I've excused the abuse,
because by now I'm so used to
being refused
the option to choose
what I gain, what I lose,
or the ways that I'm used.
My body is bruised.
I've pumped myself full of booze.
my hearts beginning to ooze...
I'm so fucking confused.
I'm only ever accused
of the things I cant do,
and I try to defuse
the bomb that you use
but I always run out of time.
This life's a game made to lose.
I really just need to transfuse
all these feelings of feeling used,
and abused, and confused, and targeted as a muse.
But it's like they're all fused
to my fucking broken soul.
my body's constantly shaking,
I'm unable to hold
onto anything worth taking.
"You're unloved because you're cold.".
I'm not trying to push you away...
I swear my heart's made of gold...
And yet, here I am
unmoved, unimproved
still not doing what I was told.
thinking too much can put you in difficult positions, crossroads if you will. Different things make me feel different emotions. Emotions make me feel even more different, more articulate emotions.
How did passive aggression come to be your natural progression?
I won’t even pretend to justify your passivity
don’t pin your insecurities on me
I’m no voodoo doll
no outlet for your rage
or regret
let sleeping dogs lie
and allow the sun to set
before you rub the salt in the wound
saying all the wrong things to get me to stay.
This will go my way
or no way at all.
I’m prepared to take the fall
and stumble
but when my bones hit the floor
I won’t crumble.
It doesn’t take much to make me cry.
Books, films, TV
they all move me
but for you my tear ducts have built their own fortress
my mind can annihilate you into nothingness.
I guess you could say I was pretty pissed.
A sad birthday,
a birthday gone wrong.
All I wanted was time with them,
which I got none of.
You're eating food I hate and I'm crying in my bed. None of you even came to ask why...
Stop telling me that I'm not fat

I stepped on the scale this morning knowing full well I gained weight

I was not expecting to make it up to 140 though

I was wrong

I thought I could keep off the weight I fought so hard to lose

But no, looks like this is going to be a lifelong struggle for me

I'll always have to think about what I eat


I've gained 8lbs

It doesn't matter what's muscle or how much my boobs weigh

Even if they're legit, I'm going to quit making excuses

I have to starve myself again

I hated that the most

More than going to the gym

More than never eating anything good

The hunger

500 kcal a day, or I was never going to see any results

And it was true

I can't eat 1500 kcal without gaining something

My metabolism is non-existent


The thing that has really been killing me is everyone else

That false hope

“You're not fat.”

I don't even know why I ever agreed or let them get to me

Even after losing 20lbs I was still fat at 132, I still had 20 or so lbs to go

But maybe my clothes were too flattering, or they were too nice

I don't care if you are 500lbs

Don't tell me I'm not fat

Don't tell me I'm not allowed to feel fat

I'm not skinny-passing and I never have been

I'm not some skinny girl looking for attention or reassurance

I don't care if that's your honest opinion

I don't care if you'd rather be at my weight or would be happy at my weight

I hate my naked body

I could never pull off a bikini

I'm living in reality

I know what other people would honestly think

Fat is fat

I could weigh so much more, but it doesn't matter

I've already passed the threshold of what is considered fat

From a health standpoint I might be better off

I might not be that hard to look at naked but I'm still fat

Quit telling me I'm not allowed to feel fat because I don't meet your requirements

This is something I struggle with just as much as someone at 200 or 300 or 400

I feel ugly, unwanted, disgusting

I know it has a hand in my love life

I need exercise equipment at home

I'm too self-conscious to go out running or jogging

I don't want anyone to see me

This ends now

I give up

I'm ready to trade it all for a body I love and am proud of
Jasper 7d
You sit
In your thrones of ivory and gold
While your people
Go hollow down below

You sit
Trapped in your dreams
While every friend you ever made
Is torn apart at the seams

I stand
In the old alleyways
Watching this world
Stumble into hell

I stand
Blood on my teeth
In my hair
Pulsing in my brain
Eating at my heart

There lay a beast
In our heart of hearts
And mine has been eating me
Since I was a child

When I was young
The beast was quiet
Only coming out when it felt like it
But when it came
It showed no mercy

Over the years
It ate more and more
And as I was beaten down
By your lies
By your betrayals
By your worlds
So too
Did the beast

And so I came to know the beast
How it is
And always has been
My protector
But the beast grows old
As do I

We are tired
We are beaten down
And we are hungry
For your thrones of ivory and gold
For the dreams you cannot help but hold

But we are not you
And when the need arises
This beast will show mercy
To walk hand in hand with those you would see hollow
To comfort those who
Like us
Have always struggled for control
We will help those you deem helpless
And when the sun sets
On this broken world
You will wish the beasts had come for you instead
This idea of competition,
this idea of fight or flight,
this idea of narcissism,

This is the epitome of,
not human nature,
but inhuman nature.

Humans were given the ability to talk with,
one mouth,
and they were given the ability to listen with,
two ears,
yet we either SHOUT at each other endlessly,
without listening,
or we skip the talking and go straight to fighting.
This poem has no real end because according to statistics, war will never end.
Deviate Mar 5

Bruises here,
and bruises there.
Bruises cover
e v e r y w h e r e

And on your ankle
swollen as can be
there is a shadow of
m y s t e r y

Upon your chest,
as bright as a star
there is a scratch, a
b a t t l e s c a r

And now I guess
you should really stop
whingeing about it, it's
a l l     y o u r     f a u l t
TeeCrush Mar 8
For a while now
it’s been clear just how you feel
I will no longer raise a brow
The way you’ve made me feel is very real.
Even after my deepest thoughts and “sorry”
you still choose to put the blame on me.
Told I’ve become too distant
although I’m always a click away
you could’ve reached me in an instant.
I do best to remind you I’m still your friend
I do my best to remind you I still exist
but I think after today
my attempts will desist.
I shouldn’t even be trying for you like so -
as you wouldn't even notice I’ve let go.
It has been painfully long now,
so long I’ve been alone.

I’m sorry friends,
but this is where our story ends.
Among you, my best friend used to be
But now it’s so easy to see
I’ve been replaced,
my dear old friends have no more need for me
My squad replaced me w/ some basic bitch. We're a group of dudes & they replaced me with a g I r L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mad. We're okay now though.
I don't think it's true that people enjoy to stand out.
As much as they say they do.
As much as they wish they did.
I am guilty more than most.
My whole life I've spent wanting, nothing more than to fit in.
To be accepted for who I am.
As we get older not fitting in becomes easier than it did at school.
To forget about the people that made you feel worthless in the halls.
Being made to feel like that way never truly leaves you.
So be kind to the ones that you feel are so different from you.
As they are not the ones that should be made to feel worthless, take a look in the mirror because if this is something you do,
The only person that should be made to feel worthless is you.
So maybe I am still bitter and I deserve to be because everyday being made to endure this I became less of me.
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