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pistachio Jan 5
I fell foolishly
Onto flower-decked abyss
Bewitched by beauty
Another haiku :D
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
your bewitching gaze
falls on my brow

the air gets thick
i turn around

your eyes are alive
purple and green

you pull me forward
away i lean

your eyes grow angry
the magic swells

it's too late for me
I'm under your spell
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
I looked up slowly,
I saw you lovely,
I saw the curve of your **** smile,
I heard the gurgling  of the stream in your laughter,
I felt better.
I saw beautiful lyrics in your words,
Soft, poetic verses I had never heard,
I was mesmerized  by your enticing gestures,
In my mobile I desired to capture.
I was bewitched  by your intense black eyes,
I looked away promptly, were my feelings for you lies,
Realization  hit me badly,
I had fallen in love with you madly,
When I was already engaged to someone else,
I was in a mess.
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
I was besotted  with your mother,
In life,I wanted no other,
Then we were blessed with you my love,
Our treasure trove.
Our life became sweeter,
With you adding that extra glitter.
The first moment I saw the sparkle in your eyes,
You brought me to my knees,
I see you grow hour by hour,
Bloom like an exotic flower,
Colourful petals of love and happiness on us you shower.
You are a jar of jellies,
Full of fun,holding delightful memories,
Your antics are hilarious,
Your laughter contagious.
When you wrapped your tiny fingers around my hand,
You had me bewitched like a magic wand.
You and I share a special bond,
That will never break,now and beyond.
In our life no one can compare your worth,
From the day you were born to eternity on this earth.
You are our little girl,
Around you our life twirls.
Scarlet M Jan 2018
He had the kind of smile
I would want to
take care of,
eyes that could melt
my entirety,
a voice I could listen to
forever, and a heart
I would dream to have.
Maxwell Oct 2016
you with your voice like silk
i bleed as the silk cloth you flicked
you bind me with words of magic
bound and bewitched, with a single touch
i burn like an endless candle wick
K Balachandran Aug 2016
A succulent fruit, I desire, yet strange,  never wish to eat,
my love, you've  ever been, breathtakingly bewitching!
How couldn't I wake  up to this truth sooner, I wonder,
being too aware, perhaps that this heart has no replacement.
You be the prince,
I'll sew a stitch.
Soon through voodoo,
You're bewitched.
Don't you wish to love me so?
Soon I'll see you, soon you'll know.
Lips so sweet and heart so kind,
Teach my rotten heart and mind
How to love, how to trust.
Soon there's peace,
For both of us.
A story where the prince falls in love with the witch instead of the princess
Mark Parker Jun 2015
I've been bewitched by the tide.
My funny valentine, I hope smoke gets in your eyes.
Where or when I fall in love will have
embraceable you and I don't wanna miss a thing.
A good category of words can shape the most fun messages.
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