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Zoe Grace Jun 5
I am drawn to it
Theres no doubt
Now that ive glimpsed behind the curtain
Theres no way I could live without

The wisdom there, the fantasy
All grounded within reality
Cleanse a room with a loud noise
Poise is no longer mandatory

Crystals, carving sigils
This is where I belong
After so long
I have finally found a place
About a month ago, it drew me in. I feel an intangible but irresistible connection.
Aly OMalley Jun 1
Seas of anchors beneath the earth
Take hold the dew of morning
For truth givers and life bearers
Hands stretched to the sky, demanding
Freedom and peace and strength and serenity
An understanding of things unknown
Power purely born into existence
From a single, simple seed
rebecca May 10
trapped and helpless,
hopeless and tied,
she looks in the mirror,
while covering her own eyes.
the eight of cups represents self-imposed restriction. it's time to open your eyes and realize that it's yourself holding you back. you have all you need to free yourself. belssed be!
max Feb 18
Cleaning off my altars
Cleaning up my act
Cleaning up my room
Clearing out my mind
Working on myself
Looking for a reason
I don't need one
I need to live in the moment
Stop worrying
Be the best me I can be
I wont stop smoking
**** or cigarettes
Vaping constantly
Won't stop drinking
Might stop eating
But ****, at least I'll be happy
Its time to get better
Goodbye, Athena
It was nice, Zeus
Maybe another time, Morpheus
This new altar is for me
VerySadLibra Dec 2020
I take this life and love
With my hands at my side
And heart wide open
The warmth of candles
On my cool and steady mind
Her light hits my face
And her energy fills my cup
I drink what she offers
I give her everything in return
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
You're nothing but
An evil witch!
Your soul is decrepit -
A stupid *****!
I hope you wreck your broom And end up laying in a ditch!
You ******* ugly,
Heartless witch!
Some people truly ****!
so many things Dec 2020
(okay so i understand if you cant source these things naturally but its much better if you do)

so my go-to tea base is a blend of rose hips, allspice, and chicory for general good vibes

and for nice winter-y vibes this solstice you can add cinnamon sticks, clove, and dried orange peels for added comfort and prosperity in the new year
BONUS: add a teeny tiny bit of arrowroot for ultra good vibes and a sweeter flavor :)
if u add too much it will thicken and turn super gross so be VERY careful babes <3
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