ryan 3d

she's choking on her own elixirs,
bury her in the earth
so there's more room up here.
she doesn't like taking up space,
she's a lady after all.
but the soil is rotten and
already full of too many
sad little things,
it can't stand to hold any more.
perhaps she should be burned at the stake,
like the ones before her.
her broomstick is broken,
she can't fly into into the ravine.
I guess she'll just have to jump.

Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
in perfect heart and perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill
An' harm ye none, do what ye will.

What ye put forth comes back to thee,
so ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet and merry ye part.

someone Dec 1

Mote it be
That he comes back to me
i'll cast a spell on you
but its just the synapses in my brain telling me to
You'll never return
and i'll never learn
so mote it be
that you'll come back to me

I once knew a hot, horny white witch
her potions were frothy, and rich
her spells had a kick
her climax's, quick
so very slick, tripping her witchiest switch

Who said witches weren't fun? ;D~

My soul has started to rot
Charred black by the flame of heartbreak
Cold as the night you left
I don't think I'm breathing anymore
The feeling of dread carried in with the wind through every open window
Every shadow whispers your name
I feel myself fading as fast as you left
I don't feel the drive and passion anymore
My happy place has crumbled to dust, broken fragments of reality
The air I breath poisons my lungs as I fall faster and faster into the hellish hole that appears on every path
My heart as empty as the canyons that used to make me feel free
My breath as cold as the pouring rain that used to send me to sleep
My soul as rotten as the core of the witches apple
The witch that has cursed me
Cursed me with the boulders I carry on my shoulders
Cursed me to lie when I say I'm fine

Dave Nov 25

Ones upon a time there was a Bitch-Witch.
She was a ritch bitch,
Sucked a dogs dick
& got money from that dope pu$$y kick
But dinosaur came to "their game"
Killed the ritch bitch
Became a hero
Then he NoScoped everybody by three six zero(360)

Really interesting and entertaining story about life of fictional member "Witch" and her amazing adventures,conflicts with other poem characters.I reccomend you to read it,because it will improve your dictionary and change the way of thinking about things!
Sasha Raven Nov 25

My girl lives in the darkest wood,
she says feeling in it so good ...
When I go for a visit I am scared,
you would not go there unprepared!
In her house are very scary things,
sometimes I feel the Devil sings!
Why I am messing with this Witch,
I think I have a problem - hitch!
Think I should run from her away
and find another better Way!!!
Maybe I am in love under the Spell,
this might end in the Devil's Hell ...

As she danced in the rain,
She took my breath away
With every swirl
My heart skipped a beat
Her glimmering trophy
Lights her up like the morning sun
I can't help but fall for her over and over again
Oh, what kind of sorcery is this
My little rain witch
Has me bewitched everyday
- ©M

Zero Nine Nov 8

Hear the heart cry
Suck the lungs dry

I give you time
I give you sweat & blood
I give you devotion
I give you love
In offer

Bite the lip numb
Make me succumb

I give you time
I give you sweat & blood
I give you devotion
I give you love
In offer

Angels of envy
Give sacrifice
While I admire
The view from here

In quiet night
In shapeless shadow
I scry & chant
The view from here                                                         hurts.

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