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caitlan Dec 2023
i see him off.
i shut the door.
i climb back into bed.

toes in lasting body heat.
covers on my head.

bleary eyes on yellowed screen til
warmth's faded away.

i check the time
and heave a sigh.
it's time to start the day.
xavier thomas Jun 2023
How many more overnights
will there be of replays
playing memories, at 5am
knowing **** well I have
work in the morning?
Love disease
I'm tired of not dreaming.
My sleep does not rest me,
For when I close my eyes,
I open them back up to reality.

I'm tired of not moving.
My weary eyes stay open,
For if I close my eyes,
I do not go towards a future.

I'm tired of not breathing.
Every time I inhale,
It is to just maintain.
I wish I could still smell the flowers.

I'm tired.

So tired.

But when I'm with you,
I can sleep, dreaming of a future.

When I'm with you,
My stiff body moves forward.

When I'm with you,
I can finally have a breath of fresh air.

When I'm with you,
I'm not tired.
And I will never be tired of you.
Katie May 2022
Even as my eyes grow ever-tired;
I'll stay awake this evening through.

I don't want to miss a moment with you.
Anya Dec 2021
The title is simply
a culmination of my whims
like the whim that keeps me
glued to my screen
tap taping away
tap tap

While my room looks like some monster's den
And I engorge myself on those chocolate almonds

My eyes grow hazy
As my waistline grows larger
The yellow light pierces my eyeballs

As I be tap
If you're feeling like me right now, you're not alone. It's so easy to get swallowed up by our screens, fight it, fight it so you have no lasting regrets for the time will slip through your fingers like sand.
Anastasia Oct 2021
Sleepy demon, close your eyes
Hell's too warm for you to rest
Soon someday you'll realize
That I've always tried my best
In my arms
Quiet and cool
The lights are dim
The clouds are wool
Stars on the ceiling
Sparkling above us
Your horns are pitch
Obsidian and onyx
Tired from fighting
Lashes charred from flames
Looking up from dark circles
Sleepy one, have no shame
My lips on your forehead
As I watch your aura lift
I love you, little demon
I will let you drift
McKenzie I Sep 2021
An orchard in the sky,
Of clementines,
fruit abounding,

little brothers,
All stir
In the direction of
Laying down,

Every family,
picks fruit from the orchard,
One by one,
until there’s
but a blueberry
with stars filling in

All heads
Hit pillows
Fold over shoulders
Eyes close to
loved ones,
stuffed creatures,
and favorite toys

They all
give in
to the steady
of nights
in Suburbia
Looking out the window,
I mask the houses through the horizon,
to see a vision so true, that can only be blue.
Bite the bullet, see me from dusk to dawn
Every day seems like another one
out the back of a shotgun.
chris Jun 2021
I am ready to write pensive, tired prose
I am ready to wilt like a petal, dying rose
My laptop is dying as I watch the horizon
My body is lying as my breath is sighing
A million moments all wrapped up for me
The wine in my glass has drunk me to sleep
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