I’d rather you scream at me for ten hours,
Than give me the silent treatment for one.
Screaming shows me you care in a twisted way,
Silence shows me you couldn’t care less.

Bella Dec 8

Dear boy in my science class
who tries to turn every feminist word that comes out of my mouth into an
anti-man statement...

Dear old man at church
Who thinks my ‘pretty mouth’ moves too much...

Sorry, not Sorry

I know you're afraid
that opening my lips
might release some of the secret you keep locked up in a box,
garded with watch dogs, and mouths paid to be quiet

The secrets of oppression and hidden equality
Secrets of the girls you shut up
And degraded until they stop asking you to stop.
Until they couldn’t muster the energy to squirm out of your qrip
To stand

I will scream out your fears
I will open the latch
Pass out your secrets like flyers to everyone who will take them in
Who will listen

Maybe I’ll tell how you didn’t listen
How you never-listened
You always took what you wanted and ran

Laughed if we threatened to tell
Said no one would listen

Guess what,
Everyone’s listening.
I have all ears on me.

And I am standing here,
Slingshot in hand
Aimed at you jiants
At you monsters
Ready to shoot you down with a single shot.

Mims Dec 7

We all grew into our ears and our teeth
Our opinions and our feet
Our clothes and chubby cheeks
We grew out of our music tastes
And other peoples mouths
Learned what it was like to love and be loved
Learned what hate looks like
What scars on hearts instead of arms looked like
We grew out our colored hair
And washed career dreams like astronaut and superhero
Down the drain
With someone else's sweat
Got used to sleeping in someone else's bed
Burned our memories of them
We grew into our faces
And out of our blind faith
We lead more then we follow
We fall in love with the concept of tomorrow
We learn the ability to bully instead of being bullied
And finally learn to rise above it all
We learned where we come from cannot change
But we can
We learned the city isn't always beautiful
That there are problems and trauma in silence
That sometimes the most peaceful thing you can do is scream until it makes sense to you

"Write, write until you've used every metaphor in your library"
Bella Dec 7

The discomfort of breath heaving
filling this place to the brim
the tension of the silence was pounding at my skin

she's driving
her words are busy, but silent
I don't want to be here
I want to get out

my tears are welling from the screaming
The screaming I can hear in my head despite the Seal of her lips being

I want to scream
I want to run
but I can't
because she's driving

And when we get home,
she will fall apart
and I will shatter underneath her, like broken glass.

Alex Dec 6

I love you
I pushed you
I love you
I lost you
I love you
You used me
I love you
You played me
I love you
You said you loved me
I loved you
You lost me.

I can breathe and start to move on.
Baby steps but I'm going to do it.
I'll be okay again.
Right now I'm
Going to enjoy being single ACTUALLY single not waiting for someone.
Chloe Dec 3

this town would be the armpit
where girls wear highlighter
brighter than their god damn future

and for fuck sake
if you pack in the moaning
then maybe
just maybe
i'd give up smoking
and inhaling


i don't want to be a parent who's failing
this time
just maybe
i'll stop whailing


in her whisper i hear fire
in her screams i hear storms

What the fuck is wrong with You?
You don't even have a clue.
You don't know
what I fucking go through.
You wouldn't last a day in my shoes.

You couldn't take the memories.
The pain I go through every night.
Only nightmares, never dreams.
He'll pick at you
til' he makes you scream.

Don't think that you
could take the lies.
Could you even look them in the eyes?
See all the people I've made cry.
The constant wish to go and die.

The constant battle within yourself.
I think you'd lose control.
The murderous thoughts
running through your mind.
A smile becomes rare to find.

Could you handle the abuse?
The numerous times of being used.
You would blow a fucking fuse.
To most people it'd be huge news.
For me it's just a day in my shoes.

Please note I am not going through any bouts of abuse right now. So please do not worry.

What's the point of trying
when I'm already gone and dying?
I've given up hope and sold my soul.
I gave you my heart
when you stole my last breath.
I'm afraid of living,
not of death.

Waking up terrified
because I'm still alive.
Pray for death at each meal.
Don't think my heart will ever heal.
Each step I take adds on to the pain.
Feeding the zombies my heart
not my brain.

Drag me down into a dirt bed.
Bury me underground.
When I'm gone
don't make a single sound.

Drag me down into my grave.
Baby please you must be brave.
Don't come to me.
Just scream.

I see the world in grey.
All life's color has drained.
I've made my decision.
No more choices to be made.
I've made my final sacrifice
and baby it was you.
The sad thing is
I don't think you ever had a clue.

There is no way to stop me
I'm too far down this road.
So close to execution
now it's destiny foretold.
I know you will run for me,
but there's nothing to catch.
They were always deep,
not a baby scratch.

Drag me down into a dirt bed.
Bury me underground.
When I'm gone
don't make a single sound.

Falling into a self-inflicted hell.
I do not need your help.
I'm a fallen angel from Heaven I fell.
Listen to the stories I tell.
Learn to live a better life;
a lesson to put down your knife.

When I am gone I need you to live.
Please don't follow in my footsteps.
Depression took me over
it's my time to go.
There was no way for me to cope.
Take me over and send me hope.
Breathe your life into my throat.

Drag me down into my grave.
Baby please you must be brave.
Don't come to me.
Just scream.

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