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Lace 23h
Holding your gaze
And your face
And your body
As close as I can
Jules 2d
As it rains
I feel some sort of way
A feeling so deep
I can't possibly say
the things that weigh
upon my mind
How do I change it?
Where do I go?
It takes me hostage
more than you know
But as I sit here
on the side
You gaze right at me
One of a kind
james Oct 9
the air is thick, hot, and forest green
with the daggers youre always staring
i cant help but sigh; theyre always for me
i never meant to destroy you
but ill take your gaze however it comes
you destroy me too
loosely based on carry on by rainbow rowell
Nylee Oct 8
It is the night time
Owl's eyes look right at mine
the eerie silence fills in
But I look away first, coyly look back,
Keep gazing eye to eye
I'm hoping to grow wise overnight
Anastasia Sep 18
may i tell you
how pretty you are
how your smile
is the melting sun
how your eyes
are like oceans
that i just want to drown in
may i tell you
how i can't help
but want to hold your hand
to run my fingers through your hair
to fall asleep with you under the moonlight
may i tell you
how perfect you are
how you make my heart swell
and give me butterflies
how my gaze always travels to you
may i tell you
how much i love you
Anna Sep 3
I can't stop writing
At the sound of The Piña Colada Song
My sweet piece of liberty
Won't you take me free as you?

Set me out on the rain
Let me taste your salty tear drops
As they fall down on your cheeks
Red cheeks bathed by the flutter and sun.

Made me go with no air your gaze
As I saw in your lips all the blaze
I could lie and tell the truth at the same time
But would you get either?

Naughty boy from South Carolina
Won't you take me to the streets?
Call me your sweet and extremely white cotton candy
And be my *** on the coke
Watch the stars with me and name it me one.
Brandon Amberger May 2018
We gaze at sunsets.
Fascinated by their beauty,
but we know they fade.
Kale Aug 6
The lust of a woman
Sometimes hides
Behind their gaze
They think
They want
They crave
It’s not easy hiding
The emotions of a goddess
But when it comes to fruition
There is complete and utter ecstasy
our eyes locked in an embrace
around my racing heart
fray narte Jul 30
Your eyes,
my unveiled soul,
amidst the crowd who looked
but didn’t see —

that’s my favorite way
of being looked at;
that’s my favorite way
of coming undone
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