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"So how much will the rental be?", he hollers.
"A thrifty fee of fifty three green dollars."
Simple couplet written around a spoonerism.
Wrote this one a while ago.
Haven't published in ages so might as well.
I long to stand a moment more, to
Bask in spring time summer’s cove
For I am cold~ the skin turns pale
Such chills I feel, it grows in scale

Till evening come to rescue mine
Light off me beam, I burn to shine
Been dark enough, it does not die
Been drear enough, time to defy |

This paper boat you sail in hopes
Let currents take it up the *****
Why give it strength, let it just fly
How far can will (lone) carry thy?

Rest, O Passenger_ you shall not reign
Morning is nigh, this midnight wanes
And light so peers, but of what use?
This moonless night, you don’t refuse !

Take heart then in thus standing out~
There have been more, be on lookout
Find path where there have been none
Pathfinder, seeker ~ you just begun !
A poem on hope. Especially when there’s none.
ArianLlwyn Mar 31
The world's small eyes bare down like heavy gold,
On whomsoever seeks their glazed dim gaze.
My second attempt at a couplet in iambic pentameter.
ArianLlwyn Mar 17
I run in the river, I'm lost, I run.
Watching While rocks roll past my feet, I'm done.
My first attempt at a couplet with lambic pentameter
dylan Mar 16
he was  hell for her
but she didn't mind burning at all
Filomena Mar 4
When on a modern battlefield,
You shouldn't wield a wooden shield.
Sometimes I find that less is more, when I try to write a metaphor.
(Same idea as last poem but less elaborate.)
(Subtitle: Spoonerism 1)
Grey Feb 3
The world rains down on this lonesome desert plane
and we watch and wait and go insane.
Wanted to continue this into a longer poem but I'm not sure where to take it.
The sun begins to dip below the skyline
Orange starts to tint the sunshine
Shadows stretch in shades of black
And the air cools as we ride back
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