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liakey Apr 19
Behind these bars,
Isolated and dark

Mundane, dull, and gray
You took all of the color away

Your last goodbye,
Words still echoing inside

Dispose of me when I’ve surpassed my prime,
Expired, as has our cyclic high

Filler no more;
sole utility I served

Lying on the concrete,
Hardened and cold

Descended to this desolate place-
Chasing the mirage you portray

But it’s all just fine,
Everything’s okay,
I’m numb to climate of this bitter terrain

I’ve been here before,
Same sentence; same crime
Same demon every ******* time

A broken heart is a prison,
Life sentence till death

Liberation, a joke;
salvation, my only hope
Kelsey Apr 18
The sound of a
Still-cast moon
In the dwell-

The gentleness
Of piano keys
Rubbing the pads
Of your finger tips
In an empty,
Lonely room

The wind chime
In your voice
Tinking with laughter
And a smile
Conjuring pride
Telling tales
Of your daughter

The crinkle in your
My ignorant
Little heart
As time
Ticked on
And on
Like the beat
Of a steady drum.

How a
Broken heart
Is not a saying
But the sensation
Of falling
Like a splitting
Desperation and
Despair in
Your chest.
When a burning light
Dissipates into
And smoke.

Being left alone
By loneliness itself
And missing what
It feels like
To feel whole.

To be in a world
Without you
Is something
I know well
But is what
I wish
I've never known.
To you.
Zack Ripley Apr 14
I miss how you used to laugh
And inspired everyone else to do the same.
I miss your fearlessness.  Your curiosity.
I miss how much you loved
to run and play games.
I miss a lot of things.
But what I miss the most is how pure you were.
Like the light from the midnight moon.
You were gone too soon, Innocence.
Kris Balubar Mar 28
Continues. . .
Searching for you when
you’ve been around many times.
Looking for something
where no one has but, you.
Unique bonds, they’ve never seen
you, surreal for being you.
Nor they know you’re saving
your right hand for the right one.
Nor they know what kind of
a stone you want for your special day.
Unlike me, I’ve seen it
I’ve seen you, the real you.
Princess cut it is?
Yes, that’s right princess.
Long past sunset, second drinks.
Cheering the bottom glass of
whisk with cherries.
Summer must come sooner
Because I’ve missed you.
NightOwls Mar 11
I see you
leaving tiny bread crumbs.
I'd follow them
and eat them along the way.
I feel as if maybe
you'd poison me.
Or maybe you would lead me
into a deep and empty abyss.
Feeling trapped, I would
never be able to let go.
A prisoner in my head,
but yours too.
NightOwls Mar 7
We were special
late nights
falling asleep
on the phone
tone to tone
cheek bones hurting
from all the smiling
that was us
now there is silence
no good mornings
no sweet dreams
no thinking of you's
I sit here
heart sullen
crusted tears
salty cheeks
red stained lips
thinking of you
missing you
trying so hard
Today it would’ve been your birthday.
I would’ve made a handmade card for you as always
signed with a “love you” phrase and painted bouquets
together with some real tulips.
It would’ve been a perfect day.

But it is not the same this year,
I am alone and you’re not there.
God had another plan.

You taught me to be brave
and faced with trouble never to complain.
Even while fighting so much pain
you were a rainbow after rain.
You taught me on a stormy day to be a wave.

But it is not the same this year,
I am alone and you’re not there.
And out of habit I have made your card.
For my aunt
Sakshi Balla Mar 1
calm, the way you used to talk me out of all my bad dreams
lovely, the way you used to fight my demons
miss you so much now
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