vvolves 2d
tell me
when you cry into the depths of the night sky
are you afraid of the echo?

I remain silent.

for I will not have to hear mother's response
if I do not inquire
One can never be friends with the devil.
Just as he smiles easily, he can toss
you in the oven.
The wise words of my mother loool!
Lyn xxx
She is a woman who I loved the most and I cared first,
She is also a woman who were never been sick of understanding me,
She is a woman who I am proud the most.
I never did regret having such a mother.
A mother who will always caress and care you.
A mother who will never leave in your side.
A mother who will always understands your situation.
A mother who will always mind of what worries you.
A mother who will always protect you no matter what.
A mother who will always struggle even if her life will be lessen.
A mother who will never give up struggling just to feed you.
A mother that who could always makes you proud.
A mother that is too proud of having someone like you.
Even you're having a disease, illness and you are in sickness;
she is always in your side no matter what.
A mother who is always looking for a money just to feed its children.
A mother who will not let you stand in the storm that is raging.
A mother who will care for you when you are sick.
A mother who will always worry being you caught in a sickness or illness.

Such a blessed that a mother that I am having right now.
God, you really are the best. No matter who you are and what you are, God you will always be the best.
Even though that sometimes I get mad of those things that I don't want to happen, still I am thankful.

However, because I love my mother very much. Ma, thank you and I love you once again !
A mother who is always a superhero to you. ♥
Cloud 3d
She builds a nest, builds a home
Out of twine and twigs and love
Day and night, dawn and gloam,
She works in trees above.

All to prepare for her offspring
To give them the chance to fly
Only the best for her children
These are the words to her cry

A fortnight her eyes are skinned
She is sentinel over her eggs
Come storm, gale, blustering wind
Her treasures safe under her legs

At last she meets her brood
Hungry and unrefined
She tirelessly gathers food
Their lives now intertwined

She kisses the food into their beaks
She cares for their every need
She answers their every screak
To love, to tend, to feed.

She watches them grow new feathers,
And reach out to the beckoning sky
They want to see other weathers
So she teaches them how to fly

They soar higher and higher
She watches from below
It makes her smile and smile
To see her babies go

As they climb and tumble
She makes sure to let them know
They are always welcome to return
To the home built long ago

The love she gave her young ones
Gave them the strength to fly
The strength to build their own nests
High up in the sky.
This poem is dedicated to my Mother.
I tried to kiss all the boo boos never kissed before.
I tried to pick up clues on how to help.
I tried to love even when pushed away.
I said I'm sorry for the past being what it was.
For things I've never done.
So what does a mother do?

I'm sorry a million times.
No matter how sorry I am I can not fix it.
No matter how badly I want to.
I can't reverse the clock.
I can't change what happened.
If I could I would.
So what does a mother do?

I can't force talking.
Or expedite the healing process.
I can't read minds
Or always find the right words.
I can't help but feel helpless.
So what does a mother do?

In this moment I am simply human.
I can listen.
Imperfect but loving and hurting and praying.
So what does a mother do?

I am supposed to know what to do.
Mothers know best they say.
They never shared the rules with me.

A whisper inside says to do what I know how.
Love this child.
I do.
Always and forever.
I will.
I once had a beautiful mother
Who used to be a teacher
She teaches hundreds of students
Yet I was the special one
She left me behind
When I was as sleep in my dreams
God ask her to come
Because he needs the one
The one who loves and take cares of every one
She left me without a good bye wave
May b she was to scare
That I would cry like a baby
I love to watch over blue sky
Because someone said me she is up above so high
Taking care of littlie firefly
When I wanna cry
I watch the beautiful sky
So that she can tell me everything is fine
And give me a warmed smile
She is my beautiful mother
Now who became an angel....
hmm well this i wrote to comfort my self i usully don't understand why it should be my mom and she passed when i was hardly 6 soo that tym my dad told me she is in sky and moon taking care of little angels
I never knew I could love, Love.
B/c as a young girl, Love was..
Daddy’s anger flashing before our eyes.
It was all the cliche lies,
That we insisted on living by.
Like “sometimes you need tough love”
Which usually consisted of..
Beatings for hair brushes left on the kitchen table.
Or Ma’s love for alcohol that made her unable,
To love me..
They way I needed to be.

