rob kistner Jun 25

he rolls with a finger-snap jazz-jive strut
don't mess with him 'cause you might get cut

silken french-cuffed ivory shirt
soft as a butter-sweet cream dessert

cuff links diamonds in pure white gold
high fashion treasure - bourgeois and bold

pearl stick-pinned satin tie knotted tight
lookin' like paris on a saturday night

desert-tan gabardine three-pleat slacks
euro-cuffed steam-creased sharp as tacks

snakeskin braces buttoned sterling bright
hip and killer as a rattlesnake's bite

black-patton striders with 'gator spats
steppin' out classy as the coolest cats

red pinstriped linen coat double-breasted
uptown savvy teal velvet vested

full-blocked rolled-brim felt chapeau
in the deepest red of a fine bordeaux

he was crisp and smooth as a dry martini
they all called him ziggy
but his name was - bob


rob kistner © 2018
Just a little bit of fun. Should be read with a finger-snap jazz-jive srut!
Paul Carico Jun 22
From the eternal reach of sky flung stars eclipsing
The multiverse afar,
To the deepest depths of oceans unseen sights
No man may venture to seek a beauty
Like that of a women so divine.
Defined by the product of genetic perfection,
The picturesque quality of evolutionary design:
Of the moons gibbous glow,
The inner aura of your fluttering eyes
Bring me comfort on a cold winters night.
With skin, soft as silk
Tanned by the suns golden light,
Your flesh melts me back to life.
Like the lapping waves and wisping winds
Along the sands of an islands ocean shore
Your soothing tone of foreign tongue
Caresses my aching skull.

Beyond the chisel of mans mortal hands,
No surgeon may sculpt the flesh with so tedious a design:
An anatomical hourglass
Of Immaculate form,
Unseen among the flaws of humanities mistaken design.
Shadow Dragon Jun 13
The length of the silk fabric.  
does not determine the quality.
It may be long,
or it may be shot.

So when you ask me about
the length of my poems
my answer will be
that I want to enjoy every word,
feel every sentence and
appreciate all of the fabric.
Avaleen Jun 5
and your words unravel me
like the silken strands you were woven from
Lyn-Purcell Jun 4
Fellow logophiles,
let us grab the silk and stitch
the words.

For we have that power
to move the Heaven and
Words are beautiful by nature, by creation.
It's how we use that can add beauty of ugliness to this world.

Short poem, but honest.
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Joe Momma May 30
A little bumblebee
Caught in spider's silk
Sings the call of his people.
ruby May 23
i know
you undoubtedly
were created
with the silken handiwork
of angels

the silvery fingers
trace lines of perfection
under the hollow
of your cheekbone
casting sultry shadows
on your face

draining the oceans dry
pouring the
blue pulsing waves
into your eyes
and sprinkling stars
over your cheeks
like spilt sugar

the angels gathered
with a flask
of golden liquid
and you sipped carefully
this became
your voice
subtle and velvety and sweet

a silver ring
was slipped onto your
nimble finger
and it melded
to the marble skin
like an embellishment
on a painting

they passed you a seed
and, like a pill
you swallowed it
blooming flowers
in your lungs
and you breathe

at the final moment
they clothed
your naked figure
and all of a sudden
you fell from
the stars

and they sent you to me
as heaven on earth
oh darling, i know you aren't from here
Lyn-Purcell May 19
Lay your head on
my silken lap

with a sprig of mint
in your loose hand

Here with me
be you with me

Let your secrets
now take wing

And perch on the
branch of my soul

For you are with
your harmless half

The love shared will
soar high and proud

The secrets given
to my body the temple

My body the haven
Your secrets the treasure

~ ⚜ ~
Wrote this in my journal while watching the Royal Wedding.
(Congratulations to Meghan and Harry!)
Let the secrets you share with loved ones stay treasured
and sacred till the end of time.

© Your Secrets by Lyn-Purcell
She Writes May 17
She was made of silk
Though she was soft to the touch
Her fibers were strong
Her secrets and stories
Tightly woven
But if you grasp one loose string
She unraveled as quickly
As she was woven together
Maybe I could write a book all

Stares of people creamy tons
Eating dark bonbons
Find your nitch and call
The silk milk  switch
The"Cat Eye"
People come and go
But the sunset stays
The play up or play
down the love of life
An eternity of hearts
of your wife
The family

The boy ship ahoy
(Patch-eye Pirate)
Robin Almond Joy
And she just loves
them Tomboys
all lacey eyes

"Almond Eye's
flavor of soy
Lactose tolerant

Paintbrush deviant
He is so creamed for her
Dark sunset stimulant
Come on drink it all

Inside of my mind do
you dare to wink
and call

Take a look?
Are we losing
our scruples
Coconut milk
Smiles and dimples

A mystery of
illusions  more darkness
of confusion
The plain ordinary people

So on and then on?
Met our confusion of people

Right on # target

Are we still creamy
stir it on

Darkest sunset
way beyond
Soothing so distant and just
like that

We cannot click on
anything creme
De La Creme
The computer magnet
like a crazy clone,
all lost being alone

Staying obedient trying to
find the way
(No God) what

No Man?
The cream in your cafe
The Prince
She's the angel dust
hair rinse

Creamified sonnet

Dark sunset Jade Hornet
on so on her lips so on etc
They met the sunset
head on right time
She's on
All Laced
He's on
What a kisser
Is right time on?
Did he miss her?

My heart was on
the line

Robin birds of throbs

Losing so much time

being robbed deplorable

Like an abysmal

Disgraceable hum
Shady money sum
Banging drum yum
Dark sunset color gum

The dark silhouette

The sin or the sunset

Being straight jacket

Minds breakdown
Heart Silk Crown

"Pennywise clown'

Sex in the Cat milk

Remembering the
The seventies

Peace signs and

My sunset dreams

Was this the book
I needed to
be completed

How I armed myself
Finger lake creamy

Fate and time stood out

My brain was fried

But sunny side was up?

At midnight rambler

The Brooklyn Bridge
sunset heart dividers

Cosmic globe riders
Dark spell mentors
Spilled the creamy
Goddess of darkness

This ancient Roman sunset
The lover of Darkness
Lace me the darkness hour

The tower high rise sunset
bad spirits gave us
wits to live it

We have it made what
we see
Sometimes Illusions
Creamy silk hands and
The rock bands
How her Darker?Cream
Saw the sunset in between
lips met

Face to face they land
Her place lacy demands
Her spell eyes of a bet
Her lipstick on his collar
She was ready to set
He see's the specks of colors
Through her headset
He yearns for her to

The peek reddish
The darkest of sunsets
"Freshly Raw' she sipped his
Sunset drink

When our light will come
will be
Forevermore patiently

The darkness became us
the goodness

Of a better time of rising
The darker the sunset the sweeter place love was perfectly set
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