I'll take the blame
And everything will stay the same
In this household name
Where I once came
I'll stand in the fire
Looking at every liar
I am not a crier
And I will rise higher
Without no need for a spell
They can't tell
But what they truly sell
Are invitations to Hell
moon Mar 3
A clock ticks time,
A heart beats fast.
Her mouth whisper spells,
she couldn't cast.
The lies lie down,
beneath her lips.
Loving a man,
for his blood.
They were cursed,
under the full moon.
Blood for blood,
death in love.
For when I remember I used to write poetry based on fantasy.  This one tells a love tale between a cursed witch (her) and a grim reaper (his) .

Dani Feb 23
If I was a witch
I’d make
lavender soup,
with milky eyes,
basil leaves,
wide pink rose petals,
crystal shards,
and a touch of lapis lazuli.

Forget toad warts
or salamander tails,
burned sage,
obsidian talismans,
stolen hairs,
rusted earth
or the eyes of newts
and tongues of dogs.

If I was a witch
I’d make
love potions,
luck potions,
and everything in between.
Take fools gold
and make it gleam
brighter than a diamond.

Forget curses.
If I was a witch
I’d take the blackened grimoires,
drown them in their
bloodied words
and keep the poor
old frogs
as friends.
It fell to earth a million years ago in a burning tail of fire to land on the barren glacier, undiscovered until now, its power can only be guessed at.

The High Priestess Angelica was drawn towards it and it was She who found it.
Now the black crystal is at the centre of her power and her life, it sits on her sacred altar doing her bidding.

A white flame seems to burn at the crystals heart with a life all of its own.
Now Angelica can start her quest for world domination, she has the sacred power to do so.
The Name's Selcæiös N.V. Witega

The N.V.'ll only kill you if you're a curious cat.

   Your Tech-Age Völva
Onliest Healer
Avant-garde Seeress
& Upping the Ante
Once under my Wing
--a Sui Generis sorta catalyst

   But take note,
I'm only here for your healing
---and occasionally to quench the thirst
for all types of Second Sight
weaving, seething, and
any and all other appealing witchy hype

   And this niche in the Craft
Contingently consecrates
--you know. when it rains, it pours--
the Superseding of Spirit;

   Under the Utopia of Unorthodox Psychotomimetic Wonders
enthralled by your scintillating mishap to wander
Gracefully falling face-first into
     The Empath's Curse
in other words, to come to terms with Sonder

   Dyed in the wool
lies the
Fluorescent & Incanting Sparks
of the
outre wanders

   To me though,
It's vividly violent & evincing
Capitulated roars,
Sequestered howls,

   Once Upon a Time
the proud growls morphed
to crying whines
   'Carpe Omnis Scintilla'
In Perpetuum,
to no avail.

  Your Sui Generis Hedge-Rider
Call me Selaecios N.V.
or Selcaeia, if you like
the sting of serpentine strides

  I'll proudly continue to
uphold this chaotically labile path
as it's my Labyrinthine Rite

  Taking under Wing
Protecting & Defending
Fellow Humans & Spirits alike.
your love tastes like sweetness
your lips also taste like sweetness,

did you put a magic speel on me
because i am enchanted by you
and you're beauty

when you kissed me
your kiss was like a love potion

but i am worried that you will leave me
i am worried that your love
is poison.
Let me know what yuo think in the comments :) XOXO Crandall
Hear the chime,
The call.
Feel the vibrations,
The fall.

The pitter patter,
Of bear feet on the ground.
The jingle jangle,
Of bells all around.

The bubbly laughter,
The cheerful cry.

The creepy serenade,
The last goodbye.

With a jingle jangle,
A bell on the ground-

With no pitter patter,
No longer around.
I am a witch burning at her social stake
Who has spent too long just striving to breathe
And so I’ve managed to teach myself
Some people can’t be trusted
Can’t be trusted at all
I’m done letting myself waste time with all this hurting
So I’m finished with all this blindly optimistic trusting
Instead, I think it’s time to show them what a real witch is.

I am a witch burning at her social stake
Who has spent too long dodging the pitchforks
And so I’ve managed to get good and things
Like running, and hiding,
Reading people and situations
I’m done letting myself hide from the light
So I’m finished with this blindly fearful trust
Instead, I think it’s time I took over my life.

No more fear and no more trust.
If I’m supposed to be a witch,
I will be a witch for them,
And however I want to,
I will show them what burning is.
kidbiko Feb 2
in attempts to quell the demons
and finally find some rest
i drink
to drown the evil spirits
that call my body their nest
and though i know it’s futile
and hurts me in the end
i doubt i could suffer more
i know no other friend

i aspire for moments of peace
to silence the voices in my head
that tell me both you and i
would be better off if i were dead

so judge me if you will
if you have some care to spare
but truthfully,
if you ask me,
there’s no more fitting end
If loving you was a mistake,
either way—mine to make,
says she, to shape in my hands,
your body. And this pain?
Mine to deal with.

maybe, found guilty,
for trying to trick you
into loving me. Through
the whispers, the touch, she
laughs, inducing only

What if the burning at the
stake is not the witch's
fate, but her pleasure?
Her final triumph. No end
more fitting. Nowhere
to escape but
in flames.
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