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HasnaShereen Apr 27
It's as a pearl in its shell
Not oppressed as you spell

You judge us for what we wear!
This we wear for what we care,

My beliefs bring me relief
I'm free, please don't weep for me

This is to please my creator
Not to impress the creation!
Love is like a white pearl
At the bottom of the sea
It's hard to find, but you believe
In its immortal promise...

Your other half is out there
Waiting for you.
Beana Mar 25
The waves are high,
The tide is high.
My heart is full,
My life is full,
Because of you.
Oh how I love you.
Our love is brighter than the moon,
Bigger than Heaven,
And deeper than Hell.
More everlasting than the gods.
My darling pearl,
paler than milk
And more precious than the sun.

~Your Secret Admirer
Starting a series of love poems, because I found the perfect muse <3
Sun peeking through clouds
white pearl buried in the sand
revealed by a wave
Written February 5th 2019
Ssoho Jan 16
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Ssoho Dec 2019
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