Wondrous Dec 2017

Be my castle
Chase away the demons
Make me your queen
Love them less than me
Make me the chandelier
Make me as expensive as the prettiest ruby

Elioinai Dec 2017

wondrous conundrum
perplexing sublimation
that as I build the fires in other's hearts
my own brightness grows
to unclothe for the naked
is to find ever increasing layers on my skin
Giving out gold
only to find my glinting hands fuller
Placing rubies in my sister's crown
and finding my own circlet more heavy

I escape this cloud of destruction with a different aura--
one of ruby moods and sapphire disposition.

I shine into this new threshold with desperate hope
and a thirst for diamonds.

What will this new hell endure?

The fiery pits of fashion
or the comforting waves of idleness?

Whether the weather,
hot or icy
my weak determination lies in the false promise
of an improved destiny.

Lilly frost Oct 2015

Golden curls
Ruby lips
Emerald eyes
Pale skin
Tender kisses
Clothing shed
Beautiful dance
Not meant for the stage

Lilly frost Oct 2015

Ruby hair
Emerald eyes
Candy lips
Sly smile

No kiss goodbye
Time will fly
Crumpled clothes
On the floor
We don't need them,anymore

A little lie
A white lie
No harm to be done
For a little fun

Mane Omsy Sep 2017

Trade my heart for your love
It hurts to carry through this route
Heavenly ruby lips shining
Beneath this shade for a generation

To feel you closer every moment
My heart beats faster and faster
Pumping more blood to my brain
Making sure this is real with you

The amazement never heals
Every enthusiasm crowded huge
A classic man with an angel
Your whispers echoing in my head

La puerta como siempre abierta
mi latido que mueve los ríos de sangre
y tu al otro lado de la calle.

Volverte a ver desato huracanes,
lleno estos pulmones
y amarro mis ilusiones.

Volverte a ver fue pasajero,
fue como un beso robado,
una foto lejana.

Estabas frente aquella puerta azul,
donde te espere tantas noches,
donde deje mi columna abandonada
y el cuaderno de versos
que los mortales no comprenden,
pero que nuestro amor
un día los vio nacer.

Volverte a ver fue deseo
fue odio, fue rabia,
rabia de saber que no me puedo acercar
por vergüenza, por falta de agallas
por falta de palabras.

¿serán los versos el arma de un cobarde?
y ¿me hace marica llorarte poemas?

Volverte a ver fue inmenso y lleno de emoción
fue recuerdo y también amor,
fue sentir al sol abrazándome
mientras me decía
que aún puedo respirar.

Y que sin dolor no existió amor...
no existió aquella criatura de rubí.

Emerald Feb 2017

static wrath {amiable youth}
these words are caressing my melody of dramatic
security like a perfect symphony
turning back time where greatest virtues
were ruby stained lips
lining gold to painted streaks
forcefully inhaling silk fabrics
that every tendril of my berry scent
socialized establishments
that thighs were impressing crystal aurora's
because territories are quite charming
bruising twilight with temptation

Temporal Fugue Jan 2017

She goes to work, as usual
trying harder than she should
excelling all her peers
yes, she's just that good

Her family, her reward
at the end of every day
bringing home the bacon
in each, and every way

I don't tell her enough
no riches to extol
more precious than diamonds
whether bought, or stole

No more virtuous the woman
with rubies, of her own
knowledge in her heart
a jewel, is but a stone

Never been rich, probably never will be, well, not in money ;D
Kurt Carman Nov 2016

"When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses." ~JFK

We miss you & your ideals Mr. President. RIP
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