Morning dew
kitchen smells of last nights stew
Sleepy eyes brew
Coffee for two
Words, many or few
We simply follow through
I touch your hand like to sew
Two hearts that are true
A soft kiss on awakening lips too
Welcome the warmth between me and you
Me and you and morning dew
Bryden Jul 24
Manhattan bathes in lilac-stained dawn,
patiently waiting for a new day to form.
Skyscrapers tickled by the flicker of confused lights
they wonder
whilst light meets dark,
nodding heads
as they pass each other by.
Taxis creep around corners,
collecting the last of the night raiders,
breath sour and eyes wine-weakened,
allergic to morning light.
Cars groan and begin to carve today’s trails
exhaust pipes snoring
as they huff out polluted clouds into smokeless sky.
The 6.a.m. sun crowns The Empire State Building,
and glazes a million windows like honey-roasted ham.
Chrysler squints,
May’s rays bounce off her bronze-blushed walls.
Sleepless wanderers now sleepy crowds,
wine bottles now coffee cups.
Pigeons flutter between dragging feet,
pecking pavements,
catching the odd petal from the honey-blossoms
that stand like angels amongst grey steel.
A sea of suits cluster at the crossing,
people politely covering yawns
as they wait for the green man to give them instruction,
unsure whether the button has even been pushed.
Larri Jul 19
Free me from this carnival ride,
Merry-go-round of live or die.
Devils clown around in bow ties.
But we see through their disguise,
Used a crystal ball to read their mind.
Play this game
And we'll welcome you to the carnival.
Ride in on elephants, don't ruin the magicians secret.
Welcome the the carnival.
Ferris wheel, first of its kind.
Hold on for dear life, kid.

Welcome to the carnival.
Late night
English Jam Apr 2
This desolate road seems forever long
And my worn feet will carry me through the ruin
All alone, but if you had heard my song
You might just understand why I’m doing
Maybe I’m the strongest person of us all
Maybe you’re used to me being alone
But that doesn’t mean that when I take a fall
I can survive, live on my own

Noticing someone else’s suffering is hard
Wrapped up in your troubles, with an aching heart
But if you open your eyes, you’ll see a man apart
If you can call me a man, I guess

Walking round with an unchanged expression
Ducking and keeping away from the deed
You might think it’s all to get attention
And you’re right, but that’s what I need
I knew a group of people whom my heart held dear
I loved them, and I love them still
But they weren’t there for me in my time of fear
Now I’m not gonna bend my will

How many days of quiet can I keep?
How many hours can I lay and dream?
How long can I hide away and weep?
Before you realise I’m not at best

So it’s time to say fare thee well
Don’t know where I’m strolling in my daze to
Just gonna follow my path down the well
See if it’s someplace new
So I’ve thought it through and through again
No pleading will make me change my head
Maybe, before, if I had a friend
But now, it’s too late to hear what I’ve said

The love I have for you will always burn
But my back’s to you, and I’ll always turn
If you haven’t figured it out, you’ll never learn
I want a hug, but I’m drowning in my sleepiness
My attempt at doing something Bob Dylan-ish and using my suicidal thoughts productively all at once
And he will think of me,
maybe he won't

I want him to
I don't

I really shouldn't
needless to say

Get out of my mind
I want you to stay

I'm so tired

I should get some rest

Tomorrow will hold more
Constantly trying can be very tiring sometimes. I hope you all have a good night. Tomorrow is going to be easier. Probably.
i’m so in love with your sleep shrouded voice,
drowsy doused rasp and torpid tongued.
rest against me and whisper behind my ear―
i love you.

―lay with me a little bit longer
Amanda Jun 26
Dreams end, impossible as it seems,
When eyes open a world far more real,
When sleep sprouts wings, flies away,
We realize we were trapped in a coma ideal.

Life is easy when you live a haze,
Mind wrapped, heavy fog,
Heart consumed, false potential,
Breath swirling, hopeful smog.

Just want to exist in reality,
Want to cut ties with manupulative illusions,
I want to smash this fantasy to dust,
Want to break your disturbed delusions.

I want to wake from this madness,
Forget the whimiscal world I have seen,
I  wish for light to trickle, not just out from your pores  but sun,
I am slowly uncovering truth behind this elusive scene.

Mind wrapped, muscles relaxed,
Is it bad it took me so long to see?
Our relationship simply a sad nightmare,
I tried to hold on, but had to set that seductive dream free.
Written 5-8-18
Jodi jennings Jun 24
I set my alarm for early.
“To go for a run” I say.
“I need to get fitter”
The alarm wakes you too
Your body makes it’s way towards mine
And suddenly all I care about
Is how easily I can fit,
back into your arms.
Amanda Jun 6
I woke, a leaden blanket of dread,
Trapping my brain, muscles feel dead,
It was hard to talk, harder to move,
Six hours later, still waiting to improve.

Up high, where I want to be,
Like the clouds, I can be free,
Shedding drops in form of words,
Flying from my pen, punctuated birds.

Blur lines between fiction and fact,
Until my heart feels intact,
Poetry heals poisonous burns,
But will not settle my stomach, so on it churns.

It is a burden bringing this bleeding body from bed,
I ache, the heaviest part is my head,
It's too full of regret and shame,
I do not know why every day starts the same.
I always wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
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