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I was ready to **** my entire life up
Just to hear the sound of your voice
Nina May 21
if i were to be honest
I still do miss you
And i think about you
Almost everyday
And I don't think it will ever end
But i am proud to say
That im finally over you
Don't get me wrong
I still have feelings for you
I will always love you
Deep down in my heart
But the waiting game is over
I finally let you go

And if we ever meet again in the future
Hope you realise that
I will always
And forever
Keep on missing you
And loving you
Despite moving on
i always believe
there is someone
that it is wrong
to hate anyone
that you are something
in more than
i think you are
the one
nothing in between
not close to none
not just for fun
i see a man
i can't see you gone
don't be done
coz in those some
you are the only one
not just somebody
i see you in every body
coz you are
for another one

hate me
don't like me
lie to me
say bad things to me
stab me
hurt me
look at me
get down on me
touch me
love me
coz when you do
i'll lose
for thinking of all
the bad things
you've done to me

I have to be honest
thought you were flawless

turns out you’re not
and those imperfections
make you ******* hot

there’s no one like you
and it’s my heart I have to stick to

these other guys can’t bring me pleasure
for me, you’re the only real treasure

I have to be honest with me
it’s still you, all I see

so for peace at heart
I prefer falling apart

that’s my point of view
it’s better to crave your emotions
than knowing someone new

so baby, once you read this
and realize it’s about you
just come through.

- gio, 01.05.2020
Keebo Apr 30
I’m waiting  
Like a black cat in the doorway
Watching my old flame dance the night away
She flirts with any guy that comes her way
And I drink and drink until I’m okay
But I always end up on that wave train
Burying my feelings with *******
Now I’m walking home in the pouring rain
With a girl but already forgotten her name
My mind is walking around memory lane
Realising how much I miss my old flame
She was my soul mate but things changed
Our love was in a haze and gone astray
But one things for sure, I can never replace or recreate
The memories I hold of the good old days
Dancing the night away with my old flame
it’s already night
my room is full of light

as it’s coming from the moon
it will be gone by noon

I confess my emotions to the stars
they get lost in the dark
but the stars still spark

as I see the night sky
I sigh

wish you would be close
but my feelings, I suppose
are something only the moon knows

- gio, 12.04.2020
i hear harps
when you laugh
i hope it's not a trap
even if you are afar
this is not a wrap
this is just a start
love me now
tell me how
i'll cling like a strap
let's string this craft
you are the better half

Ocean Zan Apr 22
Dear universe,

Why did you choose now,
when i am all broken and bruised.
How can I allow,
now when we are still both confused.

You can't take her yet,
I'm not ready we aren't finished.
I can't but help fret,
please we can't be undiminished.

I still gotta have her,
she is my everything right now.
She was the best friend,
We dealt with eachother somehow.

Everything we were,
and everything would of been.
None of that will be,
none one will know what, why, and when.

Why did you choose now,
universe I need her the most
Why did you choose now,
when both of us were at our worse.

Why now?

- Someone who hurts
My best friend is moving accross the country and we don't get to say goodbye or spend our last time together. . . .
I got this weird feeling about you, as if I knew
that one day you would be my boo

I chase other boys
to fill up the void
the empty space you left
as you began to ignore my text

I still crave you
do you want me too?

emotion against brain cell
is this heaven or hell?

feels like I’m stuck in between
I can’t escape what could have been

so I will just wait for you
maybe one day you’ill have it too
this weird feeling about me being your boo

- gio, 10.04.2020
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