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Nylee Dec 1
add more
what is there
is so less.

it is endless
little still
extra need
more to feed
up to greed

no way to rid
there is a thirst
countless prayers
many faces
every day
ending with empty hands

all the resources
on the toes
multiplying the lives
depleting what is left
it will end
all has been said.
Liquid Bear Nov 22
Sweating in the shadows,
drinking gasoline and rust,
I've been nursing my pride
with ice and violent dreams
to atone for my sin:
thin-skinned cowardice.

No point in searching,
hoping, praying
for a way to **** my ****
for the vinegar that flows
through your veins:
I won't be condemned
to a crooked cross
of servile acceptance.

Riding this wave
of venomous thirst,
I give in to delirium
and burn the bridge
that took me here:
I'm carving the future
on the face
of your demise.
Highly fictionalized mish-mash of negative feelings inspired by my past.
Alexander Foe Nov 20
My hunger escalates
Like the pooch that wanders the streets
Scavenging for the desired scent of food
To plaster the sting of a Belladonna
That lingers in the stomach

The affliction intensifies
I try to move my enfeebled limbs
But to no avail; they remain stale
Like parts of a run-down rusted machine
Which only screeches when moved

My thirst deepens
Like my spirit was siphoned away
My throat shrivels and dries
Clearing it is like rubbing sandpaper
I reach desperately for it

I caught it.
Was it satisfying? It sure was!
I can almost taste it, sweet succulent success
It sated my fervour but now I'm not sure
Because it leaves me wanting more.
I'd like to leave the subject matter at hand open-ended. This is perhaps about an addiction, a desire or a particular hunger. I'll leave it to you to think about it whichever way you'd like - literal or metaphorical.

Thank you for reading my work. It's been a while since I wrote. I have upcoming exams and also a little bit of a writer's block. I took a particularly long time to finish this one.
I have known
ravenous hunger
that bread does not satisfy
and thirst that water
does not quench

there is only you
waiting with your mouth
opening like a spring flower
about to blossom

the yellow stem of you
pushing dirt back into
the ground where your
brown roots have taken
hold and tied their knots

so that you may always
be tethered, like ropes wrapped
around the wrists of a black
***** child

you seek escape but it
is not within my power
to grant such a thing

there is only me
mouth dry, belly empty
and raw
Sitting here all alone...
Well, at least
I'm not totally alone
I hear their
shrieking voice
The voice of thirst
The thirst for me, my blood.

Sitting here all alone...
Well, at least
I'm not idle
I'm here scratching my body
Scratching like a maniac
Leaving red bruises on my skin.

Sitting here all alone...
With a rage to **** them all
**** them with my bare hands
The ones who have caused me pain.

The ones, the monsters
You are salt and sweet of the Earth,
Honey and sweat and wine and seas -
The kindling wood, fires of hearths,
The rush, sway, and rustle of trees,
You are thirst and quench of lands,
A forest and a desert rolled into one,
You are warmth and scorching hands,
My darkness, my light, void and sun.
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