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Put my hair up in pastel ribbons, and give me your honey-eyed Eskimo kisses.
Baby girl, I’ll be the kitty who lets you drag her around by the tail, and lick your soft cheeks when you cry.
Make silly demands and watch me roll my eyes, and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
I’m a heliotrope and you are the sun, yes.
Your sugar plum lips make me bloom into you. Watch me get drunk on the air you breathe out. I love you, I love you, oh sweetness, I love.
A mirror is placed in front of a mirror
And I stand in between.

I'm trapped in the devils portal
Cursed to see nothing but my sorrow.

I weep in fear but am too afraid to move
And before I know it, I become a part of the spirit world.
February 14, 2019
PS 6d
And it’s only in those silent moments I feel sad.
I spend my days keeping busy,
I tell them all I am actually doing surprisingly well.
Because I actually feel like I am, it’s not just something I’m saying to say.

I grieved.
You were gone for, like, three days before you appeared to tell me it’s over.
So it felt as if you’d already done it.
Like a missing person’s body finally being found,
Like a crash towards the inevitable, that wave of just knowing.

He is never coming back.

But in the daylight I’m okay.
No one has to know my feelings on the subject,
You don’t even exist to them.  
It’s only when I’m in bed and the music stops that I realise the gaping hole in my world.

The faces of men I turned down for you,
The things I would’ve said, the plans I could’ve made,
How close I was to finally feeling safe.

But like every man before you,
And probably many more to come,
Safety is never an option.
Security is someone you call to get people out.
Home is a place where I build the walls, I decide who gets the password to come inside.

But I don’t want an audience anymore.

No one gets to see me.
Why should I let anyone see behind the mask of the Great and Powerful Oz?
What do I get in return?
No home, no heart, no courage for finally speaking up, no.
Just a slap in the face that feels like ice water.

So I sit here in silence, avoiding what has to be done and I cry and I cry until nothing comes out but a squeak.
This weak creature finally speaks:
‘You used to make me melt but now I’m melting.’

Oh, what a world,
What a world.
I have no idea why the Wizard of Oz became something of a prism to speak through, but it happened.
Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains
was the greatest day of my life
It was my birthday
I brought a suitcase
and my favorite dame
and hiked 2 miles UP^^^^^^^^
laughing all the way

UP ^^^^^in the Ozarks
Medics were shooting steroids in my ****
BUT, never been more in love
with a man who injects grief in my veins

Dwelling in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
sensed his vibe
Yes, Jesus I feel you here

held en el Rio Grande con mis mejor amigos
drooling in the hot springs
Taos has called our names
******* the rocky sand that is below me
I find a coin from New Zealand,
in turn, losing my evil eye earring
an offering to spirit's stream
a pair of desert lizards
we desire to get frisky and be alone
we shine silver glitter under a moonlit glow

witches cackle and curanderos
hide behind coyote cries and cacti
looking to each other with faces expressing,
"What should do we do?"
I guess allow them to do their thing
humans need ceremonies too
Alice Feb 8
The witch whirled around her golden cauldron,
Her shoes clacking on the stone floor as she
Chants in a language that's now forgotten;
Perhaps chanting to awake the ancients.
Her voice resonates in tune with the smoke,
As it rises in ever growing wisps
Like the clouds that shift to veil the moon’s face.
“Fumus! specula!” she cries as she stirs,
She’d lift the wooden spoon from the bubbling
Cauldron only to find that it’s melted.
Still, she'd flick through her potions book, searching
As her eyes would flash verdant as glow-worms.
Against the starry night sky—Constellations
In their own right against the cave’s night sky.
She’d cast madly in a fervor as bolts
Of lightning illuminate the night sky.
Knowing what’s good for them, the ravens scatter,
Their shadowy bodies blocking the moon.
Still, the witch would brew, throwing anything,
And everything into that dreaded void.
Outside, the cicadas would hum madly,
While the moon would drip silver in the brew.
Madness is found behind her vibrant eyes,
As she stoppers the potions into vials.
Lining her shelves with the odd colored vials,
She waits, hoping for someone to visit;
Waiting for someone to knock at her door.
And yet, after all this, no one will come,
So the witch sits drinking her tea, alone,
Watching as the ravens fly though the night
Preparing to brew another potion
That will never be shared.
Chelsea Rae Feb 7
They talk about manifestation
And the power is in me, always,
But they're full of ****.
Just a straight up liar
Because otherwise the world would already be on fire
And burning me down to the ground
With it.
I'm more confused than ever. My gift has been put on hold. **** everything and everyone.
zero Feb 6
i sit and I ache
waiting for something to happen.
for anything to happen.
sometimes I wake up and the
room is spinning
and there's something in the
of my
send someone
i just want to experience
gleck Feb 5
In the world of man
any woman could be it
and though it was you who was enchanted
blame it on her
her wits, her charm, her garment.
Make a bonfire, we are branching out  
truth hidden by the sound of chants
joined in a primal dance, inner circle only
she’ll be the one burned alive.
A bit of controversy never hurt anybody.
Witch trials seem to be a kept up tradition.
Toni Feb 3
If you dwell
On the things you
You were doing

The things you
Will never be
It’s time to romanticize your own life. Everything you do, from your morning stretch to your brew of tea is exciting.
LearnfromBOBD Jan 26
Mother of the season
Do you snitch for a living
Tell me all your reason.
Life will be reasonable,
If she’s visible
To say the truth.
Will be helpful’
You took my heart away,
And you want me a *****.
To do all in yo own way,
Life’s unfair, I’m unaware.
Until I fell for a godly *****,
An educated witch.
That took away my heart,
To far away beach.
Dunno tho, or a bridge.
The day is now bright,
You took away my life’
give me back my wife
That I fell for’ at first sight
You make us fight,
At our differences.
You set us apart
With pretenses
Educated witch
Go please
And bring back my queen.
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