Kelsey 2d
I tilt my head back
Gently my eyes close
Pockets of sunlight peer through the arches
Of trees branches
A warm wind dancing on every leaf
My hair untangling itself with each running gust
Inhale its natural scent
Tears begin to flow
I ask
"Dad, are you there?"
I miss you, dad. I feel you in the most holy and raw places. I love you.
Rory 5d
when I craved kindness, passion, and fire, I stole
and they say no one person can complete you
but love, when you look at me, I am whole
and maybe we'll have thirty years together
but know the past century we were souls
intertwined with my arms around you

you make me beautiful when life takes a toll
I used to think that love only bruised
you've taught me that it's not about control
I used to think that pain was all that remained
but you came with love to heal and console
and show me the good that comes after midnight
A 6d
the last time I wrote my hair was shorter,
copper, colourful and vivid.
I wait because that’s what I was taught to do;
you bleed until what you crave consumes you.
until your head is afflicted by the fervid, dark feelings.
when I crawl around my every day, I find pieces of you.
in plantain chips and Plato.
in wool coats and white coffee mugs.
it's impossible to tear myself from you.
Rory Jul 7
I thirst to be a water droplet

dancing on your skin
to kiss across your face
as I run down your jaw and chin
in the shower, we'd embrace

starting at your crest
I'd drip through your hair
and play along your chest
always handle you with care

meet you at your waist
I've fallen for you hard
what I'd give for just a taste
of speckles or skin, scarred

deeper yet I'd dive
just one lick with a smile
to be with you, I would strive
I'll spend thirty years, a bare while

when with you, time loses meaning
floating weightless in your ocean
the feeling of our hearts convening
connected in effortless slow-motion

and even if I reach the lake bottom
and even through hardships out of the blue
and even when my summer turns to autumn
more than anything, I long to be with you
started sexy but now swimming through a sea of sentiment
Liz Jul 3
I miss being yours
You seem like the person
Where when I say I'm hurt
You say “good”, and move along
But I'm addicted
To the thought of changing your mind
Rather than accepting what I cannot change
I find myself down a familiar path
Of holding on to the past
The amazing memories
The happiest I've ever been
For it all to just be ripped away from me
shauna-leigh Jun 30
I regret not taking more time to talk to you,
and you're gone.
I feel like I didn't make you proud.
And now you're gone.

So I have to make you proud from up there.
I am doing my best.
I miss you truly, all the time.

I wish I had more memories of you.
But I only have photos.
I can't remember the days in those pictures.
Everyone can though.

If i had just one more day with you;
What would I do?
What would I say?

I'll never know,
Because now you're gone.
i was waiting until today specifically, june 30th, to post this because three years ago i lost my grandad.
She Writes Jun 29
Losing friends is inevitable
I’ve lost many before
Death, distance, and lifestyle
Has already taken its toll

You were the friend
I couldn’t bear to lose
Although you are gone
My hope is not spent

I will keep you in my heart
Holding on to the sentiment
Even the lost can find their way home
If you leave the porch light on
stas Jun 25
Why have you been acting so strange lately?
Is it just a phase or does worse awaits me?
We used to talk so greatly.
Did you suddenly realise you couldn't save me?
You're being such a bitch now,
where's my baby?
Your mean words are driving me crazy.

Is it because you found someone new?
What made you see me from a different view?
Felt like you were the only one that got what I was going trough.
Our friendship felt so true.
So what the fuck am I supposed to do?
Can't you see I really miss you?

Lately it feels like I have no one.
You used to be me go-to, but I guess you're done.
I get it, you can't show me love if you ain't got none.
At least I had a lot of fun.

I love you,
you were my light,
you were my sun.
The title prob doesn't make sense, but thats what I used to call my friend. She started to become friends with someone else and suddenly she started to act like such a bitch. We used to be really close but now we don't even talk anymore. I feel like I miss her but she is happy we aren't friends anymore idk. Friend break-ups are the worst :(
She Writes Jun 24
Tonight I am drowning
Waves of missing you
Crashing all around me
My swirling current of thoughts
Pulls me under
Lost in a sea of my own tears
Longing to see your lighthouse
To guide me back to safety
She Writes Jun 24
Watching the sky turn
From black to grey to blue
Only means
Another day without you
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