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jee Jun 10
i am not a lost glove, destined to a life
without my other half.
i am the muddied coat of a child,
abandoned on the playground,
lonely but created to be alone.

you may find me in the lost and found:
clean me up, take me home.
no other boot to be discovered,
no sock left behind.

i was whole then, i am whole now.
i wasn’t created for a one true love but instead made to be loved and worn and abandoned and loved and worn again, complementary but never not complete. i have always been complete.
MrJaM Jun 9
I open my eyes
And I see darkness
The darkness of the world
in its shadows
where the sins are hidden
and only whispered about
The sins of the victors
grinning widely
as they share the spoils
of the dusted cities
and build walls and camps
to bury their atrocities
And they feel just fine
robbing the naive and the poor

I open my eyes
And I see darkness
The darkness of the world
deep and shallow
where the feelings are forbidden
seldom they be abound
The feelings of loneliness and despair
even with people around
as I wander places many
filled with faces so empty
The places I’m ignored
to question my own existence
The faces may light up
in my perennial absence

I open my eyes
And I see darkness
the darkness of the soul
which was never loved
when just to be becomes a burden
on the fragile heart
that beats fairly off rhythm
and barely surviving
Sometimes the beat goes fast
An urge to end it all
All that is this heaviness
living rentfree in my heart
Sometimes ending it all is to grant
peace to the parched soul
to grant freedom from this world
slowly running out of love
Running out of hope and joy
To this world I wish I never come back

I close my eyes
And I see the darkness
slowly fading away by the light
at the end of this torturous tunnel
patiently waiting for the kiss of death
As I feel the life escaping
numbingly through my veins
A sense of relief hovers over
my heart, it can finally rest
No more sadness
No more pain
No more agonising over the times
spent in vain
The light brings a sense of calmness
As I close my eyes one last time
One last gust of breath
And there I lay
where I belong
In the comforting arms of death
I have witnessed a dear friend's suicide and I didn't know how to react, I still don't know. This is something I think how they felt before they ceased to exist. My mind is afloat.
alexis May 25
i am the end of a rainbow
faded in color by choice
interrupted by design
a soft finish that calls upon wistful feelings
and a bittersweet finish
but i am part of something greater
clouds and sky and a brighter before
and that is enough for me
Neelam May 20
I was contemplating on mortality,

Barren sermons infested my mind with smog,

Congestion in my bloodstream,

But when I saw someone's well sculpted biceps,

And the guitarist who looked cuter with extra pounds,

I knew life's much more than morbid introspection!
Being caught up in a monologue is exhausting for the brain. But life’s is full of surprises. Even during the most depressing moments, you will catch a glimpse of something witty/funny that’ll break the cycle of destructive thoughts.
Xxav May 17
10 Facts About Myself
1.   I was born January 5th,
      I guess that makes me a Capricorn…

2.   My name is Xxavier.
      Spelled with two X’s.
      I know that it is a cool way to spell it.
      It’s the coolest thing my dad ever gave me.
      In fact,
      It’s the only thing my dad ever gave me.

3.   I learned how to take
      the same way I learned to ride a bike.
      I don’t know how to ride a bike.

4.   At times I find it hard to control my voice.
      Some days,
      its a loaded M-16 pointed towards enemy lines
      Just waiting to fire.
      Other days,
      The gun jams,
      and I can no longer find the ammunition.

5.   My hobbies include
      Hiding behind metaphors and rhythms
      And trying to survive in a world
      Where everyone appears to be living just fine.

6.   I believe that there are two types of people.
      Those who believe that Spider-Man 3
      was the best movie in the trilogy,
      and those who are wrong.

7.   I like Oreos…A lot.
      We actually have a lot in common.
      Most people enjoy the taste of our white parts
      Over our black ones.

8.   I come from cigarette **** filled hallways
      In ward 8 southeast DC.
      From three piece chicken wing and fries
      with the mumbo sauce on top
      cuz we ain’t never scared to get our hands a lil *****

9.  I have written countless drafts
      of this poem over the span of a year.
      All of which
      are incomplete.
      I still haven’t figured out
      who I really am.
cliollistic Apr 12
I hate the city, all the noises all the smells, the heat scattering through the asphalt and making me choke. I hate the futurists, God I hate them, stupid as they were, thinking the city had something great to give them, thinking the noise, the heat, the pain, the screams, the sweat, the feeling of a thousand bodies packed together, had some love to give them.
At least they were constant in their thoughts, in where their loyalties lie. Not like me, I'm like water, mutable, never in one place and never feeling the same way. I make noise too, but it's not loud, it's a murmur a tiny thing that you could miss if you weren't paying enough attention. I'm cool, refreshing, the sun tries to touch me but it can never warm all my extremities.
I'm also alone, like a stream tucked away in a hidden corner of a forgotten forest. I could never be as big as the ocean, as demanding, as present and imposing, and I don't want to.
It's simple really, it's the law of nature: I'm small, cool and quiet therefore I hate everything that is big, warm and loud.
Opposites do not attract, that's the ugliest lie ever told.
God, I hate the futurists
The Journey began on a bullock cart
With an intellectual savvy-
There is an end

The puny Mind understood
What is beyond understanding
Trapped in an endless circus-
The incognizant Mind

But the same Bull kept straight his way
With acuteness of discernment
I am still baffled by
As to how I did that or
Just happened in Grace

The puny Mind understood
What is beyond understanding
With the head held high
Fathomed in arrogance-
There is an end

The Bull wouldn’t listen
So I pulled the rope and took the way
Unfathomable by the Bull
Just to know on the way-
An Endless Circus

The puny Mind understood
What is beyond understanding
To find an end of-
An Endless Circus
Pratyahara; Observing mental and emotional structure. :-)
i am broke
i am alone

all i see is dust
in unsettling desire
in temptation
of a better place,
a better view.
the other day, i was sitting in my room watching dust flying everywhere in the air and it resembled my own state.
Ray Dunn Mar 12
I only really get like that for things i genuinely care about—
I don’t care about poetry,

but i do care about you.

And a lot of other people.
So when i speak genuinely it comes off that way
from my friend steve
ali Mar 11
introspection is
indeed an illness, and I
a sickly woman
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