Lucy 6d

I miss how it was
When we were so in love
The things we use to do
But now I feel nothing without you
My face is emotionless when I walk
My throats sore from screaming, can barley talk
I shiver whenever I hear your name
It's like a curse word I hear everyday
From our friends
Again and again
It makes me sick to my stomach
Because you don't care, probably even love it
How powerful this must make you feel
Knowing you hurt me deep, how it felt so real
I can't stop the sadness
I can't shake it off, it's madness
I just want to curl up into a ball
How do you make me feel so god damn small

Nylee 6d

There's someone at the door
Shadows can be seen from the floor
Night conceals the presence from my eyes
And so my curious mind tries
To conjure a mystery
a dark horror fantasy
Scared excited heartbeat
drag my feet
                    to the intruder
none other than my mother
who looked more alarmed
by my scream of sudden surprise

Noné Billi Jul 10

Deep in the forest sound
All is lost in mellow ground.
The birds don't chirp
And the leaves lay no alarm,
Deep in a place where none
Are ever harmed.

And the bark twists
In an awful way,
And the wind hisses
For travelers to go away.
Deep in a place
Of eternal stay.
Those who are brief
Never receive welcome.

All that you do,
Is never replayed.
All that you say
Gets buried in the ground.
No peeping eyes
No ears of another
Deep in the forest sound
You can let out
All that raging thunder.

A place of secrets,
Your only personal wonder.
Deep in the forest sound.

David Hutton Jul 6

Their bodies, in a state of carnage.
Their organs are used as hostage.
External dissection,
internal infection.
Can't move, can't scream, in pain, in bondage.

cait-cait Jul 3

did you cry as hard as me ,

when you broke me
on the floor
that night ?

heaving chest ,
i screamed and screamed
and hoped
you'd see me
on that red
red carpet ,
heaving .

i bled for hours thinking
you'd notice and
sew me up ,

as you always do ,
did .

but you have never felt the way
i felt ,

and you didn't .

a week ago i saw my dad for the first time in a long time and he made me cry and. Basically admitted he didn't care about how i felt.

What are your wettest dreams?
What makes your legs tremble at 4 a.m.
Just to wake with a head shaking with shame
With your heart still burning from the night hazy visions
                   Your arms still tingling
                             Your toes still curled?

Forget women and sex
I'm asking you something worth of Argonauts
Astronauts if you need to modernize,
Just don't apologize and tell me now
Actually don't,

Speak to yourself
Actually don't speak
                don't think
Just break that fake stern face they make you wear.

Liberate your semen
Let the poem cum inside your mind
Break the four walls
                  and the 40,000 you have created

Block only your need for bathroom
                                             and sex (again)
                                             and trouble
                                             and comfort

Hold your heart with your right hand

And your balls with the left

And scream the name the place the time and you'll find what you're lookin' for.

july 1st, 2017
5:26 a.m.

Emotion carves itself
from the tip of my knife,
dripping with blood.
Darkness emerges,
lying awake,
screaming into a pillow
pressed over my face.
Smothering myself.
I will dream
to play the game of deception,
pretending I am no longer alive.
Broken, shifting ice creeps
beneath my skin
when you whisper to me
in your violent ways.
I hear your voice,
hurting me,
compelling me,
telling me.
tell me why.
Smother my bones,
drain my life,
drink my mind
and tell my why life
doesn't work anymore.
I'll scream
with a bleeding throat
when you tell me why.
I'll scream
with murder
when you tell me why.
I'll scream for days
but I'll finally know why.
Smother my soul
and tell me why
as you feel my breath falter
and the spirit
leave my body.

~~ Play the danger game with me. ~~
Arpan Rathod Jun 22

I'm in a state
where crying
isn't venting out
the hurt,
it's just me
I don't recognize
the tears

Lovhat3 Jun 15

For a moment in time and space
I looked at you and admire
The beauty that lies beyond that painful eye
The loveliest smile that hides beneath your melting makeup,
And realized;

Thirteen years,
I locked myself up
In a cage, deep in my closet;
Scream and scream I did but all that came out was tears that run down my cheeks every night
I prayed and prayed but the answer was all the same;

I'm hurting
Far beyond I can take to a point where I wish I never asked Him to tell me to stay
I persisted
And here I am
Together with you
Yet deep inside I'm alone

I looked at you
With your makeup on
With your lovely scarf covering your hair
I'm in pain
This is goodbye

Thank you for killing me inside

aryanalynae Jun 10

i could tell you i'm devastated
i could tell you i scream in pain,
as i fall asleep as night
but what would i really gain?

i could tell you i physically ache.
i could tell you i'll never love no one else
but at the end of the night,
i'm saying all these things to just myself

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