Oh mama oh mama
Feeding blood into my veins
Pouring water down my throat
Squeezing tears from my eyes.

Oh mama oh mama
Breathing air into my lungs
Freeing my blocked airway
Of the food that got stuck.

Spoonful spoonful
Sitting me up
Injecting saliva
And pumping my heart.

Mama oh mama
She is my clockwork
If she stops so will I
So wind me up agian
What is this? Idek...
Blood scattered all over the pavements
Gunshots and Blasts, with repeated cries
People are running, longing for their lives
and In just a beat of a drum,
rebellion has now begun.

Horrifying scenery that makes every soul awaken
terrifying scream that cause goosebumps into my skin
the nauseating scent of blood, send shiver down my spine
my heart sink, throbbing against my chest.

It was a sorrowful, tragic pointless war
a huge burden of today and tomorrow's generation
nights and days of horror, way back before
the creepiest events happens to our nation.

I was tormented by my own thought
as the picture played inside my mind
my nation and the whole world
as I asked the question “what happened to us?”

because even a thousand words won't bring us back
to the time and place that are safe and sound
the war is about to end yet no one win
on the battle field,
that has never been source of peace
the unspoken rule for some solemn

that if given the figure,
you can not yearn for the character
that if given the qualities,
you can not question the fantasy
that if provided with love,
you must forget of the love not given

suffocate with love, figures, it's fair
but allow the mourning, the crying, the upmost despair
because when a child experiences that character leave
they will believe what they don't want to believe

you've taught them they're unwanted,
that's how they'll grow up
they'll evolve and develop thinking they're not enough
km 1d
i am the mother of my children
you are the father of none
they were created in my body
and branded with my love
March 20, 2018
Mother and daughter
in this case, 2 in 1
Huddled up in the master bedroom
For the second day

Mami's either trying to complete another level
Of some game
Has her thoughtful face on while
She puts together a text for some man
She convinces herself isn't the same as others

Her baby is either thinking on something from the past
or something far along in the future
She wishes she had more control of

Eventually, they'll both close their eyes,
Simultaneously shake their legs - a habit
The mother coined and
The daughter picked up to fall asleep

and when mami wakes up or when
the daughters wakes up - they'll look over
and intinctively will kiss the other on the cheek
while she's sound asleep.
a kiss tender because
it's filled with not only love
but prayer -

For a better tomorrow,
For joy to be a shadow to her
So big it towers any anxiety
or weight of depression.

Mother and daughter,
2 in 1
Huddled up and asleep
Cause what's any anxiety or depression,
When i got her and she's got me.
para mami
Ordeezy 1d
I thought I could be strong for you mama
To endure the pain and drama
The countless whips on my naked body
The tears that flow all night.
I wish you could read between the lines
To hear my soul whisper the pain I felt.
Why couldn't you unveil the beast you cuddled daily?
Each night the crescent moon floods my room
I would watch joy and happiness flee from me
Each night, my dignity was stolen, my heart broken
My soul ripped apart but I couldn't scream.
Did his gifts blind your eyes to your child
Did his lies taste like sweet wine?
Did my truth taste like bitter kola?
Did my tears make you aghast?
Will I die in silence? Night after night.

By the time you read this
I'll be in my daddy's arms
I'll tell him the horror your love committed.
Pay attention to her pain, her tears and her unspoken words.
Ezis 2d
Why does this constantly happen to me?
History repeats over and over

I would think I would be used to this
by now,
but yet every time it happens
I feel the same shit feeling.

When will it stop?
When will I learn?

I cry for belonging.

I cry for love.
How I long for someone to come home to,
For a man to care for me
For a lover to comfort me in my distress
For a cover of sleep to encapsulate me
Yet I have none of these things,
I cry for love.

I cry to be held in the arms of my mother.
I am so far from home,
I can see myself sitting with her in my bed
She looks at me the way only a mother could
She makes my heart slow at the sound of her voice
Though I am not home, I am so far
I cry to be held in the arms of my mother.

I cry to feel something.
I go through my scheduled day
With tunnel vision, the world moves on around me
but all I see is a haze of people who say they hate me
I cry to feel something.

I call myself,
The Melancholy Child.
A bag of melancholy emotions collect
within empty features, secluded & vacant.
No tears ever weaken this collection
                            of barren reflections.
Only whispers escape, soundless gestures.

It collects from distressed abrasions,
                 to smear upon its outer visage.
Always motionless it wonders the
surroundings to celebrate the humour
                     of its desolate existence.

A child wonders closely, asking if
    this creation of lost collections is in
need of chloroform smiles.
                 it looks and hands a rose,
its leafs embers of its mourning.

Smiling, this miniature silhouette,
slashes out at the one who parented it.
              Cleaving what was smiles,
now carved features smear a face of
sullen smiles, as like the petals falling lifeless.

Tears flow like rivers, the contortion of
happiness fades when the last petal erodes
       a motion under hidden gestures facilitate  
this happiness to see such butchery of innocence.
But it is short lived like always, paper frowns collect.
I just want a family.
I yearn to be a mother.
1 child I'd like 10.
But I'll settle for what you give me.

I want to be a house-wife.
To cook, to clean, to sew.
I'd like to teach my children.
Maths, English, science and so.
We all have our dreams...
Joy you bring, inner happiness within, I love you with my heart I sing.
Innocent you are, a lily so pure, I'd never leave you, I couldn't dare.
Care I'll give you, mother and father, peace for life, a heart for two.
Poem to my dream daughter.
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