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I tried to be mindful

but my mind is too full
the overthinker's first and final words
I don't know how
dumb folks can simply
place their brains on break.

Mine likes to cycle overtime,
swishing by
at double time and breakneck

It's faar past time for my mind
to select a simpler pastime,
try shouting: "Doh!" and "Duuh"

Psst, kid! Just promise me this:
When we corral all
the world's Dodo birds
onto our "Pluto Spaceship,"
We will ask em where they found
their common sense's off switch.

But we better get to it, quick!
My mind is running a dozen
miles per minute;
And your good sense seems
almost spent
My Grandma used to say: "The whole world is crazy except for you and me, and even you bear watching!"
She passed in March. I miss her.
We keep her little sayings going, and they keep us going
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
What's what
What's why
What intervention  
Is required
What you desire
What's desired of you
Physical, financial, or communication
Or two or all
Physical, financial
There's maybe a tie
You may try
Communication tricky
Knowledge of circumstances
Tells you
What to say
Skill tells you
How to say
Wisdom tells you
How much to say
Whether to say
Or not to say
Circumstances compel
You think and analyse
The number of worlds that exist
Just inside my mind
Is enough for someone to insist
That there is a mistake in my design.

They stir and they shake,
Yet nothing can compare
To when you smile for my sake
Or run a hand through your hair.

When I'm with you I feel
As if I'm in the imaginary;
I forget that it's real,
Not crafted by the words in me.

It's only when I think back,
When I am trying to sleep,
That I remember it's not mind crack;
That I might be in too deep.
deadhead Apr 12
i sit and i sit
trying to find
the right words,
not for you but
rather for myself.
i cannot describe
in mere words
what i feel or think.
i lose ambition,
lack the required
motivation to
write what i
want to write.
FS-30 Apr 7
We all have our ways
Of staying afloat.
We may be in the same storm
But we are not in the same boat.
Brendann Apr 8
There are approximately 470,000 words in the English language

4 syllables in “Hey, How are you?”

9 letters in “Beautiful”

3 words in “I love you”

And still

I can’t find a single thing to say

When your smile accidentally makes my day.
Free Verse.
Steve Page Apr 4
Long distance gazing
exercises the imagination
filling the mind with out-of-reach thoughts
and within-our-grasp possibilities.
You need to pace yourself however.
Over-stretching can cause you to topple
into sorrow.

Short distance grinning
close up gawping
is bred from appreciation
for the unexpected
and creates opportunity
for shared mirth
and reflected smiles.
Over-stretching causes face ache
and further laughter.
Apparently Jenny Diski (writer) included 'middle distance staring' as one of her pastimes.
Nylee Mar 28
I have scribbled across thousands of drafts
I couldn't write a sentence of absolute truth.
Is this the one?
xavier thomas Mar 28
with drunk words
Sober thoughts
forming generational curse
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