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i sit alone in the night
and listen to the world.
the breeze that just barely
caresses the bark of trees,
making the leaves shiver.
the quiet call of a sleepy dove
echoes faintly, making the feral cat
sneak a look up at the sky
and catching a glimpse of the
cloud-shrouded moon.
i, the observer, also look to the moon
watching the clouds glow with sliver light
listening to the dove coo one last time
Lilac Apr 19
Sleep comes inevitably
As  lecture starts to sync
Perfectly Blending into a tune
Everything seems to happen
To make me sleepy soon
It happens in a blink
I dont need pills
I dont need night
All i need is this afternoon class
My eyes closes on their own
And everything feels  just right
Shadow404 Feb 21
Falling asleep
Remember the nightmare
That used to scare the happines away

Counting the sheep
Mind drifting to elsewhere
Can't concentrate on anything today

Drowning in deep
Trying to grasp the air
Painting of world around me going gray
Grace Feb 20
I like every phase;
I like every wane and wax.
The pale glow of a night sky lit by her.
Her mellow halo of sun and starlight,
reflecting back what is given to her.
Turning the harsh heat into light.
I so badly want the Moon to kiss me with her dim, delightful glow.
I am her daughter, after all
I admire her every phase, especially the night after the full moon. The Night After.
T J Green Jan 27
I sip my tea
And hope to drift
Far out to sea
In dreams of calm
And gentle oceans.
Rocking in the waves.

A soft warm breeze
To comfort me
‘Neath clear night skies,
And pale moon light
To keep me safe,
From all my fears.
Cleanse out my spite.

I pray please let me sleep.

The whispers of my anxious thoughts
Creep through the dark
To pester,
To haunt.
They infect my dreams
To force me awake
When nothing more
Than peace is all I pray.

So help me.
I need to rest,
The burden buried deep
In my chest
And none can help me
Be free of it,
If I can’t name the evil within.

So I beg of thee
My darker self,
Let me fall to dreamless sleep.
And then when I
Start to rise
You may continue torture,
With all your might.
But until such time,
As a long rest achieved,
I banish thee.

Just let me sleep.
Ella Burton Jan 15
A continuation of places I have fallen asleep
- at the movies
- my dermatologist appointment
- the dentist
- getting my nails done
- the back room of my work
- the car on short rides
- the car on long rides
- 5 minutes after waking up in my bed
- the couch at 7pm
- the couch at 7am
- the grass in the garden
- the beach
- a portable hammock laying on my side
- waiting for the doctors appointment
- on the train
- on the bus
Sanjali Nov 2020
These are lazy lazy days
My eyes are half asleep
I get up from the warm bed late
And go to nap on grass green.

Even if the sun is hot
I cannot be bothered to turn
Everything is comfortable
And I make most of this run.

These are lazy lazy days
So come and wake me up
We will eat fruits and sandwiches
And nap when we are done.

If the sun gets too warm
I'll roll you into the shade
And with everything comfy here
Kittens might come out to play/

These are lazy lazy days
But they make me happy
These are the days to roll around
And make sweet lazy memories.
Poem is from some years ago but I feel a strong comeback of the lazy days.
See the illustrated version on my deviantart : puffjelly
Instagram : pufflespower
-elixir- Oct 2020
The mundane creeps into me,
as I try to wade away ashore
with my precious sanity.

The rooster's asleep too,
like me at daybreak.
Yet I drag along, nevertheless.

The screen's my public now,
and home's my ever-morphing
dreamland, that never ends.

My limbs yearn movement,
lungs yearn the breath of freedom,
minds crave the travels.

The dreary present dawns into me,
as my heavy eyes drift into
the lands unknown, unvisited.
Vespa Woman Oct 2020
I love it.
I love biteing my bold red, silent white fingertips till they snap off like hot glass, and baby this might scare the **** outta you but I love the feeling of my blood when it melts into the floor, I'm not gonna stop just because your pounding on my door.
The feeling of my heart tearing it apart is the only thing that I feel to live and live to feel.
And no, I don't love you, but I love the feeling you give me when I'm forced to cut my hair because you think it's ******* ugly.
Yeah baby tell me I'm ugly!!
Let's go to the store and i'll walk into the street, to get that half smoked cigarette I saw thrown out of a car window. And you can pull me away but that won't do ****, i'll fall into you and we'll both tumble off a bridge.... right into the snow, you saved me you know?
I'll tear out my eyes so I don't have to watch you go.
i love this feeling of sinking in sorrow, as **** spews from my mouth to make Room for tomorrow.
Sit in bed late at night, get bored, start a fight.
Break a window punch a wall just say **** it to it all.
I'll hit my head on the stone till I'm hella ******.
When someone tries to help make them hate you till they leave you alone.
I hate me too, yeah its self destructive, but that ***** just what I love so who gives a ****?
Oh look, now I'm alone, in the pool at my home, I made of glass on the floor, whail ghosts are pounding on my fuking door
**** it all, my family,my friends, my school, my love i dont care just **** it all
I JUST WANNA BE ALONE, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. IN A room full of static that I call my home.
Just leave me alone, I deserve to be alone.
oof yeah
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