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My spine tingles and my bones grow weak
I get the chills from every creak
Even the faintest noise makes my heart jump
Faster and faster my heart does pump.

The feeling I speak about is the feeling of fear
It makes reality become quite unclear
They say the only thing to fear is fear itself
But I swear that doll jumped off the shelf.

I have the feeling I’m no longer alone
From the basement I hear a dreadful moan,
Quite unsettling this feeling can be
When I feel there’s someone watching over me
Mysterious like a shot in the dark
Stabs a knife right through the heart
Once you find it run quick turn on the light
While you and your conscious put up a fight.

Trying to figure out what’s real and what’s imagination
My heart’s constant pounding won’t help my frustration
As noises comes closer I don’t linger
But my body freezes from my toes to my fingers,
Frozen still yet ready to run
Tears fall slowly like the setting sun
I fall to the floor and pray that it’s all a dream
No sooner I finish than I echo a scream.
The room races round and round
So dizzy I can’t find the ground
Its’ gotten into my mind and now I’m out of control
It haunts my thoughts and my soul.
Could this be it, could it be the end
Is my demise just around the bend?
Then the garage opens and the car drives in
A relived breath utters, “Fear had me again”.
Faith 3d
i tried to yell
to release my hurt
but it was not a yell
rather a wail
blood curdling
sounding like an animal
being murdered
i scared myself
Faith 4d
my house resides
next to a busy road
the sound of traffic
is muffled
by its soundproof windows
and so are my screams
Özcan Sh Sep 10
Deep in the sea
I scream aloud for help
But no one was there

Nobody hear my voice
I fall deeper without joy

My eyes close slowly
The heart beats weaker
But the inner strength gets bigger

I realize that I am not paralyzed
I am strong
I can swim high

I reach the surface
They see a flame in my eye
And started to cry

I wipe their tears
And teach them
How to be nice

Now I walk alone
Without carrying heavy stones
In my whole life.
A train; a bus without wheels,
Zooms through the mountains
Lighting up the rails.
Whistling, hissing in the night,
Chooing, like an owl hooting,
Bring chills to the passenger's spine.
Some are already in bed,
Others are sitting in the diner
For a late night snack,
Not knowing a murder has been committed
In a wagon toward the back.
A gleam in her eyes,
A scream in the night.
Who she sees fleeing is the culprit alright.
A detective is on board
And don’t say, ‘of course’,
Or you can, but you may be next,
Before he finds out who it is.
He follows the scream,
Then follows who she saw,
At least who he thinks she saw.
When he brings him back,
She says,
“No, no, that’s not him at all.”
“The search goes on,” he says.
Not to be funny, or cliche,
He says it cause it’s true, okay?
Now over your shoulder, I see him.
He’s coming.
Is there a gleam in my eyes?
I’m about to scream!
Cause I know he’s the culprit.
You better give him a look
So that he doesn’t try anything.
Hurry up!’
What are you waiting for?
Give him a look, before…
Sep 3, 2018
I may make this into a series.
What made reading this worthwhile for you?
Yaser Sep 3
I have no mouth, and I must scream
trapped within this damned machine
with limbs and flesh all gloop and gone
my self I lay these eyes upon

Heartbeats now eternity
each second a thousand years I see
My mind is whole, or so I'd stake
with no humanity left that he could take

I have no mouth, and I must scream
to God, or to this damned machine?
Inspired by Harlan Ellison's short story - I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Manny Aug 29
I need to scream
But can't seem to get these words out
It's hard to breathe
And I can't seem to shake this doubt
I'm feeling weak
My pain still lives within this pencil
Hard to speak
But I hope I can Repent still

It's hard to see
Heavy rain's falling from the clouds
It's hard to hear
With this thunder shouting loud
A scattered Breeze
Keeps hitting like a Knock
A steady Beat
Like ticking from the Clock

A torn up sheet
Still haunts me by the lamp
An Awful read
With its envelope and stamp
Hard to believe
The contents of your letter
Our mother's gone
When just last week you said that she felt better

How can it be
A complication with her heart
Wish it was me
This is tearing me apart
A horrid dream
I'm swallowed up by fear
Mamma don't go
Because I still need you here
'I'm not sure if the concept on the poem is hard to grasp.
It's about someone who got a letter from home saying that their mother passed away and is struggling to reply to the letter and dealing with his feelings for losing his mom.
Jolan Lade Aug 29
I can see the birds
I can hear them sing
I can feel my heart
I can hear it scream
Saygil Feb 6
It's just a thought,
It's just a dream,
only inside my mind,
but why do I want to scream?
I honestly don't know where I was going with this, but whatever here it is? umm yeah, that's all.
A shiver creeps right through the house
Searching hard for a spine so to tingle
It scuttles and darts around like a mouse
Hunting just for the right soul to single…

Out for its attention. Upon which to blow
That cold icy breath; to make shudder and shake
The one that it settled on never will know
Why they felt such a fear when not even awake

For it found them and used them
Wrapped and smothered their skin
Pricked and tickled their body during deep REM
A dream frigid and sharp and as bitter as gin

Oh the terror it gets you however you try
Shoots hard up your back as the strongest of shingle
The worst thing about it is you never know why
With your deep darkest fears it’s determined to mingle

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
What happens in the deepest darkness of the night, during black hard sleep, when "something" touches you...from somewhere
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