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Louise Apr 30
A pearl waits indeed,
albeit of exceptional beauty...
No matter how rare or how valuable,
a pearl waits indeed.
A pearl waits indeed,
for the bravest of divers...
No matter how long or how far,
to swim deep for her historical harvest.
A pearl waits indeed,
albeit of celebrated rarity...
No matter how treacherous the ocean,
a pearl stays still and sits pretty.
A pearl waits indeed,
in the embrace of the sea...
No matter how tumultuous the waves get,
a pearl waits indeed...
A pearl waits...
to be worn as a necklace
or earrings by a poet.
A poet who also refers to herself as a pearl.
A poet so foolishly comparing herself.
But then again, she's not so wrong.
Asking questions to the sky before bed.
Will you pick me up and take me away
from this seabed of moss and loss?
Will you harvest me from the vast ocean
and its mass of loneliness?
A pearl waits...
to be held, touch and kissed by the fingers
of a brave diver, of a worthy surfer...
Or simply by a simple island boy,
whose heart is that of a lion's
and whose hands are able...
Your Philippine pearl,
An itch I cannot proclaim
Through the salt and remains
That drips through my eyes

I yell, I scream and I beg
Entombed forever in your silent
Disregard, so scared

Of making the waves move.

Close and shut, these pearls
They are but a shame
My weakness and your fragility

All on display for everyone to wear.

Covering up my tones with your
Sand infested ears
You shamble away in rage and disarray

I am still your pearl, still

You let the ocean take my name.

I S A A C Apr 2023
calm down while sun beams down
yearn for less and crave nothing
disappointing investing in second guessing
calm down while reading Circe
ponder the ways that men have hurt me
remove the blade instead of pushing it deeper
hand in hand, i am married to harmony
pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl bracelet
i find beauty in everything i am facing
I S A A C Apr 2023
lock and key on my arm
plenty of snakes i have charmed
my disarming eyes
my unbridled rage
my mystery they cannot gauge

pearl on pearl too
give myself some room
grow into, trust my moves
sailing smooth

If you missed my calls, I'm definitely sure you wouldn't miss my text. Baby you got the healing & you knw that I need it. Baby let's not act like fool.  A jewel is sold to he who valued it. Baby. You're such a Pearl I can't afford to let go, I'd rather stay go with the desire of mine heart!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Rive! Split apart,
up and down
circle both ways.
Let the pearl be
down the sea
and the star
up on the high
find the sky.
Not a perfect circle
yet to scoop the last
decimal of Pi
it's fine.
Let a loophole be
only for an eye!
Sam Luna Nov 2021
You're the calm in the sea of chaos
You're the light at the end of a tunnel
You're the first raindrop in a desert
You're the rainbow on a gloomy weather
You're the smile on my face
You're the sparkle in my eyes
You're the song I want to hear
But you're the sand in an oyster
A debris that makes a nacre
You inflict pain, yet produce something beautiful like a pearl
Eloisa Jun 2021
And she laid herself down on the sand of darkness
Slowly lacing each tiny grain into pearl
Loosen yet whole
Rare yet priceless
Precious and lustrous
Enchanting and valuable
Riin Lai Apr 2021
Like twin moth wings
Perched atop a sinking pearl
Nectar dripping
A strawberry’s insides peeking
Let me lick those honeysuckle tears clean

A shock of platinum blonde
Sugarspun and flaxen
A braid travelling in axis
Like a swallow in flight
Trapped by a bow
RLee Feb 2021
Oh washed upon the sand.
Cracked open by the waves.
In between the clam meat,
A shiny pearl there lay.

The merpeople gawk and envy,
As a crippled man picks it up.
Takes it through the sand dunes,
Across the open lane,
And up, up, up
to his apartment

He sets it down beside him,
And off to bed he goes.
When the morning sun shines brightly
A handsome man arose.
Made by My friend and I.
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