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Timothy Jun 2021
the pigeon in the puddle is a reminder
that words are a waste of time
Ceyhun Mahi Jun 2021
So much change in four years, it seems so strange,
But I'm still me, and that will never change.
Àŧùl May 2021
Until I am alive,
In my heart you will thrive.
My HP Poem #1931
©Atul Kaushal
Filomena May 2021
"So how much will the rental be?", he hollers.
"A thrifty fee of fifty three green dollars."
Simple couplet written around a spoonerism.
Wrote this one a while ago.
Haven't published in ages so might as well.
Zhavaed Haemaed Apr 2021
I long to stand a moment more, to
Bask in spring time summer’s cove
For I am cold~ the skin turns pale
Such chills I feel, it grows in scale

Till evening come to rescue mine
Light off me beam, I burn to shine
Been dark enough, it does not die
Been drear enough, time to defy |

This paper boat you sail in hopes
Let currents take it up the *****
Why give it strength, let it just fly
How far can will (lone) carry thy?

Rest, O Passenger_ you shall not reign
Morning is nigh, this midnight wanes
And light so peers, but of what use?
This moonless night, you don’t refuse !

Take heart then in thus standing out~
There have been more, be on lookout
Find path where there have been none
Pathfinder, seeker ~ you just begun !
A poem on hope. Especially when there’s none.
ArianLlwyn Mar 2021
The world's small eyes bare down like heavy gold,
On whomsoever seeks their glazed dim gaze.
My second attempt at a couplet in iambic pentameter.
ArianLlwyn Mar 2021
I run in the river, I'm lost, I run.
Watching While rocks roll past my feet, I'm done.
My first attempt at a couplet with lambic pentameter
dylan Mar 2021
he was  hell for her
but she didn't mind burning at all
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