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Jonathan Sep 28
To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”

As I pour out my last drops,
My last ounce to offer.
I give it willingly
To those who have forgotten the taste of water.
As I drain myself
Of all I have to share,
Now, I too join in thirst.

To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”
Lane O Sep 8
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
I found Myself in Heaven,
one Night in September.
A Night full of Ecstasy,
it was for Me to Remember.
I was worshipping My Goddess
and Her sacred Shrine.
Kissing Her Strawberry Lips,
that were rolling with Mine.
I unwrapped Her Passion,
for I had a lot to Taste.
I began with Her Rose Buds
and then went down Her Waist.
I started riding My Angel,
slowly at First
and ended Our Love Session,
by Quenching Her Thirst.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 14
There are whispers

Suffocating rumors

Tomorrow's deep pockets are full of sand

We hold power in our hands like water

No containment

Fear must fall in drops and settle into streams

Drink it up

Feel it in your thirst

Feel it tighten 'round your throat
I don't know what's worse;
Drowning beneath the waves
or dying from the thirst.

Some days
I feel everything at once.
Other days I feel nothing at all.
Milk mustache is on tonight
The kitchen lights and stove too
I love midnight so.
There's nothing like a cold glass of milk in the middle of the night.

By the way, I just been notified that this isn’t a Haiku. It’s a senryu. The more you know!
ChronicSage Jun 29
Thoughtless sweetness
blots through
I breathe a world
I swallow it whole
there is no beginning
the end I cannot see
and the rain won’t ever stop…
a soundless rhythm
...a thirsty green
Savio Fonseca Jun 26
She always had a Ribbon,
tied to Her Golden Hair
and carried the Stars
in Her Eyes.
She was an Angel,
sent from Heaven.
Who descended Down,
from the Blue Skies.
Her Beautiful Face,
wore a Charming Smile.
As She moved around,
with Grace and Style.
Her Love for Me,
was Taller than any Mountain.
My Woman Quenched My Thirst,
like the Waters of a Fountain.
ibkreator Jun 16
You want
great oceans on your side

her rivers run dry
Giovanna Jun 13
In my dream bubble,
all the glee is filterable.
No words said.
The blues with the reds,
on a wide spread.
As the clock strikes my happy hour,
there is a prey of my power.
I stand strong over the killed,
with a thirst unfulfilled.
When I said glee could be sieved,
it was misery I picked.
Do u have a thirst like mine?
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