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Raven Feels Jul 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, to be rich is to notice the fair from the unfair:)

get well soon only
when hope not a lie lonely
hospital cell
unavailable played dead and fell
nothing in sequence
all hung on the adequacy
paper said
from future penholder skies unread
the green one too
to the land a stranger soon

what you earn is what you keep
don't count just drown in oblivious sleep
wallets light
rage blinds visible sights
the poor scream
the rich gleam
like an invisible ink flood
evaporation in the air a silenced blood
chocolate missed the ecstasy
everything shut down to reality

bones shrunk
never unnoticed to the think thunk
now things are pale
even the best bread is stale
how I remain
all calm in shameful disdain???
needs become old
whether blazing summer or winter ******* cold
and in my broken chair I be
the pathetic dreamy version of old me

Sindi Jun 17
On a ferry
Feels so lovely
Feels so calm
Gently it rocks like it will take forever
Before you know
You are asleep
And the tour guide is waking you up to get off the ferry
© Sindi Kalumba
Nora Sayed Jun 3
You live in your own world away from reality
Dream of finding yourself a brand new identity
With that you put on a gown alongside a mask
Started attending ***** and fulfilling your task
You liked the idea of being mysterious
For feeling exposed to you seemed hideous
You met people with good and bad intentions
Didn’t care much for you just wanted their attention
You made some friends and that’s what seemed to matter
You were left with only one person to flatter
He was a long shot yet you decided to gamble
Apparently, he played a card that made you tremble
Your mask, acts, and games away he shoved
Brought you back to reality where he was the only person you loved
Brumous Apr 6
I noticed that all I talked about
is just myself being lost,
and not about an individual
who is found.

ye skies extended up and above

Clouds, forests, and roses
with its thorns peeking out
Mist of feelings swirling
like a roundabout;

Was I the one who chose to enter,
knowing that there is no way out?

Inside this maze, that leaves me to doubt
Hanafuda Apr 4
It's cold and aching
Yet lovely and freeing,
To feel each breath
When you're in love.

Beacuse it's different, and you know
How every time you think of them
Your heart beats a bit more loudly,
Your lungs take in a bit more air,
Your blood feels a bit more warm
And your head is just a bit more light.

So how can you say you don't feel it?
When you're clearly glowing
And when you see stars all around,
You know you forget yourself in that feeling
And it is like heaven resided in your heart.

Smile, when your heart is tight,
You are just a bit more in love.
For those who never forgot how everything changes when they're in love.
You will never understand my underlying battle beneath the surface if you spent a millenia breaking me down

I have fought
I have lost
I've felt

That isn't all that I am
I am
What I've learned
How I fought back
How I chose to over come
The ways I surmounted

That's ok
You were never meant to dissect my beating heart on the table simply for your selfishness of knowing

All that I am
I wish someone truly took the time to realize how amazing I am sometimes but then I realize I am that someone I rely on myself for support and inspiration. And only myself
Lying on a borrowed bed,
With no pillow to help the rest.
I let my mind on a crest
and set on a dreamy night.

Dreamy night
indeed I do have.
A giant Cherub,
seated on a Crescent Moon
Playing on a Violin
A baby's lullaby
On a dreamy night.

Called to the music
My Soul travelled on;
with the sound of the music
Embedded with much hallucination.

A falsitude of life!
All seems to be a lie.
But it will last
only for a while;
as a dreamy night I lost
at the bite of a bug
cruel enough to share a bed.
My love for you attains freedom at the stroke of midnight...
Loneliness no longer bothers this naive heart of mine, swimming in hot springs of your love.
The mystery wind brings home to me the answers to the many letters that I never sent for you
And the eerie darkness, oh it gives me a chance to dance in hiding, with your shadow, that I had to create for the sake of my soul...
The million stars patterned in unknown constellations fuel in me my patience to wait for you...
That one day when we meet, live and die, we will make for the brightest objects in the sky
(O beloved, do you feel the beatings of my heart in that heart of yours?
Do you know that the warmth that you try to feed yourselves by the fireplace, is the ignition of the same fire,that my soul sparks in me?
Do you feel my feet when I walk over the earth, over which you too live in seclusion?)
Swarming with a hundred questions, my wild mind raises itself to gaze at the moon, shining a dreamy silver, brooding over a dreamy landscape
And in that little moment my lips adjusts itself to a smile so wide
For I knew that you were looking up and smiling at the moon too...
The heart fluttered with the wings of a butterfly at a love that does not exist, yet is unbelievably celestial!
A fictional write. Sometimes we are forced to imagine everything for the sake of our heart. Have an amazing year ahead, dear all. Love and blessings ❤✨
natalie Nov 2020
in my dreams
it makes it seem
that my life is a beautiful twisting stream.

but when i wake up
and i lie in bed,
the dreadful thoughts and feelings
coming running through my head.

i only want to sleep,
so the feelings cease to creep
up the back of my thighs,
through my spine and down my sheets.

the world makes me tremble,
and feel so nimble
my life needs to reassemble.

in my dreams, i feel it there
something that im not aware
so i do not wake,
i do not dare.
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