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Spriha Kant Oct 8
Imbibing books is far more easier than imbibing humans.
Tell me your secrets, I want to know your life. Ill hold on to your grievance, and leave you without a strife. Your memories will tell me stories, your smile will show me your soul. We’ll walk up to the observatory, i’ll figure out this loophole.
old willow Oct 1
Tides rise and fall, the moon up and down,
sun waking west and east,
Heaven and earth.
Aloof, not that the world is beneath me,
The heart yearn for freedom,
Therefore spirit became he.
Man yearn for the sky, but can only daze on earth.
Therefore, Sky became their heaven,
Beneath became their Earth,
and Man became... its witness.
ShadowSpy Sep 15
No one
in sight
I am too
I wish I could
I cant so Ill
Tiana Jul 27
Cherishing my love for you,
I won't allow my morals to get away
Cause I know you aren't far away,

Somewhere in my heart,
I won't allow you to go far;
beautiful hues
audreyboren Jul 17
when you're in my arms, when you hold me
everything feels alive
waiting here with you,
makes us realized we want to stay close
i almost believe, our is real,
and we can have our happy ending

but life goes by,
so we said our goodbyes,
knowing we're so close to be together
how should i live if i have to lose you now?

we're so close to each other,
but yet we can't have each other.
we're so in love,
but we can't say it out loud.
and our heart can't even tie us

"i want to be with you, i want to stay with you, i want to hold you, i love you, but because i love you, i have to let us go, i'm saying with all my broken pieces i'm letting you go, goodbye"
its about two person who loves each other very much but they cannot be together for some reason. because they love each other so much they have to let each other go, even with broken hearts.
If I could take your love
And hold it til we meet the sea
The horizon and the shores
Are more than a destiny

I dream of you
In multiple dimensions
You’re a world far away from here  
Even past all the stars and constellations
cyrene Jun 12
seasons and time flashes before me as your ground shifts further away.
i am no snow to your winter; nor am i your cherry blossom during spring.

i can be that missing piece that completes your empty puzzle.
missing someone that you want to hold so badly yet distance makes it tougher.
Alex Jun 6
I can't think about right now,
Cause there's so much happening around,
What I think about is the cricket sounds at night,
Far away from this catastrophe,
Far away from someone who made it worse,

I can't swallow their crap,
Cause it doesn't look promising anymore,
What I need is a whole new world,
Far away from this lies,
Far away from them,

I'm done believing it was worth it,
Cause I'll end up disappointed,
So I'll be thinking myself on an island,
Far away from everyone,
Far away from distress,
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