How many
Must I have shatterd

           How many
           times did I
           Cross under
            the ladder

Why did
the black
cat choose me
to intersect

            I can't believe
            I put the
            Noose around
            my neck

I shouted please,
Begged and cried

            times I lived,
            times I died;

Because I was
the mirror,
The shattering

            I became the
            Made of steel
            and brass

I befriended the cat,
And sealed my fate

            And as for
            the rope,
            I always
            it could
            hold the

The nights where my head is full and breathing is hard to do.

you apologize,
but you show no real remorse
you only want an excuse,
to keep me in your life,
to manipulate me,
to hurt me.

you hurt me.

you make me feel stupid,

I am worthless

you've taught me that I have no self value,
that I am good at nothing

my self esteem is gone,
you've taken it all away,
I'm watching it burn,
with the memories of you.


I hate you.

kate 2d

It bubbles and pops in the pit of your chest

Waiting and sizzling until it's ready to burst

The feel of white-knuckled fists

And the clenching of teeth

It is slow and burning

Or quick and explosive

Hot to the touch and swift to leave

Loud and booming, hurtful and scarring

It breaks and takes and destroys

Never satisfied until it gets more and more

The forms it takes are too many to count

White-hot rage or aggressive remarks, to

Quiet suffering, alone and apart

Aishah 3d

take a sip
of water
every time
you feel angry

let the liquid
wash away
your resentment
towards life

let the liquid
extinguish the fire
of wrath and
self hatred,
destroying the monsters
that came with it

turn that rage into beauty

Angry little man
In a transit van
The road is only yours
At least that’s your plan

I’m on a little push bike
Why don’t you take a hike
Not your right to insist
you scream at a defenceless cyclist

Focus on the road mate
Don’t turn around to berate
It’s you that’s in a state
You don’t get to dictate

Angry little man
In a transit van
The road is only yours
At least that’s your plan

The world revolves around you!
I’m here to tell you that’s not true!
The roads would be calmer
Without transit van man charmer

N 5d

If I told you that you were the first one of 3
would you care?
If I told you that it took me months to recover,
would you care?
If I told you that I had panic attacks by the wrong touch,
would you care?
If I told you that I have nightmares about that night,
would you care?

No. You wouldn't.
But I hope you at least know that what you did,
I am reminded of every single week.
When somebody says your name,
when they bring up our past,
when I see a picture of you.

You haunt me.
You broke me.
And I am reminded of it too often.

Vyscern 6d

Pick my mind up, brush off the dust
Wait what's this I'm missing a part?
Turn it over there lays a smouldering dart
Flick it off and blow away the specks of rust

Twist my head off, place it inside
Reconnected to my neck for the final time
Flash to the stage, velvet arms wide
Nervous in the presence of grand design

A grander plan I couldn't understand
In prayer to the Devil I clasp my hands
"Please reset the face, such high demand
For just living on a home and residing on land"

Turn to the Heavens I hope you exist
Because its the last place left on my bucket list
Everywhere I go still holds zero hope
And surrounded by people I'm surrounded, alone

I'll fight my way out, only killing myself
Choke another me by whipping out my belt
Turn to a monster, the mirror on the wall
Place a bullet with shaking hands and laugh as the glass falls

Shred my skin off underneath a clear sky
All I smell is blood, my flames never die
The rage that drives me, the fuel in supply
The fact it ends me I will always deny

The only death I see is the walls around me
Closing in on my head is such a bounty
The last time I got lost they never found me
I walked back in because I felt unease

Finally I embraced it, now we are one
If my words are bullets then my fists are the gun
One follows the other, when you're knocked down cold
I laugh at myself and condemn that soul

A tremble of the hands indicates an animal
The smile on my face painted for the carnival
Makeup smudged crying against the door
I turn around and walk because I walk no more

My heart is a nade with two seconds left
The pin was pulled when you stole my breath
I felt the pain of it through my chest
You gave me reason to keep killing the rest

Every day I wake and sling my crossbow
Because when I'll see another me I can never truly know
I kill these demons, I see all evil
I kill myself because they're not real people

Phoebe Woods Oct 13

You know when you feel sad?
It's like that, except all the time.

You know when you have a bad hair day?
It's like that, except it doesn't matter what your hair looks like.

You know when things just don't go right?
It's like that, except you're always expecting it.

You know when you get a flat tire and you're late to work?
It's like that, except you don't have a good excuse.

You know that feeling of nausea when you're sick?
It's like that, except there's no cure.

You know when you're jealous of how other people live?
It's like that, except you're jealous of how other people die.

You know when you feel useless?
It's like that, except you actually are.

You know when you're angry and want to punch something?
It's like that, except you want to punch yourself.

You know that creeping feeling of guilt?
It's like that, except your fingers creep down your throat.

You know when you're really scared and can't breathe?
It's like that, except you can never breathe.

You know?
Except you don't.

ambient Oct 7

they strut around
thinking that they're hot
and they shun me
as if it's meant to be taken
as some kind of dint
to my personal esteem,
but boys,
let me be the first woman
to tell you
that I wouldn't even suck
your turds through straws,
nor would I be one to piss
on your boy-kind if alight.
in fact,
I'd be cheering it on:
"burn, fuckers, BURN!!"

this is not an insult —
it's me simply telling you:

you boys are welcome to the girls
leave us women to the men.

you take it from there
and we'll take it from here.

10-7-17, 22:35

this is from experience, so relax.
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