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Joanna 4d
Still waters run deep,
their influence, calms
the ragged edges of my
mind. I see it as a sign
that something new
is around the next turn.
And I know my heart is
ready for whatever it is
I am to learn.

Still waters, take on a
new meaning as I watch
and abide the time.
Cleansing the soil within,
they have opened the door. 

Still waters, leave me
thinking there is something
beautiful coming my way.
Something that is not like
anything I have known
before. Something that
will bring a new connection
is now at my door. 

Still waters hold the tool
for releasing all my fear,
replacing it with something
made very clear. In a journey
purposed from above, in a
life spent enjoying the purity
of love.
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Neo Dore Oct 11
School? Tsk...Tsk...Tsk. What a spectacle.
I hear the bell chiming already- ding...ding...ding
Then sick and scowled, we'd walk right to were we were meant to be. "Meant to be". Heart pounding 'cos if we were late!? Or in the wrong place or mixed up the wrong dates!? that was trouble. "The bell is the voice of God"  The priest(s) would say, each day, "and when it rings you must obey" A bell? I thought, the voice of God? I chuckled.

I remember the shadows of the seminarians watching.
The irate stare and feign smile. Weren't these men of God!?  They came in new and good, but give them a day or two and...and my God!!!
There were rumors of bizarre things that happened behind closed doors, no one "saw", but walls. I know someone was there. Had to be! When the last bell rang, and the lights faded out. People became monsters. It changes people. And it would, you too because real monsters are in the light and you too are one of them.

The mass either left you hungry and empty, guilty and filthy or just feeling good about yourself for no good reason because some preacher said: "Hark, all worries will be left behind, and all disappoint too, will be gone forever..."  It was the same thing, day in and day out. One man's crime was all mens'. And our tongue just clung to our mouth because who would dare raise a finger in anger to a priest? God's delegate.  There were rumors.  

There were rumors no one would admit they saw until dusk when the light-out hour came and we streaked together muffle and scoffled about everything. It was either that or we tried, however, we could to get food. Some even looted goods, black and white was the code and we hid it safe as gold. You won't get it. Sometimes people would go as far as...sign  

Heavy eyed and tired. The bell snaped you from your dream back to this hellfire. And before you blinked you were in class
Then smell of dry papers and ink, sound of pens screeching and then you see.
Students hastily walking to where they are meant to be? "Meant to be!?"
Teachers, few, pretty as rose and others old and cold. All claiming they had gold to impact on us. Most times, the men, well tucked, some tall and maybe bit lanky.

The priests were like ghosts. Some went as far as saying Godly. Their bellowing white-blue cassock whipped by, and while some would sigh, others would hush and some would rush to where they were meant to be. Meant to be. Now ghost quiet, staring from somewhere was the priest ghost silent...

Josiah Bates Oct 11
I do not approve of what they do,
Yet I love them         just the same.

I cannot accept what they think and say,
But I accept them          for who they are.

They hurt the people that I love the most,
And I hurt                to forgive them again

If they were you, they'd be easier to love.
Yet I am the source                of the blame.
The system has us all feeling like we're in a prison. There’s protocol in the vision. During your resurrection there’s still a hand out wanting a collection. Don’t bury me! I want to burn for eternity! I want the world to feel my energy! The steps I took. U.S.A. Land of the crooks, none of our experiences can be taught in a book. His-story, her glory, his tears, her fears. The traumas linger, it made us who we are. Prayed so many times, G.O.D. would think I’m a certified clinger. No dial tones, no ringer. Please pick up! They got me down here screaming in my head “What The F**k!”

Our Love
Has been forged
From the hottest hardships
From the strongest materials
Of faith, trust, hope, and joy
We are now
The strongest item
That no sword can pierce
No ram can batter
Come what may
Our love forged
Will stand strong
malluraeh Oct 7
it's your time to shine
this probably won't send shivers
down your spine but
i hope,
i hope,
it'll make you think twice
about life

How can you tell what's on
your heart?

What is the most important thing
that you think about?

The last thought you have before going to sleep


the first thought you have when you
wake up.

Just quickly wrote this down before bed because it wouldn't stop bothering me.
malluraeh Oct 6
should people think or just live their life?
Imagine my arms wrapped around you, holding you tight.
My lips kissing your forehead, and my hand gently touching the side
of your face.

You feel my touch and the warmth it gives you.
You smile when I say the words,"I love you."

I'll comfort you and stay by your side forever.
I'll never leave you, so please stay with me forever.

When you think of me, remember all the times that we shared
When you look at me, remember that we were always meant to be
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