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I want to scream,
what do your words mean?
My soul's been beaten down,
I can't keep going round and round.

So I, lay my head down to rest.
Wait to take my final breath.
In my ears, the music pours
and it rains, down on me.

I, need to see, need to be
the one next to you.
I, need to live, need to set
the world on fire
my desire is not what everyone else wants to believe
Please, please, please, just set me free.

I want to bleed
need to see, the blood dripping down
I need to close my eyes
and never open them to your lies

So I, lay my soul down to rest
get the **** out of my head
I can't go round and round
with you anymore

I, need to see, need to be
the one next to you.
I, need to live, need to set
the world on fire
my desire is not what everyone else wants to believe
Please, please, please just set me free.

I'm waking up, from this nightmare
But it only gets worse
I'm sinking down into the lies
of the world.
Wake me up, to misery

I, need to see, cannot be
the one next to you
I need to die, one more time
let the fire fill my veins
my desire is not what everyone thinks it is
please, please, please just set me free.
Chiara Oct 4
There are screams in the darkness,
Exhaustion and pain,
The air’s suffocating,
No space to turn.

Negative feelings,
Your deepest fears
They’re surfacing now,
And you cannot flee.

You open your eyes,
Thinking waking would help,
But you start to realize,
That it isn’t a dream.
MindMooring Sep 27
Hiding my pain from everyone,
I let my scream laugh.
Chiara Sep 25
I learned how to lose, how to stand all the pain,
Even though I could scream, I act all the same.
You tell me I’m brave, that I have to stay strong,
But what you don’t see,
Is my dying soul.
Regan Sep 22
if you put your hand on my leg one more time
i’m going cut it off
to let you know how it feels to have no choice.
if you touch my belongings one more time
i’m gonna smash yours
to let you know how it feels to be less fortunate.
if you make me feel small one more time
i am going to scream
to let you know that you don’t have control.

so if you decide to do any of these things,
i will simply do to the same to you.
shout out to the boy in my geometry class who’s about to get yelled at by an angry girl who’s had enough.
Poetry Sep 13
Tell me why
The children of Africa are brung up
Only when I try to scream for help

Tell me why
An echoe implodes inside my mind
Nothing is wrong, its all a show

Like white draped over corpses
Your comparisons muffle my cries

A broken leg is still a broken leg
After a thousand broken necks


Depression is still depression
After a couple of sadistic ******
pictures of you that i

stapled to my

pillow, so that

you're there when

i'm lonely or


so that you

sop up my sobs and

soak in my screams, you

are beneath my deepest dreams and my

nightmares, too
I love that its raining
Makes me think the sky is crying for me
That its putting a whole show for the world to see
Showing the world i'm too tired to cry
So its crying and screaming for me
I love that its raining
When you're lost in space
no one can hear you scream
when you're lost in Hello Poetry
no poet can hear you scream
Tragically, sometimes the best poetry goes largely unread
sushii Sep 1
Needle into you
Bores holes into my soul
Needle into me
Saves me from tragedy

Torture tools upset you
They frighten me, too
But what can you do?
It happens all too soon

And hope runs away
Far from this place
Poked him, said he was ***
Face meets metal plate

So scream, scream, little girl
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’ve got left
Because you’re next

The blackness gets you
But you don’t understand
Just take my hand
When you’re dead, you’ll be glad

So scream, scream little boy
Run and scream, you ******* freak
It’s all you’re good for
They don’t need you anymore

Scream away your vocal chords
You ******* *****
Don’t you know you’re the reason he died?
If I could cut you, I would
But I think that’s a crime
Run until your lazy legs stop
You pathetic *****
Run, before I bleed you
Run, before I realize

How much I need you

For you don’t exist

Because this poem
Is about me.
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