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I had a photo of her
A picture truly priceless
Her face usually so clear
Now because of tears it´s just a blur

Ive treasured this photo for a while
But now its ripped up on the floor
And soaking up my falling tears
For no more will your phone number be dialed
juliet 2d
do you think
you ever say is funny
do you think
do you feel you have
the adudacity and the eligibility
to be loved by me?
go away
stay far from me
Someone tol(d) me:
"feel the love
from your (a)ccomplishme(n)ts
versus the love from humans
(i)t's way mor(e) satisfying, (l)ovely"

I thank you
those words you uttered were
cold and bold
yet they wrapped around me
like a comforting hug
and i could feel the stories that could be told by those simple words
what stories they start
what tales they could end
those words you uttered
loving and warm
have left my heart torn

" i love you"
Cigarette **** kisses my lips
In smoke's touch
I feel relaxed
You're the match
Lighting up my vice
Killing me softly
Inhale your toxicity
Exhale the life out of me
I loved it.
sunshine in my night
Nightmare in my daydream
Where have the youthful days gone
I stumble about  searching
But cannot seem to find
The bright days are now gone for long
Why have the youthful seasons gone away
Slipped through my grasp
As hurriedly they flew
Alas the path to youth is no longer a way
Life is much shorter than we think
No more  sunny days
The days have flew away
And no longer do we feel
The bright sunny rays

Now every morning I step outside
And the cold bites my body
And the wind tears at my face
This cold, I cannot abide
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