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Poetry is ******.
And literature *****.
Nothing I write ever feels as though I tell you
Anything true,
Fraudulent living.

My pen spills its ink
But never empties me.
Head still pounding, swirling
Swimming in black waters.

You all tell me words will set me free,
Yet I know now you were mocking me,
To read my agony
In my own blood must be a pleasure to you.
Do you see yourself in me?
I can’t connect
You’re out of reach to me, reader-
Hands grasping at air.

Writers are perverse.
Big sepulchres by the zealots cathedral;
Scribed all over, the living kneel outside in praise,
But the writer sees itself for what it is;
A tomb filled with nothing but death and decay.

Poetry is dumb.
The burden of feelings
Circle around the sink
But never drain.
So I will have to write again,
Hostage to language.
I’m back and bitter as ever ; )
void 2d
and it makes me so ******* sick that any sort of mild ******* inconvenience makes me wanna **** myself
but i guess that's just it
the only solution in this miserable life
void 2d
arm the so-called enemy to
shove the war down citizens throats
throw the blame onto anyone but yourselves
M 2d
i'm sick of your nasty, sarcastic tone filtering through the house
a low hum
i can even hear it when you aren't talking; the abrupt opening and closing of the trash can, the angry clang of the dishes against the counter, the sliding door of the washing machine
i can hear it right ******* now
a clipped, bending voice
do you know how awful and gross you sound
i hate it
it makes me absolutely mad
i'm sick of your sad, pathetic whine
i'm sick of my long ears and need to listen

**** me
I don't know why you do what you do,
and hurt other people with words that aren't true.
Your words, your actions;
they make me angry.
And especially that reputation that you carry.
Does it please you when others hurt?
When you call them ******, dumb, or a ****?
Do you find happiness in that?
Telling people things that ware full of bad?
If so, I don't know how you do it,
spreading around so much hatred.
How about you try something new.
Being kind and caring; saying please and thank you.
All those hurtful things you can't undo.
So start spreading around things that are true.
This world would be so much better if people were kinder to each other. But we only have this planet to live on so far, so we might as well make it a welcoming place; you know, just incase the aliens decide that there planet isn't kind enough and they'd like to come and live here.
Mar 3d
I'm desperate,
At this point,
Give me a sign.
What do I have to do,
To get what I want?
You care more about yourself than you do for me,
That much has been made apparent.
I am filled with a bitter, intense regret,
I feel like I have made the wrong choice.
I have spent so much time,
Getting entangled in your trap,
And now I fear I cannot escape.
How can one be with someone else,
Yet feel so, so alone?
I have yet to find the answer to this question,
That is incredibly relevant in my life.
All of the love that I have felt for you,
I feel it going rotten.
staysha 3d
I slap away My anger
I push back the grief
I swallow up my hatred
But still a little sneaks out
I throw away the racism
I crumple up the pain
I try to ignore the feelings
But still a little sneaks out
I catch the happy
I steal the glad
I Trap the joy
And keep it for my self
I inject joy to my voice
I drink happiness
I swallow all my gladness
nish 3d
sometimes we forget
humans are mindless
among the sadness
monotonous moments
and fleeting happiness
there is a form of fighting peace

it is love
and one day you will fall

it truly is the sweetest fruit
and you must cherish it
as though it is the last pearl
in this dark and vast ocean
of travesty we call life.
-To my future daughter.

I might never have one, and I might never show this. But I couldn't think of anyone else to dedicate it to.
And its not the kind of poem you leave lying around undedicated ya know.
Naoki B 4d
Do you ever look in the mirror
Take your fingers
And gently claw your face in terror
Wondering, what makes you so afraid
To want to feel so dead, the horror in waking up again
It's just in your head, they said
Oh you just need more sleep, so that's what I did instead
I slept everyday you see, and for once I'll agree
The times I'm not awake, are the best I'll ever be.
haaaay you???
you must got me some kind confused?
i mean
did you think i was ever gonna love you,
trust YOU.
better gon'on find another little TRICK
to play cause i ain't no trick.
by gollie you better find you 'nother one.
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