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Ally 2d
It starts small.
A thought.

Then it grows.
It turns into actions.
Not to others but to yourself.

The lines start small,
Almost to faint to notice.

Then , they grow.
They begin to deepen,
In hopes of drowning out the pain.
The pain of everyday life.

They hurt,
But not as much as your heart does.

It starts small,
As a thought.
But as it grows,
As it struggles to keep up with your flooding emotions.
It begins to strangle you.
The thoughts begin to hurt.
They scream;
Hear us
Hear us
, but what if We don’t want to hear them.

The thoughts that start those lines.
The thoughts that starve us.
The thoughts that deprive us of living a fufilled life.

Hear us.
See us.
They scream.
For anyone feeling the same way I am here
when scenes
halt in a cell's
frozen scream
slow-motion rage
cloaks grief

do earth's plates
shift at all
respond to pain
torn out of shape
in savage roar


we matter to ourselves
on some days
while he or she
reads the code
to check the tides

oscillate in
crawl space
in island habitat's
darkened cave

we try to breathe
solitary venture
as days run out
leaving dust
and bones

in silence

as a new
when depression's dark dirge speaks... may we find a way to wait for a new dawn
I  heard the voice of silence
tormenting my soul
with spirits of nothingness
each day switching sentience
into my heart screaming
quiet in the shade of melancholy.
Sumus System Jan 9
My eyes burn
My hands clench
My skin tears
My chest bursts
My pain screams
My rage grows

It stops

My eyes deaden
My hands release
My skin burning
My chest heavy
My pain hidden
My rage buried
Dissociation is something I deal with daily
Our screaming demons,
they like to visit us at night.

Their voice becomes our company,
their smiles — wicked,
and the shadows that we see.
Every night they keep us up,
quiet, as they may be.

They live in our deepest thoughts
as we try to chase them away.
In the end, we’re surrounded
for they crawl and they hide,
and the deeper they go
they are hardly possible to find.

Oh, our screaming demons,
they like to visit us at night
and if they never sleep,
so neither do we.
121718 - 4:12AM
Sophia Jan 8
they scream in terror and oppress
they know not how much a mess
feeling cold and frightened only with
a purple charcoaled hyacinth

they burned in fires far away
they waste tomorrow and today
with nothing more than **** tales
of tears of blood and starving wails

they poured salt upon the wounds
of bleeding mothers and their wombs
with a childish knife of rusty black
they stole their lifeblood like a snack

they, vampiric victimed selves,
could not climb off of their shelves
of fear and hatred reigning high
like the quivering leaves of Apenine
Daisy Jan 2
Love is the illustration of pain.
Blood is the demonstration of passion.
Your Scream for help is the euphony of our intimacy.
Your ****** is the proclamation and aesthetic synthesis of our **** and compassion.
I'd **** for you.
And I love you sufficient to **** you.
Because I love you in a way that no one has ever loved anyone.
I reminisce the day,
When I enhanced myself by painting your blood on my nails just like nail polish.
And smearing your Scarlet shaded blood on my lips like a lipstick.
It tasted like honey and your lips,
It reminds me of our first kiss.
The more you hate me the more I love you.
Your hate and my love has a hitch.
You can despise me but can't abandon me.
And I don't want you to feel the same,
That's what makes our love different.
Love me or despise me, doesn't matter
Your soul is mine.
I am your life but the complication is that
You are suicidal.
claire Dec 2018
dripping decadent words
laced with poison
down the throats
of her lovers

she watched as their fantasies
became their nightmares
and laughed
while they screamed
Latifah Dec 2018
The screaming
The shouts
My heart’s bruising
The sword-like words
Like a scolded little kid
I run to the corner
Cover my ears
Pretend I don’t hear
At the cats i stare
“Can they feel my pain”, i wonder.
Lauren Dec 2018
Always go down the stairs.
Always check out the basement.
Answer the telephone.
Engage your caller.
Try and make it to your car.
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