Divine Dao Jul 15

On the pier

He ponders above life
Plummenting into dappling
Turquise waves

Salty flower cracks in wooden
Boards so familiar

Resembling a white lotos
He's deeply immersed
Moved by the beauty

Among marina's
Sailing boats clanking

He wants to love her
In between upcoming
Sapphire storm

His thoughts resounded
Even louder repose on
The love affair

Adrift, lost in a dreamscape
On white cushioned horisons

Sam Jun 26

I was the crow who flew too high.

Now I'm lost among the sky.

DblNickel May 13

I'll meet you at the perigee

Where the moon meets the earth

Infinite, that moment will be

Priceless, in its worth

FW Poem
Sev Mar 7

“Who comes home,
At one A.M. on a Friday night?
Aren’t you older than that?”

Who even thinks,
Of ghost lips on a ghost body?
On a ghost beach in a ghost city.

The lines on my palm flow like currents,
They break apart like the tide.
So is this the separation point?
Is this where my life splits off?
Is this my great choice?

Oh but sunshine,
I just want your vanilla kisses.
There is no choice,
Just an angel’s embrace.
And if only you were here,
To make it all alright.
I just want your hands pressed against my chest.

If I shut my eyes,
I am in a tunnel,
My head pressed against the window,
The lights dancing through my eyelids.
If I shut my eyes,
I am transitory.

If I shut my eyes.
I am not here.

But the current has been broken,
And I am forever left on this end of the tide.
Stranded in the cold of winter.

Compromising a triad sleigh
Of symbiotic wings away
From the damned skies
And along dead and singing flies

Who illuminate all the true lies
Unicorns have spread
Through the world
From down low to the high north

And in between the time
Of then and now and the sublime
Moment I have met rhapsodies
Composed to express all themes

Human kind has and will ever
Feel before they go into the ether
Crystal-like stream which flows on the river
And awakes the living dead with a warm shiver

On their curved and still intact spline
While swimming along a levitating swine
Whose thoughts of dwindling
Of this little but not tiny thing

Which lays at your feet
And calls itself an elite
Emblem of human kind
And flies along the blind

And deaf and amputee
Fear you have of me.
What may this fear be?
Wild imagination should let you flee;

It should let you free
Into the tee wee
Wold around to see
All things created by you
And based around the few
Concepts which for them will never be true.

Let them live long
And remain gray -
Don't be wary
About the song
Of everything going astray
And forget about your worry.

Dumping old poems
Beau Jan 7

I wish that you were like one of NASA'S
Prime, starry, space-bound satellites
So that when these tears fall,
You would locate the source
& Curse a thousand words coded in binary
To spill out, sugarless, filling an organized void.

And before you ask, no, this void is not my brain
Because despite claiming I don't know what to say,
I am not speechless, but rather,
A hundred words combining a second chance
That I am afraid I will pick an unforgivable combination.

Our hearts are not lock and key,
No, they are skies full of passing clouds
That never seem to be able to stop touching,
Whenever they find each other's company.

I fear you will take these eyes
And shatter them like glass orbs
When they bend light
Just so that you can say that I never saw it in us, too.

Never saw the countless times
You've lost your footing
And landed in my arms because
Touching each other felt like the
Warmest thing to wake up to.

You've no longer a stray whisker,
No eyelash on your cheek.
The stars aren't even out tonight,
And this is all adding up.

There is no more of a chance
To make a wish upon us.
And tarot card after tarot card,
Each petal off of a daisy
Will never educate me again
On whether you love me or not.

I fear there's another world out there
One you've already seen;
A city you've fallen in love with,
And I can't even hitch a ride to see you
In a town I still adore.

I've known from the start:
There's something about you.
But I can't tell if it would hurt any less
Than to give it up
And say 'we gave it a go'.

I want to know that you can see me, still,
With the same eyes
You would fall into a trance through.
And I'll keep writing letters to you
On my bones
Just to know that you can finally see:
You're in my core.

this was really dramatic but i'm lost and in love >_>;
Amelia Robin Jan 4

Rivers are flowing within.
Swollen tip has been toughly aching, Numbness seems to be dominating
Yet continuously finding the headwaters of river,
Running through, flowing permeably.

Grasping as it wonders when it will be truly found,
Crying out heart’s true deepest desires. Trudging up a steep trail,
Freudian slips as tongue’s weeping,
On other hand, thrusting the tip of one’s iceberg.

Apparently consumed over its power
But giving such soothing impalpable warmth of a lover.
Lying on seabed of embers,
Head over heels, asking:
Am I wandering in a milky dream again
Or is it just the caffeine that rushes through me at the moment?

Kerri Nov 2016

Just as
The worth
of an
Undiscovered gem
Still exists,
She's a hidden beauty.
the inside
of a wave
that curls
Wrapping itself
in it's
Turquoise walls;
It's strong
before it crashes,
then tumbles
into it's desires.
Not many see or appreciate it,
But those who
Dare to brave
Wild swirl
of wonder,
Are left with Fascination
And Dreamy eyes.

Ma Cherie Aug 2016

I'll write you a poem
sing you a tune
you'll hang on my words
while I,
on the moon

Tell me a story
I'll bleed words for you
indigo ink,
a dark streaking blue

I uncouple the pin
to a fast moving train
release all your sin
and unending pain

I love you tonight
and more so tomorrow
  I'm taking you there
with time that I borrow

My love is bewitching
  I'm casting a spell
the way to your heart
  though I'll never tell

You know I'm said gypsy
  a magical power
leaving you drunken
& wild like flowers

Waiting to seal this
with one planted kiss
Not really foreboding
  but more than a wish

As I think about you
I'm drawing you near
Here to my safe place
  come soon my dear

Though some say a witch
  I'm really quite sweet
you'll feel like your rich
   'neath these linen sheets

I'm laying my heart
upon my duvet
& hanging on every
word that you say

I keep on courting
the date that I plan
on walking with you &
...embracing your hand.

Cherie Nolan *© 2016

rhyming... but still, I loved this....felt idk perfectly adorable? :-)  ..
for a dreamy poet somewhere! Hope you're all having a good day! X...
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