presley Jan 9

i woke up to cat whistles, 3:00 am,
head underneath the covers in a furry hat, toes slipped in mint hues
i tent up with my torch, celebrate a disorderly sleep;
i brought an important book with me:

a constellated museum you glued together
with your boyish hands, Perseus hands
cataloguing the wild things you wanted to share

you memorised my sirens, your favourite sounds,
taste, my lips in a puckery stare

we shared moons, nights in winter-lace,
caffeine'd at the hip, skins so loved we were evergreens

you memorised my colours in the dark--
red, green and yellow
blended in a washing machine

2010 - 2011
oh, london where the clouds never go away, i keep my coat on from september to may - london, she & him
phoenix Jan 4

I want to escape-
and dream with the stars.
wrap my naked soul
with the warm night sky.

Sam Nov 2017

Another lonely night
Eyes cast to the sky
The memories of you
Help me survive

I toss in my bed
Blankets dance in the dark
I try to forget
The brokenness in my heart

Samantha Babe Nov 2017

You were my twilight sky. I would sit at the edge and stare just right at your beautiful colors please to give me life.
But darkness creeps, fading the colors. It's the time to let go of the past and embrace the new. The night has come and so my fear. I faced my bravery in restoration of the colors. Instead, I saw stars twinkle on the dark sky. They were lovely to gaze.
That's to say about your coming. You came into my life with that darkness on you. I have questioned everything about you. But when you let your guards down, I realize you were beautiful. Because of your brokeness, that even makes you interesting. You shine with the stars that I look upon. I love the absence of colors for the darkness with its star's shine is making it more dreamy. And the night sky is you, my new life.

Stara Oct 2017

You use your voice
In every sense of the meaning
I don't agree with what comes out all the time
But that's okay
Because you have such an incredible perspective
Fresh air
When you sing
I almost melt
You always know the words
Of the songs on the radio
No matter the station
And every word reminds you of a song
I know because I always hear you singing
Running to a flight
Setting up an event
Loading  up the car
Ordering American food
And you just say what you mean
You don't care what anyone thinks
You know what you want
And you want me
I know not just because you tell me
You show me
You don't just rub my back
And hold my hand
I don't just catch you staring
And smiling
With hundreds of faces on you
Your eyes find your way to me
Again and again
I secretly love it
It's not just what I hear you saying about me
It's not only the way you look at me
It's how you ask
How you care
How you show me you care
You can see I can take care of myself
But you want to give me a hand
And you see when I'm anxious
You just say what you know
And its from the heart
From your soul
I've known you just over a week
Your smile and the way you walk
The way you talk and the things you come up with
Makes me want to get to know you
You  pick my brain
And make me crazy
I know we can never be together
Our families would never allow this
And it sucks because I like you
I like how your hair curls over your forehead
And how you speak your mind
I like your smile
The contrast of your white teeth on your deep tanned skin
Your skin that represents where you come from
Who you are
And how you say 'willage'  
You say you are weird
I tell you I love weird
And your smile
It's contagious
And uncontrollable
I like it when you sing
When you talk
Or just purse your lips at me
When I wake up and hear you
When I know that music
Is you playing piano
And singing songs of all varieties
Especially when your singing to me
I like talking with you
And staying up until dawn
Losing sleep every night
Just to be with you
And joking about what's in front of us
You keep life alive
We are in an alternative universe
An alternate reality
Where we have a common goal
And shared purpose
I guess kind of like real life
With school and work
Friends and dreams
And you talk
and speak about your life
Leaving everyone curious
About you and your world
I wish to be part of your world
And your story
And for a moment I am
And for a moment I believe we can be
For this moment I will cherish
This moment we are each other's
This moment has changed me
Your voice has moved me

Eni Hasanaj Oct 2017

You fucking idiot,you're leaving me all alone under this sad blue sky.
It'll start pouring soon, as the tears that I have cried ain't enough or is it that the sky wants you too.?
Ain't it funny ,cause all you want is to belong to the sparkling blue.

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