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Mrs Anybody May 18
i fell
my tiring
soft raindrops
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Pamela Apr 28
The world is sleeping
under the covers of a silent night.
The stars are peeping
from the recesses of a languid sky,
musing about the unusual calm of an
else boisterous planet.
The night air ridden of its usual clamor, seems to sing a silent eulogy
to all those lost lives.
we humans try to maintain
a facade of calm
masking our ruffled insides,
as we catch on to the air of edginess surrounding us.
Apart from the gentle rustle of the trees and the occasional bark of a dog,
even the cacophony of the birds and insects has died down,
as every living thing is hushed.
They lie in a drugged slumber.
Along with sun up, rises the anticipation of yet another day,
as we feverishly repeat
the actions of the previous day,
with an undercurrent of
self righteousness.
This abides day after day.
This poem is about the time of quarantine, about how different life was. This is an ode to that crisis which shook the world.
Hi Apr 4
No ideas
I have no ideas left in my brain
It is 1am and everything is pain
I feel so tired and want to rest
But I can’t even for the best
I want to write a rhyme
I want to say it’s fine
But I can’t think of anything
All I can here is a ring
Then I decided to write this tune
Because I’m a baboon
Who can’t fall asleep
Even counting sheep
Comment the next topic I should do
Broadsky Apr 3
waking up with the morning sun

makeup still on from the night before

eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep

"it's too early for this" I mutter as I lay tangled in these raspberry colored sheets, tossing and turning hoping to shade myself from any glimmer of responsibility

but it doesn't work

mutual confusion

mutual pain

we've been here countless times before

I had work in the morning, and it was nearly 6am

it was too early in the morning

but we stayed up and talked instead of going to bed
i'm sleepy and so are you
Brianna Jan 2
Maybe it was the sleepy way your voice would read me to sleep each night but I was pretty sure I had never known love until then.

It could have been the way you brought me hot chocolate with whipped cream when I was sad because you know those little things mean everything.

And I’m not sure really when it began but I know that once I looked into those eyes I felt my whole world tilt and turn.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to find words to explain love and how it feels.

Little did I know the words were already written they were just being read by the wrong narrator for my story.
Corrinne Shadow Dec 2019
Reverberating off the kitchen walls
Little children scream and laugh and play.
They prance and pace in circles through the halls
And chase the dreary drip of tears away.

Their tiny hands created works of art
Hung proudly on the fridge for all to see.
A stick figure with pigtails and a little scarlet dress:
“That’s you, Mama!” she said, “And look, here’s me!”

Her whispered words would tickle Daddy’s ear.
“Your Majesty!” She bowed, with sweet doe eyes.
He melted at her feet as she drew near;
He scooped her up, and kissed his sweetest prize.

A sleepy fire flickers, soft and mild.
She yawns and lays to rest her tousled head.
Her mother smiles and hums a lullaby to seal the spell;
She's sleeping by the fire, but awakes snug in her bed.
I felt like posting something positive for once
Empire Dec 2019
I don’t need this medication
It’s not helpful
But man... I keep wanting to take it...
Every night it’s like a treat...
Swallow the clonidine
Then very very soon...
Sleepiness sets in
Getting drowsy....
Mind... drifting....
Until sleep.... sleep saves me
My rescue from the pain
It’s a good medication
I don’t need it
But I really really like it....
Mmm.... goodnight, everyone...
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