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You are our little sunshine –
Your colours in the rain.
You are your daddy’s and mine –
Our happiness and pain.
Wherever there’s a dark cloud –
You come out with a smile.
You’ve always made us feel proud –
You progress mile by mile.
You make our little rainbows –
You throw out little rays,
Even when it rains or snows –
During the wintry days.
Wide awake again early hours of the morning just can't sleep overactive
mind I guess
To memories constantly passing through my mind, flashing Images of my darling wife Helen seeing us together happy
Our first kiss holding
hands laid In bed with
her, Dressing or ******* Helen, brushing her hair
helping to chose what to wear for the
Helping her to dress taking her out for morning tea and toast she loved to do, wherever we'd
Helen was so loved by all and now sadly missed terribly by all who knew her, wonderful woman wife, mother, lover and best friend
Helen was loved by all wonderful woman wife Mother lover
jcl 1d
you are the center, the sun in the sky
warming, lighting, guiding those below

you are the core, the hub in the wheel
forming, maintaining, strengthening the circle

you are the earth, the bedrock beneath
supporting, stabilizing, reinforcing our lives

you are the reason for our being, our births, our lives
nurturing, nourishing, caring for our hopes, our dreams

you gather, sort the fruits, roots harvested from the land
tending, stoking, reviving embers smothering in the hearth

your strength transcends your body, your mind, your heart
from the first child, to the last, your love, affection is forever

you cradle, caress, kiss, comforting the child
reassuring, protecting, shooing monsters away

you are the strong, tough, steady woman in our lives
fierceness of a lioness, tender as a kitten, loving her child
If we only we were as one
with Mother Earth,

we would not have to speak
about Nature

as different than ourselves.

Animals do not have to go
“Into Nature”

They are immersed in Her.
She is their soul.

We alone drive Her away.
You abandoned me when I was young
As I grow older with my own family
I meet the person I lost
and understand who you are.
Despite all my troubles In life, I became lucky later on with the girl who became my wife my darling to be
So all I'd done and been through was worth the pain and the tears shed through all those the
To meet the girl of dreams
she was worth every beating I took by my mother who abused me as a child all the times I was locked In a cubbyhole understairs for hours on end
That gave fear of confined spaces alone In the dark for my only company that of spiders I fear still
But Helen was worth everything I endured as a kid for meeting Helen
that was when I started
living for the time ever always said Helen gave
me a life I cried the first
Christmas we were together
Helen gave me live I'd never known when I met was the day I started living
Twins housework.
Cooking. Your putting our relationship
at risk. You offer up help. But the it ends up in an atmosphere.
Your attitude is critical certainly not uplifting
Out of order.
Ask awkward questions.
I feel so sad  
I am doing  my best.
Twins. Housework  little sleep tired exhausted. Pushed to the limit.
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