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Seanathon 17h
A touch of gold caresses your hair
Yesterday's youthful exuberance
I cut a few locks from the world
And linger in your presence, still
Wishing only that you'd stay awhile
To bask in our mutual reverence
The Blonding Hair of Trees
PrttyBrd 19h
Cradle me in your arms
and sing me into peace
drifting into lyrics and flat B's
love never sounded so safe

Invited into Dreamland
with love stories serenaded
in tunes familiar
connected through time

Lost in times gone by
begging another with restless moans
soothed into slumber
by music that still makes me smile
54w ©
the wind is blowing and the doors
waiting to be opened,
the night's sitting in its full aura
owls as calm as the darkness surrounding them
tulips sleeping in the balcony
raindrops glistening over their petals
and i?
i'm the silence of the valleys
echoing my mother's laughter
on the loop,
i'm the distance between the syllables
of the poem that sings of miseries and the
coordinates of the point that
bring a smile to your face,
i'm the moment i spent with my father
staring at the universe, listening to him
articulating the secrets of the
life and feeling the desire with which he used
to plant seeds of his experience inside
me which i wish i
could see in their full-grown form but
i'm the space that breathes
between the vocables of
suicide letter and the quill which
bleeds heart on the parchment and questions,
"what would you do with a heart having mere windows and no doors?"
Places growing,
And dying,
In cycles of death and rebirth,
Time cyclical and cold,
Breathing life and taking it,
As the garden fades into winter.
When your child’s feeling ill
His body hot, maybe a chill
Hold him in your arms real tight
Love him till you make it right

Our children are our own creation
made from love and procreation
teach them what is right and wrong
and how to sing that special song

When our child is feeling sad
When things all seem so very bad
We wrap our arms around real tight
Don’t be sad my little man,
and tell them all will be alright

When childhood is left behind
Our pride is something undenied
All the years we loved and cared
and all the lovely times we shared

There’s nothing more so precious
than love we cannot hide
There’s nothing more so precious
than that thing called Mothers Pride
Dear Mom,
Someday, you’ll need to know.
I know you won’t like it
Or even understand it,
But I want you to know
You want me to be closer
With you and Dad,
But to be closer with you,
You need to be close with me too.
You have to know
I wore dresses as a kid
Because I thought it was fancy,
And I liked to be pantsless.
You’ll see that as evidence
That I should be lying.
I am not what you expected,
And I am not what you wanted.
I am not your little girl,
Though it hurts like hell
To tell you so.
I am not straight,
Though you don’t really respond
When I tell you I like a girl
And your face shrivels
Like the words from my breath
Leave a bitter taste
Between your gritted teeth.
You’ll really have to know,
I am nonbinary.
I am bisexual.
I am a fucking amalgamation of the things you don’t believe in,
The things you think are just a new wave of special characters,
Pretty pictures on instagram,
You call me a sponge
Full of others’ emotions and thoughts
You denote my strength as a being.
I am an amalgamation of the things you think of as teenage fairytales,
I am a fucking unicorn pegasus to you,
Dear Mom,
I am fucking beautiful.
And you’ll really know that,
Accepting my own shortcomings
Being silly to make her giggle
Cuddling everyday, so sweet

Daily routines, let's get this done
Eating chicken nuggets 5 nights a week
Fighting off all the bad

Gazing into her gorgeous eyes
Helping her learn to read
Inspiring her to reach for the stars

Jumping rope for hours on end
Kissing away endless boo-boos
Loving her, what a gift

Making up fun games to play
Never giving up on my girl
Overpowering need to protect

Playing all day long
Quieting all her fears
Relishing how lucky I am

Singing her lullabies
Teaching her how to count
Unconditional love, is all she'll know

Visiting new places together
Watching her grow up so strong
Xeroxing memories in my brain

Yearning for time to slow
Zooms on by, oh my so swift
Alphabet challenge describing motherhood.
The Hebrew King David sings it once
everyone tunes in as if he stopped the time
it's a song sang in every mother tongue!

It's a sea of tunes flows on the shore of the body
outpours and dances fashioning in both science and art
waxes through every vein and reaches out to the heart.

Folks love to take a dip in this same mellifluent cloud
but it's as varied as all the different mother tongues,
the one rhymes with all floats across the world.
Over all the different rivers that may zigzag
It knows the way because from the ocean they all come.
I am assaulted with emotion at the notion of closing my eyes               
            my drunken blackouts are the only peace I seem to find     deprived of my liquid therapy I sink into my thoughts      
              ignoring atrocious reality brings no solace to a villain caught  

paralysed within myself calling out from my empty shell
              a stranger inhabits my skeleton but I'm yet to hear alarm bells
my identity's gone missing but all the poles are poster-less
                          suffocating on small talk I'm lost in exquisite sadness

do my eyes of infinite tragedy hold the same tone of desperation?
          dead detached peepers resemble marbles glossy from sedation
privately frantic for acknowledgment of my internal death
                        fearful you see my demise but see no value in my breath

                                                         ­                              5AM
           mother dearest placed me on the curb for a foreigners collection       unworthy of a garage sale I squat amongst the household rejections
       amidst disheveled furniture a crusty mop makes my acquaintance
I suppose the oppression of my despair made it less contagious

                                                     ­                                                          6AM
whoever claimed sunrises bring hope never tried stimulants
                the vomit smeared sky bears as much nausea as I implement
such is the tacky masochistic cycle of damnation
                                  give me my slice of death and pray I don't awaken

                                                                ­ whiskey
                                                                ­                                  as
                                                  my            ­   humanity
its 5 fucking am i have not slept nor have i slept for more than 2-4 hours for 6 days straight. my selfish mind wishes you to bare the weight of my thoughts and avoidance of said burdens. that or someone get me a drink, whisky on the rocks preferably.
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