By Arcassin Burnham

I know just what I got here and I'm not

Our past does not define us , but there's
Nothing wrong with screaming.

As much as I hate some of this that I
Got,  I'm aiming to get so much more.

I know what my role is , I know I ain't
Basic, as the time change a little bit

Cause we claw our ways out and end up
on different sides.
You could gladly find your way, or you'd
Just end up and die.

I don't want to knock you , but what is
You faith?

Speaking with my mouth and not words
ona screen that can't be erased.

Caught myself at one cross road at a

But I filled with so much bullshit that
I can't hide, so I ask God why in life cause
Cause we claw our ways out and end up
on different sides.
You could gladly find your way, or you'd
Just end up and die.
My feet are cold and boredom has struck
Along with the big hand on the clock
It screams out “FOUR”
I think it’s in the A.M.
I have a love hate relationship with time and thought about a small series relating to how each hour of the night makes me feel.
Let me hear your thoughts
So loud I can feel your heart
So silent I’m drowned in your soul
So soft it will melt me to tears
Rae Slager Mar 10
some days
we need to remind ourselves
it's ok to be happy

to smile

say hello to new people
and tell them their hair looks nice

to bake a dozen muffins
two dozen
and share them with those you love

to listen to your favorite song on repeat
max volume
bass nice and high

to roll your windows down
feel crisp air brush against your cheeks
the sun kissing you and letting you know
you are loved

to scream at the top of your lungs


and give sustenance to your soul
Feed your soul
Isaac Mar 9
What the fuck did I get myself into
You and I came out of nowhere
Neither of us knows what we're doing
Neither of us knows how to do this

I don't know how to be the best I can be for you
I don't want to miss you as much as I do
And crave your touch as much as I do

I feel like I'm falling, right into your arms
I'm so scared, I don't want to be hurt again

It's so hard to trust this, it's so hard to let myself love
I'm scared of the distance, the others, losing you, losing myself

I'm scared of screaming into the night sky, screaming "why again"
And to feel that cold autumn wind burns my throat
And chap my cheeks as my tears run on

While I run further from myself
Scared to deal with the hurt of the others
Afraid of being with you
Afraid to not be
Sorry that I call you a dog
0 dog
For I dont know your name dear
But listen I am writing or saying this
To thank you for the other day
The day when you ran towards us
Ahead of your racing guardian
With a short and sharp woof woof
Growling at us
For our quarrel…
You saw that, cute Cotton de Tulear
When she got scared
Closed her eyes like a dove
Screamed and held me tight
I wrapped her in my arms
And forgot you
You dog!
In love with an angel
KM Hanslik Mar 8

You still hear it in his voice, don’t you?
You still feel the words “I love you”
as nausea, anxiety, the crushing inability to breathe.
You still feel like screaming (or crying?) when
you remember his touch,
Still have the urges to light things on fire
and tear off your skin when
you think of all the times he said he loved you,
in attempt to make up for showing you that you meant
next to nothing.
Because maybe,
he really saw it as a fair trade,
and that’s the most fucked-up part.

Now the voice in your head that screams
you’ll never find better than what he gave you,
well it isn’t entirely yours
but it isn’t entirely his either.
RyMo Mar 5
Waiting to go nowhere, standing by the door,
Thoughts are swirling all around the ceiling to the floor,
People stare with eyes that judge, but they do not know,
The darkness and the light each which grow in me slow,
Yes together but apart it’s sometimes hard to tell,
One day whispers softly yet another it might yell,
A child screams, it stirs me up,
I want to scream right back “shut up!”
Like magma rising from the deep,
Fast at first but then it creeps,
The lava burning the present that be,
The fire blinding my eyes to see,
Although I can sense it it’s harder to stop,
The bubble gets bigger and weakens to pop,
Then I’m left standing there cold and alone,
Wanting nothing more but to fold and go home,
The fire it transforms to ice in my chest,
Smoldering visions of me at my best,
Shedding a tear for the darkness within,
Quieting back down just to rise again,
The breath takes back over, leading the way,
Presence in consciousness now here to stay,
Yet nothing is permanent, the good and the bad,
Fleeting like every emotion we’ve had,
Here in the moment but then gone the next,
Leaving my soul feeling perplexed,
Wondering how but not asking why,
Choosing to crawl when I could just fly,
The light brings wings but the darkness adds weight,
Trying to escape my preconceived fate,
Feeling too tired to chew and then swallow,
Feeling the hole in my soul grow hollow,
Sometimes a vacuum is how it appears,
Filled with the worst of the worst of my fears,
Darker than skies on nights of new moons,
Like a storm out on the horizon looms,
Lightning and thunder and buckets of rain,
The sky opens up and cries out my pain,
No one to hear and no one to see,
My soul screams out just wanting to flee,
Thoughts still swirling from ceiling to floor,
Waiting to go nowhere, standing by the door…
mint Feb 21
i so desperately want to fold into myself
want to burn myself and make something of the ash
i feel like a great almost completed puzzle
expansive and vast
dull pieces
but still connected
now one piece has been taken from me and has been replaced
replaced by a misshapen mess in the guise a puzzle piece
and as i desperately try to shove it in its previous spot
i scream
and push my hands across the table
disconnecting the pieces in my plight

i can never be complete again
i’ve changed so much since last year. I dont even recognize my own thoughts anymore.
If you only knew that it was partly your fault that I felt this way
Because I don't know where I stand with you and it's making me insane

I am screaming
Trying to get you to notice
But you never seem to hear my cries
What exactly are your motives?
What's behind those little lies?

Maybe you are just like me
made from a fragile glass
Scared to let anybody in
Scared you'll be broken into pieces
But trust me I won't ever let this happen
and if it does happen I will put you together
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