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-Confess you're a witch

-fine, im a *****
I don't like the day
The sun makes me suffocate

The busy streets..
Earthly responsibilities..

I rather fly through the sky
And fall to the depths

But I also want to be alive
Rather than dead

Neither are easy times
But sometimes it's hard to find the line

I don't think I see it anymore
I can't explain.
Leila U 6d
Tell me about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her black pointy hat,

Her black screeching cat.

The night she flew thru the sky,

The night she touched the stars and danced for the moon,

Her dance a gift and a goodbye.

Tell me more about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her auburn hair as it turned to dust,

Her angel voice, her last scream through the air it ******,

Tell me about her godly form in the flame, her last words whispered

A deep cut through our chest.

Tell me more about my sister,

Tell me about the Wicked Witch of the West.
Amanda 6d
You are poking at my sore spots
Causing them to redden and swell
Leaving bruises upon ego
Due to show-and-tell

Tear at my facade
Standing there in victory
Watching as I fall down
Laughing while I scramble frantically

I'm screaming at you to stop
In an angry fog
Still love you even full of rage
When you won't say you're wrong

Arms sternly crossed, grow furrowed
Somehow caused me to react
Trapped within the spotlight
Wanting to exit your "concerned" act

Maybe I am just bitter because
You pretend like you care
But really take pleasure in
Exposing secrets stripped bare

It kills my pride to be embarrassed
Here you are mocking
Use my pain for satisfaction
False statements I try blocking

Your voice relentlessly cutting through
Dripping mean drops of bitter defeat
Eyes filled to the brim with resentment
The reason I flee on my feet

Although you are talking out of your ***
I know you don't intend any harm
You just love spreading propaganda
Masking wickedness with charm

Some opinions best left unspoken
Truth lies in your voice
You don't care enough to sort it out
Collect bits of conversation, share It, rejoice

Am I too sensitive, moody, and soft?
Experience should have made me strong
Losses only thinned armor
Eroded by countless decisions wrong

Caught in an infinite power struggle
You fight logic with exaggeration
I've surrendered, white flag waved
A soldier of your own creation

Go stir the *** again
That taunting tone I hate
I love you mom, tell me why
You have to instigate
It's hard to explain instigation in words but I gave my best shot
Becca 6d
watch the ball of fire
slowly trickle into the rubble
as the young lady’s
smile turns upside down
her crystals lay so peacefully
upon her cauldron shelf
the book in which her spells lay
is magic like the stars
the candles are dancing with fire
around the a big book
watch the ball of fire
fly above the rubble
spitting fireworks
into smoke
and her frown into a smile
candles light up her room
it smells like herbs
and flowers

fall is her favorite season
she enjoys the rain
while dancing trough the woods

she's one with nature and the sun
but in love with the moon
everyone's terrified of her
Kit Scott Nov 2
I saw you, surrounded by swirling
Iridescent in the light like
Gossamer threads spun dizzyingly 'round and
'Round like the buzzing wings of a dragonfly perched, lightly, upon your outstretched fingers

In that pre-dawn the air was dancing and heavy with something
I could not name
Laden with energy that picked me up and tossed me over and
over as I stood still, watching

Something that evokes you


And it came to mind then as I saw you swaying in the trees over the lake with your dancing feet that they call you
Witch in the Candlelight
And I was bewitched

And there, rooted in place while you became the clearing
I understood the being that you are
Fleeting and forever, enchanter of dappled light and the scent of morning dew
All as it bends to please you
You are something more
Something beautiful beyond what I can tell
To me, ephemeral

Something of light and shadow and colour
In between the rest of everything

Something I cannot reach
I can still watch though, please just let me have that.
Syv Elena Nov 1
On this night
Where the air is cold
And the moon is bright
I ask Luna to bless this item
Bless it with her lovely light

Whenever I wear this item
There wil be a witch in sight
A magical being
Who happens to pass the stranger's side

When I wear this item
People will secretly know
That instead of approaching me
I'd rather be left alone

Thank you Luna
For your blessings and more

Thank you Luna
'Tis you I truly adore
Since I am a witch who follows the goddess Luna I like to include her in my spells and rituals. This is a glamour I made for my new lipstick.
Pyrrha Oct 31
Through her fingertips she casts a pretty little spell
It fills with words she feels about a petty little devil
Replaced by her blind rage, a hex slips past her lips

Never ******* a pagan witch
In honour of Samhain
Khushi Batra Oct 30
A sinister night,
Where cheeks are flushed
And face is light,
I ran towards my sister,
With a bucket of candy and eyes of a devil,
“Booooooo” I frighten her.
“Aaaaaaaa” she screams.
Oh my, it’s me, your sister.
How’s the ghost’s costume?
Happy Halloween!
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