La puerta como siempre abierta
mi latido que mueve los ríos de sangre
y tu al otro lado de la calle.

Volverte a ver desato huracanes,
lleno estos pulmones
y amarro mis ilusiones.

Volverte a ver fue pasajero,
fue como un beso robado,
una foto lejana.

Estabas frente aquella puerta azul,
donde te espere tantas noches,
donde deje mi columna abandonada
y el cuaderno de versos
que los mortales no comprenden,
pero que nuestro amor
un día los vio nacer.

Volverte a ver fue deseo
fue odio, fue rabia,
rabia de saber que no me puedo acercar
por vergüenza, por falta de agallas
por falta de palabras.

¿serán los versos el arma de un cobarde?
y ¿me hace marica llorarte poemas?

Volverte a ver fue inmenso y lleno de emoción
fue recuerdo y también amor,
fue sentir al sol abrazándome
mientras me decía
que aún puedo respirar.

Y que sin dolor no existió amor...
no existió aquella criatura de rubí.

Glass Feb 1

static wrath {amiable youth}
these words are caressing my melody of dramatic
security like a perfect symphony
turning back time where greatest virtues
were ruby stained lips
lining gold to painted streaks
forcefully inhaling silk fabrics
that every tendril of my berry scent
socialized establishments
that thighs were impressing crystal aurora's
because territories are quite charming
bruising twilight with temptation

She goes to work, as usual
trying harder than she should
excelling all her peers
yes, she's just that good

Her family, her reward
at the end of every day
bringing home the bacon
in each, and every way

I don't tell her enough
no riches to extol
more precious than diamonds
whether bought, or stole

No more virtuous the woman
with rubies, of her own
knowledge in her heart
a jewel, is but a stone

Never been rich, probably never will be, well, not in money ;D
Kurt Carman Nov 2016

"When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses." ~JFK

We miss you & your ideals Mr. President. RIP
Valeria Ariza Nov 2016

The world falls quiet,
And so do you.

My ears are ringing
Heart swelling
Mi Amor,

The silence burns.

I submerge my mind in liquid courage
and slur my silly confessions,
Puking emotions all over your unread text messages.

Ruby shame becomes me
Whispering evil things to me
Convincing me that I am a burden.

That I am the one that's crazy here.
Crazy in love.
Crazy to admit it.
I am the one that’s crazy here.

You were the one that begged for me to love you.
So why do I have to ask for you to tell me that you love me?
How am I supposed to believe your I love you’s?
Am I so insecure, paranoid?

Is it just me?
Am I crazy?

Crimson waves fuel my heart that whisper Jehime in the silent crackle of the fire that blazes through the night in between my rib cage.

Can you feel that,
Corazón? Do you hear that Mi Amor?
Or am I crazy?

My ears are ringing
My doubts are shouting
as it sears it's emptiness into my soul,

The silence burns.

Pero mi Amor Porque?
Quando yo te di todo mi corazón, porque me haces esto?
God, why don’t you love me?

It is your silence when I ask you these questions,
Your silence when I bleed Te Amo,
that burns, burns, burns.

Dear Jehime, I forgive you. you cannot blame a snake for his venomous lies and mesmerizing eyes.
Hannah Sep 2016

You see,
she is a lonely mistress.
Her heart belongs
to the ruby moon.

~ 4:00am ~
Janae Marie Jun 2016

I've never been kissed so gently
so purposefully
as if the world depended on your lips      
and my skin.

I'm not sure what you see
maybe a flower with thin petals you don't want to rip,
maybe a face of porcelain you don't want to scratch,
maybe a healing heart you don't want to bruise.

I've never been kissed so softly,so cautiously,like you are somehow made of shattered glass
and are careful not to cut my skin
just because you are broken.

As if you don't see the scars and burns
that already pepper my heart,
as if I'm the fragile one,
     thin and feeble,
small and unreachable as if there is a chance I could melt into the ground
if you hold too tight,

and maybe there is a chance I will.

It seems like you map out the placement,
like stars making a curious pattern in the sky,
beyond either of our reaches.

I've never been kissed so delicately,so deliberately
like the winds at midnight across the ocean,
powerful and moving,
soft and caressing.

As if I'm a gem you have been searching for,
blood red,
and you don't want to snag your lips on my edges,
or maybe you don't want to scratch the surface.

I'm not sure I will ever know.

Cecelia Francis Jun 2016

If fusion were just
a cheap trick to
make gems stronger,

then would Garnet
have even found
Sapphire and Ruby
to begin with?

Is our comfort made
from presence or
conversation and
which is stronger?

The side effect of
unconditions is that
thing expectation
dreads; some book
already read

turned its page and said:
I am made of love, boldly
with inflated lungs, but

what is love
even made of?

Steven universe
Lark Train May 2016

A flaw in the crystal spire
Of our deeply entwined hearts,
Much like the flaws of corundum,
Alights a ruby's fire.

Julie Apr 2016

ruby slippers drag me home,
tin men clasping my hands.
they wish me goodbye,
pressing their lips on my skin.

glittering eyes cross into mine,
metal smiles sprout on their mouths.
they offer me flowers, petals of red.
a bouquet of my greatest desire.

returning home sparks a flame in me,
burning the metal flesh of the tin men's lips.
goodbye, I whisper into the wind,
merrily waving to my most devoted sin.

desir and darkness collide into one,
my ruby slippers exchanging touches.
the winter wind draws me away,
back to the place I was born to stay.

thank you, sweet fantasy,
sweet lovers of metal hearts.
thank you, flower poets,
serenading me in a homely perfume.

on the emerald arms of grass,
my body lays to rest, tilted up to the sky.
a rainbow waves me goodbye,
fastening its multicolored smile.

home is where I must be,
away from this supreme fantasy.
nothing more to say,
thankful for the magical dreams.

Tomorrow's my birthday!! I am quite excited! I love you all so dearly. Thank you for respecting and encouraging me and my poetry :) I must admit, for a poet, I am speechless for your love. Thank you so so much!!!
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