If there was one word to describe how I'm feeling
I would write it all over the walls
I would paint it on all sidewalks and streets
I would scream it from the roof of every building
I would tell it to every person and let them know I am human. And I matter.
This pain that is inside me
Makes it hard to breathe
Don't you see?
It's not you -
It is me.
I have created a monster
In my head
Destroying my life
I can't get away,
It brings me down
Every word
Every taunt
Makes me want to scream
Get out of my head
I have had enough
I can no longer live like this
the ghost in the wasteland is buried
and night stars and night love stars
they burn forever in the sky
not even noticing my gloomy scream

funeral ghost
the funeral ghost fits
and time and hours are still the same and go
and also without noticing the horror in my soul

love and death love and death are one thing
and ghosts and ghosts go
play chess with us play and play
in the wasteland are just like that

Madison Jul 3
Punching dashboards
Walking away
I run after you
Hoping you’ll stay

Flying screams
Throwing hands
Painful tears
Not what I had planned

Locking eyes
Unbreakable gaze
I want to kiss you
Your whole face

Hand on thigh
Fingers in hair
God, I still love you
This is more than I can bear

Sick, twisted love
How I hate you so
I want him, he’s the one
I know it, I just know.
Wrote this back in January after a roller coaster of a day. Talk about bipolar love.
K N Brown Jul 2
no one believed her

until she screamed

in agony

that she would gladly

trade Hells

with the Devil
Holla ciella Jun 30
"I thought you were fine."
They said.
But darling,
do you ever see me laughing,
without a bunch of emptiness on my eyes?
Do you ever ask me,
what am i doing?
Do you ever notice the heavy breath that filled my lungs?
The silence that screams for a help?
how do you describe something with your eyes closed? .
E McNamara Jun 26
if you act perfectly happy for too long
a darkness will grow inside you
and will spill like blood.
regrets, screams
things you wanted to say
things you wanted to do
all the hits you took
which led to all the punches you pulled.
as your thinned heartstrings
finally snap,
you will too
and your fire will burn the world alive.
it's okay to let people see you cry
it's okay to scream and yell
it's okay to not be perfect
it's so much healthier to not be perfectly happy all the time
E McNamara Jun 26
Your words reek with lies
You've hurt me too many times
I'll never trust a word out your mouth
You saw me cry with my heart spilled out
Yet you did it again
After saying "Never again..."
Our mother can't see through your poison
My tolerance has been growing thin
"Stop doing this!" I scream and wail
Don't you dare spit another tale.
My soul aches with despair hidden
Anything but happiness feels forbidden
lying can do so much damage
were you "sorry" you lied or "sorry" you got caught?
Poetic T Jun 23
Immersing within cardinal
    droplets, each seeping from
the veins of life, clarity of white
now drowning within a sea of
fuchsia that is like a rose petal
liquefied, its essence smelling
                                like deaths kiss.

Abstracted songs of weeping
Restless that more isn't being
given. Even though to open
more fissures would smother
every light within.
           Fading with the
                      last droplet given.

Tears etched like ravines
    flowing to feed the lustful tides
                                  of her needing.
She touched upon there features
vowing that they would
                                            live on
within her, a voice within the many.

Still all were crying, but never tears
of fearful wows, as they knew they'd
                                  live on within her.

Shadows danced around the room
effigies of what had drained before
those now opening life,
                              to feed her hunger.
Death was a perfume that she bathed in.
             Putrid desolate veins rejuvenated
her carcass to a beauty only time held.
But only her voice called inside,
       the others screamed in silence.
their shadows trying to tell others
but silence dances where
                                     no reflection hears.
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