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gabriela Apr 6
I’ve gone and done
something dumb
you can’t love me,
but what if
you do?
you look at me,
I *******
your eyes on me
making me
want you
knowing I won’t have you
probably not ever
now I’ll sit in my car
I’ll pretend forever
you want me too
Now I all I got left is black roses
And they crumble in the dust
When they're held
Poetic T Feb 16
Your all an effigy of hollow constructs.

You may want many things...

   But All are  a man made construction
bound to collapse under inferior

Leading to fatalities
within proper reflections.

For irregular constructs
are always going to falter,
and crumble.

As there base is weakened over time..
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
around the edges, she crumbles to the touch

burnt & scarred,

she is broken.

If she dares move, she risks becoming nothing more

than a single, burning ember

already, the two are similar

fighting to stay alive, she is burning out
Sehar Dec 2018
c  r  u  m  b  l  I  n  g
breaking for all the things
she couldn't bear to lose.
cant think of a world without you
Samreena Lodhi Sep 2018
Trust on the road,
walking by the riverside,
crossed some trees,
and sat on the pile of rocks.

He saw loyalty walking by,
and out of curiosity asked her,
what made you visit this site?
what made you to be here?

Loyalty replied
"no matter how i am crumbled or twisted,
my devotion won't ever wither away,
i came here to soothe my mind and soul,
not to let you alone and ever to troll"

Then the trust gave a smile,
mustered up his courage and said
"I am not fragile.
I lost my way in agitation.
I became a bait to misconception.
i was thinking as a broken trust,
where i should have followed Satisfaction."
Harry smith Jul 2018
So There you sit on your empty throne
Surrounded by a council of mindless drones
Who repeat what you want, and get rid of the rest
You've held such esteem since you've suckled on the breast
And now you've got another *** warped round your tongue
I wonder when you breathe if anything comes out of your lungs?
Or if you're just as cold as I expect you to be
What makes someone like you shake, I'd be interested to see
As blind as a fish and as mad as a hog
You find what you want and the rest stays in fog
you're a dangerous man, your types always been
Appearing so holy yet surrounded by sin
The devil's in the details I'm sure you well know
Well soon calls the time that you go toe to toe
With your devil's, your demons, your angels, your god
And then you'll be incased in 6 feet of sod
Because that's how men rise and that's how men fall
Yes you'll crumble just the same as the rest of us all
adept Jun 2018
i sat and watched her crumble you
to pieces. and you were only amused by
the fact that this meant my world
was falling apart.
Poetic T Jun 2018
If problems were leaves
mine would be dried husks of
Every one I tried to solve would
just crumble between my fingers.

When I walk on the echoes of
deliberation its stalks *******
              deep within my wandering.
Why does nothing grow on
         falling leaves of deterioration.

A dilemma of reflection never grows
            it only crumbles beneath palms.
Clasping at tears never diluted
                but even though expelled.
Never did a single drop help the problems.
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