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raindrops crash across the tin roof

while her mouth issues sweet, soothing music

and the cars pass slowly my ears, at least
probably go and take a ****
that's about the size of it
I did absolutely nothing today. And it was everything I hoped it could be
a year of training and I'm still unable

to lift these sandbags from my eye curtains
at 6', 179 lbs (19% body fat) I can hold my own, but I still find myself losing the battle against fatigue, especially on mornings when I decide to fast.
she looked a bit smothered

in her ranch dressing
she worries I smoke too much
and I eat way too little
'nother vict'ry in the war
'gainst the threat of being bored
I'm fine. all I'm killing is time
light a spark to burn away
thoughts that I have lived today
what time is it?

time for medication
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