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Cyan Aug 7
Volley ball-y Valley girl
Bikini top and bleach-blond curl,
Wolf whistle invades your space
And laughs until you spike his face.
something sad in my heart tonight
makes me long for the silence
the most important thing to have
is a future
ALesiach Jul 27
Today a butterfly
fluttered through the sky.

Swooping, drawing near,
floating close enough to hear,

the wish whispered softly,
through teardrops a little salty.

It landed on the little nose
and heard the giggle as it goes.

To the heavens it soared up high,
releasing the wish on a little sigh.

ALesiach © 02/16/2015
ALesiach Jul 27
The day is over, time to rest,
I pray my family for you to bless.

Please watch over me day to day
and do not let me go astray.

Thank you God for Mom and Dad
and blessing our family with all we have.

ALesiach © 11/08/2014

Help me to do better in school
and remember to follow all the rules.

Forgive me any wrongs I have done
and help me be a good son.

Thank you Jesus for entering my heart,
I pray as I grow we never part.

Now, as I close my eyes to sleep,
please stay and watch over me.
ALesiach Jul 27
Sailing the briny seas,
the winds taking us where they please.

A parrot on my shoulder,
"Pieces of eight," it repeats over and over.

If there is mutiny in the ranks,
aye matey, they will walk the plank.

Other ships we will plunder for gold
and any prisoner we will stick in the hold.

A treasure map we have found,
X marks the spot on the ground.

And once we have found the treasure chest,
we will sail off into the sunset.

ALesiach © 11/08/2014
ALesiach Jul 27
One golden August day
Walking along the narrow lane

With ice cream pail in hand
Over the lush woodsy land

Looking for brambles of blackberries
Thirsting for their sweet juice in my belly

And nature's kindness does bestow
Along the lane unhindered they grow

Blackberries hang swollen on their vines
The first one a sweet addictive wine

Soon forgotten are the thorns
Each berry its own delectable reward

ALesiach © 07/26/2019
I'm happy to say that it pains me to go

I'll go nonetheless, for no one will follow
ALesiach Jul 24
Strolling along the white sandy beach
Aquamarine waves lapping over my feet

A gentle breeze brushing against my skin
Billowy clouds hide a cerulean sky within

So I took a dive into the aquamarine sea
It's dark silky depths enclosing me

Swimming fiercely into the tides
Through the chartreuse seaweed I glide

A tangerine octopus smiles up at me
As sea lemons hide in the coral reef

Sea horses spin pieces of sea lavender
Through my green and ruby watermelon hair

Fastening saffron flowers about my neck
As I hover above a woeful shipwreck

Lips are shined with pale lilac shells
As above a summer wind swells

Always returning to where I belong
Casting spells as I sing my song

ALesiach © 8/12/2017
ALesiach Jul 22
The Sandman comes to her around seven,
she prays for dreams sweet as heaven.

But sometimes the dreams,
awaken her with screams.

Monster do not always come in closets,
monster sometimes seem quite modest.

Awakened in a cold sweat,
frightened near death.

Nightmares do not always come in dreams,
nightmares do not always make you scream.

ALesiach © 09/19/2014
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