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Erian Sep 26
the space between
a sea of stars
dancing high
gliding far

the space between
a world
full of scars
stitched together in my heart

a space between
the unknown and true
leaving me restless
leading me straight to you

but a space between spaces
wasn't that far
for us to cross borders
on runaway stars

the space between spaces
isn't that far
Johnny walker Aug 19
Final Is to me the hardest word I believe one could
ever have to say for final
one word that says It all
no other word
Final the end of all nothing beyond that word will there
be once Its been said and excepted there's no going
So I believe final Is the hardest word to say to me Its says far more than any other word a lot would probably disagree but final Is the hardest word for
Flesh of a lonely man
Needs make up
Wreaths on this list coming

Crossing out and ticking the boxes
We’re still holding the dust of souls
And ashen glances look like desultory glances

****** on the nursed streets
The streetlit howling winds can fly out of educated lives
We are only left educated minds changing their ways and stealing cigarettes

Feigining for the father figure
I hope we have had a good time
The night’s brighter with the vivid growth of the undernelly

Knell bells tolling, killing the bleeding
Sojourn the dress, and adjourn th court
Red crimson tresses sense the mallet of sentences marking forever

Those worst worshipping travelers of trafficking
Altruist, my forefathers are looking at us like it’s now or never
The darkeness is inevitable, but, the tunnel runs out with indomitable spirit stealing glances from the Gods of religions so decrepit
I had my luck in my pocket from these corrupt politicians, and reiterated that I’d run and reign and then run
Like the apoplectic season of the monsoons, teaming up either way
I’m glad the worker is dead
I wanna govern it all to
Elative and error in my loveless ways
I can’t get anything out of my horse and wine
Shofi Ahmed Aug 12
Up and down
Far and near
In love closest is tear.
It’s far too far
And the months are much too long
So the moment I can, I close the gap between us and snuggle in so close to you and remind myself that one day I won’t have to leave your arms.
Andrew Jul 21
on the second of May i didn’t see anyway
we would make it here

but i wrote you a song that said it wouldn’t be long
while i bled in fear

oh, for all i knew was once in the center
on walls and old bridges where we walked together
i could see

but you made my life blind, you left me stranded in time
in a foreign place

my home was long gone and my night became dawn
and that had a weight

that song that i wrote had felt a bit dimmer
i made a new song where you fought the winter
while you freeze

you remind me today that this was His way;
not to feel the shame

and if we’d do it again you wouldn’t amend;
it would be the same

oh, and you knew that we’d be together
that in the cold storm you could face the weather
just for me
The love you give is indeed bright
The sun thou est speak tonight
Cusps of the moon had a velleity towards illumination
Saying, c'est la vie, that's life
Of the boughs of beauty simply unbroken
By words of another world unspoken
The light of a thousand years
Brighten my sunshine morning that evokes the dawn
The darndest thing I remember is the moonlight
Of a thousand silver foxes approaching
In this folklore, we call eternal love
"I can’t stand my own mind."
Johnny walker Jul 17
I'll always remember days like these beautiful sunny days thought never to end but sadly of course they do nothing last forever for all disappears with passing of
My days they come and go as
daylight soon fade to night and another day Is has gone  can't remember what I've done for my memory fading fast just as passing
of my
And those days keep coming turning so quickly Into night while the world around us falls apart through neglect of Its Inhabitants who prefer to turn there head and look away In hope It never
But the green house effect Is
here amungst us In everything we do and I fear Its far to late don't think there's any turning back the clock that Is still ticking on a world already
Karijinbba Jul 5
In open ended words
tis open ended world
but silent scaled eyed inaction  
nor writ response may prove futile on time sensitive stride
we fail, we fall we
splatter apart
and alone succumb
so say it sing it and write it
be thy thankful for poetry
teaching those asleep to wake up
to speak with action then
the brightest star
at dart to bull's eye
an essay writ conquering
far and wide
it changes mind then ignites
All Hearts Alike
aiming ever high
changing the world
stride by stride
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Experincing defeat makes a
poet and poetess
open ended wise
to travel far
Aurora Camet Jul 4
It may not seem like it at all.

Not the type to be alone and brawl.

But I am. I'm exactly that person.

Thy type that feels like a burden.

Burden to every single friend of mine.

Burden to those who ask if I'm fine.

I feel like a complete waste of space.

No way I was meant for this place.

It's terrible, really, it does ****.

This life is draining. I'm out of luck.

I'm a burden to everyone.

I'm sure they'd rather see me gone.

So I'll do that. I'll disappear.

Somewhere far away from here.
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