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Bryce Oct 4
I am a sojourner,
Wandering the paper-sand shores
Of pulp and rock--
Tracing the fields of ink in my mind
And following them
To the terminus of thoughts

And yet there was never a longer trail
Than the constant sound of vowels
That placed in me this solitude
And promising to

Go somewhere; see someone,
And see now--none but you.

To sail seas, searching for pearls
Across the shores of every beach
Inside the depths of chitinous chests
Hidden from the world

A jewel embeded,
Found by me


You are the fire of the Greeks
You are the Pharos, of lovely beams
You are the granules beneath my feet--
The pearl I never thought I'd see

And I am an island of thought
To rest your tired storms
And pour your heavy waters here,
To wither these blackened stones

My love,

If there was no more land to fear,
These shores would hold the skies
I'd grow a garden from the sea,
And let you name it ours

Of all the mountains nestled here,
And rivers coursing high
I'd have their shadows take to thee,
And in these passing hours--

When all the words are written,
And all the hymns are sung
As long as there is air to breathe
I'd say you are my love
Was the pretty one
The one with long hair

But I
Didn't see Ana
At first I just saw Mo

Moments unique to the
Flow of time

She felt
Like magic making me
Believe in fun

If nothing
Else you knew you were
Safe with her

Her calm
Had weathered storms
Enough to see

Hidden pearls
My eyes are only starting
To notice

I lost her to
The sea of time and
Travel yet

I know our
Compasses will cross
One another

Again cause
I see the star shining
Over again
Lingo but
Like less
There was a pearl Palace
In a land so far away
They said it glowed at midnight
And sparkled in the day
In the pearl Palace
A lovely princess stayed.

She walked The Halls a'dreamin
Of a handsome man
To take her from the golden Halls
Of that foreign land
But her company was peacocks
She didn't understand.

A Wizard's spell had captured her
To keep her in that place
Where no one kept her company
Tears flowed down her face
She was kept quite comfortably
In her Silk and Lace.

She knew the great volcano
Would erupt for miles and miles
If she left the Pearl Palace
Where she was kept in style
And so she stayed there all alone
A sad and lonely child.

Catherine Jarvis
Another poem for the book which my friend Steve is illustrating. I wish you could see this visual ... it's absolutely beautiful!
Planejane2 Jul 20
(Un)official Girl. I’m stressed
I’m gonna hold you duress
Because I made a mess
And showed you the pains of my bed
Don’t worry about what I said
That **** was all in my head
I never want to lead
To lead you down the wrong path
I’m the bubbles to your bath
Anything you had, it’s what you have.
I wanna make you laugh
Let’s not circle back,
I got your back.
Touch and fill and close every crack.
Tell me baby...
Are you down with that??
Diána Bósa Jul 5
Here in
Mother of pearls.
Iridescent; being pregnant with light,
A world rebuilding - waiting to hold you.
Sea the sun,
I have no taste for whiskey,
although it seems over the years
I have developed a proclivity for cancer,
for building the nacre into  pearl.  

It’s funny how one can live with death
scooted to the borders, listening to it
rap the door with sub-audible gusts
that only your dog hears and barks at.

The holy trinity, my wife calls it,
three masses on the left, right,
concluding down in a ****** triangle,
a parasite, a dark natural beauty of my years.

The bad genes of my parents play out their divorce
in my body, diabetes and cancer
fighting for the claim to death’s victory,
my only peace being to cut them both out.

The Great Physician puts my cure
in the hands of fallible demigods,
whose inclination is to bury hope in the
condolences of the other well-intentioned masses.

“It’s great that you feel no pain,
Your color looks good today,” they echo
as the pallid tv weatherman I met
in ruddy years on the brown river shuffles by.

The nacre of the cancer ward-
an open shirt skeleton on oxygen,
two old black men  talking loudly
about seasons of diagnosis and mistreatment,

just waiting, waiting, waiting to get better
caws at me as I make my way
to the reception table just bright enough
to not seem an open casket.

My wife fills out three pages asking
for family obituaries while I answer
on a tablet forty questions about death,
five about life, two about insurance.

I wait in quiet sitting in a clinical green chair
Listening  for my name to be called,
thinking not about the culled pearl
but the beautiful oyster thrown way.
Indranys Jun 26
The  raindrops nourishing the earth
Make a piece of memorize appear
Make of prayers are answered
Make of sadness was evaporated

The pearl from the  sky come on
To kissed my soul with her aromatic smelled
To kissed of wilted flowers
All Glory be to Allah

The pearl from the sky come on
To gave water for thirsty trees
To taught me of  "passionate"
Although she was  falling
She never complain and always coming
All Glory be to Allah


The raindrops nourishing the earth
Anastasia Jun 7
Dew drops
Whispering to starlight
Never told
A  small girl
With hair like fire
By a lake
With water like the night sky
Emerald frogs
Ruby roses
Crystal violets
And a pearl moon
All of this
Could be hers
But she just wants
To make friends with the fireflies
Enjoy <3
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