Narnord Apr 11
I miss you
When the songs you gave me are playing
I miss you
When a love song starts playing
I miss you
When I read about love stories
I miss you
When I watch the movies you asked me to watch
I miss you
When I remember the jokes you made
I miss you
When I go to places we used to go
I miss you
When I see your horoscope sign
I miss you
When I see your name even though it is not you
I miss you
When I eat your favourite food
I miss you
When I need someone to share my stories with
I miss you
When I am sad
I miss you
When I am happy
I miss you
Every single second of everyday
I miss you
So damn much.
Umesh Acharya Apr 11
I miss the taste of your lips
With every sip of coffee

I miss the fragrance of your body
With every breath, I breathe

I miss the good old days
With every sleepless night, I survive

Oh, my beautiful nightmare!
Oh, my darling,
Let me love you
Till my fingertips memorize you.
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emnabee Mar 29
I wasn’t always honest.
I wasn’t always true.
I didn’t want you to know
that I sometimes missed you.

So sometimes I lied
about where I was going
or what I was up to.

But I want you to know
it was only done
to make you miss me, too.
and you did say it (was it true?)
Emily C Mar 25
I remember that summer night
Everything much different from now
With the neighbor girl
Then my phone lit up
A text from you
A little bit confused
I thought you didn't know me
You said hey
And we went from there
Up till the sun rose
Then every thought after involved you
We all talked all summer
By the end I was convinced
Convinced we known each other forever
You promise to never hurt me
Never leave
Of course I believed you
Then school started
On the sunny August day
We were attached at the hip
Classes with you were my favorite
Then October left
And so did you
Everything you promised to never do
You did
But now we have that summer
to remember
To remember a lost friendship
"I miss you" is about the same person for those wondering. I hope you guys liked it.
Me Díaz Mar 15
When I miss you,
In morning-gloom grey;
And I hide in delusions
Of a love requited;
I succumb to the pain
Of my heart breaking.

M•(e). Díaz
Sarah Mar 15
Movie theatres
Your arms around me at them all
Eating food in the food court at the mall
Should have known something was up when you’d never call
When you’re up texting me
Asleep I’d never fall

Nowadays we never talk we hit a wall
Wish I knew how you felt about it all

Used to wear your t-shirt and all your sweaters
Said it made you kinda mad cause I wore it better
Watching horror movies on your bed
I guess you never knew you were fucking with my head

This boy he started texting me all the time
Haven’t talked to him in a year or the start of 9th
Said he’s had a thing for me
Thought that was cool
But I didn’t really care
I was a fool,
For you
And the things you do
I mean the things you did
The things I never said
But the things you did
Like how you’d rather die than date me
Love me or hate me,
I wish we still talked
I miss laughing the way I did around you
I annoy you, All I want is attention.
Yeah, from you.
It’s been 6 months
That boy who started talking to me
He hurt me.
I deserved better, like you said,
I wish you still talked to me.
I’ve been needing someone to make me laugh the way you did.
You decided to side with the one who hurt me.
I don’t know I just kinda miss you.
I just really miss the old you
Anji Mar 15
Sometimes I think my loneliness is just a mold
Made to fit the shape of you.
Amanda Mar 14
Do you remember
The way I looked at you then?
Because I still do.
How do you make feelings for someone go away?
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