
the wind carrying fallen flowers
jade eyes meet brown
chastity belt unbound
hours upon hours
spent in between the sheets
delicate, delectable, free
Secret Poet Feb 26
These paint splattered tear drops falling on the canvas.  Shaky brush from these rattling thoughts, and joy division playing silently in the dark.
Joy Division is such a vibe
Black Petal Feb 18
To stare at a bowl of fruit

To become intimately aware of a pear's curves,
The pores of a lemon peel.
The velvet of a peach.
To meditate for hours on the shadows of grapes.
I long to stare at a bowl of fruit.
To hear nothing but wind and paint strokes.
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2022
the ink of succinct…

is this a poem?
is it a sufficiency?
it self, itself is in
possess of two f’s,
two i’s and two c’s,
thus, is it necessary?

necessity, a quality qualification?

the moment, this moment
is both over and forever,
a sufficient and a necessary
condition for art, for your art,
think - is your condition,
necessary and sufficient?

then you are an artist and a poem…
Fri Dec  30 2022
I S A A C Dec 2022
releasing this album has to be the hardest thing I have ever done
always wanted to but shame suppressed
hundreds of files, hundreds of tears wept
my heart painted across instrumentals and melodies
nervous, will people get me?
get the metaphors, get the meaning
purpose, will I let me?
embark on a journey toward the sun
leave everything I hated having to become
shed a few layers, re-introduce me
climbing to the top, sorry excuse me
Debbie Lydon Oct 2022
Well, did you know that your eyes are mighty beacons?
Great flickering flames of an artist's soul?
Did you know that when I saw you first I felt you, wildly?
Felt a gentle steward of poems among us, a river voice renews.

One utterance from you has me above my tiny tempests,
I've been pleading, even prayed (though out of practice) for more words,
But your words, only your voice! Which has me falling into tension,
And godsent, glorious tension ensues from your stark frequencies.

Rejoice, I do now rejoice and it feels like for the first time,
Surely not? And you can't know but I just cried for our distant meeting,
It is as though a veil is lifted, a dam destroyed, a collapsed ceiling?
But now a fear, such a quiet terror that I may not hear you again.
Kevin Sep 2022
The presence of our contemporary age
Alters artistic vision down a spiral of emptiness.
Artist no longer create the visual page,
Their spellbound by ambitions of digital laziness.

Visions lost to the age of simplicity,
Erased to machines’ evil desires,
Deluded by storms of deception,
Creativity ceased as hell endures its fires.

Instant gratification — the new reality —
The yearning for excellence, no endurability.
Modern day artistic creativity,
Coerced by digital debility.

Tradition bankrupt by false realities,
Lost to a pallet of ones and zeros;
Artwork with no archival ability,
The future lost to modern day technologies.
Without creativity innovation ceases to exist. Without innovation society dies. Mediocrity becomes the normal. And from these ashes rises a generation who embraces servitude with open arms.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2022
Well !
To justify the word
All great artists
Have invested
Some more ink
Some more color
Some more truth
Some more sense
Some more time
Some more endorphin
Some more emotion
To detail
Their perception

Honoring the spirit
With passion to prime
Their enthusiasm
And insight to give
Eternal life endlessly
Consoling their soul
They invest

Nothing more
Genre: Observational
Theme: How good things can be
Author's Note:
If I get all of the colors
A canvas to paint
And freedom to reflect

I will start from white
The color of light
Descovia Aug 2022
Maybe it's best if I did disappear
My involvement in life
Improperly positioned in existence
Questioning all within
never will it be clear
I miss you my dear.
Wishing you were here.
Reminding me of all in sight.
Kissing your lovely lips.
Making everything better.
Telling me "Everything going to be all right"
I been feeling off, and in need of recovery.
Praying and hoping, you love me and it's true.
Immensely, my heart beats and yearns for loving you
Looking up at the sky
Emotions take on a toll

Weighing heavy on my fragile soul
Heart accelerating faster than speed of sound
You are nowhere to be found.
Nobody else, I rather be with is around.
I begin to cry...
Because being without my love...
It's like depending on happiness from drugs
Is comparable to separating two beautiful doves.
All things remind me of you in the world
In every shape and form everything does
You are the world to me
You embracing me in your arms
Is the only thing that matters, truthfully
I desire you to remain forever with me
The way it should always be
xoxoxoxoxoxo Love,
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