Tara L 6d

A void
Too fragile
Thus easily destroyed
Invisible glass
It surrounds us
Bulletproof truss
A harrowed scream
Loud it seems
Vibrating dream
Unheard theme
Mainstream screen
Disappearing sneer
Silent voiced

Just some recent musing on free speech.
Maria 7d

I write
As if I could speak
And I can hear my words
Stumble upon each other
Like blind puppies

I love
As if I could feel
And I fear my heart
Breaking and crumbling
Like eggshells between your fingers

I scream
As if anyone could hear
My words drying out
Upon the closed eyes
Of the ignorant

this is for you
Glass 7d

It's a five hour drive to prosaic
patriarchy, that I have sacrificed
my own anatomy affiliated thrones of bones
& francais sun burnt
senility with your ephemeral trepidation
like "no one saw the moon
pheromones in apologies”
and the alley knew “stone perception
in indignant rasps” even though
April is not wearing a yellow raincoat,
but a dark red one
with a pendant of your loss hung against
my cold skin

- G

Iron rusted memories cloud my mind;
black and white,
laughs and cries-
All intertwined…

Screaming all together,
wanting to be remembered-
All these ghosts that I once were
All these ghosts that I have conquered.

Sandoval Apr 19

Your lying hazel eyes, such a hellish paradise.

And, I see my reflection in them, I can hear it scream.

It wants to be set free, but I just cant leave.


TanyaAhmed Apr 18

In those silenced nights, I inaudibly screamed through words.

When my feelings are too lame. When my thoughts are too stupid.
When insanity is their cause and insanity is what they explain.
I write.
V Anne Apr 17

I understand
The overrated teenage urge
To scream out of a sunroof

While racing down an empty highway.

Sometimes your heart feels
So heavy
You wish you could take flight.

Release it all
With the wind.

I am broken
               heart and will

the world is broken
               festering and ill

its systems broken
                pillage and kill

careening out of control
                or standing still

from every side the scream
               answers mine, loud and shrill

I choke on tears that stream
               trying to swallow each bitter pill

when prayers can't even comfort.....when my heart reaches out to children I cannot save.....poetry and prayer.....offerings from my soul....please God help them!

"The world is in great turmoil, and the minds of its people are in a state of utter confusion. We entreat the Almighty that He may graciously illuminate them with the glory of His Justice, and enable them to discover that which will be profitable unto them at all times and under all conditions. He, verily is the All-Possessing, the Most High."     Baha'u'llah  (Baha'i Sacred Writings)
Dark Delusion Apr 1

The pain from his hands,
Painted on my body.
I’m burning up,
I’m freezing.

I’m alive, I’m free.
Lies. Lies. Lies.
The fear is eating me up,
Making its way to the outside.

I got distracted.
I got lost.
Now I’m gone.
Now I’m forgotten.

Gasping after air.
Tight grip around my throat,
Taking away my reason to live.

A silent scream,
Making its way out from my mouth.
Heart beating faster.
Vision disappearing.

I got distracted again.
The fear left me alone.
With nothing but a nightmare left.
He carved pain into my gravestone.

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