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Arcassin B Jul 2022
Hard to believe that we used to know each other,
Your mom knew my mom , you were a angel with feathers,
Wishing I could tell you so much in this crazy reality,
But I feel , that one day I could steal a piece of, the heart that,
I deserved, I've loved you since first grade,
If I gave you my love would you stay?
Mold me , console me , program me to be, your one and only,
I hope one day , we could make memories,
I'll be with you til we're both 90,
Find out my secret, I could be , your savior in this life,
Call me your tiger , we'll fly in the city,
In city lights you look pretty,
As complicated, as we are , you're my star,
I'd rather be with you MJ,
I wanna be your superman, or Shazam,
Let me be the one to take you by the hand,
I'm Glad I told that I'm Spider-Man.
David Huggett Mar 2022
Naked; her statuesque form glistened in the moonlight. She was ebony, buxom, beautiful, and a prize specimen. She waited for her lover's arrival. After an eternity, she saw him through the corner of her eye. She watched his long, lithe frame move effortlessly as he approached. With trepidation he came closer. His body tensed, a dark silhouette against the fading light. She realized he was young and quite inexperienced. She would have to help him in his quest. This did not trouble her, as he seemed perfect for her desires. She moved closer staring into his fiery eyes. They touched. Electricity coursed thought jagged nerves. He was eager to please and this pleased her. He touched the sleek smoothness of her. She became brazen and wanton. She submitted completely to let him have his way with her. He groped with his maleness to reach his ultimate goal and most comfortable position.  She aided and abetted him to find his way to nirvana. She enveloped him to her extreme ****** escalation. She writhed in ecstasy. All too soon for both of them they reached the thrilling ****** of their passion. His love spent. He rolled over exhausted. She had bitten him lustfully during the *******. His eyes bulged. His heart pounded. The venom took effect. He shook violently and spastically. He then became quite stiff and still. With the warmth of new life dwelling with in her, the black widow spider devoured her mate.
Nigdaw Mar 2022
he runs across the floor
eight legged little beastie
one of nature's nightmare tools
a necessary evil, clean-up module
I leave him alone, as much right as I
to this lonely landing in moonlight
Michael Nov 2021
Beware of the Spider who crawls in your hair.
Better shave yourself bald 'till nothin is there.
Be scared of the Spider who creeps in your head.
He's there right beside you as you sleep in your bed.
He sneaks in your socks, he'll hop in your shoes.
He hides in the mops, and waits in the brooms.
So goodnight my friend, and sleep tight as you can.
You might just wake up with him in your hand.
WickedHope Sep 2021
Do you miss her
The Hell's Mistress I used to be
Pretty smiles
Prettier lies

******* you with my eyes
Skinning you with my words
I miss the power that came
In lying to everyone
This angelic facade is suffocating
I miss slipping off the mask
And slipping into your head
Making you my puppet
Then getting bored
And making you wish you were dead
Shoving my knife in your back
When you came
Walking into my life like it was yours
Following my breadcrumbs
Swallowing them whole
Who would have thought
You can hide arsenic so well
With just a hint of sugar
And a short enough skirt

Do you miss her
The Black Widow in my web
Eating you alive
To fill the void inside
I love it when the words write themselves for me.
- - -
I'm so sick of this tbh.
Nigdaw Aug 2021
she pirouettes on the edge of shadows
dancing in the light
danger lurks in dark corners
beauty unappreciated
the only colour in the room
seen only as a meal
begging for the trap
of silken ropes tied tight
around a beautiful body
so life can be snuffed out
I take my shower and watch
should I intervene
or let nature take it's course
neth jones Aug 2021
I spot a Spider in the sandpit
abdomen like a gooseberry
     and the colour
          gooseberry green

tastes like regular Spider
Juhlhaus Apr 2021
Behind the sky the Weaver knits
All beautiful and ugly things
Together as with perfect wit
She severs and she stings.
Each and every little soul
Safe to her downy back she brings
While their forgotten lullabies
She strums on silver strings.
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