It was the rule “out of sight, out of mind”
That always tried to turn a blind...
Eye to the things that never really felt right.  
Trying hard everyday to hold tight. 
Like those weave braids that I loved to hate,
B/c the gripping pain kept me up late.
Still, I never dared complained,
B/c I learned early that beauty was pain.
& my hair was to be a crown to a queen,
Taking the spotlight from all insecurities seen..
B/c let’s face it , middle school boys can be mean.
Always mocking my “white girl” name,
Digging up my dirty shame.
Then here came,
The “hot boys” that was full of game.
Always playing w/ my emotions,
Inviting drama like I ain’t already live w/ commotion.
Like I wasn’t already,

“If it don’t apply, let it fly”
Like Mama said, “never let em see you cry”
But to be honest I was a bit confused,
Then again, slightly amused.
B/c I was taught boys are mean when they like you,
I learned early being hurt was something to value.
One day Ms. Jackson told me “pay em no mind”
But I thought it was only right that they’d, KISS MY BEHIND.
But I said nothing cuz I knew “stay in a child’s place”,
Letting my frustration take me to outer space.

Where there I could fantasize how it feels,
To be head over heels.
For someone who,
Doesn’t have to...
Live 2 lives w/ a chick on the side,
That usually end w/ Aunt E keying his ride.
Damn, there I go again , running my big ole mouth,
Telling people “what goes on in this house”.

It wasn’t long before I caught..
On to the idea that love wasn’t what I thought,
B/c this Love constantly resisted & fought!
& it too didn’t seem,
To want to be loved by this thing..
Called Love .

Then came the moment when lost, I found,
The most beautiful sound..
Of a heart beat living within me,
I was chosen to be..
His mother, & learn of everlasting..
Love that has been contrasting..
My views everyday.
& I must say,
I was going the wrong way,
Tryna find where Love stay.
& all along it’s been residing in me,
Both figuratively,
& literally.

It was a blessing when me & Darelle’s world clashed..
Together. & Together we smashed..
Down every figment,
Of what I thought Love meant.
Or should I say what Love was ..

Now, Love is,
My heart beat syncing w/ his.
Replacing my dark days with light,
Now, Love actually feels right.
It flows out naturally w/o trying,
Taking away my every breath w/o dying.
Life is renewed within me..
Every time I see..
Kamari’s beautiful face,
Watching his incredible soul fill up any space.
& now that I know,
What I know..  
I love,
ANu Aug 13
I belong to the Earth
The Earth not to me
It'll swallow me up
when it's time
Or maybe it'll share
with the sea.

We don't cultivate our Mother,
She plants us like seeds
Provides us with a nice clean bed and always pulls the weeds.

Not all the seedlings grow into what she would want them to be
So we're harvested and mother tries again.
Love your mother
Harriet Cleve Aug 13
Your mother said to say hello

the young girls eyes were crying

her medium held her by the hand

'I hear your mother sighing'

She said she loves the bones of you

the young girl sobbed out loud

Then the lights all flickered twice

Mum says 'she's very proud'

That night the young girl told a boy

How she had sensed her mother

The medium helped me cross the void

She can find your mother!

The young boy sat upon the chair

His medium on the other

'Let me sense that she is here!'

' Help me find my mother'

Your mother said to say hello

the young boys eyes were crying

his medium held him by the hand

'I hear your mother sighing'

She said she loves the bones of you

the young boy sobbed out loud

Then the lights all flickered twice

Mum says 'she's very proud'

That young girl and boy when alone at night

They thought it must be true!

They remembered all the days to come

'She loves the bones of you'

A medium sat alone and thought

I must say something new

But nothing ever matched the words

'She loves the bones of you'
nish Aug 13
when i was young
ammi packed me lunch
one strawberry jam sandwich
cut neatly into squares

as i grew older
and my tummy much bigger
(along with my appetite)
one turned into two
two to three
and finally
for some unknown reason
there were no strawberry jam sandwiches
but ammi still packed me lunch

it was tuna or chicken
maybe tomato and cheese
sometimes a pastry
i wasn't hard to please

and it never occurred to me
that my strawberry sandwiches
were gone

till one completely random day
i'm sitting with my friends
taking the first bite of my sandwich
a burst of strawberry fills my mouth
sweet, rich with sugar
it tastes red, good bright red
my strawberry jam sandwich came back
and i was bombarded by my childhood
playing on the swings sandwich in hand
red coated crumbs dotting my shirt
running out of class as soon as the bell rings
to munch munch munch
on my strawberry sandwiches

strawberry jam was never my favourite filling
but it filled me with memories
so occasionlly
when i'm feeling nostalgic
i'll pick up a slice, butter it up
spread my gooey, red friend
and share a sandwich with ammi.
I think that culture plays a huge part in any sort of creative work, in this case I decided not to use 'mom/mum' but 'ammi' which means mother in my language.
Something I remembered and wanted to share because I was eating strawberry jam with crackers just now.
Hope you enjoyed :)

'ammi' pronounced 'uhmmi'
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