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Lilac Apr 23
Turned out that
her thirst
for winning
Worked faster than the pixie dust
they sprinkled
some kinda magic they were expecting
there’s this thirst inside of me,

a monster who enrages my insides and tears me apart
once you feed the monster, there’s no stopping me.

I binge.

And after comes the guilt and the shame and there’s no self-control.

the monster inside me was right, so I got up, and flushed almost everything inside me down the rabbit hole.

I knew I shouldn't have done that, but it was better to get rid of the guilt physically than let it rot inside my body more than it already was.
How can I love you?;
                                       Teach me.
But I leave you;
                            im back.
In the water,
you are  swimming with me,
Dr­owning beneath the waves;
                                                        I beg
I am dying from thirst.
We were together but you were never mine
I long for the majestic
sunset of your hair,
windblown, dancing across my cheek…
The burnt orange and lavender…
I want to consume every drop.
I’m thirsty for your
footsteps near my bed, parched with
desire for your presence—your essence.
How long until you wet my
tongue, and quench this fire?
I stalk slumber like a shadow…
my only release from the
hunger and yearning for your
moist lips, like peaches
pressed against mine.
I need an editor
Idklove Dec 2020
Dancing with the stranger
Along with the red wine 
With your smile on your lips 
Is the only thing I need to satisfy my thirst
Kristin Oct 2020
A tall, proud 
reigns as an empress 
a trickle of a

She stands, thirsty
to live in

She is not 
because she is 

She is proud
she was determined,

She overcame concrete,
relying on sunlit 

She overcame man's
rules for her

She is blooming
regally, in season

She is a 
proud sunflower
Jonathan Sep 2020
To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”

As I pour out my last drops,
My last ounce to offer.
I give it willingly
To those who have forgotten the taste of water.
As I drain myself
Of all I have to share,
Now, I too join in thirst.

To the wellspring
I ask,
“Where are you?”
Lane O Sep 2020
Your love is my vice
Thirsting for your soft caress
Carnal addiction
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