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We are to busy looking at the grandeur
                  of the nirvana above
to realise that even though there is beauty
exhaling  beyond our sights.

                       That there is an inhiation
of stunning metaphors
                              swimming beneath ever wave..

Stories drowned beneath every convulsion that
             swells with every passing rise of
                                 nights eternal watchman.

Immersed luminosity that never sees lambent ashes
                                            hanging silently above.
Only giving the onyx deep a light show
                    of life's perfection to never fade away..

For in every darkness there is a shade of light,
               and within every light
there is a passing glimmer of shading.

For no matter how far we ascend, what is beneath
            still teaches us that we need to look into
the  darkness to realise that we need go deeper
                       before we ascend higher our gaze wishes..
That sadness in your eyes
the sight I want to know the reason why
you look at things with such a lonely gaze
like walking down a sad memory lane.

That sadness in your eyes
unconsciously reflecting what you feel inside
What made your heart gloomy?
Who made it hurt like that?

That sadness in your eyes
covered with your bright sunny smile
deceiving the hearts around you
and fooling your heart too.
Your mission:
Commission peerless tools.
The world merely spinning
has thrown you for a loop.
No more will you react as
tempted by your stimuli.

Who are you today?
- How about tomorrow?
Will you succumb to fear

as it follows
you in step?

Who are you today?
Who are you tomorrow?
Will you succumb to fear

as it follows
your every step?

Your plan:
Understand your soul is your
pulp, press it in pages,
rewrite the tales you tore.
No more will you lend your pen
for the sake of sympathy.

Who am I today?
- How about tomorrow?
Will I succumb to fear

as it follows
me in step.

Who am I today?
Who am I tomorrow?
Will I succumb to fear

and so repeat
all my mistakes?

My mission:
soften my gaze
into the glare
of my enemy's
fevered eyes.
Shed a tear for
persons wayward,
put my head to their
pointed gun
& die

in time
& time
you into
death as I.
As my reflection stares at me, I notice all the things people say about me.
I gaze upon the same face everyone sees.
Is there something beyond the mirror?
A world I am not aware about?
What happens to my reflection when I leave?

I am scared of my reflection.
The same eyes staring back at me.
Knows my every move, every thought, every sight.
But what does my reflection see through its mirror?
The same backwards world I live in?

Sometimes I wish I could walk through the mirror.
Live the life of my own reflection.
Switch places with myself.
The undiscovered country resides right in front of my eyes.
Yet it appears to be far away.

What life is my reflection living?
My own? Or someone else’s?
To live like lost lepers loitering around on a lost island.
What life lurks beyond that mirror of mine?
For when I leave, shall I experience it?
Will I finally get my answer?

As I stare back at my reflection, I notice all the things it stays to remind me about.
I gaze about the same face everyone sees.
I need to know what is beyond.
Beyond the mirror.
Euphie Jan 29
He looked at me in French...
with those sultry eyes
and pouty lips.

He was a villain I tell you
a curse!
Faisal Bolaki Jan 27
Scars of your love shine bright tonight,
Bruised heart screamed in pain tonight,

Ripped off were the dark scabs,
When deceitful gaze entered my soul tonight,

Sacred sighs of whispering mingled with breathe,
Your talks smell of my blood tonight.
when you gazed up at the stars
i felt you thinking of me
all these stars twinkle for you
yet i'm the one that caught your eye

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
MC Escano Jan 10
All beyond reaches of our own
Stretch of sea, land of the deep
In deathly still waves
Carried the weight of prophecy

Circumnavigating ---
Wrecked ship, so as I
Syphoned by the time

Pitch black in heart of sea
In this river of abyss, wake of sorrow
Darkness shrouds our being

Colors of my soul stolen
Fading, further and farther
From my spirit
Drowning into your darkness

As I gaze into abyss
And gaze upon mine
See no reflection
But drowned to your eyes
It's a wrecked persona who let himself find his love in the midst of sea with his shipwreck, so is he. It's about facing the truth that love cannot be found, it finds you.
Poetic T Jan 4
There where stars between the expanses of
my every reflection,
                      every thought was a super nova.

Letting in the space between every imagining
                  gave birth to a light that had a longevity,
that never shone like this before.

When I slumbered I was in-between the spaces.
                 Gazing at the harmony of what was created.
And I wondered between the gazes, I floated luminous.

As I was every spark that congealed to form every light ,
                                                raising me higher than I was before.

Let every thought have time, for it will burn brighter than before.
Yuki Jan 2
The gaze between
two souls that
see each other
for the first
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