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Weave and weave and weave
You shall never leave

We can start! here, behold my artistry!
Isn't that a beautiful tapestry?
Oh, I love me a captive audience!
Won't you agree that Athena never stood a chance?
Well? Don't you think?
Okay, okay, enough dilly-dallying!

Final rating! Five? Oh, how thoughtful!
I wonder why others think I'm awful
Must be those jealous songs that some bards sing
I know, times up! Now you'll feel a sting
Have to make you rest!
Hope you'll enjoy the visit of my nest!

Weave and weave and weave
You shall never leave
deadhead May 7
be like the spider
waiting ever so patient
for your time to come
i love spiders, and i honestly think we could learn a thing or two from them :)
Juhlhaus Apr 24
Behind the sky the Weaver knits
All beautiful and ugly things
Together as with perfect wit
She severs and she stings.
Each and every little soul
Safe to her downy back she brings
While their forgotten lullabies
She strums on silver strings.
deadhead Apr 10
how can you be
afraid of the
spider, whom
wishes nothing
more than to
spin his web?
Brumous Apr 5
The itsy ****** spider went up the water spout
down came the rain of dreams they'll never gain
Out came the sun along with the blinding pain

Now, the itsy bitsy spider went up, and feel it all again.
pretty dark, eh?

I got nothing to do
Tahlia-rayne Mar 15
You spun a web that worked for you and I was simply a bug caught up
Wrapped in this
Waiting for you to deliver the final blow
Shadow404 Feb 20
Listen to the words
Wind whispers in your ear
Full moon is here again
Be quiet - they are near

Don't let them hear you
Maybe they'll go away
But pictures in your mind -
They stay

And darkness knows
Your every move

The creatures dancing in the night
Spiders in the corners
Hiding from the light
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