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D A W N Jun 14
I want to love her with my eyes wide open
and my heart a bottomless chalice
love  should be unafraid
to look me in the eye
when it sees me
so do not look at me with one eye closed
and tell me I am the prettiest thing
you've ever known
I want my lover to take me in
let your gaze
drink at the sight of me
a glass full of love
sip it slowly, my dear
momma, i like this girl. and ure gonna like her too. i cant ****** digress how beautiful she is- not even the poems and the paintings i make are enough to justify her beauty- my god.  her mind is pretty too, momma. ure gonna like her.
Mrs Timetable May 17
The moon was brilliant
Last night
And yet...
I caught you
At me
Jealous moon
Beau Grey Mar 3
A gaze.
A silver line between
and terror.
A silver line of contentment,
of complacency,
of humdrum mediocrity.

A gaze,
too afraid to gaze
lest we acquaint ourselves
with gold
or bronze.
Too egocentric,
too self defeating.
A silver line of contentment,
of complacency,
of humdrum mediocrity.

A silver safety belt,
clip the lines,
halt the grinds,
lest we acquaint ourselves
with loving gold,
or terrifying bronze.
Lest we stray
from the silver line,
the safety belt,
of contentment,
of complacency,
of humdrum mediocrity.

Lest we stray,
forever shall we stay.
A silver gaze,
humdrum days.
Neither here, nor there,
and perpetually,
A gaze.
YReem619 Jan 30
Squirming body tied to my bright bed
And flipped with my ice cube cold fingertips,
Tracing your spine.
Bursts of your sweetened moans escaping

Your tightly closed lips.
With your legs spread you lay half alive,
With tingles of more life
I find myself again at lusts feet.

At lusts feet I have fallen again,
Your touch is so gentle,
Vibrations of your body are so tender,
Please just surrender.

Your moans weaken,
Through your rosebuds-like lips.
As you close your hazy brown eyes
And give in to the intoxication of my tongue.

I pulled you near and untangled your hair.
Breathless you lay in my arms,
With your face blood-like red.
You gazed at me with your soft starry eyes,

Looking nearly half alive.
Lust is so hungry with an urge so great,
I looked at you and I
I just whispered I love you to your flesh.
Stars bright as diamonds.
Reflect the Creator's piece.
Back into His gaze.
Fey Dec 2021
orbs of blue in the drizzle of rain,
a flesh-numbing cold; myriad of pain;
red-hued cheeks and traces of benzocaine.

russet irides shift with the aegean's quick moves
through the black pupil, colors to exclude
and brows are squinting; just in slight disapproval.

clumsy dance of eyes in the dim afternoon light,
café au lait für Zwei, für dich und mich allein,
as we bid our longing gazes a sorrowful good night.

© fey (25/12/21)
I dance with my bare feet, padding across the floor cracks
it was a good day as the winter's done
I was patiently waiting for the sun to rise.
You have been there and left frozen by
the time I came.

They are left haunted and nostalgic
I couldn't even took a direction without seeing the reflection of your gaze
anticipated by the prism of your paradise,
everybody fall in the thought of it is a rabbit hole; I don't want to dream about you anymore.
Steve Page Apr 2021
Long distance gazing
exercises the imagination
filling the mind with out-of-reach thoughts
and within-our-grasp possibilities.
You need to pace yourself however.
Over-stretching can cause you to topple
into sorrow.

Short distance grinning
close up gawping
is bred from appreciation
for the unexpected
and creates opportunity
for shared mirth
and reflected smiles.
Over-stretching causes face ache
and further laughter.
Apparently Jenny Diski (writer) included 'middle distance staring' as one of her pastimes.
Alicia Moore Mar 2021
Her tongue was slick with grime as she lied
to the doe eyed boy who held her gaze.
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