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Rowan Jupiter Mar 10
when night falls,
& lunar dawn rises

when a velvet blanket,
darkest indigo,
is spread across the sky

& the tiniest stars
shine with all their might

when the hazy gray clouds
provide a dreamlike atmosphere

i will bathe in the moonlight

with your name on my lips

& my heart, my brittle heart

will wish.
please don't break me
Maria Feb 28
There were days
I remembered
To put my heart on my sleeve.

The other days
I hid it
So deep inside my body
I couldn’t find it for myself.

The terror of anyone finding
Me judging me
Seemed to linger in the air
I inhaled.
This isn’t profound, really it's profanity.

I’m far from crazy but on the brink of insanity.
I can’t think straight, sometimes, but I can never stop till he stops calling for me.

All of my addictions, yeah they really caught up to me.
Coughin' out what’s written like the words come from God or something.

I don’t know though, really I am lost.

Like in the jungle of my thoughts and the trees keep branching out
and the growth will never stop.
The greenery is beautiful; when it rains it pours.
When it stops raining I start begging him for more,
until I realize the rain is what I need to enjoy the scene.

The seasons are essential in order to dream.
CROW Jan 24
Every time I see you ,
I am happy I don't have to be you,
I don't know what you are thinking,
I don' t know why you wont let me stop you from sinking,
I don't know whats in your mind,
I don't know if you are ahead of me or to far behind,
If Love is this,
I will not miss,
The target you set,
Because my heart is the bet,
I put down when we first met,
I love you to much to let you down,
Because the day we met in that bright town,
When the stars hit your eyes,
I knew i would start hating goodbyes,
Because you mean the most to me,
And in your arms is the only place i should be.
~ The Lost Traveler
Urmi Jan 19
I had a dream this winter
Of ****** leaves and of ochre branches,
Of sprout twigs and of lakeside lunches
Of the resplendent canopies, of the infinite sleepless nights,
Switching through warm vivid reveries
And the seeping soulful flickering brights
Of my yellow scattered image in the yellow gleamy pond
Of the fluttering up of my wavy white blonde
Of the sun tanned Jack, of his sea-green eyes
Deep when he sees me, deadly when he turns back
His palms are white, mixed with red and green,
He fondles my forehead with his spindly long fingers
This lissome Jack can never feel like a dwam
As he touches me with all his heart
The enigmatic love that dribbles down my skin
That lingers with me, even after I stir.

He trails again to far-off heavenly lands,
To the Sun, the Stars and the hurrying horizons
Hastily taking my olive hands,
He pulls me up, our hearts pressed on us
Suddenly the skyline fades, the seas turn black
I can’t see Jack, his Prussian eyes now black
I open my eyes and I am back in my dark icy dwell
Cold as I was, cold again I am
Ripped away from Jack, my shine, my light
Who I was with, every fragment of this frigid wintry night.
IncholPoem Jan 11
  may   hurt  your
dreamy   sentiments.

For  that why
  you   not  close  yourself.

Just  for an

Some  body  may

                  follow    on  social
                   to   blame  your

For that  why  not
you  should  try
to  bloc  that  person.
Abigail Rose Jan 5
So, I’m drawn to your religion
On the basis of aesthetic.
I want to feel the way that
Golden, plump, laughing Buddha
Feels without having to read the stories.
I want to embrace the wu wei--
Whatever that means--
I want to sit criss-crossed
In the long, naples yellow grass
With no ticks.
In the orange afternoon sun
With no nighttime.  
I want to worship at a smoky altar
And feel the arms of
My Goddess wrap around me.
Hear her voice: slow, smooth, but stern.
“Thank you,” for the sacrifice.
I want to be divine--God
Gaze down from the Heavens
And take pride in my light
Like I am your son;
I want to be free of the burden
Of my humanness,
I wish to be free of desire
And so it is the desire which ails me.
And I curse nothing more
Than I curse my hungry heart
And my faulty mind.
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
i think i'm doing fine but my friends think otherwise
i only called you once yesterday
and thrice today but that was only because i had to make sure you were still there
because last time i had called the phone cut out cause you went through a tunnel

my friends say i need to open my eyes but aquarians are dreamy types and i broke my glasses so what difference does it make if i’m sleeping anyways?
i'm 20 years old and that's not a lot
boys think i'm cute
but they think my friend is hot
cause she ******* is

i keep getting high and redownloading tinder
when i'm home alone in my living room
with the office on repeat and my cats
attacking my feet

meanwhile i'm getting annoyed because i'm just trying to eat
and everyone keeps telling me i need some thicker meat
on my bones
and telling me i should watch my texts
and to call if it involves **** or ***

my best friends are sleeping together
i wish i could make this thing between us better
but you kind of **** dude
and i’m sorry but i don’t think i can talk to you
without being rude so..
i guess i don’t really wish to change things after all
Ek Dec 2018
Open mouth singing
in your diamond shirt
embroidered with collectibles
of smiles and laughters
that you gathered that
day on the beach

Spellbound dreams
that you carry
in a silver faded necklace
carved with the initials
of all the constellations
you can point to

Wheatfield sun
dancing upon your
golden hair
of rainbow flowers too
you move the wind
and mother earth dances with
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