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You were so mean to me
But I forgave you

You were trying to be better
I was proud of you

You worked on your own company
I believed in you

You got a car you were excited about
I loved the smile on you

You got a new suit and wore it with pride
I thought it looked good on you

You were reconnecting with our family
I was happy for you

But then you were taken from me
And now I miss you
My brother had a tough life when young, it made him an angry person. Finally he was getting his life together and we were reconnecting as a family. He was killed only a few months after I had seen him last. I miss him so much.
Somewhere on the other side of this earth
Is the place that you call home
Even though you're super far away
Somehow you fell so close
We talk all night and text all day
Why must you live so far away?
We don’t know what we're doing
Sometimes our emotions get confusing
Staying up till 12 at night just for you
Were 16 hours apart what else am I supposed to do
I don’t need anything else when I’m with you
You keep me safe from peoples hurtful words
You know what to say when I am down
Our hearts know what they want
They are leading the way
But we are confused
Let's put it off for another day
Lily Mar 14
I miss you
I miss who you used to be
The genius, gentleman, jokester
The guy I used to write college essays about
Question: who do you want to be like?
My brother

Where did he go?
Where is the light?
The light with gold in its tracks
I want to see the gold
That sleepy gold that made me believe
Believe in so many things
Goals, and dreams, and miracles
The gold that’s called
My Brother

I want to understand
Believe he’s still there
My brother with stars in his eyes
But as you can see I’m still here
With tears of confusion
Mourning the loss
of my brother

I’m here, and I love you
For all you are now
But you see
you aren’t who you once were
The one I bragged about
Smart even when sleeping
With work you were over-leaping
Across any expectations that were made
That is who my brother is

I guess I just want
That boy in yellow
The one from
The happiest times

For now I’ll just be here
With my stuffed octopus
Remembering my brother
That used to be
This is about my brother who just got checked into a mental health hospital and probably has schizophrenia. Just for some reference about what this is about.
On this rainy day,
I listen to the sound.

I tune in deeply and hear thousands of droplets meet their death.

I close my eyes and am taken away.

To a place where my mind is as blank as an untouched journal.

Rainy days remind me of you.

The last I saw the rain tickle the windows, I had your body wrapped around me tight.

Our fingers intertwined.
Your heart beat against mine.

Even though it's cold outside,
my skin remembers your warmth.

Your lips running down my centre
like the drops down the glass.

The scent of the rain like the scent of your hair, as you bury into my neck.

The moisture in the air like it is between the sheets.

Escaped from the world and its troubles, when it's us two.

On this rainy day,
I miss you.
xcvii Mar 3
you felt so soft and safe the first time you caught my eye--
falling so hard and fast into my life.

i can't help but wonder where you are tonight.

i keep you alive through a cd with the plastic wrap still on,
hidden in my bookshelf like a secret,
buried treasure.
once i take the plastic off and listen,
part of us will die.
so the disc remains unplayed,
i only hear you in my mind.

i miss you more than i know how to describe.

will you wing back into my life
just as quickly as you arrived?
probably not.
Lily Mar 1
~I get a giddy feeling in my stomach whenever you text me, but it's nothing compared to how my heart beats when I'm with you~
Julie Smith Feb 14
You make a girl realize that a man can actually care
And not everything in love is truth or dare
I could talk with you until forever
You make me feel like someone special
Thank you ♥️T
mads Feb 7
it's so cold today
the suns shining but I feel no heat
a few days ago when it felt like spring
it was snowing for you
maybe that was the problem
bad weather
I miss you so much. I hope one day you'll be okay enough that someone can love you.
Trixia Feb 5
when i miss you
i say your name
when i look at your picture
i talk to you
hoping you’d also talk to me
even when you’re a thousand miles apart
missing you is ****
cause even all the materialistic things are
with me i always have this part of me empty
a void that could never be patched by a bandaid
a soul incomplete of saturation
when i hear your voice it suddenly feels okay
when you call my name
everything feels alright
at day time i could tell i was happy
at night time i couldn’t avoid the sorrows
that you aren’t with me anymore
singing songs before i sleep
playing with my hair
little kisses— it’s all gone
it’s sad to know that the person
you love leaves you like
a pop of bubble ready to be lost
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