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Erian Sep 24
You let me fall when I trusted you
Not that I can’t blame you
You knew too well how I felt
By crushing my heart while I was asking for help
You notice me, I know
Turning your head every now and again
Don’t you ever wonder what goes on in my head?
Or do you just want to look at a person,
Crumbled in your reach?

I get it...
You mean well
Shining in the spotlight
While I’m sunken below
Drunk on a useless thought
That’ll you’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel.
Armour built to protect
Destroyed with your zest,

Anxiety, to never be close
Faded with familiarity,

Hesitation stilled, with
Smile you threw at me,

Silence became bearable
With your arms around me,

Not scared to crumble
You there to catch me
When I stumble,

Not holding anymore
Your singularity captured me whole.
Artemis Jul 29
I like to watch my world
fall apart
from a distance.

Looking through
shattered glass pieces
and foggy two way mirrors,
my life crumbling


d o w n

into nothing but forgotten ruins

it’s almost poetic.
Planted with love,
watered by compassion,
fertilized with the light of our presence.

But it was all an illusion,
for the it was planted in betrayal,
watered with disappointments,
fertilized with lies
and maintained by fakes.

Our roses were red,
but now they are dead.
Weak and brittle petals,
crumbling beneath my feet.
I want to reach new heights,
fly like there's no tomorrow,
I want to scoop the world in my palms
and protect it from deadly folks and deep hollows.

It's my dream,

a simple desire,

am I asking for too much?

or am I just being naive?

It pains me to see everything crumble away,
pains me to see that we're living at the end of the days,

it pains me to just stare at the stars,

and wish to vanish as far

as my soul can escape.
Sometimes, we must realize the world we're living in and try to think about how we can save it from turning into ashes and dust.
gabriela Apr 6
I’ve gone and done
something dumb
you can’t love me,
but what if
you do?
you look at me,
I *******
your eyes on me
making me
want you
knowing I won’t have you
probably not ever
now I’ll sit in my car
I’ll pretend forever
you want me too
Now I all I got left is black roses
And they crumble in the dust
When they're held
Poetic T Feb 16
Your all an effigy of hollow constructs.

You may want many things...

   But All are  a man made construction
bound to collapse under inferior

Leading to fatalities
within proper reflections.

For irregular constructs
are always going to falter,
and crumble.

As there base is weakened over time..
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
around the edges, she crumbles to the touch

burnt & scarred,

she is broken.

If she dares move, she risks becoming nothing more

than a single, burning ember

already, the two are similar

fighting to stay alive, she is burning out
Sehar Dec 2018
c  r  u  m  b  l  I  n  g
breaking for all the things
she couldn't bear to lose.
cant think of a world without you
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