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Izzy Sep 26
                                                   ­      make
                                                            ­       it
                                                                ­        easier

                                                 ­                                  to
                                                                ­                          handle
                                                                ­                                       ?
Seanathon Aug 26
It’s a quiet town just waiting to be
Infatuated with you

Waiting around
Verse 1:

It was a long day
But more beautiful
Than any other

To hear those words
Come from across
The altar

You know babe
For me
It's always been
I do

And it was a short night
Tired from making all
Those happy

And by the time
I went to bed
You were

And I don't
Wake sleeping


And so I kissed
Her in Her

Just a small peck
On Her

And though I know
She couldn't

Still I whisper
In Her

That I


And I know
Her mind is
Far Away

Still I hope
There's part of Her
That Stays

To hear the words that
I speak
And feel the kiss upon
Her cheek

To a
Verse 1
Anastasia Aug 10
My eyes
Politely ask for sleep
It pains me
But I must decline
I have things to do
Places to be
But I also would like
To stop and dream
A Country Song
This song came to me
Three years ago while looking down at the Clouds from above
On an aiplane

Verse 1

It was a long day
But more beautiful
Than any other

To hear those words
Come from across the alter
You know that for me babe
It's always
I do

It was a short night
Tired from making all those
Happy memories

Went to bed and
You were eyes
Were looking heavy

And I don't
Wake sleeping angel's


So I kissed her in her sleep
Just a small peck on her cheek
And though I know she couldn't hear
Still I whispered in her ear
That I love her

And I know her mind is far away
But I hope there's a part of her
that sta ays

To feel that kiss upon her cheeck
And hear the wo ords that I speak
To a sleepy girl

Verse 2
Is about my daughter

Verse 3
Was about my mom's passing

My sleepy girls
You are my wo orlds
And I'll always
In your ears
Jay Jul 24
I wanna go to bed with you,
Nothin’ ***** I just wanna sleep next to you
I wanna wake up early at the crack of dawn
After sleepin’ pretty soundly all night long.
A lil jingle or part of a song that's p sweet
Aurora Camet Jul 4
Roses are blue,
Violets are red,
I’m really tired.
I want to go to bed
Hehe. I spiced up the traditional “Roses are red, violets are blue”. Hope you guys like it
Maegan deme Jun 26
As 2 turns into 3,
And 3 hops down to four.
My thoughts begin to burn.
My head begins to pour.
My brain begins to bubble,
I'm losing all my steam.
My arms begin to puddle,
Flowing little streams.
As my sleepless night continues,
I seem Confounded, I start to tremble.
Every night my idle vigil,
Starts to burn, my head so brittle.
In my eyes I see but black,
And in my hands- Insomniac
**** sleep is evading me again.
Lost Jun 24
My depression likes
Black curtains
So when I go to bed
Before the sun goes down
The light doesn’t
Make me think twice
About closing my eyes
And shutting out the day
Before it has a chance
To end on time
Wyatt Jun 18
Sleepiness exists,
perched right above my eyelids.
Soon I'll drift away.
Soon enough I will.
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