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CGW 6h
Every now and then
A thought
Inside of us.
Lingering orchestral emotions stranded on the deaf note of darkness.
All this in the final exhale.
Wynn H 13h
No two people are alike

Even if you share
The same jokes
And drink from
The same fountain

NEVER think
That everyone else
Thinks like you

We’re all as unique
                 as snowflakes
In our own special way

Never judge anyone
You don’t know
What they’ve gone through
To get where they are
Just to be standing in front of you

Be humble
Be kind
And most of all
Be Forgiving

Reality blows at the best of times...so keep your chin up, smile and never loose your cool...THATS your meal ticket
My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.

Once tied to my
rope burned wrist.
But removed by life
ever so swift.

I hope for just
a bit more time.
That thought I had
now gone from my mind.

My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.
Cherish your thoughts
III 2d
I've had you on my mind
Like an old song
You've rediscovered the beauty in,
And you've been occupying
The rooms in my head
For once without a chance
Of vacancy.
From where to draw
From which new well?
The night forever never tells

With no ear there
To hear the silence
But to speak another, break the spell

No mind to see what's in the night
Unless the dark is spoken till
The dawn it breaks another dream

With morning come a settled well

Deep to draw
Deep to dwell
A person's thoughts at night... A person's thoughts at night.
JP Goss 5d
Do you feel how the air moves
Autumn, my love?
I have a secret to confess
Autumn, my love.
I have been blue like the summer sky
Among the cordial zephyrs
Those crowds and their pleasantries
Alight everywhere
As the trees in plumage
Concealing so much as they reveal everything,
Autumn, my love.
It has been a feverous summer,
Mad Augustine march of the southern breeze
Into the remote Tuscarora contemplation
Of lascivious concealing,
Autumn, my love.
You chilled my hands, leading me up
The logging path,
Ignored my glance and kept pulling
My insecurities up to the surface
The grief and lethargy I feel
Stomping through the moving pictures
Of the concealed revealing
Soon the sky will be very clear
And your darkness passes across your face
Much sooner now,
Autumn, my love.
Why did you bring me here, to the edge?
You pause and wait for the sky the perfect
Blend of grey and decay.
You speak and the leaves fall around me
And I feel myself melting into your bosom
Covered by your many hands
Curving around my body, enveloping,
With your gravity putting me on my back
And carve my every sacred cerebra
With the twists and moistness, the cool
Air scent of the sleeping earth
Of your belly
Autumn, my love,
I wish to have you always,
Autumn, my love.
Your cracked embrace swims down the ravine
Seeming to wave goodbye.
It’s in time likes these,  
Autumn, my love,
I cannot bear the thought of an equinox of passion,
Where the golden sun is soon on its way to setting
Autumn, my love.
You look out, where the sun will rise,
Your footsteps gliding over the edge
Where I cannot chase you out
The valley of your body and you giggle at the fact,
Autumn, my love.
A single leaf falls from your hand,
I wish to have you always, too
But this joy can only perch on the precipice
Of despair
Each day must flee quicker and quicker
You tell me, you’ll love me more when I am gone,
Autumn, my love.
Not about a woman, either.
Are you free tonight?

May be
Yet undecided
Whether to join you or not

Let me first be sure
What I need

A silent moment
A soulful music
A serious chat or
A sound sleep

Still I am not sure
Whether I need,
A cold beer
A hot lemon
An exotic coffee
Or Just
The delighting thirst
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Friday Air
When mind thinks
Beware of

That simple
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Think it, your way. Art of living
A race of people whose bones tolled like bells when the traveler shed bliss upon their world early each solar cycle.
I watched them with slackjawed edge from my little corner of universe with unholy, godly rhetoric.
Through my scope of foresight I saw their futile attempts at peace, love, war, and all things human.
Warm illusions of grandeur filled their view oftentimes as I stretched my ancient tendons.
I blew staunch breezes and razing storms that shook a world to the core with reckless abandon.
And they returned to me, nothing more than fizzled essence.
Honeyed words, broken culture, and finally, wasted life itself.

With what is yours, do what you fancy.

But forget not what is fiction, and what is firm.
I still think about you at night
you come back to me with all your lies.
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