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Sara Kellie Jul 3
Look what they've done,
torn you apart.
In the name of fun,
some kind of black art.

I'd been thrown into the lake,
arms and legs tied.
I sunk to the bottom,
they thought I had died.
Out of the depths I arose
wearing a beautiful dress.

Some kind of new magic,
like a good witch.
A white art.
I don't seek revenge
for I have a pure heart.

It's now they'll see
that they could never be
someone like me.
Because I'm the greatest
mother fucker in a dress
they'll ever meet.

Poetry by Kaydee.
They struck me down and I'm now more powerful than they could have ever imagined.
Showing them love and equality kills them more than they could have ever killed me.
witch, a world exists
outside your self
you may see another
in need of help, of
protection from those
with the evil eye,
sending demons and humans
alike to try to
tear this soul down,
to do them harm,
for these times you
can provide a charm,
a candle lit as the
sun sinks low
will guard this soul
from all its foes
who seek to curse it
in the night
they’ll be powerless to
your candlelight

the fourth spell
for those days
when the world’s weight
lies heavy on your lungs
and the knots in your back
simply can’t be undone
by your tired fingers,
the aching lingers,
and your body can
go on no longer,
you mustn’t fret
you’re not to blame
for the demons
clutching to your frame
sucking all your
energy away
you simply forgot
you were stronger.
their jabs, your pains
won’t keep you still,
witch, you were
born with iron will
your body may bleed
but they can’t kill
the spirit you hold inside.
focus, witch, and close your eyes,
concentrate on where the pain lies,
and use the power
you have at hand
your knots will unwind
at your command
the demons will flee
and your body shall be free
to leave the world’s weight behind

the third spell
girl, when did you let
your love leave you?
did you think that there
was nothing you could do
about your sweet imperfections
the focus of your obsessions
that make you wish to be born anew?
girl, why do you shrink
from your mother’s touch?
have you lost your faith,
think it won’t do much
good on you, her sweet child,
too broken for prayer
she’d tried to raise a witch
but you only see failure
girl, open your eyes
and clear your head
why not give yourself
some warmth instead.
use ginger, mint and cardamom,
honey and a stick of cinnamon,
to concoct a sweet brew
that will return to you
the love which you are due.

the second spell
Carolina Sep 1
Illuminated by the moon.
Her whispers come to me.
I show her that I listen,
I'll prove her that I see.
In a white summer dress,
barefoot by the creek,
with my loose long hair
and my soft pink cheeks.
Almost midnight time,
stones, herbs and tree barks,
kneeling on the grass,
going over ancient marks.
My silver hoops sparkle
and I begin to recite
a beesech to a force
unnoticeable to the sight.
Developed energies.
Astral effect;
my state of mind goes higher
so my wish I can project.
I feel its presence;
It thickens the air.
The wind blows stronger.
I can feel its piercing stare.
I command you my will
and I order you to bow
as I start to float inside the circle
baring my tar black soul.
The moon is still there,
up there in the dark sky.
It giggles and whispers:
*You belong to the night.
Syv Elena Aug 30
I've seen dragons in rivers
I've seen wolves in forests
I've seen things in my orb
Things I haven't seen before

I've seen the elements controlled
Sometimes intertwined
I see things everyday
Of the other side

It's more sense than seeing
Because I mostly have hearing
I can go out when I'm sleeping
Knowing I am not really dreaming

There's always an island
There's always a building
There's always something going on
There's always something that needs fixing

But these are only my dreams
Without them I am blind
Because I can only sense
Whats on the other side

I know I am never alone
I always have friends at my home
And I often talk out loud
When no one is around

Together we laugh
Together we cry
Together we go
To the other side
Syv Elena Aug 28
It is written in the story of old
That there lived a witch near the forest of Gravenhold
Her duty was to keep the ghouls at bay
And guide spirits back on their path who were led astray

She lived secluded and people rarely visited
It made her sad sometimes, but that was just the witch's life, wasn't it?

She was alone until that faithful day
A day with heavy rain and a spirit who didn't go away

"Are you lost and do you seek guidance?" The witch asked
The spirit didn't reply and only stared
Their eyes showed nothing but grief
Their early passing didn't seem to be a relief

"I've seen that look before." The witch said
"That look of regret because you know you can't go back."

The spirit's lips quivered and their eyes watered
Their mind filled with doubt if they could continue what they started

"Do not be afraid, my friend. Not all your loved ones are among the living."
"You will surely meet again and they will guide you towards your new beginning."

The witch led the spirit towards a passage in the woods
Bringing them back on the path where they once stood

"My friend, if I can give you one last piece of advice."

"I've been here many days & many nights."
"And if there's one thing I've learned it's this is not goodbye."
When I was in the car that brought us to our brother's funeral I felt really sad whenever I looked at his casket that laid in the car infront of us.

The last time I looked at him I looked towards the cars across the street afterwards and there was a truck which had the text "this is not goodbye" on it.

It helped.
GhostMOTH Aug 27
Not all witches ride a broom
We all don't praise the fated doom
And some of us do have a soul
When did we sing out to the moon
Not every spell needs sacrifice
Sometimes we love to dance and laugh
October's a grand season, yes
We celebrate it like our last
Be careful who you tamper with
You'll hate unfortunate results
My point, of course, in all of this
To tell you that we can be bad
However, know that that's not it
If you met us you might be glad
We can be great and lots of fun
We love to go out for a ball
Don't judge a book by the cover
If you choose to you may feel mauled
Let this be your real reminder
We don't see souls like we see dolls
;-; I'm a witch guys...my true life.

(Not a real witch.)
After feasting she remained empty
As she engorged on salivation
Her pregnant belly fruitless
Divine edema everlasting

Thick to thin with the blink of an eye
But magic is misunderstood
The medicine men scorn tales
Their pages do not contain her

At sunset she flees
Yet the dawn always the same
Her throne may not be supreme
But in the mirage she reigns alone
Kelci Aug 15
Heavy eyelids flutter open to darkness so serene
Bare skin is cool and clammy with the slightest summer sheen
You walk into the night with moon and stars to guide your way
And it doesn't seem to phase you as the trees begin to sway
Because you're following a feeling you hold deeper than a dream
That in this moment everything is not as it would seem
Ahead of you a fire burns, a sun so very bright
Yet the silhouettes dancing 'round it sing their praises to the night
Porcelain figures move in time with a slow and primal tune
As you step into the circle beneath the silver moon
Chanting bodies begin their throes
As hands intertwine and magic flows
Souls woven together through the darkest power  
Of the overwhelming call of the witching hour
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