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A quiet fall
Is what I see
When your words
Pierce right into me

Standing on the edges
Waiting for that shoe to fall
Of another heartache
No one is too small

That's all it takes
To send me to my fate,
I'd rather feel nothing,
Than live with this hate

I live to love
And love to breathe
Why can't anyone
See the beauty I see

So intense
To feel what I feel inside
Like the waters in a hurricane
I'm the waves that collide

My own love haunts me,
Curses me,
shames me,
taunts me,
Why does it feel like nobody wants me?

It seems as though,
I am a prisoner of my own self conscious mind
Deprived of the nourishment I need
With no love in my heart I'm walking blind

I am Destroyed
by that same love
I'll walk through fire
If that's not enough

My demented mind
Has caused me to be
A mess of this love
With anything but a
"So called" Lovable Me
As I listen to music
My heart begins to steady
Patience begins to run thick
The stress isn’t as heavy

Starting to think of her
The girl of my dreams
For she is the cure
For life’s negative beams

I wish I could talk to her
In this very moment
My eyes are filling with tears
I would give every cent
To fall in love with her
All over again
Onyx 3d
lying on the great expanse of pure white
shining bright as the unforeseen, speckless future
yonder desired and eagerly awaited
snow so thick yet so warm
a coalescence of innocence carpeting beneath the earnest lover
eagerly awaiting for slivers of bliss
flitting through the universe it transcends
,the vastitude of which may limit only if one conceives the boundaries of,
slipping into the fabric of mind and dreams of our lover
a wave of delight washes over
indescribable and overwhelming was the riot of love in the lonesome lover
lying on the snow garnering comfort
from the warmth of memories inked with permanence onto the waiting lover
Nikita 5d
Pull me
Push me
Force me
And trap me

Build me
Create me
Destroy me
Lie to me

Wrap me
Seal me
Deliver me
And ship me

No matter how much
You try

No matter how much
It hurts

I will escape
Categories, labels and boxes. Don’t stifle who I am. I am not a women to be silenced.
Alicia Moore Oct 14
I do not think,
because from there I sink
into the depths of the poison I drink.
smaller and smaller I shrink
until one day I cannot unlink...

𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘳 404: 𝘢𝘯𝘒𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘡𝘰 𝘴𝘺𝘯𝘀.
Matt Oct 14
I jumped to a conclusion,
from such a height,
they said it was a suicide,
I think they might have been correct.

Emotion overwhelmed me,
the desperation of the moment took hold,
I acted rashly,
without thinking it through
and just like that desperate man on the bridge,
my foot untouched the edge,
the gravity of the situation pulled me down
and all that was left,
was regret.
Classy Oct 5
I am a woman with control.
I am a figure that stands tall in a crowd.
I have my own dignity,
my own thoughts,
my own way to act.

When you tell me what to do,
how to react in a certain way.

I am not gonna hear you,
because i am my own principle,
and you can't break it.
I think of your smile
I think of your jokes
I think of your soft brown hair
I think of your sparkling eyes
I think of the way you wear your jacket
I think of the time when you first came over to talk to me
I think of the time we first sat beside each other
I think of the time we shared boba
I think of the time you brought me home
I think of the time you kept trying to talk to me
I think of the time you try to come near me
I think of the time I've waited around for you after work
I think of the time we messaged each other
I think of the movie we watched together
I think of the pizza we ate
I think of the time we talked about sports
I think of the time when I met your parents
I think of the time you first held my hand
I think of the time you picked me up when I fell
I think of the way you laugh
I think of the way you kissed me
I think of us
I think of what we could've been
I think of you when I listen to music
I think of you when I watch tv shows and movies
I think of the hugs you'd give me at my front door
I think of the way you looked at me when I left
I think of our conversations
I think of the trips we've planned
I think of the time when we were vulnerable
I think of the way you made my heart flutter
I think of the way you made my blood rush
I think of the way sparks flew when we touched
I think of you when I'm about to leave the house
I think of you when I look up at the stars
I think of you when I play the piano
I think of you when I exercise
I think of you when I wake up
I think of you when I cook pasta like how I did for you
I think of you while putting on my make-up
I think of you when I'm about to pray
I think of you before I go to bed
I think of you even if I don't want to
I think I'm not over you.
wrote this back in february and it took me so long to post this because till now i see how raw these emotions were that i can't fix it and so i'll leave it as is. i don't know how to control my thoughts but i think of you all the time, even when I'm not trying to.
ibkreator Oct 2
take an after taste

thought comes to your mood
and then that you think shows up
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